We have found an interesting article from the Al-Hakam of June 14th, 1908. This article seems to be a report of the Friday sermon of Noorudin, at the Aqsa mosque in Qadian. Nooruddin admits that the enemies of Ahmadiyya were alleging MGA had died of cholera. In fact, he even said that if MGA had died of cholera, that he still died the death of a martyr, however, he seems to have forgot that MGA had recently told Maulvi Sanaullah that he would die of cholera and that it was a curse from god.

However, we have found independent sources (the Vakil newspaper) in this time frame that claimed that MGA had died of cholera, in Urdu as Haiza. Even Farquhar wrote the same in 1915. This is also the word that was used by MGA’s father-in-law, Mir Nasir Nawab in the 1920’s as he narrated to Shaikh Ali Yacub Irfani his autobiography. This Khutbah by Noorudin was his second Friday Sermon after becoming the Khalifa at Qadian. Further, MGA was sitting on mobile toilet (chowkee) just minutes before he died, he died on Brandereth Road in Lahore. You can read MGA’s death story here from Ahmadi sources only._____________________________________________________________________________________________Noorudin’s Friday Khutbah of Alhakam of 5 June 1908, printed on July 14th, 1908


“It was narrated in the hadeeth: “”المبطون شهيد” which means, whoever dies by diarrhea is a martyr. MGA died of diarrhea disease; regardless, whether diarrhea occurred long time ago as a sign from God or if it was a result of cholera as alleged by the enemies. Whatever it is, certainly and for sure that he (MGA) has died with diarrhea; he was a martyr according to the correct hadeeth which says who dies by diarrhea is a martyr, whatever the type of diarrhea was. God has made the enemies recognize by their own tongue that he is a martyr … The enemy says that MGA died by cholera, and if we accept the argument that the enemy is sincere in this statement, we ask them: Is it not the death by cholera martyrdom?” (حقائق الفرقان، ج1، نقلا عن الحكم،14/6/1908م، الصفحة 7-8)

Some commentary
This Khutba was delivered by  the newly crown Khalifa (Nooruddin) on 5 June 1908 (printed on 14 June). Nooruddin faced with the death of Mirza Ghulam by Haiza, which happened on 26 May of that year, AND THE DIFFICULTIES THEY FACED TO TRANSPORT HIS BODY FROM LAHORE TO QADIAN. Nooruddin was so much under pressure that he admitted that MGA died of haiza (cholera), however, he tried to sugar coat the whole episode by quoting Hadith and saying that “whoever dies of Haiza (cholera) is a martyr. Al-hakam

The scan, Alhakam



In regard to the notebook of revelations, we now present an excerpt from Al Hakam (Urdu), which states:

“A revelation from God; 10 May 1908:

اِنَّ‭ ‬الَّذِيْنَ‭ ‬اٰمَنُوْا‭ ‬وَعَمِلُوا‭ ‬الصَّالِحَاتِ‭ ‬لَهُمْ‭ ‬جَنّٰتٌ‭ ‬تَجْرِیْ ‬مِنْ‭ ‬تَحْتِهَا‭ ‬الْاَنْهَارُ

“[‘Surely, those who believe and do good works, for them are Gardens through which streams flow.’]

“It was the blessed routine [of the Promised Messiahas] that when he would receive a wahi [revelation], vision or dream, no matter if it happened at any time of the night, he would note it down immediately. He always had a notebook with him. But while noting down [the revelations] in the notebook, he had never followed the sequence of pages and while opening the notebook during the night, whichever page would open first, he would note the revelation along with its date.

“The above-mentioned revelation has been found from the papers of the Promised Messiahas, which was noted down on a separate paper with his own pen.

“Hazrat Sahibzada Mian Bashiruddin Mahmud Ahmad Sahib[ra] is [nowadays] reading the notebooks of Hazrat Aqdasas. It is possible that there could be some more revelations that have not yet been published. Therefore, if any such revelation is found from the Promised Messiah’sas own writing, then, insha-Allah, members will be informed in this regard.” (Al Hakam [Urdu], 2 June 1908, p. 5)

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