Humanity First Exposed!!!!!!!!! Its a fraudulent organization that colludes with the Ahmadiyya INC

When it was first started, one of the principles of Humanity First (HF) was that it always tried to stay separate from the Jama’at (at least I felt so). But recently, the Khalifa took the matters into his own hands and made it extremely clear that HF is very much linked to the Jama’at & Ahmadiyya faith. Now this is problematic as it is against the foundation & identity of the Humanity First. It should be noted that in 2018, HF raised 4.1 million dollars. The Khalifa’s brother, Mirza Maghfoor Ahmad is the Chairman of the Board, Munum Naeem is the fixer, aka President and Executive Director.

Let’s take a look at HF’s “About Us” page. The very first sentence:

Humanity First is a non-political, non-religious and impartial international relief and development agency that focuses on protecting human life and dignity.

Humanity First seems to invest most in areas where there is substantial Tabligh infrastructure and high potential like certain African countries and Guetemala. It’s a subtle way to win hearts of people towards Ahmadiyyat. It wouldn’t be so wrong if they didn’t pretend to genuinely help Humanity keeping beautiful principle of Humanity First.

There is big conflict in Humanity First’s mission statement and Khalifa’s proposed mission statement interjecting Ahmadiyya needlessly and scolding his members who strived to make Humanity First into a secular, humanist organization.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________When Mirza Masroor insist it is part of Ahmadiyya & it is very much related to faith, he’s essentially denying the statement that HF is a non-religious organisation.
Let’s take a look at the statement of Mirza Masroor:

Hazrat Khalifatul Masih said that some time ago he felt that the workers and management of Humanity First had the idea that if they gave their services unconnected with faith, perhaps the world would appreciate them more. Huzoor explained to the central management here that their significance was in being connected to faith and the Jama’at is mentioned in their works somehow or the other. And there was nothing wrong to, if need be, mention the Jama’at in some instances. What should be in sight is that we have to serve humanity to gain God’s pleasure. And we serve humanity because it is God’s commandment to pay the dues of mankind. We also need to have a connection with God and need to safeguard our worship because without this, there is no benefit in serving humanity either.
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The Tahrik-e-Jadid scheme was initiated by the second Khalifa (Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad) on 23rd November 1934, Tahrik-e-Jadid literal translation is “The New Scheme”. Tahrik-e-Jadid began as a temporary scheme to span over a period of three years but, as time passed, the Khalifa extended it further. At its nineteenth anniversary (1953), he told Ahmadi’s that it would never end.

In the Khalifa’s friday sermon of 9 November 1934, stressed the importance of joining Tahrik-e-Jadid:

“Though one is free whether or not to join Tahrik-e-Jadid, but if someone has the means to join it and does not do so because Khalifatul Masih has declared it to be optional, he will be brought to account either in this world or the next…” (Friday Sermon, 9 November 1934)

Tahrik-e-Jadid, as laid out by the Khalifa, is not only a scheme of financial sacrifice, but a scheme that demands a complete overhaul of one’s personality and character. Right from the time of its inception, the Khalifa told the Jamaat that Tahrik-e-Jadid required them to:

  1. Lead simple lives
  2. Participate in spreading the message of Islam worldwide
  3. Dedicate their holidays from employment for the service of the Jamaat
  4. Dedicate their lives to serve Islam
  5. Dedicate during seasonal vacation, periods for the service of the Jamaat
  6. Offer their children for life-time Waqf [devotion]
  7. Pensioners/retired people to offer themselves for service of Jamaat
  8. Dedicate part of one’s income and property
  9. Influential and learned Ahmadis to deliver lectures on the teachings of Islam
  10. Prepare counter arguments against the adverse propaganda
  11. Seek advice from the Jamaat when deciding about higher education and careers for children
  12. Develop the habit of manual labour
  13. Take up even petty jobs if unemployed
  14. Promote Islamic culture
  15. Promote honesty in the society
  16. Keep roads and pavements clean
  17. Protect women’s rights
  18. Build houses in Qadian if possible
  19. Offer special prayers in order to succeed in these undertakings

The Khalifa himself explained that: “All demands of Tahrik-e-Jadid have been introduced for the reason that you could become manifestation of Allah’s attributes.”

“Remember, Tahrik-e-Jadid is from Allah Ta’ala and that is why it will prosper and all the obstacles in its way will be removed. And if provision for it is not found on earth then the heavens will bless this scheme. Therefore, blessed are they who unreservedly participate in this scheme, because their names will live on the history of Islam with respect and honour. These people will have great honour in the court of Almighty Allah because they went through great trials in order to fortify the faith and Allah Himself will safeguard their descendants. And divine light will issue from their hearts and will illuminate the world.” (Alfazal vol .15, No. 283)

(Quotes sourced from
Friday Sermon, 22 February, 1935

“I hope that Tahrik-e-Jadid will last for countless ages, just as the stars in the sky, so did Allah say to Hazrat Ibrahim that his progeny would be countless. And Hazrat Ibrahim’s progeny greatly served the faith, and the same is being done through Tahrik-e-Jadid.”

The Khalifa laid out its purposes in a number of addresses. On one occasion, he said:

Friday Sermon, 27 November 1942

“The purpose of launching Tahrik-e-Jadid is to acquire such a fund with which Allah’s message can be delivered as far as the corners of the earth with ease and facility.”
Address to Majlis-i-Mushawarat, Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, 23 October 1950

“The pledge I want you to take is that if there is any Ahmadi in your village or town, who is not taking part in Tahrik-e-Jadid, you should try to include them [and continue to do so] until there remains not a single Ahmadi who does not take part in Tahrik-e-Jadid…”


The Khalifa said:
Friday Sermon, 27 November 1953

“Now that nineteen years are coming to an end, I have decided that Tahrik-e-Jadid will continue up to your last breaths.”

“I have decided that Tahrik-e-Jadid should be organised in such a manner that each Daftar should be divided into two terms… the duration of each being nineteen years. Members who join later should continue to participate in these 19-year terms. I do not want to change this period because of the wisdom which lies in the figure 19, as put forth by myself.” (Friday Sermon, 27 November, 1953)

“If someone pledges to sacrifice the amount equivalent to one half of his monthly income – for instance, if his income is a hundred rupees, he pledges fifty rupees – this will be considered a good sacrifice. And if someone pledges the amount equalling his full monthly income, they will feel the burden of making this sacrifice.” (Friday Sermon, 4 November 1953)

By 1960, the Qadiani-Ahmadi’s were admitting that they were using money from Tahrik-e-Jadid to start Ahmadi companies. Some of the companies are as follows:

–Shino Boot polish
–KOFEEX (cough syrup)
–Sunshine Gripe Water
–Balmex (headache medicine)
–Shino hair oil
–Shino Vaseline Pomade

The company named “Fazl Pharmaceuticals, Pakistan” produced Balmex, Kofeex and Sunshine Gripe Water.

All of these products were available in Rabwah at Gol Bazaar.

Other Ahmadi companies

Shahtaj Sugar Mills
Shahtaj Textiles
Shahtaj Ghee Mills
Shezan Beverages
Idris Pharmaceuticals
Shahnawaz Ltd
OCS Courier
Punjab Oil Mills
Comstar (TM)
MTA TV Group
Jadoo TV Group
Sony Cycle Industries
Masters Textile Mills
Universal Stabilizers
Roomi travellers
Silver Spoon Restaurant, Sialkot
Combined Textiles
Clifton Shoes

Qadiani Products
Zaiqa Ghee and Oil
Mooli Soap
Gajar Soap
Speed Juices and Drinks
Shezan Mango Juice
Can-Olive oil
King Banaspati
Shan Aata
Raja Soup
Pearl Banaspati,
Speed Energy Drink
Zaiqa Ghee and Cooking Oil
Shezan Juice
Shezan Ketchup
Shezan Pickle
Shezan Samarqand
Sangam Doodh
Rehman Cone Mehndi

Qadiani Medicine companies 
Idris Pharmaceuticals
F.B Homeo Company
Lexo Homeo Company
Curative Homeo Company
Warson Homeo Company
Khursheed Unani Dawakhana

Rasheed Hospital, Lahore
Adil Hospital, Lahore
Avicenna Medical College & Hospital, Lahore
Tahir Heart Institute, Chenab Nagar
Fazle Omar Hospital, Chenab Nagar

Schools and Colleges
Nusrat Jehan Girls College
Abdusalam School of Sciences
Mirza Muzaffar Ahmad School of Management & Commerce
Zafarullah Khan Social Sciences & Languages School
Nusrat Jehan Boys College
Tahir Primary School
Nasir Higher Secondary School
Nusrat Jehan Girls Academy School
Nusrat Jehan Boys Academy School
Bait ul Hamd High School
Mariam Girls High SchoolMariam Siddiqa Higher Secondary School

Report Majlis-i-Mushawarat, 1969

“From the very first day, Tahrik-e-Jadid has been based on optional sacrifice… It is suggested that donations of Tahrik-e-Jadid should be at least one fifth of the monthly income, but this is not a prescribed rate.” 
(Friday Sermon, 2 December 1982)

“How can one be considered dead whose Chanda continues to be paid? We have to revive Daftar I. I want this Daftar to continue till the Last Day. The names of those who have once made exemplary sacrifices for the faith should never be forgotten. Their descendants should continue to pay Chanda on their behalf, and never should we say that even one of them is dead. They are alive in the sight of God and are also living in the form of their sacrifices. We should continue to witness the signs of their life in this world as well.”
Friday Sermon, 25 October 1985

“Whatever Tahrik-e-Jadid spends in the way of Allah in one year, Allah has always granted it much more in the following, and this has gone on and on in an astonishing manner. All the increments in Chandas [member subscription] are offspring of Tahrik-e-Jadid. If the poor people of Qadian and the Jamaats of India had not sacrificed their rupee or two after selling their goats and their garments, our budget could never have reached into the millions today. All the donations we see in the Jamaats of Europe, America and Africa are a result of the donations of Tahrik-e-Jadid which were offered in the early period with fervent prayers. Disciples of the Promised Messiahas were among those who took part in it….”
(Friday Sermon, 5 November 1993)

“The philosophy of Tahrik-e-Jadid, as put forth by Hazrat Fazl-e-Umarra [Khalifatul Masih II], is that we should try to save money in every way and offer as much as we can in the way of Allah. Every Ahmadi should protect himself against sin and seek Allah’s forgiveness.” 
Friday Sermon, 5 November 2004

“The principle laid down by Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IIra was that Tahrik-e-Jadid would be divided into 19-year periods. In keeping with this principle, Daftar IV has completed its 19 years and Daftar V begins from today. From now on, all the new Mujahidin [contributing members] who join the financial sacrifices of Tahrik-e-Jadid will become part of Daftar V, Insha-Allah. Those who have joined Ahmadiyyat in the past few years but have not yet joined Tahrik-e-Jadid should be included. These people too will join Daftar V. As I have said earlier, such new Ahmadis need to be told that it is essential to make financial sacrifices, and also that, even the message of Ahmadiyyat which reached them, actually, was the result of sacrifices that people made for Tahrik-e-Jadid. They should, therefore, join this Tahrik, not only to improve their own selves, but also to join the ranks of those who play a role in conveying this message further. I know that there are many such people, especially in India and Africa, who have not yet been made part of financial sacrifices. You have to bring them into this system. Moreover, from now on, all newborn Ahmadi children will also become part of Daftar V.” 

“Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IIra once said that the institution of Tahrik-e-Jadid is a forerunner to Nizam-e-Wasiyyat, which means that Tahrik-e-Jadid will help strengthen Nizam-e-Wasiyyat and it will become the basis for people to get used to making financial sacrifices. It will be like a precursor or herald that will announce the coming of a great institution behind it – the institution of Nizam-e-Wasiyyat. I have already mentioned the deep connection between Nizam-e-Wasiyyat and Nizam-e-Khilafat. Moreover, with Nizam-e-Wasiyyat, our standard of sacrifice also has to be raised and Tahrik-e-Jadid is there to accustom us beforehand to make these sacrifices…” (Ibid.)

Friday Sermon, 5 November 2005

“You do not need to be disheartened as to how you will manage to revive such old accounts. Try to revive them from as far as you can, and then witness how Allah’s blessings descend upon you. As these blessings keep increasing, your capacity in this regard shall increase likewise, so much so that you will even wish to maintain continuity and make sure that no year has passed without payment… You must, therefore, attend to your own sacrifices as well as to those of your parents. Move forward quickly and be rewarded by the prayers of Angels, so that these blessings can pass on to your children as well. These prayers will be the greatest treasure you will leave behind for your progeny.” 
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Muslim TV Ahmadiyya International donated a fully equipped TV studio to the State Broadcaster–GRTS of the Gambia in 2019

The Ahmadiyya Jamaat has recently (2019) donated a fully equipped TV studio to the State Broadcaster–GRTS of the Gambia in 2019 via their own non-profit company, Muslim TV Ahmadiyya International. They did this as they continue to grease politicians in a corrupt manner so that #ahmadis might get special benefits from the Gambian government.

The story


A delegation of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat paid a courtesy call on His Excellency President Adama Barrow in Banjul.

The delegation led by the Emir of The Gambia Jamaat, Baba F. Trawally, was accompanied to the presidency by Hon. Minister of Information and Communications Infrastructure, Mr Ebrima Sillah.

The visit followed a donation of a fully equipped TV studio to the State Broadcaster–GRTS, by the Muslim TV Ahmadiyya International.

President Barrow commended the Jamaat for their participation in national development which he said is highly embraced by the government.

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This blog got almost 800,000 views in 2020

Watch my video on this here. The blog got 800,000 views this year (2020). We are throwing an Instagram and youtube party soon. Bring Zadham e Ishq and Plommers wine (it will get poured out). Al hum do lillah. The top essay’s are posted in the below.
5 top essay’s of 2020
Screenshots proving my viewership

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Leaked letters from Mirza Maghfoor Ahmad forcing #ahmadis to show their pay stubs–March 2020

Dear readers, our ex-ahmadi-atheist friends over at the islam/ahmadiyya reddit forum have leaked a letter from Mirza Maghfoor Ahmad from March-2020, in this letter, the Khalifa’s elder brother, in this letter, Mirza Maghfoor Ahmad is pressing Ahmadi’s to tell the Jamaat how much money hey earn and etc., read the below for further details.

The most shocking part of this is wherein Mirza Maghfoor Ahmad says, “Those Ahmadis who refuse to submit their budget, we must constantly remind them and pray that they develop love for Allah over money.”
The write up

Although on the first page he says respectable things about showing honesty regarding the budget your masjid actually has instead of putting in random numbers for those who don’t “donate”, the second page pretty much cancels that.

The belief that officeholders must constantly remind Ahmadis that they have to pay their chanda/submit their budget makes the jamaat sound like a Mafia that’s going around town demanding people for money they “owe” for protection, except for the jamaat instead of protection it’s inclusion. It makes the Jamaat sound like a group of IRS debt collectors instead of a religious organization.

Why does the Jamaat so desperately need to squeeze out money out of every single member? Where would does that money go, there’s no way any religion would need that much money in order to “spread the word of God?”

The part where he says “may they develop love for Allah over their love of money” is proof that the Jamaat believes that Allah NEEDS our money in order for his “true religion” that is “destined to reach the four corners of the Earth” to spread. It makes it sound like Allah is desperate for our charity and without it his will won’t happen.

Also, is the Jamaat really trying to guilt trip Ahmadis over wanting to keep their hard earned money? Are they really trying to say that if you don’t comply with giving 10%+ of your earnings every year, that you don’t truly love Allah and are greedy? Sounds very manipulative, that’s gaslighting right there. How is donating money to the Jamaat giving precedence to your faith? I want to see a full report of the logistical expenditure of Chanda funds before, so I can decide wether or not Chanda money is actually going towards anything holy.

The Jamaat functions like a business, and essentially sells Ahmadis holiness for money. “We will give you your spirituality in exchange for a money, and the only way to be holy is to give us money in return. You cannot truly love God unless you give us money for it.”

Basically, no matter how good of a person or a Muslim I am, I cannot truly be a good Muslim unless I give their organization my money.

The thing is there are office bearers & members who literally insults & harass poor people in many middle eastern countries. Being an Ahmadi in middle east could be tough for obvious reasons. Thus an Ahmadi would rely on Jama’at far more than in non-Muslim countries as a social support system. And most Ahmadis there would be having little salary. This insulting & harassment by office bearers is something that happens often there. I’ve heard this from multiple people who’ve experienced it. But I’m not trying to push my experience as a Jama’at issue.

The problem I see here is just an instruction to “remind them” does not cut it. The Jama’at should have a strict guideline for office bearers on how to ask people, how often can they ask people, and if they’re not interested then there should be a provision to just let them go. For gentle reminders there are Whatsapp & Emails today. Don’t ring up someone 3 times a month asking 8%+ of their salary. And when someone clearly doesn’t want to pay, teach office bearers to understand the response & let such people of their hook. Most Ahmadis locally know each other, perhaps they grew up together, they are probably family as well. So don’t expect a clear cut “I don’t want to give you money. Don’t call me. Leave me alone” response. But most of the times you could read the cues in one’s response & understand whether they’re interested to pay or not.

The leaked letter

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Ibn Hazm believed in the physical return of Esa (as) and the substitution theory, and NO NEW PROPHETS

Ahmadi’s are academically dishonest, that much is obvious, they lie about the Quran, hadith and the books of MGA. They give interpretations which try to prove that MGA was an honest man, in fact, that is their entire motivation.

Nevertheless, they also quote Ibn Hazm, and assert that Ibn Hazm believed that Esa (as) died. However, they don’t show the full beliefs of Ibn Hazm. They fail to show that Muslims only believed that Esa (As) will die in terms of his second coming. Muslims like Ibn Abbas and Shah Wali Ullah opined that 3:55 of the Quran and specifically the word Mutawafeeka could be out of sequence, and could* mean death, however, only in terms of how Esa (as) would die after his second coming.

Ibn Hazm believed in the physical return of Esa (as), the substitution theory and NO NEW PROPHETS, just like all classical scholars of Islam.
Who is Ibn Hazm?

Abū Muḥammad ʿAlī ibn Aḥmad ibn Saʿīd ibn Ḥazm (Arabicأبو محمد علي بن احمد بن سعيد بن حزم‎; also sometimes known as al-Andalusī aẓ-Ẓāhirī; 7 November 994 – 15 August 1064, [456 AH]) was an Andalusian Muslim polymathhistorianjuristphilosopher, and theologian, born in the Caliphate of Córdoba, present-day Spain. Described as one of the strictest hadith interpreters, Ibn Hazm was a leading proponent and codifier of the Zahiri school of Islamic thought and produced a reported 400 works, of which only 40 still survive. In all, his written works amounted to some 80 000 pages. The Encyclopaedia of Islam refers to him as having been one of the leading thinkers of the Muslim world, and he is widely acknowledged as the father of comparative religious studies alongside al-Biruni.
What is the Zahiri school of thought? 

The Ẓāhirī school enjoyed its widest expansion and prestige in the fourth Islamic century, especially through the works of Ibn al-Mughallis, but in the fifth century it lost ground to the Hanbalite school.[20] Even after the Zahiri school became extinct in Baghdad, it continued to have some followers in Shiraz.[21] Ẓāhirism maintained its prestige in Syria until 788 A.H. and had an even longer and deeper impact in Egypt.[20] In the 14th century C.E., the Zahiri Revolt marked both a brief rekindling of interest in the school’s ideas as well as affirmation of its status as a non-mainstream ideology.[citation needed] Al-Muhalla, a Medieval manual on Ẓāhirī jurisprudence, served in part as inspiration for the revolt and as a primary source of the school’s positions.[22][failed verification] However, soon afterwards the school ceased to function and in the 14th century Ibn Khaldun considered it to be extinct.[23][24] With the Reconquista and the loss of Iberia to Christian rule, most works of Ẓāhirī law and legal theory were lost as well, with the school only being carried on by individual scholars, once again on the periphery.[citation needed]

Wael Hallaq has argued that the rejection of qiyas (analogical reasoning) in Ẓāhirī methodology led to exclusion of the school from the Sunni juridical consensus and ultimately its extinction in the pre-modern era.[25] Christopher Melchert suggests that the association of the Ẓāhirī school with Mu’tazilite theology, its difficulty in attracting the right patronage, and its reliance on outmoded methods of teaching have all contributed to its decline.[26]
Who do the Qadiani’s quote?

“Jesus, peace be upon him, was neither killed nor crucified, but God caused him to die and then raised him. The Almighty has said: ‘They did not kill him or crucify him’; and ‘I will cause thee to die and exalt thee’; and ‘I (Jesus) was a witness of them so long as I was among them, but when Thou didst cause me to die Thou wert the Watcher over them’ and ‘Allah takes souls (yatawaffa) at the time of death’. Thus there are two kinds of wafat: sleep and death. Jesus in his words ‘When Thou didst cause me to die (falamma tawaffaita-ni)’ was not referring to sleep, but it is correct that by wafat he meant death.”

(Mahalli fil-Fiqh, p. 23)

“Imam Ibn Hazm adopted the apparent significance of the verse, and believed in his (Jesus’) death.”

(Jalalain, under verse 3:55)
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The Mushrikun Mujadidds

Teachings of Shah Waliyullah


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Chiragh Ali was the first Muslim ever to claim that Esa (as) was actually hung (salaboohoo)(1876)–Mirza Ghulam Ahmad copied

Muslims had always believed that Esa (as) was never technically hung on the cross (Salaboohoo). However, during British occupation, especially after the mutiny of 1857, the British wanted Muslims to give up hope for a savior (a messiah and mahdi). Thus, Sir Syed Ahmad Khan was their first agent. At the Aligarh College and through his magazine, “Tehzeeb-ul-Akhlaq”, he published alternative Muslim perspectives, written in plain language. It gave voice to the publisher’s religious, social, and reforming opinions, and is credited with establishing him as one of the fathers of Urdu fiction. The same journal was restarted by Syed Hamid Vice-chancellor of Aligarh Muslim University in 1981; and since then it is being published regularly. There is now a separate office of Tehzeeb-ul-Ikhlaq.

Nevertheless, in 1876, in Tehzeeb-ul-Ikhlaq, Moulví Chiragh Ali (1844-1895), was the first Muslim to ever claim that Esa (as) was actually hung on the cross. MGA was reading these magazines and copied almost all of the arguments. In the BA4 he began denying the miracles of Esa (As) 1891, he rejected everything that Esa (as) did and belittled him. By 1894, MGA began calling him an alcoholic and etc. By 1902, MGA was claiming to be greater than Esa (as)(naozobillah).
Tehzeeb-ul-Ikhlaq on Esa (as), free download

Tehzeebul Akhlaq and Jesus


In October of 1870. On 24 December, Sir Syed launched Tehzeeb-ul-Ikhlaq. It was named after a book by the philosopher Hakim Abu Ali Maska of Turkistan. It faced stiff resistance from the muslims of India but at the same time if found its well wishers also. Nawab Mohsinul Mulk, Maulvi Muhammad Chiragh Ali Khan, Maulvi Mushtaq Hussain, Maulana Altaf Hussain HaliShamsul Ulema Maulvi ZakaullahShamsul Ulema Allama Shibli Nomani, Maulvi Mehdi Hasan, Syed Mahmood, Syed Karamat Hussain, Samiullah Khan, Muhammad Nusrat Ali and Sir Syed wrote many articles on social and religious reforms.

From the inception in 1870 till 1881, Tehzeeb-ul-Ikhlaq was discontinued twice and finally in 1881 it was merged with Aligarh Institute Gazette.

Thanks to Hani Taher for The link of the book:



Chiragh Ali 1844-1895: a close friend of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan. In the book: “The religious thought of Molvi Shiragh Ali” p. 83 the writer wrote “that Chiragh Ali said in his book “Tahdeedb Alakhlaq” 1876, page 146 and 147 that the Ant (Anamal) in Quran does not mean Ant, it means a tribe and that Tayr does not mean a bird, it means a soldier, and that Hudhu was a soldier.”
Do those interpretation sound Ahmadi? No The man was not Ahmadi, in fact it was The Ahmadi who stole those interpretations from Chiragh Ali and Syed Ahmad Khan.

Thanks again to Hani Taher for The link of the book:
No photo description available.

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The history of #Ahmadiyya in Cameroon

Watch my video on this herein. The Ahmadiyya movement was not given access to the French colony of Cameroon. In fact, the French hated the Ahmadiyya movement and never allowed them into any of their colonies, it was only the British colonies wherein Ahmadiyya was implanted. Nevertheless, per the CIA factbook, by 2018, only 24% of the country is Muslim, who live almost exclusively in the northern area and western area of the country wherein Chad and Nigeria are nearby (and the old islamic trade routes). This area was an old Islamic empire which was broken by the European powers and divided. The dominant Muslim tribe in the north is the Fulani (or Peuhl) ethnic group. In the western region, the Bamoun ethnic group is predominately Muslim. Moreover, the Christian community in Cameroon is mostly in the central and southern region of the country.

It is unclear when the Ahmadiyya community got access to Cameroon, however, it seems to be after 2000. The first Jalsa was held in 2014 (at Foumban, Cameroon, where the first Ahmadiyya mosque is), thus proving that by 2014, there were barely any Ahmadi’s in Cameroon. There are only 2 Ahmadiyya place of worship in the entire country. Those can only hold roughly 500 worshippers each. We estimate that there are barely 500 Ahmadi’s in Cameroon as of 2020. However, unofficial Ahmadiyya sources are claiming that there are 430,000 Ahmadi’s in this country, which is a total lie, in fact, the pew research study that they took this from simply asked 100 Muslims a bunch of questions, of which 12 were Ahmadi. Ahmadi’s took this data and claim that 12% of the Muslim population is Ahmadi, which is total academic dishonesty.
The Missionary-in-Charge of Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya in Cameroon Nayyar Abdul Khalique 

A Pakistani, Nayyar Abdul Khalique is the missionary-in-charge for the entire country. There doesn’t seem to be any additional Ahmadi missionaries (See at the 1:10 mark).
Only two Ahmadiyya place of worship in the whole country of Cameroon

The northern area is solid Muslim, most likely Maliki-Muslims, who have never converted to Ahmadiyya. The first Ahmadiyya place of worship is in Foumban, Cameroon, and just opened in 2019. The second seems to be in Nguti, Cameroon and is called Baitus Salam.

Ahmadiyya place of worship in Foumban

Inauguration of the Ahmadiyya Mosque in Foumban, Cameroon


How did the Europeans defeat the islamic empires?

In the early periods following the arrival of Islam in the region, Muslims were politically active and founded local sultanates. Political structures like the Kanem State and the Bornu Sultanate ruled North Cameroon for decades in the 19th century. These sultanates existed until colonizers began to occupy the region. The northern regions of Cameroon were taken under the control of the Adamawa Emirate, which was subject to the Sokoto Caliphate founded in Northern Nigeria in 1804. Having occupied Cameroon in 1884, the Germans violently oppressed the Muslims who had been in positions of power and diminished their political power in order to consolidate German authority.

The first ever Jalsa Salana was held in Cameroon, thus proving that there was barely any Ahmadi’s in Cameroon by 2013. 

The first Ahmadiyya place of worship was opened in Foumban, Cameroon.


Mirza Masroor Ahmad claims that 13,000 Cameroonians converted to Ahmadiyya in 2019-2020, which is a lie.

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Waqar Zaka explains how Mirza Masroor Ahmad is not the #Khalifaofislam

Watch my video on this here. The Mirza family has engaged in fake news propaganda since 1889. Just yesterday, the famous Pakistani talk show host explained how if you search google with the keywords, Khalifa of Islam, Mirza Masroor Ahmad will appear. In the below, we explain how the Mirza family aka the Ahmadiyya community engages in various levels of fake news propaganda, just for asylum and other perks. In fact, there is no persecution of Ahmadi’s in Pakistan, its all a game of propaganda by the Mirza family.

What is the Khalifa of Islam anyways? This entire phraseology is grammatically incorrect. No Muslim has ever used it. It translates literally as the “Successor of Islam”. However, in Islam there are no successors. Muslims have used “Khulafa e Rashideen” to signify the Khilafat of Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman and Ali. Other Khilafat’s have used similar connotations. Nevertheless, this was a marketing campaign by the Ahmadiyya community and we can see it all clearly now.

Why have Ahmadi’s manipulated wikipedia and other sites for Search Engine Optimization?

Ahmadi’s and the Mirza family have engaged in propaganda wars since 1889. They have also spread fake news about the Ahmadiyya business since 1889. In 1902-1904, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was claiming that there were 200k Ahmadi’s in British-India, which was proven later to be a lie. MGA kept on lying and by 1908, MGA claimed 400k Ahmadi’s in British-India, however, the census of 1911 destroyed all of those ideas.
World Christian Encylopedia and Ahmadiyya lies about being the fastest spreading group of Muslims (2001)

For about 10 years, the Ahmadi trolls on social media have been boasting that Ahmadiyya is the fastest spreading sect of Islam per the World Christian Encyclopedia (2001). However, I opened that book and disproved the entire claim. The WCE never called Ahmadiyya the fastest spreading anything, Ahmadi’s took some vague data and began boasting that themselves. However, they refuse to admit to their error. By 2020, barely 100k people joined Ahmadiyya in 2020 (even that is lie)

Pakistan, Bhutto and the 1971 free elections in Pakistan

Mirza Nasir Ahmad purposely lied and claimed that there were 10 million in the whole world of which half were in Pakistan. This was a bold face lie, he did this to get influence with Bhutto and his government. Mirza Tahir Ahmad would do the same in his debacle of 1993 to 2003, wherein it was claimed that 200 million people converted to Ahmadiyya.

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