Abdul Haye was Noorudin’s eldest child from his 3rd marriage. He was eventually murdered at the age of 15 and in Qadian (“Qadiyaniat: an analytical survey” by Ehsan Elahi Zaheer (1984) 21st edition). This murder happened in March–June of 1914, his sister (Amtul Haye) was also married off to the newly crown Khalifa in this same era. The Ahmadiyya press machine was totally silent on this murder. He died on 11 November 1915, the Lahori-Ahmadi archived it here in Mujahid i Kabir. The Lahori-Ahmadi’s even went to Qadian and paid their respects.


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“””Some years ago, an unfortunate and ignorant person raised the objection that Maulawi Hakim Nurud-Din Sahib lost his son while he is one of my most devoted companions. Although this objection was made out of sheer prejudice and ignorance, considering that our master the Holy Prophet Muhammadsa lost eleven of his sons, yet, as a result of my supplications, God revealed to me that Maulawi Hakim Nur-ud-Din Sahib would be granted another son and that this son would later develop boils all over his body as a proof that he is indeed the one who was born as a result of my prayers. This is exactly what happened. A short while after this prophecy, a son was born to Maulawi Sahib and was given the name ‘Abdul Ha’i. Shortly after his birth, he developed many boils over his body, the marks of which can still be seen on him. God created those
boils on his body so that nobody would think that the birth of the son was the result of a coincidence and not the result of prayers, or that this was not a conclusive proof of the fulfilment of my prophecy”””

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Narration 590

“Dr Mir M Ismail narrated to me that once hz khalifaI performed Nikah of his son Abdul hayye at a very young age with younger daughter (Hamida Begum) of Peer Manzoor Muhammed sb. Later on it was discovered that both kids were foster brother/sister (the were breast fed by same mother). Upon this, the matter was investigated thru jamaat’s Ulama that what quantity of breast feeding is considered for fostering (razaat) and in this situation fosetering is established or not…….Finally after investigation and debate, it was decided that both were foster brother/sister and Nikah was annulled.

Humble one states that as far as I remember, at that hz saheb (mgaq) was inclined that if small quantity of milk was shared, that should not be a cause of annulement of nikah and huzoor’s (mgaq’s) inclination was that Nikah would remain intact but Hz kahlifaI was careful on this matter of Fiqah therefore hz saheb (mgaq) allowed the annullment.”
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