Check out the “Complaints To Khalifa of Islam” youtube channel

Ahmadi’s have made a youtube account entitled, Complaints To Khalifa of Islam, these seem to be Ahmadi’s who have had their lives destroyed by the Ahmadiyya movement via a fake asylum attempt.

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The “Al-Hakam” newspaper of the Ahmadiyya Movement

Al-Hakam was the first newspaper of the Ahmadiyya Movement. It was the official voice of Ahmadiyya. It was started in 1897, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad appointed Shaikh Yacoob Ali Irfani as the editor (see Dard, pages 563-564). The Al-Badr was another major Urdu newspaper of the Ahmadiyya Movement, there are two others, the Urdu version of the Review of Religions and the Urdu Tashishazul Adhan. The Al-Badr was shut down by the British Government in 1914, via the
Indian Press Act of 1910 (See Walter). You can find online archives of al-hakam by the Lahori-Ahmadi’s herein. The Qadiani’s post quotes all the time, you can see them herein.

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The 1942 Jalsa at Qadian

During WW-2, on December 28, 1942, during the 1942 Qadian Jalsa, the Khalifa gave a speech named “Nizam-e-Nau”, which translates into english as “The New System”. A verbatim Urdu report of the original was issued in December, 1943, and again in April, 1944, and in March, 1945. In 1944, the Khalifa claimed to be the Musleh Maud.

The speech answers the question, ‘How does Ahmadiyyat, the True Islam, propose to deal with the grave problem of socio-economic inequality in the world?’ The first English edition was published in 1946, it was translated by Muhammad Zafrullah Khan, however, his translation of the title is obviously incorrect, he translated it as “The New World Order of Islam”, which is blatantly wrong. He goes on to leave out many of the embarrassing language that the Khalifa uttered, even Nicholas Evans, author of “Far from the Caliph’s Gaze: Being Ahmadi Muslim in the Holy City of Qadian”, says that it was purposely mis-translated. Its Turkish translation was first printed in 1959. It was revised and reprinted in 1968.

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The 1937 Ahmadiyya Jalsa at Qadian

The 2nd Khalifa delivered a speech entitled “The true revolution”, in which he took an oath from Ahmadi men that they would give women a share of their inheritance.

Ahmadiyya sources claims that around 28,000 people attended this Jalsa. During the course of the Jalsa, Chaudhry Sir Zafarulla Khan spoke of his suggestion, which was about the proposed Khilafat Jubilee in 1939. The suggestion was later finalized, written and approved by the 2nd Khalifa.

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#Ahmadis are forced to believe that there is no God outside of #Ahmadiyya, NONE!

As we all know, the majority of Ex-Ahmadi’s in the West end up being Atheist. What is the reason? Well, the #qadiani Khalifa’s have been putting this into their brains since day one. We found a reference on twitter, an Ahmadi, @SultanAChoudhry posted this quote and didn’t give a reference, many Ahmadi’s liked it and retweeted. In contrast, in Islam, you can join any group of Muslims (shia or Sunni) and still find Allah. We don’t differentiate.

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What is Anwarul Uloom?

‘Anwarul Uloom’ is an urdu collection of the books of Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad, the 2nd Khalifa. Its unclear when it was collected, it seems like it was collected during the life of the 3rd Khalifa.  23 volumes of his speeches have been published, with each volume more than 600 pages and this series is still being published. Similarly, his Friday sermons have been published in 24 volumes thus far covering the period up to 1943 and will continue to be published. Again, each volume is in excess of 600 pages. Fazle Umer Foundation was established to collate his works. They are also having his speeches, essays etc. translated. Perhaps they will be available soon in English language. 

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The Indian Musalmans: Are They Bound in Conscience to Rebel Against the Queen? by William Wilson Hunter (1871)

We wanted to archive an important, it’s: “The Indian Musalmans: Are They Bound in Conscience to Rebel Against the Queen?” by William Wilson Hunter (1871). You can read the book online herein. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad knew about this book. This book calls Sayyid Ahmad as a prophet over and over again. It also discusses Wahabism in detail and how the Wahabi’s had taken over Mecca since 1812.

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Kashif N Chaudhry is the son of an Ahmadi Mullah aka employee

Kashif N Chaudhry (@KashifMD on twitter) is a fanatical Qadiani-Ahmadi, he has been a major unofficial spokesman of the Ahmadiyya Community ever since he came to America about 10 years ago. Why has he been so fanatical? It seems that his father was an Ahmadi mullah aka employee. Thus, he grew up in the Gambia. He seems to be very rude and arrogant, which is common with the sons of Ahmadi murrabi’s around the world. He seems to have had his college education paid by the Ahmadiyya Movement and thus, he is extremely loyal to them. Ironically, a few months ago, he challenged homeopathic medicine and was called a hypocrite by Ahmadi’s on twitter. Qasim Rashid is also the son of an Ahmadi employee aka Mullah. 

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Yahya Khan’s father was kicked out of #Ahmadiyya and his brother

In a recent stream, Shams ud Din has revealed that the father of Yahya Khan, and his brother were kicked out of Ahmadiyya over 20+ years ago. His father divorced his mother and seems to have become a Muslim. Yahya Khan grew up in Chiniot, which is right next to Rabwah, however, Ahmadi’s in Chiniot seem to be under pressure, and this is how and why Yahya Khan became an islam hater. Yahya Khan grew up in Chiniot when Manzur Chinioti was exposing Ahmadiyya.

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