Ahmadi’s were given access to many mosques in British-India via the British government. Ahmadi’s regularly occupied mosques and then got British support. Nowadays, this is slowly being reversed by the government of Pakistan. However, Ahmadi’s lie about it and claim that their “places of worship” are being taken, but, in reality, Ahmadi’s are losing court cases and thus losing possession. Nevertheless, we have found a story from 1907, wherein a group of Ahmadi’s forceably occupied a Sunni masajid (mosque), then were able to get the British government to support them. This happened in Dera Ghazi Khan. The story is pasted in the below.

The story from Lahori-Ahmadi sources
“””Maulvi Aziz Bakhsh (a younger brother of Maulvi Muhammad Ali) was living in Mohalla Patafian in the old Dera Ghazi Khan city. An abandoned masjid was lying vacant near his house, with no one having used it in a long time. It was in a dilapidated state, so Maulana Aziz Bakhsh, along with the other persons who had become Ahmadis because of his efforts, got together to repair the masjid. After it was restored, they started offering their prayers there and holding dars-e-Qur’an and other religious meetings in it. The opponents of the Ahmadiyya Movement did not tolerate this for long and soon they installed one of their own maulvis, resulting in two salahs being offered in the masjid – one by the Ahmadis and the other by the nonAhmadis.”””
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