MGA claimed to be re-revealed the Quran in some weird way. MGA was also asserting that he was the second coming of Muhammad (Saw) in this way. In their desperation, unofficial Ahmadi’s like Razi at Ahmadi.answers are claiming that other Muslim scholars also claimed to be receive verses of the Quran via un-prophetic revelation and thus try to make a parallel. We are waiting to get a hold of these books and thus do a proper analysis. Nevertheless, it seems to us that these Muslim scholars received non-prophetic revelations which have zero to NO meaning. MGA claimed to be get prophetic revelation, and claimed to be the Mahdi and Esa (As)(nauozobillah), thus, the case of MGA is different. Interestingly, Razi quotes the Ghaznavi’s, who were around in MGA’s time. Razi doesn’t give scans, nor does he tell us as to who translated this for him. In fact, the Ghaznavi’s had the same teacher as MGA, Sayyid Nazir Husain, who also read MGA’s nikkah in 1884.

The Ghaznavi’s

Maulvi Abdullah Ghaznavi who was another Indian Saint of the last century also said he received verses in his divine revelation including:


“Send peace and blessings upon him.” (The Quran 33:57)


“And soon thy Lord will give thee so that thou art well pleased.” (93:6)


“Have We not expanded for thee thy bosom.” (94:2)


“Is not God sufficient for His servant.” (39:37)


“He is only a servant upon whom We bestowed favours.” (43:60)


He also received the following revelation


“Thou art from Me and I am from Thee. So fear not nor grieve.” (Biography of Maulavi Abdullah Ghaznavi by Maulavi Abdul Jabbar Ghaznavi, pp. 10 – 11)


Maulvi Abdul Jabbar Ghaznavi  wrote :“If someone receives a Divine revelation (ilham) which is some verse of the Quran addressed particularly to the Holy Prophet Muhammad, the recipient of this revelation would take it as referring to himself, and would interpret it in the light of his own circumstances and draw a lesson from it. …“So if someone has revealed to him verses specially addressed to the Holy Prophet, for instance: ‘Have We not expanded for thee thy breast’, ‘thy Lord will soon give thee so that thou wilt be pleased’, ‘Allah will suffice thee against them’, ‘be patient and resolute as the messengers were’, ‘hold thyself with those who call upon their Lord morning and evening’, ‘pray to thy Lord and sacrifice’, ‘obey not him whose heart We have made unmindful of Our remembrance, and he follows his low desires’, ‘He found thee groping and guided thee’; the meaning would be that that person would be granted these things to the extent that he deserves, according to his station. And as for the commands and prohibitions [in the revelations], these would apply to him as to the Holy Prophet.” (Asbat al-ilham, pp. 142 – 143)

Khawaja Mir Dard of Delhi has stated that he was revealed verses of the Qur’an in his book Ilm Al Kitab under Tahdees Ni’mat ar Rabb:


“Warn thy near relatives.” (The Quran, 26:215)


“Say: Allah is sufficient for me.” (39:39)


“Be steadfast as thou art commanded, and follow not their low desires.” (42:16)


“Grieve thou not for them, nor be distressed because of what they plan.” (27:71)


“Did He not find thee groping, and guided thee.” (93:8) ( ‘Ilm al-Kitab, pp. 61 – 64.)
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#Ahmadis believe that 62:3 of the Quran announces that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad is the second coming of Muhammad (saw)(Nauzobillah)

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