MGA died very abruptly on May 26th, 1908 in Lahore, British-India. Rumors had spread that MGA died of cholera, in fact, the streets of Lahore were buzzing with the news that MGA had died overnight and it must have been because of cholera. Muslims showed up to where MGA was held up (Ahmadiyya buildings) and began challenging MGA to debates and etc (see page 22-23, Last Days of MGA by Nasir Ahmad, Lahori-Ahmadi,

The evening of May 25th, 1908
MGA went out with his wife for an evening stroll in their horse carriage.  MGA lived the life of a bon vivant (see page 23, Nasir Ahmad).  MGA died the very next morning and his father in law tells us as follows:

“The night his holiness fell ill, I was sleeping in my room.  When his illness grew severe, they woke me up.  I went over to his holiness and found him in great pain.  He addressed me saying: ‘I have been stricken with cholera.’  After this, he did not utter a single intelligible and coherent word till he died on Monday, after ten O’clock in the morning.”

(Hayat-i-Nasir, P. 14)  Statement of Mir Nasir Nawab in his autobiography compiled by Shaikh Yaqoob Ali Irfani Qadiani.  He was the editor of the Al-Hakam magazine, and thus a very good source of information in terms of Ahmadiyya.

Muslims rushed the house where MGA’s body was
The Muslims who were camped out in front of Ahmadiyya buildings seem to have gotten the word that MGA was dead (see page 28, Nasir Ahmad).  They immediately came and knocked on the door and a mob scene developed.  The British police then showed up and most likely began beating Muslims and forcing them to disperse.  The Muslims then dispersed to Islamia College, which was only across the street and began raising a hue and cry that MGA had died of cholera.  They then proceeded to follow the Ahmadis that were trying to transport MGA’s body via train back to Qadian.  As the the procession approached the railway station, it was reported to the railway authorities that MGA had died of cholera and thus shouldnt be allowed to contaminate a train and etc.

Ahmadis called in a friend to fabricate a death certificate for MGA
When information about this reached Ahmadis, Shaikh Rahmatullah, a leading businessman of Lahore and devoted follower of the Promised Messiah, hastened to Dr. Sutherland, principal of the Medical College, Lahore, who had attended the Founder close to the end, and obtained from him a medical certificate to the effect that the death was due to diarrhea brought on by mental exertion, and not cholera as alleged by the opponents.

The medical certificate was pure forgery
Ahmadis had lots of connections, they could pay for a Britisher to sign anything for them, in fact, all a Britisher had to hear was about how the Mirza family helped the British in 1857…and thats it..the britishers were willing to sign anything for MGA, and they didnt really care if more Indians died…since whites and indians didn’t travel in the same train-cars anyways…

MGA’s death is a total cover-up job by the Ahmadiyya.  They have no shame at all whatsoever. In fact, the second edition of Hyat e Nasir was printed a few years after the first edition and Ahmadis edited these comments by the father-in-law of MGA, who had already died by the time the 2nd edition was published.  This proves that Ahmadis will go at any length to lie in their attempt to promote MGA and his family.

MGA was an opium addict, the proof is in his denial.  See my essays on that topic. Nonetheless, he most likely took too much opium and had an overdose.

Below is a scanned attempt by Ahmadis at accusing their critics of mis-quoting, however, these Ahmadis dont know that it was Ahmadis who edited the book, not their critics.

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