Rattan Bagh was the area where the Khalifa (Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad) moved to as he fled Qadian in late August of 1947. The Khalifa lived here for 2 years, he then permanently moved to Rabwah on 19th September 1949(see Fazl-e-Omar). It is now called Azad Park, it is just a few miles from where MGA died on Brandereth Road. The Khalifa seems to have lived there with most likely an entourage of 100 people. However, Mirza Bashir Ahmad seems to have lived in Rattan Bagh a bit longer, his book, “40 Gems of beauty” was published from Rattan Bagh on 11-13-1950. By 1960, the Ahmadiyya movement seems to have totally abandoned this location.
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This Shivratri sharing a 1930’s photograph of Rattan Chand Dhariwala’s Shivala (Shiv Temple) just outside Shahalmi Gate in Lahore. The shivala was the most iconic Hindu temple in Lahore and featured in many European travelogues from the 19th and 20th century. Rattan Chand was a courtier of Maharaja Ranjit Singh and the garden in which this temple was built was called Rattan Bagh. Today the remains of Rattan Bagh is called Azad Park and the Shivala is lost in time.
In Ahmadiyya literature

Ahmadi sources never give an address for Rattan Bagh, however, it is mentioned, see here.

The photo from the 1930’s

A photo from the 1800’s
Built in early 19th century, Shivala at Shah Aalami Gate, #Lahore. An old sketch. Young protege at Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s Court Rattan Chand Dhariwala turned wasteland into this temple with pond & garden. Now temple is razed & made way for commercial shops. #Pakistan #Hindu

Additional Ahmadi sources
(Tarikh-e-Ahmadiyyat, Vol. 10, p. 18)

24 December 1947: The authorities allotted Ratan Bagh in #Lahore to Jamaat members after the Partition. Hazrat Musleh-e-Maud instructed for all belongings that were found in Ratan Bagh to be counted and safely stored. On this date, the owners came back seeking the possessions 1/5…that they had lost during the partition. Huzoor (ra) safely returned each item to them. Some people were not in favour of returning such goods as Muslims were arriving in the newly formed #Pakistan completely empty-handed. Others were of the view that Muslims should……utilise the money, ornaments and goods they stumbled upon; however, Hazrat Musleh-e-Maud (ra) decided that the goods should be returned to Gobind Sahai, grandson of Diwan Bahadr Diwan, who came to get his and his family’s personal belongings…Touched by Huzoor’s act, Gobind Sahai wrote: “Gobind Sahai, grandson of Diwan Bahadr Diwan, have [sic] found the true spirit of honesty in the Qadian Community. The head of his [sic] Community is at present staying at our banglow [sic] Rattan Bagh Lahore.
He has given me all the household things, specialy [sic] some ornaments which were left by our family members. Some the of money which was lying in our almari [wardrobe] was also given to me by Mirza Bashir ud Din head of the Ahmadiyya Community personally….am really very much pleased by the treatment which this community has shown me. “Sd: Gobind Sahai Diwan “Dated: 24-12-1947” 
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