Who is Afzal Upal, the Ex-Ahmadi?

We love Afzal Upal, and all Ex-Ahmadi’s and all Ex-Muslim’s.  We believe that everyone is free to pick their own religion.  Enjoy the video.

The video

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Mirza Sultan Muhammad from Patti, District Lahore, married Muhammadi Begum (MGA’s niece/daughter), not MGA

Dear readers, to full understand who Mirza Sultan Muhammad from Patti is, you have to do lots of reading, this is by no means an easy subject to learn.  Nonetheless, start here.  Mirza Sultan Muhammad married MGA’s daughter/niece and MGA also predicted his death within a few years, which never happened.  Ahmadi mullahs went to the extreme of making up fake stories that Mirza Sultan Muhammad repented or apologized, or in some way was neutral in this whole matter.  However, that is a total lie.  Firstly, Mirza Sultan Muhammad served in the British military and even fought during WW-1 (1914–1918).  He was shot and survived and became a hero of sorts.  In the below we sill present lots of info….pay attention.

Ahmadiyya sources lied and told us: these were taken from,

“I have always, and still consider the late Mirza Saheb, a righteous and respected person who was a servant of Islam; who had a noble spirit and who was constant in his remembrance of God. I entertain no opposition to his followers and regret that for certain reasons, I was not able to have the honour of meeting him during his lifetime.” [Tashizul Azhan: May 1913]

“At the time of the prophecy, the Arya Hindus, because of Lekh Ram and the Christians, because of Athim offered me a hundred thousand rupees to file a case against Mirza Saheb. If I had taken the amount I would have become rich but it was my great faith in him that prevented me from doing so.” 

“I declare on oath that I have such firm faith in Hazrat Mirza Saheb which I think even you, who profess to be his followers, cannot claim”
[Al Fazl: 9th June 1921]

We found the original scan of the Al-Fazl of June 9th, 1921

3 years later, Mirza Sultan Muhammad was tracked down and he clarified in the below

The weekly Ahl-i-hadith newspaper of 1924 tells us
Weekly Ahl e Hadis Amritsar in its publication of 24th March, 1924 brought an interesting report in this regard. Urdu version of which may be seen in screen shot of weekly. English translation is as under:-

“”“Mirza Sahib Qadiani ,s each prophesy proved to be a decisive one for him. Because he always prophesied for a decision from Allah. So his prophesy regarding his heavenly wed bride was clear in its meaning but the man to whom the lady was married, was Mirza Sultan Muhammad of Patti, District Lahore. It was all important that Mirza Sahib Qadiani pays attention to him because he was the main irritant in the acquisition of his prophesied bride. Therefore, a stern time line of the death of Mirza Sultan Muhammad was prophesied which was to expire in August 1894. But when he did not die in the given time line, Mirza Qadiani starts saying that my prophesy scared Mirza Sultan which earned him extension in life. Finally Mirza Sahib Qadiani wrote that he would be a liar, if Mirza Sultan did not die in my life time. Facts are that Mirza Sahib Qadiani died in 1908, but Mirza Sultan is still alive. During a debate at Sikandarabad, Qadiani Muballigh Abdur Rehman Desi Misri stated that Mirza Sultan had written a letter to Mirza Sahib Qadiani assuring him that he (Mirza Sultan) considers him a saintly person. Although this writing do not affect the prophesy in any manner, yet Mirza Sultan was asked of this, he verbally replied he has never been a believer of Mirza sb Qadiani. On request he wrote the following text:- When Mirza Qadiani announced my death prophesy I never thought it to be true nor I was scared of it. I have always been and am a follower of my elders of Islam to this day.”””

Sultan Muhammad Baig Resident of Patti dated 30-03-1924.
Molvi Abdullah Imam Masjid Mubarak
Molvi Ahmadullah sb Amritsari 
Molvi Mola Bakhsh Khateeb Jama Masjid patti Distt Lahore.
Molvi Abdul Majeed Rasheed Resident of Patti.
Mistari Muhammad Hussain Naqsha Nawees Patti.

The scan

Molana Muhammad Hussain Batalvi has also confirmed from Mirza Sultan Muhammad thru one of his relative whether he has given Qadianis any such writing in their favour, he denied it


Dr. Abdus Salam’s grand-daughter and Malala Yousafzai–at the screening of the new movie on Dr. Salam


Our team of writers here on this blog have written extensively on the truth about Dr. Salam, he turned on his fellow Pakistani’s and gave all of his work to European nations, and he did this per the instructions of the Ahmadiyya movement.  Further, its most likely that Dr. Salam was a closet-atheist who remained loyal to Ahmadiyya simply out of respect for his parents.  Moreover, he never wrote in support of any Ahmadi arguments.  He never wrote about Jesus in India, the eclipses or any other scientific phenomenon that Ahmadiyya claims.

NOTE: these photos were publically tweeted and posted on Facebook, they can be found by a simply google search:

Some scientists are crazy and won’t listen
In America, we had Jack Parsons, who was a crazy scientist with weird beliefs, just like Abdus Salam.  He was also shunned.

Abdus Salam is like Snowden, to Pakistani’s
This is the proper equivalent.  Snowden was a traitor.  Also similar is how German’s came to the USA after WW-2 and helped the USA with their rocket program.

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Ahmadi’s break the law all the time.  For them it’s nothing, they will do whatever their mullahs ask them to do.  This report is from the Daily Ummat of Rwp, May 9th-2018.

Summary of this news report
District administration has closed 24 illegal Qadiani Centres after publishing of News in daily Ummat Karachi, an esteemed newspaper of the country. These Centres were opened by the Qadianis without any permission and registration with local authorities.

Area residents were protesting against these unlawful activities of Qadianis under the patronage of former Qadiani District Police Officer Waqas Nathoka and SHO Azmat Joiya. Area residents complained that Qadianis are involved in the espionage activities of sensitive Atomic installations in the area. Local authorities came into action after persistent protests.

Muslims all over the country welcomed this timely action by the authorities. Qadianis, as usual are making, hue and cry that they are being persecuted.

The scan

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Kababir: an Ahmadiyya community in Israel by Ray Register (1970)–Hartford Seminary Foundation–Thesis/dissertation


My team and I have found a Thesis that was written about the Ahmadiyya Movement in 1970.  It specifically highlights the Ahmadiyya community in Kababir.  The PDF’s are upside down, remember to rotate them.  This blog has posted many rare articles on Ahmadiyya, we will continue to do so.  We also provide opinions on the data that we find.

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1—It seems that the entire village population of Muslims in Kababir converted to Ahmadiyya in the early 1930’s.  This story is fishy.  We need more data on why and etc.  Jalal ud din Shams was the missionary/vicious Ahmadi-mullah and he had came from Damascus where he was almost killed.

2—In 1970, the Ahmadiyya policy in Israel was that of neutrality, they never spoke up in terms of the human rights violations of the Israeli government.

3—Ahmadi’s had segregated themselves from the local Muslim Community on a social level.

4—It should be noted that the headquarters of the Bahai religion can be found less then a few miles from the Ahmadiyya center in Kababir, it is located in the greater city area of Haifa.

5—There also seems to be a small community of Baptist-Christians in Kababir.  They seem to have worked with Ahmadiyya over the past 10+ years and til today in 2018.  Register notes that NO muslims have ever converted to the Baptist type of Christianity.

6—Ray Register was a Baptist preacher that was sent from America to Kababir in 1964, he thus has an amazing vantage point and is neutral.  Ray register spent 5 years in Israel as a Baptist missionary, mostly outside of Kababir, he thus came into contact with Muslims of Israel as well as Ahmadis.

7—Register quotes Farquhar as he explains the creation of the Ahmadiyya Movement.  However, what Register didn’t know was that in 1915 Farquhar had written that MGA died of cholera.  Register quotes the same book, which is
“Modern Religious Movements in India” (1915).  Farquhar also edited Walter’s historic book on Ahmadiyya, which was published in 1918.

8—Register makes a few errors, first he thinks that the ROR started in 1892, which is wrong, it started in 1902.  He also asserts that MGA read out his lecture, “The Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam” (1896), which is wrong Maulvi Abdul Karim read it out.  And in fact, Khwaja Kamaluddin didn’t think it was a good paper (see Truth about the Split” {1924}).

9—Register writes that Christians weren’t attracted to MGA’s new set of beliefs, however, Sunni Muslims were, since MGA offered some arguments vs. Christianity.

10—Register writes that MGA died of an intestinal disorder, he got this from Walter, however, he totally ignores the comments of Farquhar.

11—Register mentions how Zafrullah Khan boycotted the funeral of Jinnah.


The PDF’s
Kababir, Register, beginn to 23
Kababir, Register 24 to 50
Kababir, Register, page 51 to end (1)
Kababir page 28
Kababir, page 68

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Review of Religions, August of 1932, “Factors which contribute to the success of a new religion and their application to the Ahmadiyya Movement”


My team and I have found an old edition of the Review of Religions (ROR) from August of 1932.  Malik Ghulam Farid was the editor in those days, he went on to write the 5-volume official commentary of the Quran, which can be found here.  Malik Ghulam Farid (1897–1977), was a notable Ahmadiyya scholar. He was deputed the task of preparing the 5 Volume The English Commentary of the Holy Quran,[1] in 1942, by Mirza Mahmood Ahmad, the second Khalifa.[2] He published the said Commentary in 1962. Later, in 1969, Malik published the Abridged Edition.[3] Malik Ghulam Farid also produced a Dictionary of the Holy Quran, but it could not be published in his lifetime. He died in 1977.[4]

The essay itself
Ahmadi’s claim that Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad wrote this essay and many others, however, that’s a lie, he rarely wrote anything.  Just like MGA, he had his resident mullahs write everything, he was simply their figure head.  This is another case of exactly that.  In fact, Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad claims to have written a Tafsir of the Quran, however, that’s a lie, it was really written by his Mullahs.

Important points made in the essay
1—The Ahmadi’s of Kababir are mentioned, it is possible that this is the first time that they were ever mentioned in the literature of Ahmadiyya.  Also see here:

2—The essay is essentially calling Ahmadiyya a new religion, and thus giving examples/criteria of how new religions have historically formed.

3—Qadian is backward province, and thus produced backward ideas.

4—MGA and his movement have always told people to follow their government (colonialism) and to never revolt.

5—MGA and his sons require Ahmadi’s to sacrifice their monies, time and children to the Ahmadiyya Movement.

6—Most Ahmadi’s pay between 10–30% of their earnings to Ahmadiyya aka the Mirza family.

Factors Which Contribute to The success of a New Religionand Their Application to The Ahmadiyya Movement

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Ahmadiyya mullahs have been caught editing the writings of MGA yet again

Dear readers, we have caught the Ahmadiyya Mullah team editing the writings of MGA many times.  See here:

In this specific case, we have found an instance wherein there was editing in the case of the Muhammadi Begum prophecy.  In MGA’s book, “A’ina Kamalat Islam”, in the original edition, MGA and his team had written that Muhammadi Begum’s father, Mirza Ahmad Baig would die within 4 months, however, in later editions of this book, it was changed to 6 months.

But Dard tells us…
Dard tells us that the marriage of Muhammadi Begum happened on April 7th, 1892, see page 334.  He also tells us that her father, Mirza Ahmad Baig died Sep 30th, 1892.  That is 5 and 1/2 months.  Thus, the prediction of MGA was false.  However, the Ahmadiyya mullah team went back and edited….they began by inventing the system of Ruhani Khuzain, and thus burning all of the old books and creating new ones, with many edits.

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The scans

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NA of Pakistan passes resolution to rename QAU’s Abdus Salam Centre to al-Khazini Department

The mullahs aka employees of Ahmadiyya INC are working day and night to further their agenda, they are ordered by the Mirza family to find unique ways of marketing Ahmadiyya.  What Ahmadi’s don’t know or don’t want to know is that in 1979, General Zia Ul Haq awarded with Highest civilian award Nishan-e-Imtiaz in 1979.

Also read this:

The story

The National Assembly on Thursday passed a resolution to change the name of the National Centre for Physics at the Quaid-i-Azam University (QAU) from the Professor Abdus Salam Centre for Physics to al-Khazini Department, after Byzantine-origin astronomer Abu al-Fath Abd al-Rahman Mansur al-Khazini.

The resolution was tabled by PML-N lawmaker Captain Muhammad Safdar, who is former prime minister Nawaz Sharif’s son-in-law and aspiring PML-N leader Maryam Nawaz’s husband.

Nuclear physicist Abdus Salam hailed from the Ahmadi community, whose members constitute a minority in Pakistan. Its members have faced persecution and were declared non-Muslims through a constitutional amendment in 1974.

Last year, during an anti-Ahmadi tirade on the floor of the National Assembly, Safdar had criticised the renaming of the QAU physics centre after Professor Dr Abdus Salam — the country’s first Nobel laureate — on the grounds that the scientist followed the Ahmadi faith.

The physics centre had been named after Abdus Salam in December 2016 following the approval of then prime minister Nawaz Sharif, who had also approved a grant for five annual fellowships for Pakistani PhD students.

The fellowship programme was called the Professor Abdus Salam Fellowship. It is unclear whether its renaming is also on the PML-N’s agenda.

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The British Government banned Ahmadiyya medicines in 1899

Ahmadiyya medicines are bogus.  Going back to 1889.  Nowadays, the Mirza family is still up to the same thing…selling fake medicines, specifically homeopathy.  We have found some specifics about how the British Government had to step in and ban Ahmadiyya medicines in the 1899 era.  Read this essay here:

Walter re-confirms that the British Govt banned Marham-i-Esa and other Ahmadiyya medicines
In Oct of 1899, Ahmadiyya medicines were banned, however, Ahmadiyya leadership seems to have filed an appeal, however, the appeal was rejected and the ban was held up in 1900.

See page 42.

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