We continue to collect information which proves that MGA was born in 1839 at the earliest. We have recently found a book by the famous Shaikh Yacub Ali Irfani. He was the editor of the Al-Hakam and was an a newspaper editor with another newspaper before moving to Qadian. He wrote 4 historic books in 1915, Sirat-ul-Nabi, Sirat Ahmad, Hyat-e-Ahmad and Sirat Masih Maoud. We have found a scan from Hyat-e-Ahmad which indicates that mga was born in 1839 (See in the below). The Khalifa began to officially change this date in 1916 or so. The 2nd Khalifa seems to have written the introduction to this book. He urges all Ahmadi’s to buy this book, and thus authenticates its contents (see the scan in the below). Data about this book was posted on the islam_Ahmadiyya reddit forum, see here. This book was also quoted in a new book about the life of MGA, which is a translation of an Urdu book. The book is also on the Qadiani website herein.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________The full book

Hayat e ahmad Mukamal

Click to access Hayat-e-Ahmad-Vol-1.pdf

Some summaries/quotations

Here is a page from recently found old Hayat e Ahmadiyyat, written by Yaqoob ali Irfani. It says that “For instance, one of the special events, travel to hoshiar pur and Ludhiana was taken on the instigation of Allah. He (mirza ghulam) had the good news (basharat) that this travel has been blessed for you. Indication of all these barakats were given in the ishtihar of 20 Feb 1886. This ishtihar is the foundation for this silsila (foundation stone for silsila ahmadiyya).
_____________________________________________________________________________________________A quote from Mir Nasir Nawab

Mir Nasir Nawab in his book Hayat e Ahmad page 150 telling his dialogue with a muslim. While quoting this dialogue Mir Nasir Nawab uses highly filthy abusive language in his book here is what he says:-

”He (muslim) said do u think are we Jews. I said just have a look at your self, do u think your actions are in conformity to your deeds.? Do u act upon what u say? Listening to this that man got infuriated and said your mirza does misdeed with woman whole night and at morning with wet genital he states I have received this revelations or I have received that revelation and I am Mehdi and Messiah.”

The scan

_____________________________________________________________________________________________The scans

_____________________________________________________________________________________________Hayat-e-Ahmad vol.3, by Sheikh Yaqub Ali Irfani, pages 68,69, and is available at the following URL. link

Describing the services of Mian Najmuddin Sahib, a devout companion of the promised Messiah, Sheikh Yaqub Ali writes:

When the plague hit Qadian and some deaths occurred, by the blessing of Allah Almighty, some funerals (bodies) were picked up by just me and Hazrat Mian Najamuddin Sahib and we (the two of us) went out and buried them. Among them was the funeral of Hazrat Mian Karam Dad Sahib (Allah be pleased with him), who was an extremely sincere and learned man but felt great pride in being of (personal) service to the Holy Hadhrat (The Promised Messiah). May Allah reward him with the best of the rewards.

There are some other friends like this(who perished), but this topic is not the subject of this book; among these sincere fellows Hadhrat Sakhwani (Allah be pleased with him) and Hadhrat Hafiz Moeenuddin Sahib (Allah’s mercy on him), and others (in addition to them).
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