After the publishing of the 4th volume of Braheen e Ahmadiyya in late 1884, MGA was called a Kafir by the leaders of the Ahl-e-hadith sect, who had just helped MGA marry an Ahl-e-Hadith girl. MGA was so bold, he began claiming that many verses of the Quran had been also revealed onto himself. Again, in 1901, via “Eik Ghalti Ka Izala”, MGA quoted this entire scenario and explained how he has been a prophet since 1880-ish (see the ref in the below). Even in the 2018, official 5-volume commentary of the Quran, it is explained that 9:32 is about MGA and how MGA will make Islam prevail against Christians.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________48:28, 61:09 and 9:32 in “Eik Ghalti Ka Izala” 1901

On the second page, MGA quotes a revelation of his which is similar to three verses of the Quran, 48:28, 61:09 and 9:32 (that would 48:29, 61:10 and 9:33 in Ahmadiyya Quran’s). MGA never specified the verse number, we have to assume all 3 were revealed to him.

MGA says:

“””Even in Brahin-e-Ahmadiyya, which was published some 22 years ago, these words appear in no small number. For instance, one of the Revelations found in Brahine- Ahmadiyya reads:

“”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””He it is Who has sent His Messenger, with guidance and the Religion of truth, that He may make it prevail over all other religions.”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””

(See Brahin-e-Ahmadiyya, p. 498)(See also “Eik Ghalti Ka Izala”, online english edition)
_____________________________________________________________________________________________48:28, 61:09 and 9:32 in Braheen e Ahmadiyya Vol. 4

The exact same reference is on page 374 for 61:09), in the BA-3, 9:32 is on page 157, online english edition. The Ahmadiyya editor’s erroneously listed it as verse 61:10, it would be 61:09 in the non-Ahmadi Quranic numbering system. 9:32 is another similar verse. In fact, 61:09, 48:28 and 9:32 are all almost identical to each other. MGA even claimed that these verses were prophecies about his own coming. See page 379 also, the first part of the 3 verses is quoted by MGA.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________The reference from the 2009 online english edition of Tadhkirah

See page 92.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________61:09 (61:10 in the Ahmadiyya Quran’s) is quoted in Khutbah Ilhamiya

Interestingly enough, the same verse is quoted by MGA in Khutbah Ilhamiya.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Other Quranic verses that MGA claimed for himself in 1884

——48:28, 61:09 and 9:32
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Mirza Ghulam Ahmad quoted and commented on 17:8 in 1884 in the Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya, vol. 4, he then connected 17:8 with the return of the Messiah

“Khutbah ilhamia” quotes, the revealed Sermon, April 11th, 1901

In 1884, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad claimed that the Quran 10:16 was also revealed to him

A Misconception Removed

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