Per Ahmadiyya records, MGA wrote this book in Arabic which he began on March 17, 1897 and completed on May 26, 1897 (see Hidden Treasures).

This book seems to be a response to Maulavi ‘Abdul Haq Ghaznavi and Shaikh Najfi, who had accused MGA of not knowing proper Arabic. Interestingly, Maulavi ‘Abdul Haq Ghaznavi is presented as someone who danced like a prostitute (baghiyyatun)(see the quote in the below). There are 3 additional instances of this word (baghaya). Adnan Rashid discussed this also (Check out Part-2 herein [“Zarrayatul baghaya” and “Waladul Haraam” are discussed] and on the Dawah wise channel).

Hani Tahir and Ikrima Najabi pointed out how MGA and his team of writers plagiarized from Muqamat Al-Hariri. On the old forum, we discussed this topic in detail. This book has never been translated into english, not even snippets. Our friends at the have also written about this.

First Claim
: His Arabic Books are from Allah (SWT)

MGAQ said:

((All my Arabic books are type of revelation since I wrote them with special support from God. Sometimes I do not understand the meaning of some words and sentences unless I use a dictionary)) – Seerat-ul-Mahdi, Narration No. 104 (Click Here)

He also said

((I confess that all my books were written through the power of Allah)) – Rouhani Khazain, vol 18, Ijaz-ul-Masih, page 1 (Click Here)
Rouhani Khazain, vol 12, Hujjatullah, page 140 (Click Here).

((Whoever ponders over this book, he would realize the fluency of its sentences and the perfectness of its style. He would also confess that it is far superior to the official Arabic writings and that its attractiveness is far better than any human writing))

Rouhani Khaza’in, vol 12, Hujjatullah, page 144-145 (Click Here)

((If we show our opponent some paragraphs from our writings and some other paragraphs from the writings of a great Arabic writer without showing the names of the authors; if our opponent is really truthful and can distinguish between the writings then we will give him fifty Rupees as a reward)) –
Via Al-Hakam on twitter

Who was behind the Arabic works of the Promised Messiah a.s.? – Part IV (Challenging Muslim scholars)

Hujjatullah, Ruhani Khazain, Vol. 12, p. 161

“The [Arabic] books that he [the founder of Ahmadiyya Jamaat] brings out are published by him after getting them written by people well-versed in Arabic language. I know for sure that he has no ability in Arabic at all. If he really possesses this quality, he should hold a debate with me in Arabic before a general gathering of scholars. The Arabic of both contestants will be recorded and presented to the scholars. If he wins, it will be accepted that the said Arabic works are his own writings. This debate will take place face-to-face. If he is not able to compete with me in this debate, then the curse of Allah shall be on he who lies.”
Hujjatullah, Ruhani Khazain, Vol. 12, pp. 161-162
Via Al-Hakam on twitter

“In response [to Abdul Haq’s invitation], it was written in the appendix of Anjam-e-Atham that I am ready for the competition. [It was clarified that] he should be aware that I have repeatedly said that these Arabic books were not compiled so that people consider me an Arabic scholar and acknowledge me as a maulvi, but in fact, it has been frequently mentioned in these books that they are a sign of God and granted to me as a miracle. I have been given this [miracle] as another proof for my claim. When and where did I write that the objective of my Arabic books was that if someone is defeated, he should consider me an Arabic scholar? Thus, [he was asked to] affirm that if he, despite his huge claims of Arabic knowledge and superiority, was clearly defeated by a person like me, about whom he asserted in the said poster that that person had no expertise in Arabic knowledge, he would accept it as a sign and believe with full certainty that it was a miracle from God the Almighty, and at the same time, he would repent and perform my Bai‘at. However, around two months have passed [since I accepted his challenge] and thus far, no response has come from Abdul Haq. It is as if he has died. Now, the just-minded people should reflect on how these people are working like the Antichrist to cover up the truth and the amount of devilish lies they are spreading to destroy innocent people.”
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Rouhani Khazain, vol 12, Hujjatullah, page 211-212

((The hardship attacked him – Atham. This situation sustained till the palm of his hand was busted, the money was stolen and the brood lamented. He fallen in the traps of the knavish grief and hit by the debasing penury till he wore the barefootedness as footgear, gobbled the lumps in the throat and experienced the doldrums. He spent his life with sorrow and fallen down ill with the black cataclysms. He immigrated then to India unassisted and blameful, and lived his life with injury and wound. He suffered the grin of horridness, the warfare of anxiety, the curses of cursers, and the abuse of abusers. This situation sustained till the problems continued, the trials increased, the throng vamoosed and the light showers of spring took off)) –
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Rouhani Khaza’in, vol 12, Hujjatullah, page 190

((They would become a brother of AYLAH and would not own a place to stay in for one night)) –
Taken from Nuzhat Haneef’s book on Ahmadiyya

[RK, v. 12, p. 231; 5th , 6th, and 7th verses on the page; Hujjatullaah]
O `Abdul Haq [Ghaznavee] you took the initiative in vile epithets
So, I will invite you to a feast similar to the gift you have presented with your desire.
And you called me a dog and you uttered vile epithets
O you wretched/vicious one, you crossed the bounds.
And a dog is a form and you are its soul
Hence a person like you barks like a dog and complains.

You engaged in verbal impudence in the manner of ‘baghaaya’
And O monster, you have wronged yourself.

[RK, v. 12, p. 232; 1st and 3rd verses on the page; Hujjatullaah]

Hence, I have sworn an oath by God Almighty
That soon I will vex the hearts of the mischief-mongers.

[RK, v. 12, p. 234; last but one verse on the page; Hujjatullaah]

O you [the one who is] overcome by the curse, cease to make mention of curses
Have you not seen what your condition has become after you did ‘bakwaas’ [barked nonsense]

[RK, v. 12, p. 235; 5th and 6th verses on the page; Hujjatullaah]

I do not see knowledge and intelligence in your soul/being
And you attack like a swine and bray like a donkey.
And you danced like a ‘baghiyya’ in gatherings
And established me as a transgressor although you are the greatest of transgressors.

[RK, v. 12, p. 232; 1st verse on the page; Hujjatullaah]

You [`Abdul Haq Ghaznavee] engaged in verbal impudence in the manner of ‘baghaaya’ [prostitutes]
And O monster, you have wronged yourself.

[RK, v. 12, p. 235; 6th verse on the page; Hujjatullaah]

And you [`Abdul Haq Ghaznavee] danced like a ‘baghiyya’ [prostitute] in gatherings
And established me as a transgressor although you are the greatest of transgressors.


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