MGA and his team of writers lied all the time. In this specific incident, they lied about the injeel of Eisa (as) being found in Tibet. They wrote this in “Raz-e-Haqiqat” (see page 30, online english edition). MGA specifically wrote:

“””Moreover, the Gospel that has been recently discovered in Tibet has given clear testimony that Jesus surely came to the land of India.”””

However, this is a total lie. The Injeel as stated in the Quran were the revelations that were given to Eisa (as) from the beginning of his life and uptil age 33-ish. These were never written down or archived anywhere. Some Christians in Mecca might have had some verbal versions of the injeel. Neverthless, MGA and his team of writers had the audacity to claim that the actual revelations of Eisa (As) had been found in Tibet. 3 years later, in an arabic only book, MGA and his team said this again and told their readers to consult a book named Ikmal ud Din, however, this book clearly says that Yuz Asaf was the son of a local chief and never an israelite.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________Summary of the quote in Al-Huda

In the first scan, the first and second lines say he named his book Injeel… then he says grab whatever has been manifested and let go of the hearsay and for more information read the book ikmal uddin. On the previous page he mentions reading Ikmal uddin and other books, as well as some books of Christians so it seems that’s where the reference for Yuz Asaf naming his book Injeel is supposed to be.

MGA says if you want the details, read Ikmal uddin.

Scan from Al-Huda

Scan from the official Urdu translation by the Qadiani Jamaat

“””in maysay, aik kitab ka naam Ikmal ud Din hay, aur, deegar, bhot mashur kitabayn hain. Aur maynay Eisaayo kay kitabaun may dheka hai kay yah lohk Yuz Asaf ko Maseeh ka sha-girdo may say aik sha-gird khayal kirtay hain. Aur inho nay yay bhat sarahat kay saht likhee hay, aur yaan kee komo may say har kom nay apnee apnee zubaano may is wakeea ka turjama keeaa hai, aur inho nay, appne baaz alakho may iskay naaam per gar ja bee ka tameer keea hai. Aur ismay, koy shaak nay kay inka yah khial kerna kay vo shaks maseeh ka shagird tha, bil badahat, batil hay, kuuuy kai Eisa (as) ka shagirdo maysay koi aik bee shazada na tha. Aur unse nubuwwat ka dawa bee nay sunna gaya. Mazeed burho Yuz Asaf nay apnee kitab ka naam Injeel rakha tha, aur sahiba injeel sirf Eisa heee thay. Bas, jo sach zair ho gaya hai, usay pakarlay aur khud sakhta bata ko chor day, agar tujaay tafsir chai-hai, tho ikmal ud din namee kee kitab ko par, ismay tu sab kuj pai ga, jisse piasa ruh, ko tasqeen miljai.”””

Ansar Raza’s opinion, Ansar Raza took on the challenge and sent this to a junior Murabbi named Adam Alexander

He said:

“”Yuz Asaf agay barha toh umda aur lazeez phal milay. Us ne unhein nabuwat ki bisharat samjha””


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