He was the son of Mirza Sharif Ahmad.  He seems to have been born anywhere from 1920–1934.  He married his first cousin (maternal) Mrs. Zakia Begum Sahiba.  She was the daughter of Nawab Amatul Hafeez Begum Sahiba and Nawab Abdullah Khan Sahib. She passed away in
Tahir Heart Institute on 23rd July 2017, at the age of 94.

In 1941, he was made colonel by the British government in the famous Ahmady Company, which was a regiment of the British military and separate from the Punjab Musalman Company, these were new regiments that the British had created to fight off a Japanese or Russian invasion (See Bashir Ahmad, “Ahmadiyya, british-jewish connections” and Sirat-i-Mirza Sharif Ahmad [1961]).  As we know, the Japanese were on the verge of taking India by 1944.  He seems to have disappeared afterwards, he most likely moved to Rabwah, Pakistan after partition and then served in the Pakistani Army.

He knew Mirza Nasir Ahmad well (his first cousin) and wrote about him herein.

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Hazrat Mirza Nasir Ahmad

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