Ahmadiyya and pseudoscience and quackery

Ahmadi’s claim to be rational and etc, however, that is a lie upon cross examination.  In fact, Ahmadi’s believe in prayers over medicine (see pages 15 and 16) and mostly love to use homeopathy, which doesn‘t work.  It seems that Mirza Nasir Ahmad started this connection of Ahmadiyya and homeopathy.

Mirza Nasir Ahmad once said

“Once I was agonised with pain which persisted for several days. One day I prayed, ‘My Lord, Thou hast charged me with a grand mission. I am in poor health.  Please grant me strength to fulfil this obligation’. After this prayer, I took a homeopathic medicine lying in front of me. Immediately thereafter, God Almighty relieved the agonizing pain. Good health is ineed only granted by God Almighty”. (Alfazal, 1971).

The words of the Khalifa in Ahmadiyya
Generally, every random utterance of a khalifa is recorded and treated as an almost compulsory instruction on how to live your life. Many Ahmadis, for example, prefer (or did, 10-20 years ago) Sprite to Coke because Mirza Tahir Ahmad reportedly didn’t like the fact that Coke had colouring. When someone catches them in an embarrassing position like homeopathy, they’re then able to distinguish the institution of khilafat from the person occupying the office in a way that’s generally done, and say that while the khalifa promotes it in official channels, as do jamaat materials and clinics, this actually doesn’t matter, and is just a choice.

This is exactly the thinking that Tahir Ahmad uses in his pseudo-scientific explanations of the world and religion. He took major scientific accomplishments and reduced them to mere verses of the Quran and pretended like of course it all makes sense because we have always known it to be so through the Quran, etc. It’s just not true. I think it is dangerous that the jama’at latches onto (pseudo) scientific things like homeopathy and then justifies them through religion and vice versa. Every youth event has these terrible speeches given by doctors about the dangers of alcohol and marijuana that are simply not grounded in science. They simply find things that vaguely agree with their own viewpoints and then run with it. What makes me most sad is when scientists/doctors get up on stage and peddle this BS. I’m sure they don’t believe in it, but it’s just what you have to do to be part of this organization. And those of us who’ve had enough of it simply leave.

This is a copy and paste job

The Data

I can understand faith. Faith does not require empirical evidence. That’s what makes it faith. The concept of a God or other supernatural entities cannot be empirically investigated simply since they are outside the domain of science. You either have faith that they exist (theism) or that they don’t (atheism), and so on. I even appreciate mysticism and what insights it has to offer us through meditation and understanding ourselves. I also am not opposed to the idea of prayer, and can understand what solace it would bring to people. However what I don’t understand is when empirically-validated conclusions on natural phenomena are thrown away in the name of dogma and faith.

A lot of Ahmadis are extremely dogmatic about a few things that science has already determined to lack empirical evidence, all the while claiming to be members of the Jama’at of Dr. Abdus Salam, and claiming to have a rationalist interpretation of Islam that goes so far as to suggest that all miracles were metaphorical or explained by natural phenomena, that Jinn are all bacteria, and that evolution happened (albeit guided by God). It’s really strange therefore, when Ahmadis actively promote pseudoscience in the name of their faith, in a very similar way to other religions since time immemorial.

Being a person with an education in science who wishes to pursue science as my career, this is something I am finding more and more unpalatable when in the Jama’at. It’s something where I simply cannot bring myself to believe certain things that Ahmadis believe in deeply and with a religious reverence. That said, I still identify as an Ahmadi due to various reasons (unrelated to this post), chief among them being that I still like the idea of mysticism and think that Ahmadiyyat is still the best interpretation of Islam.

In any case, there are four main things upon which I simply disagree with Ahmadis who believe them, due to being based on pseudoscientific principles:

  • Ahmadis religiously believe in the clinical efficacy of a German school of medicine called homeopathy, although it has been proven numerous times through myriad scientific evidence that it has absolutely no effect on any illness more than a placebo and is based on absolute pseudoscience such as the concept of ‘water memory’ – the idea that water retains memory of molecules that used to be in them, or the idea that more dilution with a liquid can cause a substance to have more effect (which is absolute nonsense according to known laws of chemistry)

  • Ahmadis (though some disagree) believe that humans have their own separate evolutionary lineage unrelated to any other animal on earth, and that we do not share a recent common ancestor with apes. This theory is simply incorrect according to the empirical evidence that we have. And there is no empirical evidence justifying Ahmadis’ theory in this regards, even though the onus of evidence is on them for making such a claim.

  • Ahmadis believe that sex-education should be banned in schools (they literally tried to make this a thing and lobby the government in Canada) even though all the evidence shows us that abstinence-only education produces more teenage pregnancies and increases the risk for STI’s among youth. For example in Texas, many schools have abstinence-only education (due to religious fundamentalism, albeit of a Christian kind, being rampant there) and yet Texas has more teenage pregnancies than liberal states that have sex-education such as California.

  • Ahmadis believe in pseudoscientific propaganda about marijuana, making false statements regularly about the herb such as that it will cause long-term lowering of IQ or that it’s extremely dangerous to health. They also oppose its legalization even though all the statistical evidence we have shows that legalization actually leads to reduced consumption of the drug (as in Colorado and Portugal for instance), keeps it out of the hands of youth more efficiently since you would require ID and there wouldn’t be a very good black market for the drug, would stop gang activity and prevent them having a monopoly of shares of the drug (as in Uruguay which legalized it to stop the gangs), and other beneficial effects exist as the direct result of legalization. Also they ignore the many health benefits of marijuana, or the fact that it can be isolated in a way to have only the cannibanoid CBD rather than THC (THC is the chemical that makes you high) so that it becomes medically beneficial without any high, and that this is especially useful for people with clinical anxiety, epilepsy, and cancer patients. I’m not saying marijuana is without it’s harmful effects. Smoking anything may be harmful to you in the long-run although it doesn’t need to be smoked but this is the most popular method of ingestion, and marijuana does deter neurological development in youth and poses the risk of people developing schizophrenia who have a genetic diathesis for it. What I am saying is that Ahmadis are horribly misinformed about the science and evidence about marijuana and blindly promote making it illegal again in Canada, even though it’s one of the safest drugs for recreational use and the tax revenue alone from the marijuana market would be greatly beneficial to the nation in the long-run. Not to mention that keeping it illegal would mean people (usually of colour) going to jails for victimless crimes, which is literally how modern-day slavery is perpetuated in America against black people (since the 13th amendment does not forbid slavery against felons).

The last two points Ahmadis believe in I think due to a feeling of general puritanism without thinking through the ramifications, while the former two points Ahmadis believe due to dogmatic adherence to religious leaders.

The homeopathy stuff annoys me the most because it seems very cult-like to an objective onlooker that people would believe in what is clearly quackery to be clinically effective – even though it’s from Germany, randomly – simply because one of your religious leaders believed in it. The messages about ‘homeopathic iodine to prevent radiation in case of WWIII’ are the strangest.

All homeopathy has is anecdotal evidence. And here’s the thing: for any case of homeopathy ‘working’, there’s no way for you to know it was due to homeopathy. It could have been due to changes in diet or lifestyle; it could have been due to your body naturally healing itself; it could have been due to other medications you may have been taking at the time. There is absolutely no way to determine that it was homeopathy that caused your medical condition curing, if it’s a personal incident.

This is why science exists. Scientific experiments ISOLATE homeopathy as a specific independent variable, and make sure that all other variables to the best of the scientist’s ability are also controlled, and then the scientist measures the effect of the homeopathy on a specific dependent variable. When you do this you can clearly see whether homeopathy has a causal relationship with a specific effect.

And well, whenever scientists have done this on homeopathy, they’ve found it has no more effect than placebo. Even scientific studies by homeopaths (who have a vested interest in proving its usefulness) show it has no clinical effect.

On the flipside, when scientists have done this form of testing with other drugs and medical therapies that actually work – like tylenol for instance – they have found actual empirical support for those things. When you isolate tylenol as the independent variable and give it to 2 groups – 1 experimental group and 1 placebo group – and then control other variables, and see if the tylenol causes the reduction of headache…then you will actually see results that indicate that it DOES have that effect. When you try the same thing with homeopathy and pretty much any illness or medical condition, you will not find statistically significant evidence that it has any effect. This is why the large majority of scientists and medical practitioners say homeopathy has no effect more than a placebo. Not because they hate the Jama’at or Ahmadis or Germans (the inventors of homeopathy), but because the best method to determine whether homeopathy actually does what it’s purported to do, shows us that it DOESN’T do what it’s purported to do.

It’s really that simple and unfortunately many Ahmadis are scientifically illiterate so they don’t understand you when you point these things out, and instead claim you’re being disobedient to the Jama’at. Homeopathy – being a purported medical therapy – is in the domain of science and should be subject to scientific experimentation just like any other supposed medical therapy.

Just because some guy – no matter how religious or venerated or intelligent that guy is – says that something works as medicine, why should we believe that claim when we have science to SHOW us, if it works or not? We aren’t living in the ancient world where all we had were the opinions of random men. Now we have science so let’s use it for what it’s meant to be used for.

If I randomly today said that by eating orange peels dabbed in hot sauce, it will cure your every illness, and called it “strepopathy”, would you believe me? Or would you demand evidence?

And honestly the more Ahmadis follow this line of pseudoscientific reasoning, the more it makes me disappointed. We are supposed to be the Jama’at of Nobel Laureates in science, yet we promote pseudoscientific hocus pocus nonstop.

Ahmadi medical doctors and evolutionary biologists both would have to ignore large parts of their education and research in order to support the claims behind homeopathy, the idea that humans and apes don’t share a recent common ancestor, and Ahmadis’ claims on marijuana. And not due to any scientific evidence. But due to blind religous adherence to dogma.

It’s ridiculous and slightly embarrassing.

TLDR: Ahmadis believe in pseudoscience like homeopathy, disbelieve that apes and humans share a recent common ancestor, believe that sex-education is harmful to young people, and believe that marijuana is entirely harmful and that it should be illegal


Homeopathy has become an integral part of the Jamath. Khalifa himself recommending it to people. Many faithful Ahmadis, since the Khalifa thinks Homeopathy is good, adopt homeopathy even for serious illnesses which makes this a very serious and dangerous issue.

The theory of evolution proposed by Ahmadis is silly. When asked about evolution, Mirza Masroor Ahmed’s counter arguments for Darwin’s theory is that ‘if we came from apes, why are there still apes in the world?’. This shows he doesn’t even know the basics of Darwin’s theory but makes these stupid arguments nevertheless.

Speaking of sex education, Some Ahmadis claim they are against the sex education given at a very young age. Proper sex education must be given when a child reaches may be 15 or 16 (I heard it from an Ahmadi, I don’t know whether this is the official position of the Jamath). I think this is funny, because same Ahmadis who argues to lengths about how marriage of Aisha at 12 years is justifiable, thinks sex education must not be given that young!

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Ahmadi’s think global warming is a hoax, in an attempt to hold down China


According to an Ahmadi Muslim Imam, the current Khalifa of Ahmadiyya Islam believes that the climate change, while occurring, is also a political ploy to suppress China from advancing.


Reason on Faith’s twitter handle

Who is Alam Kabab in Ahmadiyya history

MGA promised someone a son, in his weird way of praying for a son.

The quotes

June 7, 1906
“”””It has been conveyed to me by revelation that in the family of Miyań Manzur Muhammad, that is to Muhammadi Begum, a son will be born, who will have two names: (1) Bashirud-Daulah (2) ‘Alam Kabab Both of these names were revealed to me. My interpretation and understanding concerning these is as follows: (1) Bashirud-Daulah means that he would be a good augury for our glory and prosperity. After his birth (or after his achieving his discretion), the prophecy concerning the great earthquake and other prophecies will be fulfilled and a large number of people will turn to us and a great victory will be achieved. (2) ‘Alam Kabab means that within a few months of his birth, or before he achieves his discretion, the world would be overtaken by a great calamity as if it was coming to an end. That is why that boy has been named ‘Alam Kabab. In short, this boy will be called Bashir-ud-Daulah as he will be a Sign of our glory and prosperity and he will be ‘Alam Kabab because he will be an example of the Judgment Day for our opponents. [Badr, vol. 2, no. 24, June 14, 1906, p. 2 and al-Hakam, vol. 10, no. 20, June 10, 1906, p. 1]”””

Anyway, a few days later Allah changed his mind.

“”””Earlier, I had received the divine revelation that the earthquake that will be an example of the Judgment Day was imminent. The Sign appointed for it was that Muhammadi Begum, the wife of Pir Manzur Muhammad Ludhianavi will give birth to a son. Since that boy would be a Sign for the appearance of the earthquake, he would be named Bashirud-Daulah, indicating that he would be a good augury for our prosperity. Similarly, he would be named ‘Alam Kabab, indicating that if the people do not repent the world would be overtaken by great calamities. Similarly, he would be named Kalimatullah and Kalimatul ‘Aziz because he would be the Word of God that will appear at its due time. He will also bear other names. Thereafter, I prayed that the appearance of this severe earthquake may be delayed somewhat. The revelation from Allah the Almighty mentions that supplication and then provides the response to it. As He has said: [URDU OR ARABIC]

That is, Allah has accepted this supplication and has postponed the earthquake to another time. This revelation was published in Badr and al-Hakam about four months ago. Since the earthquake—the example of Judgment Day—has been delayed, it was also necessary that the birth of the boy be also delayed. Accordingly, a daughter was born to Pir Manzur Muhammad on Tuesday, July 17, 1906. This is a Sign of the acceptance of the supplication and the truthfulness of the divine revelation that had been published four months before the daughter was born. However, earthquakes of a smaller magnitude must continue to occur, but it is imperative that the earthquake of the example of the Judgment Day be postponed till that boy is born. Bear in mind that it is a Sign of the mercy of Allah that by creating a daughter, He comforted us regarding the predicted affliction, that is, the earthquake of the example of the Judgment Day. It has been postponed in accordance with . If the boy had been born, there would have been great apprehension and fear at the occurrence of every earthquake in fear that the appointed time has come and the postponement would have not been believed. But now the postponement has been tied to the fulfilment of a condition. [Haqiqatul-Wahi, p. 100 footnote, Ruhani Khaza’in vol. 22 p. 103 footnote]”””

In 1976, during his USA tour and at the USA Jalsa, Mirza Nasir Ahmad claimed 10 million Ahmadi’s

We have shown how the Mirza family has falsely claimed millions of converts and etc over the years.  As we continue to do research, we will continue to post more information.  We recently found newspaper articles from 1976, wherein the Khalifa, Mirza Nasir Ahmad gave information about his Ahmadiyya Community, since he was in the USA for the annual Jalsa.  In both instances, Mirza Nasir Ahmad repeated the Ahmadiyya census number as 10 million.  In fact, at the Rabwah Jalsa of 1969/1970, just 7 years earlier, Mirza Nasir Ahmad had also claimed 10 million.  Furthermore, at the National Assembly questioning in 1974, Mirza Nasir Ahmad gave the number of Ahmadi’s as 10 million.  Mirza Tahir Ahmad tried to rectify this mistake by Mirza Nasir Ahmad, however, it was a smoke screen, Mirza Tahir Ahmad continued along the same line of deception, by 1993, he was asking Ahmadi’s to pray for the number of converts to double and to continue to double.  By 2002, Mirza Tahir Ahmad claiming a Jamaat of almost 200 million people.

Nevertheless, in the below, you will find 2 newspaper reports, one by the New York Post (aug-9th) and the other is from the The Daily Record of Aug 8th, 1976 (see page 26).  In both instances, the Khalifa tells newspapers that there are 10 million Ahmadi’s in the world, which is a total lie.  Mirza Nasir Ahmad also claims that the literacy in Rabwah is 100%, whereas the rest of Pakistan is at 1%.


The news report from the Daily Record of New Jersey
Mirza Nasir Ahmad tells JOHN MUELLER of the Daily record that there are 10 million Ahmadi’s in the world (See page 26).

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By 1992, there were 10 million Ahmadi’s reported by official Jamaat books

In 1992, Mirza Tahir Ahmad had a book published called, “Islam’s response to Contemporary Issues”.  This actually came from a speech that he delivered on February 24, 1990 at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in London.  It was another typical Ahmadi marketing event.  The “About” section was probably in the original paperback which was published in 1992.  Hence, this gives up a snapshot of how Ahmadiyya was presenting itself to the world in terms of numbers.  As you can see, Mirza Tahir Ahmad was marketing himself to the world as a nation of 10 million.  In this book, they boast that Mirza Tahir Ahmad was “he was a homeopathic physician of world fame” and:

“””Though he had no formal education in philosophy and science, he had a philosophical bent of mind and tackled most difficult and abstruse theological-philosophical questions with great acumen and ease and his intellectual approach was always rational and scientific.  For a layman he had an amazingly in-depth knowledge of science, especially life sciences which attracted him most. He also had deep knowledge of human psychology. His was an analytical mind of high intelligence—an intellect scintillating with brilliance, capable of solving knottiest problems with ease, leaving his listeners and readers spellbound”””

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In 1983, in Detroit, Michigan, an Ahmadi was murdered, then the Ahmadi mission house was set on fire

Ahmadi’s are fanatical when it comes to tabligh/dawah (invitation to Islam), they were radicalized as such by the Mirza family.  Islam doesn’t require that the average Muslim engage in lengthy and complicated debates on religion.  However, in Ahmadiyya, its mandatory.  In May of 1974, it was Ahmadiyya tabligh which caused the famous “Rabwah-train-attack” and which eventually got many Ahmadi’s killed, but the Mirza family doesn’t care.  Nevertheless, Ahmadi’s claim that they needed to come to the USA to escape attacks on them and their places of worship, however, as we can see, everywhere Ahmadi’s go, there is turmoil, and its all related to aggressive marketing techniques aka tabligh by Ahmadis.  In this story, the american press differs with the Khalifa, the newspapers report that this was a fight within the Ahmadiyya community, and between Ahmadi’s.  It was a fight for power.  This is from the Canton Observer, not an biased newspaper.  The newspaper reports that Ahmadi’s were there in the home during the murder of Dr. Ahmad, however, it was kids playing in the street who were able to take down the license plate number of the car (see The Canton Observer).  The police traced that license plate, it was registered to an Ahmadi mission house on Wyoming st, as the police arrived (just a few hours after the murder) it was engulfed in flames and 2 men were found dead inside.  Later on, the Khalifa contradicted this entire story by claiming that this was over tabligh.  However, it seems like some new Ahmadi’s caused this entire scenario.

 Dr. Muzaffar Ahmad was an anesthesiologist at Wayne County General Hospital?  He seems to be the average Ahmadi from Pakistan who thinks he owes his whole life to the Mirza family.  He thinks that since he has been successful in life, with a good job, this was only possible through prayers and allegiance to the Mirza family.  He was thus on a mission to re-pay his debts.  Dr. Muzaffar Ahmad was murdered on Aug 8th, 1983 by an African-American person who was invited to his home in Canton, MI (which is a suburb of Detroit) just 3 days before the annual Jalsa in 1983 (see page 62).  Just 3 hours after the murder, the Ahmadi mission house was then set on fire.  Mirza Tahir Ahmad tells us (in his friday sermon of Aug 12th, 1983, from Rabwah) that “black-muslims” was responsible for this murder and arson.  Both of the “african-americans” died in the mosque, some how, they weren’t able to escape.  Ahmadiyya sources called this murder as the first-ever Ahmadi to have been martyred on American soil (see page 42).  Ahmadiyya sources claim that a Pakistani-Imam came to Detroit and incited these Muslims to murder.  Ahmadiyya sources tell us that the murderers were Calvin Jones and William Kane.  However, newspaper reports called this as in-fighting of a cult.  

The 1983 USA Jalsa was cancelled by Oakland University
The university seems to have cancelled the Ahmadiyya Jalsa just a few days before it was supposed to begin.  They cancelled it based on this internal murder.  Mirza Tahir Ahmad then ordered the Jamaat to hold a 1-day convention.

Mirza Tahir Ahmad gives his Friday Sermon
Mirza Tahir Ahmad tadicalized Ahmadi’s.  Ever since he had become Khalifa he was telling Ahmadi’s to be ready to sacrifice their lives for Ahmadiyya.  He said that if Ahmadi’s weren’t willing to do this, then at a minimum they should be paying chanda and thus supporting the mirza family economically.  Mirza Tahir Ahmad seems to have spun this entire story, in his normal fashion and made it look like a Pakistani-Mullah caused it.  A few day later, on August 16th, the body of Dr. Muzaffar Ahmad was brought to Pakistan and the Khalifa led the janaza prayer (see page 6).

The Ahmadi murrabi was punished?
Muhammad Afzal Mirza was fresh out of Jamia and was assigned to Chicago by the Khalifa.  He was later stripped of his employment with Ahmadiyya and finally apologized publically and thus was re-hired and still works as an Ahmadi murrabi in Canada.  He was there at the house when the murder happened.  He may have been disciplined since he somehow allowed this murder to happen.  Mirza Afzal was a guest of Dr. Muzaffar Ahmad.

Dr. Muzaffar’s wife write’s an account of her husbands murder
See page 22-24.  She goes on to claim that these “African-American” men left Dr. Muzaffar Ahmad’s house and went to Laiq Butt’s house, and tried to ignite a bomb, but failed.

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  1.  Boland, Mira L. (2002-03-18). “Sheikh Gilani’s American Disciples”The Weekly Standard. The Weekly Standard. p. 29. Retrieved 2009-02-14.
  2. Jump up^ Berthiaume, Lee (2002-05-04). “The untold story of Hasanville’s shadowy past: (Part 1)”. Ottawa Citizen. CanWest Global Communications Corp. p. B1.

Canton Doctor Slain In Apparent Cult FightThe Canton Observer, August 11, 1983

Neighbors React To MurderThe Canton Observer, August 11, 1983

Martyr’s Burial For Slain DoctorDetroit Free Press, August 14, 1983


The “New York USA Souvenir 1989” and many other Ahmadi publications claimed that there were 10 million Ahmadi’s in 1989

As 1989 approached, Mirza Tahir Ahmad began telling all Ahmadi authors to tell the world that there were more then 10 million Ahmadi’s or 1 crore.  We have found a souvenir edition from 1989, which is still on the official Ahmadiyya website.  The editor of this souvenir actually is Aftab A. Bismil, he put this project together and had it published.

Another Souvenir also says 10 million
See page 10.

The Review of Religions, June 1989, claims 10 million Ahmadi’s (see page 4)
Every single Ahmadiyya publication by 1989 was claiming 10 million Ahmadi’s.

Mirza Tahir Ahmad is interviewed by the Sunday Times and says that in 1979, there were 10 million Ahmadis
In the same very edition of the ROR, Mirza Tahir Ahmad tells the Sunday Times that the 3rd Khalifa estimated 10 million Ahmadi’s in 1979.  He also gave 5 million as the number of Pakistani Ahmadi’s and he estimated 8-10,000 Ahmadi’s in the UK, of which 99% were Pakistani-Ahmadi’s (see page 13).

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The Anjuman-i Himayat-i Islam and its relationship with the Ahmadiyya Movement

The Anjuman-i Himayat-i Islam’s relationship with the Ahmadiyya is very interesting, because it seemed to have changed much over time. In the beginning, there were close ties between both organizations, I think. As you probably know, Khalifah Hamid ad-Din was one of the founders of the Anjuman, and his son Khalifah Rashid ad-Din converted to the Ahmadiyya. His daughter Rashida married Mirza Mahmud Ahmad. In 1890, the Himayat-i Islam also published Ibtal uluhiyyat-i Masih by Nur ad-Din, with the permission of the author and for the “benefit of the people of Islam”, as it says on the title page. It also publicly endorsed other Ahmadi writings in its monthly Risalah. In the 1890s, as you know, Khwaja Kamal ad-Din and Muhammad Ali taught at Islamia College.  Islamia College was established by this very Anjuman.

I wonder though when the relationship changed, and why? There must have been a lot of interaction between the Ahmadiyya Anjuman in Lahore and the Himayat-i Islam, because since 1914, Islamia College and the Ahmadiyya Buildings were on the same street. Also, how does one explain the role of Muhammad Iqbal? He still had a positive attitude towards members of the Lahore group, such as Khwaja Kamal ad-Din in 1911 and even after that. Why did he change his position later on and attack the community?

General information on the Anjuman Hamayat-i-Islam
In 1883, a Sayyed lady along with her three children converted to Christianity. This accident was a serious challenge to Muslims. But although she re-embarrassed Islam later, yet the whole incident was shocking enough to open the eyes of Muslims of the Punjab.  In order to face these kinds of situations, Maulana Qazi Hamid-ud-Din invited a number of public-spirited persons to a small gathering and set up the Anjuman Himayat-i-Islam in September 1884. In the beginning of new Anjuman arrange the group of religious orators those who to was villages of the Punjab in prepared the poisonous propaganda of the Christian missionaries. Some of these committed and preachers were, Molvi Sayyed Ahmed Ali, Munshi Shams-ud-din, Molana Abdul Majid Dehlvi, Muhammad Mubarak. They were spread throughout the province and rendered valuable service and influence of Christian missionaries and to preach and propagate Islamic teaching.


The Anjuman was set up to achieve the following aims and objectives:

1. Providing for the religious and general education for male and female for Muslims students.

2. Protection and propagation of Islamic values against the Christian missionaries and Hindu revivalists.

3. To counteract the propaganda against Islam through speeches and publications.


Qazi Hameed ud din was elected the first president of Anjuman’s and Ghulam Ullah Qasuri as the first secretary. For the fulfillment of its objectives, the Anjuman started its operations from a scratch. Its workers would take utensils to the houses in which the women would put a hand full of flour daily. In the first year, the Anjuman’s income was Rs.754 and the expenditures were Rs.344. Due to the efforts of the workers, people began participating in the objectives of the Anjuman eagerly heartedly. In the year 1885, the number of Anjuman’s members increased from 200 to 600. Another sources of income for the Anjuman was the money from sales of the books. Molvi Dastgeen wrote a pamphlet in defence of the Holy Quran and donated it to the Anjuman, similarly Sayyed Muhammad Hussain donated 300 books, which were sold for Rs.975. The rulers of different states also made genius contributions.


The Anjuman started educational activities with primary school in a house with a rent Rs.2.5 monthly. It gave importance for the establishment of the female’s schools and opened a few in the first two years. In 1886, a boy’s boarding school with accommodation for the students was established. The school was shifted to the large Havili of Sikander Khan. Gradually and slowly in 1887, it was upgraded to the middle school.


Taking full advantage of the weakness of the Muslims, Muslims children were converted to Christianity by Christian missionaries. The Anjuman tried its best to awaken the Muslim community. The Anjuman also established Dar ul Aman and Dar ul Shafyat, for the helpless Muslims children and needy widows.

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Review of Religions, May and June of 1939, Professor Clement Lindley Wragge’s interview of MGA from 1908

Professor Clement Lindley Wragge was a renowned astronomer of his time. He lived in England, but in 1908 was visiting India as part of his world tour during which he gave lectures on astronomy to very large audiences. In May 1908, he stayed in Lahore for a short period. There he gave a lecture which was well attended, especially by many highly placed English people.  Mufti Mohammad Sadiq was also present and he met the professor after the lecture. He briefly explained to Professor Raig the proofs and arguments put forward by Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) in support of his claim to be the Promised Messiah of his time. Upon hearing these the Professor wished to meet Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) straight away. Mufti Sahib sought first to arrange a time with Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) who gave his permission; the meeting took place after Zuhr prayers on 12th May 1908. Mufti Mohammad Sadiq acted as the interpreter and the conversation was originally recorded in Urdu.  The dialogues between the two are recorded in the Malfūzāt, the discourses of Ghulam Ahmad. Some of his followers believe that Wragge had converted to Islam and stayed a Muslim until his death. Proof of his conversion is cited by Ahmadiyya Muslim scholars in the form of letters written to Mufti Muhammad Sadiq, a companion of Ghulam Ahmad, by Prof. Wragge after his meeting with Ghulam Ahmad at Lahore.[12] However, more personal family records suggest that Wragge remained a theosophist up until his death in 1922.[13]

Why did Ahmadi’s lie and write that he converted to Ahmadiyya?
In typical Ahmadiyya pattern, Mufti Muhammad Sadiq claimed that Professor Clement Lindley Wragge converted to Ahmadiyya, Zafrullah Khan said the same.  The family of the Professor ended up telling the world that he was a theosophist.  Nevertheless, Ahmadiyya unofficial website people still claim that Wragge converted to Ahmadiyya in 1917.  Per Zikr-e-Habib, Muft Muhammad Sadiq claims that Wragge converted to Ahmadiyya while Sadiq was in England (1917).  However, this is a total lie.

The PDF work

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