Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was allowed to run free by the British government, or they gave the illusion that as a “government” they didn’t wish to intervene on religious matters, however, that was a lie, in fact, the Christian missionaries were purposely unleashed on the people of India by the British government.  MGA was thus allowed to engage them like no other person in the entire Indian-Sub-Continent, thus, MGA helped the British give the impression that they allowed freedom of religion, which they really didn’t.  There was no freedom of press either, all anti-government writings were always confiscated and burned.  The scans in the below are upside -down, remember to flip them.

Who is the Reverend J.L. Thakur Das?
He seems to be an indian convert to Christianity, he was present during MGA’s 15 day written debate with Athim (see Mujadid e Azim, online abridged version, page 462).

The scans
dass 1 to 11

dass page 12 to end (1)

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