We have proved that MGA died of cholera. Even Farquhar wrote the same in 1915. This is also the last words of MGA as reported by MGA’s father-in-law, Mir Nasir Nawab in the 1927 as he narrated to Shaikh Ali Yacub Irfani in his autobiography. This Khutbah by Noorudin was his second Friday Sermon after becoming the Khalifa at Qadian, in it, he says MGA might have died of cholera.

However, in 1907, MGA had told his enemies (specifically Maulvi Sanaullah) that they would die of cholera, this is why the denial is so strong after Noorudin died. Thus, MGA’s death can’t be that of a martyr, since MGA called death by cholera as a punishment. MGA told Sanaullah that one of them would die of cholera in the lifetime of the other (1907, see Majmua-e-ishtaharat 3, P578,-580).

4 years earlier, in 1903, in response to the execution of Syed Abdul Latif, MGA inside sources told him that cholera broke out in Kabul the day after. The same source said that :“The very next day cholera broke out in Kabul in a virulent form and among the first to be attacked was the House of Nasrullah Khan, the brother of Habibullah Khan, the Amir, who was one of the bitterest enemies of the Maulvi Sahib. Nasrullah Khan’s wife and child became the very first victims of the epidemic. About four hundred people died daily in the town. On the night of the martyrdom the sky had become red” (See “Tadhkiratu-Shahadatain”).

Even as early as 1886, Lekh Ram told MGA that he would die of diarrhea. Ironically, MGA’s daughter Ismat died on cholera in 1891, just a few months after MGA made his claim of being the Messiah. It is unknown where she is buried.

Further, MGA was sitting on mobile toilet (chowkee) just minutes before he died, he died on Brandereth Road in Lahore. You can read MGA’s death story here from Ahmadi sources only.

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad re-issued the Lekh Ram prophecy, after it expired

MGA and Lekh Ram entered into the death prophecy in 1886-1887. This is the proof. Lekh ram wrote as-follows:

Takzeeb-Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya, Vol.-1 :

“””This person will die of diarrhea within three years and none of his offspring will survive.””” (see the offical website of Ahmadiyya, retrieved on 11-9-16,
See “Tadhkiratu-Shahadatain”, online english edition

In response to the execution of Syed Abdul Latif, MGA inside sources told him that cholera broke out in Kabul the day after. The same source said that :“The very next day cholera broke out in Kabul in a virulent form and among the first to be attacked was the House of Nasrullah Khan, the brother of Habibullah Khan, the Amir, who was one of the bitterest enemies of the Maulvi Sahib. Nasrullah Khan’s wife and child became the very first victims of the epidemic. About four hundred people died daily in the town. On the night of the martyrdom the sky had become red” 

Majmua-e-ishtaharat 3, P578,-580


“”””””””To Molvi Sanaullah Sahib,
Salaam on those who follow guidance.

For some time, my rejection and disapproval has been going on in your magazine Ahle Hadees. You always refer to me as accursed, liar, dajjaal, mutinous and you publicise to the world regarding me, that this person is a fabricator and liar and dajjaal and this person’s claim of being Maseeh Maud is a fabrication.

I have suffered a lot of pain from you and I kept exhibiting patience. But because I see that I have been commissioned to spread truth and you are preventing people from coming to me due to your slanders against me. And you refer to me with swearing and slanders and in such words that there are no words harsher.

And if I am such a liar and fabricator as you have oftentimes referred to me as in each of your publications then I will be destroyed in your lifetime because I know that a fabricator and liar does not have a long life span and in the end, after degradation and languish, he becomes destroyed in the lifetime of his staunch opponents. And it is better for him to be destroyed so he does not misguide God’s people.

And if I am not a liar and fabricator and I am honoured by God’s dialogue and address and am Maseeh Maud then with the Grace of God I am hopeful that according to the Practice of Allah you will not escape from the punishment received by liars.

Hence if you are not inflicted with such punishment which is not from the hands of human beings but is only in the Hands of Allah like plague or cholera or such illness in my lifetime then I am not from God Almighty.

This is not a prophecy on the basis of any revelation or inspiration but is merely a Verdict which I have asked from God in the form of a prayer. And I pray to God that O my Master Baseer and Qadeer Who is Aleem and Khabeer and Who is Aware of the condition of my heart. If this claim of being Maseeh Maud is from my own nafs (mind) and if I am corrupt and a liar in Your Eyes and if i forge lies against You day and night then O my Beloved Master I humbly pray to You that destroy me in the lifetime of Molvi Sanaullah Sahib and make my death a source of happiness for him and his Jamaat. Aameen.

But O my completely Truthful God. If Molvi Sanaullah is not truthful in the slanders he attributes to me, then I humbly pray to You to annihilate him in my lifetime. But not from the hands of human beings, in fact from plague or cholera or such diseases with the exception of such a case that he openly and face to face in front of me and my Jamaat, repents from his swearing and bad language which he considers as obligatory and always hurts me. Aameen O Lord of the Worlds.

I have been tortured by him a lot and I have remained patient. But now I see that his slanders have surpassed the limit. He considers me worse than those thieves and dacoits whose presence in the world is extremely harmful. And in his slanders, he didn’t even act on the verse (…..) and he considered me worse than everyone in the world. And it has been spread in far and wide countries that this person is in reality an illustrator and a marauder and liar and an innovator and an extremely low class abominable person.

If they had not cast bad accusations against the speakers of truth then I would have remained patient against these slanders. But I see that Maulvi Sanaullah wishes to use these slanders to annihilate my continuance and he wishes to dismantle the building, which You O my Master and the One Who has Sent me, Have Created with Your Own Hand.

Because of this I hold onto Your Sanctity and Your Mercy and I supplicate to You to Give the True Verdict between me and Sanaullah and he who in Your View is indeed the liar to be taken from this world in the lifetime of the truthful one. Or for him to be indulged in any other calamity which is similar to death. O my Beloved Master, do just that. Aameen.

In the end I request Maulvi Sahib to publish this article in his magazine and he may write whatever he wishes underneath it. Now the verdict is in God’s Hands.

The writer: The servant of Allah as-Samad, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the Promised Messiah, may Allah protect him and support him.

15 April 1907″””””””


“”””””””Maulvi Sanaullah Sahib Amritsari ke saath aakhri faisla

Ba khidmat Maulvi Sanaullah Sahib,
Assalaamu ala man ittaba’a al huda

Muddat se aap ke parchay Ahl Hadees me meri takzeeb aur tafseeq ka silsila jaari hai. Hamesha mujhay aap apnay is parchay mein mardood kazzaab dajjaal mufsad ke naam se mansoob kartay hain aur dunya me meri nisbat shohrat daitay hain ke yeh shaks muftari aur kazzaab aur dajjaal hai aur is shaks ka dawa maseeh maud honay ka sarasar iftara hai.

Mainay aap se bohot dukh utthaya aur sabr karta raha. Magar chunanchay main dekhta houn ke main haq ke phelaanay ke liye mamoor houn aur aap bohot se iftara meray par kar kay dunya ko meri taraf aanay se roktay hain. Aur mujhay in gaaliyon aur in tohmataun aur in alfaaz se yaad kartay hain ke jin se barrh kar koi lafz sakht nahi ho sakta.

Agar mein aisa hi kazzaab aur muftari houn jaisa ke aksar aukaat aap apnay har ek parchay me mujhay yaad kartay hain to main aap ki zindagi me hi halaak ho jaoun ga kyounkay main jaanta houn ke mufsad aur kazzaab ki bohot umr nahi hoti aur aakhir vo zillat aur hasrat ke saath apnay ashad dushmano ki zindagi me na-kaam halaak ho jata hai. Aur us ka halaak hona hi behtar hota hai ta khuda ke bandaun ko tabaah na karay.

Aur agar main kazzaab aur muftari nahi houn aur khuda kay mukaalma aur mukhatba se (musharraf) houn aur maseeh maud houn to main khuda ke fazl se umeed rakhta houn ke sunnat Allah ke (muwafiq) aap mukkazzabeen ki saza se nahi bachain ge.

Pas agar vo saza jo insaan ke haathaun se nahi, balkay mehez khuda ke haathaun se hai jaisay taoon haiza waghera halak bemaariyan aap par meri zindagi me hi na hueen to main khuda tala ki taraf se nahi.

Yeh kisi ilhaam ya wahi ki bana par paishgoi nahi mehz dua ke tor par mainay khuda se faisla chaha hai. Aur main khuda se dua karta houn kay aey meray maalik baseer-o-qadeer jo aleem-o-khabeer (waghaira) hai jo meray dil ke halaat se waqaf hai agar yeh dawa maseeh maud honay ka mehz meray nafs ka iftara hai aur main teri nazar me mufsad aur kazzaab houn aur din raat iftara karna mera kaam hai to aey meray pyaaray maalik main aajzi se teri janaab me dua karta houn ke molvi Sanaullah Sahib ki zindagi me mujhay halaak kar aur meri maut se un ko aur un ki jamaat ko khush kar de. Aameen.

Magar aey meray kaamil saadiq khuda. Agar molvi Sanaullah in tohmtaun me jo mujh par lagata hain haq par nahi, to main aajzi se teri janaab me dua karta houn ke meri zindagi me hi in ko naabood kar. Magar na insaani haathaun se balkay taoon o haiza waghera imraaz helka se baghair us soorat kay keh vo khullay khullay tor par meray roo-ba-roo (face to face) aur meri jamaat ke saamnay in tamaam gaaliyon aur bad-zubaanaun se taubah karay jin ko vo farz (mansabi) samajh kar hamesha mujhay dukh deta hai. Aameen ya Rabb-ul-aalameen.

Main un kay haath se bohot sataya gaya aur sabr karta raha. Magar ab mein dekhta houn ke unki bad-zubaani had se guzar gaee. Vo mujhay un choraun aur daaku-aun se bhi bad-tar jaan tay hain jin ka wajood dunya ke liye sakht nuqsaan rasaan hota hai aur unhaun ne in tohmtaun aur bad-zubaaniyaun me aayat (Laa taqfa ma laisa….)

par bhi amal nahi kiya aur tamaam dunya se mujhay bad-tar samajh liya. Aur door door mulkaun (countries) tak meri nisbat ye phela diya ke ye shaks dar haqeeqat mufsada aur ttag aur dukaandaar aur kazzaab aur muftari aur nihaayat darjay ka bud aadmi hai.

Sau agar aisay kalmaat haq ke taalbaun par bad-asar na daal tay to main in tohmtaun par sabr karta.Magar main dekhta houn ke molvi Sanaullah unhi tohmtaun ke zariye se meray silsilay ko nabood karna chahta hai aur is imaarat ko (munhadim) karna chahta hai jo tu nay aey meray aaqa aur meray bhejnay waalay apnay haath se banaee hai.

Is liye main teray hi taqaddus aur rahmat ka daaman pakarr kar teri janaab me maltaji houn ke mujh mein aur Sanaullah mein saccha faisla farma aur vo jo teri nigaah me dar haqeeqat (mufsid) aur kazzaab hai us ko saadiq ki zindagi me hi dunya se uttha le. Ya kisi aur nihaayat sakht aafat me jo maut ke baraabar ho mubtala kar.

Aey meray pyaaray maalik tu aisa hi kar. Aameen. Sum Aameen.

Ba aakhir molvi Sahib se iltamaas hai ke vo meray is tamaam mazmoon ko apnay parchay me cchaap dain aur jo chaahain is kay neechay likh dain. Ab faisla khuda ke haath me hai.””””””””””””””””””””
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