We are hearing #ahmadis all over twitter telling the world how Lala Nasir Saeed who had been serving as a senior security guard of 3 Khalifa’s over the past 45 years, has now abruptly died. He was admitted into the hospital just a few days ago as a result of a chest infection and a heart attack (these reports are from Ahmadi sources only). Why did MGA claim that only “true” Ahmadi’s would survive these types of pandemics? Ahmadi’s will be forced to face the fact that MGA lied about the plague and everything else. It’s no secret, corona virus has effected many Ahmadi’s as did the plague of 1896–1914. Recently, the canadian-Ahmadi jamaat was ordered to tell the world that Mirza Masroor Amnad and homeopathic medicines won’t save you from the #coronavirus #covid19 issue. However, the German-Ahmadi jamaat is still pushing homeopathic meds to its members.


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