We have proved that MGA died of cholera. Even Farquhar wrote the same in 1915. This is also the last words of MGA as reported by MGA’s father-in-law, Mir Nasir Nawab in the 1920’s as he narrated to Shaikh Ali Yacub Irfani in his autobiography. This Khutbah by Noorudin was his second Friday Sermon after becoming the Khalifa at Qadian, in it, he says MGA might have died of cholera.

However, MGA had told his enemies (specifically Maulvi Sanaullah) that they would die of cholera, this is why the denial is so strong after Noorudin died. Thus, MGA’s death can’t be that of a martyr, since MGA called death by cholera as a punishment. MGA told Sanaullah that one of them would die of cholera in the lifetime of the other. In 1903, in response to the execution of Syed Abdul Latif, MGA inside sources told him that cholera broke out in Kabul the day after. The same source said that :“The very next day cholera broke out in Kabul in a virulent form and among the first to be attacked was the House of Nasrullah Khan, the brother of Habibullah Khan, the Amir, who was one of the bitterest enemies of the Maulvi Sahib. Nasrullah Khan’s wife and child became the very first victims of the epidemic. About four hundred people died daily in the town. On the night of the martyrdom the sky had become red” (See “Tadhkiratu-Shahadatain”).

Further, MGA was sitting on mobile toilet (chowkee) just minutes before he died, he died on Brandereth Road in Lahore. You can read MGA’s death story here from Ahmadi sources only.
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