Muhammad Hussain Batalvi gave Mirza Ghulam Ahmad a glowing review in 1884

Batalvi and MGA were close friends up to 1891, they were both the same age and had shared some of the same teachers, further, MGA’s father knew Batalvi’s father and etc etc etc.  In 1884, A fatwa of Kufr landed on MGA’s head from many Muslims in India, this was in response to MGA’s Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya Vol. 4 which was published in the early summer of 1884.  MGA had went the Sir Syed-route and denied all of the miracles of Esa (As), however MGA was a a Ahle-Hadith (aka Wahabbi) affiliated person, in fact, his friend Noorudin was also Ahle-Hadith, as was his future wife, Nusrat Jehan and her father and Batalvi, who helped MGA arrange this marriage.

The quotes
See Upal(2017), page 125 and onward

“””In our opinion, it is in this time and in the present circumstances, a book the like of which has not been written up to this time in Islam, and nothing can be said about the future; Allah may bring about another affair after this. Its author, too, has proved himself firm in helping the cause of Islam, with his property, his person, his pen, his tongue and his personal religious experience, to such an extent that it is rarely seen among Muslims who have gone before. If someone thinks that my words are Asian exaggeration then show me at least one such book that confronts opponents of Islam especially the Arya Samaj with such gusto and enthusiasm. And point out such supporters of Islam who have taken upon themselves to help the cause of Islam with their property, their person, their treasure, their pen, and their tongue. And who has successfully challenged, with all his manly courage, opponents of Islam and deniers of revelation that if they doubt divine revelation to visit him and experience, observe and taste it. (Batalavi, 1884: 169-170).”””

“””Perhaps some of our critics will place me in the same category as the author of Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya and slap the fatwa of kufr on me as well. They may say that I have raised the author of Braheen to the level of prophet Muhammad and I have declared his revelations to be innocent similar to the revelations of the Prophet but I am not afraid of their fatwa of kufr… (Batalavi, 1884: 284)”””

:”””What does he [Mirza Ghulam Ahmad] conclude from his revelations and miracles? Does he use them to prove his prophethood or the prophethood of Muhammad? What religion does he invite people (including many top padres, pundits, Brahmo Arya rajas, and sardars of other religions) with such bravery and boldness? Is it the Islamic religion or Ahmadi religion or Mirzai religion? Unless you are a person whose heart has been darkened with prejudice, these arguments and reasoning would have convinced you that he absolutely makes no claim whatsoever to his own prophethood [emphasis in the original]. The true purpose of all of each and every one of his claims is the proof of prophethood of Muhammad. (Batalavi, 1884: 278-279).

Some additional data about Mirza Nasir Ahmad’s forced marriage with Dr. Tahira

A friend of mine has been reading  further into this entire situation and he has uncovered the following data.  Read our other essays here:

Summary from Dr. Tahira’s book, “Kahlifatul Masih Alsalis”

Dr. TAHIRA KHAN, second wife of Mirza Nasir writes in her book “Kahlifatul Masih Alsalis” at page 75 onwards that once before marriage she requested Mirza Nasir for an autograph, mirza Nasir under his signature wrote on my auto graph book “may Allah give u the knowledge of reality of commodities.”

She further writes that Mansoora Begum first wife of Mirza Nasir, died on 3rd December 1981. In February 1982, MIRZA Nasir, called my elder brother Col Ayaz Mehmood Ahmad Khan who was residing in Rawalpindi, at his home in Islamabad and said that he wanted to talk to him on a very important matter and intends to have two sittings with him.

In these sittings first thing he said to my brother was that the concept of sacrifice in Christianity is that women become NUNs. But Islam gives different concept of sacrifice. Then he stated the circumstances under which Holy prophet Muhammad s.a.w. married to Aysha r.a. after the death of Hazrat Khadija r.a. In this background Nasir stated about all marriages of Masleh e Moud ( Mirza Mehmood) and the purpose behind these marriages. After this, he said if I ask for the hand of your sister Tahira for me what would be the expected reply of your sister and parents. Then he Mirza Nasir said he intends to make a 40 days ISTIKHARA FROM ALLAH and if Allah permits I would send a formal request to your family for my marriage with your sister Tahira.

Mirza Nasir further said she,Tahira, should shift to home from hostel and start prayers for this relationship. So i shifted to Rabwah on 22nd February 1982. Then huzur Mirza Nasir said to my brother that You are my representative, you and me are one party and Tahira and your parents are the other party.

The evening, when 40 days time line of Istikhara completed Mirza Nasir sent a formal request to my father for his marriage with me in the following words:-

Respected Abdul Majeed Khan Sahib.


In my personal capacity I can spend rest of my life without getting remarried but the responsibilities of Jamaat on my shoulders require an energetic , sincere, and sacrificing partner who could be helpful for me in carrying out my khilafat works. Prayers were made in this regard. Allah accorded his permission and many glad tidings of special blessings for “would be partner” were also received from Allah. My son Luqman has also received permission of his mother in dream that Tahira is a good proposal for me.
Keeping in view of all this, I ask for the hand of Tahira from you with absolute confidence and good conscious and hope you and mother of Tahira would be pleased to accept this proposal with the same gesture.
Khalifatul masih assalis
Dated: 05.04.1982.

The book also contain an affirmative letter from Dr. Tahira addressed to his father giving her assent to the proposal.

Dr. Tahira continues, we were married on 11April and walima reception was held at the Lawn of Qasr e Khilafat Rabwah on 12 April 1982. The whole function was kept simple only 10 people came as marriage party. we were allowed to invite guests from among our family only.

The scan work

MGA never led Salaat in his entire life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For the past 2 years, my team of writers/researchers and I have continuously told Ahmadis and Non-Ahmadis that MGA was incapable of leading Salaat.  MGA spoke with a terrible stutter/stammer, he could never properly memorize any chapters of the Quran, he was always high on opium, his Arabic tajweed was terrible-he had a Punjabee accent as he spoke in Arabic.  Thus, ever since MGA attended his father’s Masjid Aqsa, there was a hired Imam who led the prayers.  Further, in 1884, when MGA had Masjid Mubarak built, MGA hired an Imam.  After MGA made his claims in 1891, Abdul Karim, Maulvi Ahsan, Nooruddin, Mufti Muhammad Sadiq or any other Muslim would lead the prayers, the same was to be said about the Masjid Aqsa, these were the two only masjids in Qadian.  In the below, I have posted “new-information” on this topic, per 12-9-17.  My team has located the Malfuzat of 1903 wherein an excuse was given by Ahmadiyya leadership as to why MGA never led salaat, they went so far as to argue that the Messiah wasn’t supposed to lead Salaat per hadith. However, they casually forget that MGA also claimed to be the Mahdi, and the Mahdi was supposed to lead Salaat, hence, MGA has failed the most basic criteria of the Mahdi, the leading of Salaat.  In fact, while MGA would perform Salaat, his fanatical followers were known to approach MGA (during salaat) and stroke his body sexually.

Further, we have argued with Ahmadis on this topic endlessly, the hard-core Ahmadi never admitted that MGA failed to be an Imam even once in his life, they would always deflect our allegations, and in typical brainwashed fashion.  However, with this reference, the story is now closed and confirmed.  MGA never led Salaat in his entire life.  This particular incident was also quoted in the official Ahmadi newspaper, the Badr.

Malfuzat from 1903
It should be noted, this volume of Malfuzat was Published in Rabwah, 1961, in Urdu, covering the period from November 1901 to October 14, 1902 (see page xl).

Malfoozat 21-oct-1903 . Vol. 3 by Mirza Ghulam Ahamd Qadyani (also reported in Al-badar ) says

“Regarding leading in prayers , one guy question that why hazrat do not lead the prayers ? Answered that it is written in hadees that Maseeh that has to come will pray behind others “

The scans

Another reference that proves that MGA never led Salaat

(Malfoozat, Volume 2, Page 211-212)

“”Look, we also take advantage of this leniency as it has been almost two months that we have been combining the prayers. This is because of the reason of my sickness, and because of the writing of the commentary of Surah Fatiha. In the combining of these prayers, the hadith وَتُجْمَعُ لَهُ الصَّلاةُ is being fulfilled which means that the prayers will be combined for the sake of The Promised Messiahas. From this we also infer that at the time of The Promised Messiahas, he will not lead the prayers, but it will be someone else. This Imam will combine the prayers for the sake of The Promised Messiahas, and this is what is happening today. The days we cannot come due to increased sickness, the prayers are combined during these days and we infer from the words of this hadith that it was through love that The Holy Prophetsaw said that ‘it will happen for his sake’. It should be that we look upon the prophecies of The Holy Prophetsaw with great respect and importance and should not be careless of them, otherwise it is will be of great sin that we look down upon the prophecies of The Holy Prophetsaw. God Almighty created the reason by which the prayers were being combined for so long, otherwise this would only be for two days and it would not be a sign. We respect every world and letter of The Holy Prophetsaw. “”

Mirza Tahir Ahmad tells the world how Ahmadis are ready to die for the Mirza family!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mirza Tahir Ahmad was a vicious mullah.  He spent his whole life conditioning Ahmadis to be ready to give their lives for him and his family.  This speech seems to be from the 1980’s, Mirza Tahir ahmad was responding to Muslim-Imams in Pakisan as they laughed at the idea of a Khalifa living on asylum and claiming to represent Islam.  Well, Mirza Tahir Ahmad boasted that all Ahmadis would readily give up their lives just on an order by their Khalifa.  He has thus proved that Ahmadis are just as fanatical as the people who follow ISIS, or North Koreans.

Razi from Ahmadi answers posted this video
I found this video on Razi’s youtube page.  Razi is another one of those fanatical Ahmadis, on error he posted this video, Im sure he will delete it soon.

My father
My father was a fanatical Ahmadi. He was ready to sell all of his property in the USA and move anywhere the Khalifa ordered, he was also willing to sacrifice his life for the Mirza family, and the life of his children.  In fact, he spent his whole life working for and collecting money and converts for the Mirza family.

Maulvi Nooruddin was an Ahle-a-Hadith aka Wahhabi type of Muslim


I have written about the role of Noorudin in Ahmadiyya development many times in the past.  What Ahmadis hate to mention is that Nooruddin’s Ahmadi-sons were forcibly kicked out of Ahmadiyya in the 1950’s, it was a messy divorce.  In fact, One of Nooruddin’s sons went  on to represent he Lahori-Ahmadi’s in court in 1974, as the Lahori’s presented their case to the famous NA assembly.

Upal states that Noorudin was a Wahhabi type of Mullah
In a technical manner, Upal has revealed new data from the British-India era which easily indicates that Noorudin was in-fact a Wahhabi, just like MGA, just like Batalvi and all of MGA’s close friends in that era, even MGA’s father-in-law, Mir Nasir Nawab.

The quote
“””Some Ahl-e- Hadith Muslims, such as Moulavi Nur-ud-Din, who were able to justify Ahmad’s claim about Jesus’ death on the grounds that that had been the true teaching of Islam all
along and that belief in Jesus being alive in heaven had been a distortion of the true
teachings of Islam. They were able to justify and make their Muslim identity coherent
with the claim that Jesus was dead. The new identity of “true Muslim” that they had
created as a result of this elaboration process was perfectly coherent with a belief
in a dead Jesus (indeed “it demanded it”, as Ahmad put it).”””(See Upal)

Who is Mansoor Shams? The Fake Muslimmarine, who sells his life for Ahmadiyya

You will find a fanatical Ahmadi running around the internet promoting Ahmadiyya, his name is Mansoor Shams.  He seems to have been in the US Military roughly 98–2004, however, he was admin, he never deployed and never saw any combat action.  Nowadays, he sells his military service as a marketing chip for Ahmadiyya.  He works in an Ahmadiyya-only-owned company and discriminates against people in terms of hiring, i.e., he only hires Ahmadis.  He has also created a website and goes out and holds a sign which says, “Meet a Muslim”.  However, he barely knows anything about Islam or Ahmadiyya, he is a amateur.  Instead, of spending his time researching Ahmadiyya and Islam, he spends his time working for free for the Ahmadiyya movement.

Why is he fanatical?
He came to the US at roughly age 5-6.  He was potty trained in Pakistan as well as indoctrinated.  His parents were most likely part of the asylum surge in Ahmadiyya which happened in 1984, in terms of Ord-XX. 

The Ahmadiyya only company


Eye Deal Systems
 – Present (6 years 10 months)Baltimore, Maryland Area

Eye Deal Systems, LLC specializes in the distribution of technology products, consumer electronics, while offering business and information technology solutions to clients both domestically and globally. Services and popular manufacturer products for business operations are provided with an emphasis on a great customer experience, operating responsibly, and executing every order placed with the quickest turnaround. Clients are treated with the highest quality and best value in all deliverables.

Eye Deal Systems is small and agile, allowing customers to be provided with the respect and dedicated attention that they deserve. We go to great lengths to procure the goods and services our consumers desire at unrivaled rates. We think like you, the consumer, to ensure the best and the latest in technology solutions.

Eye Deal Systems in a privately owned partnership.

His website

Who is Kareem Ahmad? The Ahmadi mega-donor, indicted in federal court–involuntary manslaughter


Ahmadis are criminals in many cases.  They dont care about any laws in any country, the live for the Mirza family and work tirelessly bringing them their money.  In this case, there is a fanatical Ahmadi in California who gave over 1 million dollars to the Obama campaign and was able to secure for his Khalifa a trip to congress, the keys to the city of LA, and many other perks.

Some additional data
Kareem Ahmad had practically no history of political giving, and Landmark had little public profile, before he began giving large amounts of money to Obama, Democrats, and Democratic outside spending groups in 2012. Ahmed and his wife contributed well over a million dollars to Democratic efforts in 2012 — with the bulk of the money going to Priorities USA Action, the most prominent Obama-supporting super PAC.

Kareem Ahmad, in federal court for man-slaughter–2017 update
I took this entire story from here:

The article

Doctor Calls California Workers’ Comp Liens Unconstitutional

RIVERSIDE, Calif. (CN) — A Southern California doctor facing 77 criminal counts of insurance fraud has legally attacked a new state law that prevents him and his medical groups from collecting any of their fees for treating workers’ compensation patients.

In a federal lawsuit against California’s two top workers’ compensation officials, Dr. Eduardo Anguizola claims an anti-fraud law that took effect Jan. 1 violates his rights to due process, to make a contract and to hire and pay his criminal defense attorney.

While the law ostensibly was designed to deny medical criminals fraudulent fees, Anguizola et al. claim it is an attempt to keep doctors who face criminal charges from defending themselves in court.

“Labor Code Section 4615 represents California’s legislative response to complaints by local district attorneys that defendants who were merely charged, but not convicted, of medical fraud offenses, were using income from their professional practices to pay for their legal defense,” Anguizola says in his May 17 complaint against the directors of the California Department of Industrial Relations and the acting administrative director of the California Division of Workers Compensation.

A late addition to broad workers’ compensation reform legislation enacted last fall, the law prohibits doctors or other medical providers facing fraud charges from being paid for work they did under the workers’ compensation system.

Doctors who treat injured workers cannot bill patients directly, but must file court liens against the patients’ workers’ compensation benefits. Labor Code Section 4615 automatically stays all liens of a provider charged with any insurance, Medicare, workers’ compensation or similar fraud until the criminal charges are resolved.

The law “represents a money grab for assets that are unconnected to any charged activity and intentionally cuts off untainted funds that providers need to retain lawyers,” Anguizola says in a request for a preliminary injunction.

“Now that the doctors have provided a service in reliance on their contractual right to payment, the California Legislature has suddenly interfered, leaving doctors uncompensated and virtually incapable of being compensated,” the motion states.

The nominal defendants are Department of Industrial Relations Director Christine Baker and acting administrative director of the Division of Workers Compensation George Parisotto.

Christopher Jagard, chief counsel for the industrial relations department, said in an emailed statement that he is confident the law will be upheld.

“These reforms are not only entirely appropriate and constitutional, but are important to ensuring integrity within the workers’ compensation system and protecting injured workers from fraudulent medical practices,” he said.

The plaintiffs’ attorney, M. Cris Armenta of Manhattan Beach, said the complaint and motion speak for themselves and declined further comment.

Plaintiffs include Vanguard Medical Management Billing, One Stop Multi-Specialty Medical Group, One Stop Multi-Specialty Medical Group & Therapy and Nor Cal Pain Management Medical Group: medical billing companies and other businesses connected to the doctor’s practice. The sixth plaintiff is David Goodrich, the Chapter 11 bankruptcy trustee of another business, Allied Medical Management.

Anguizola, 66, is a pain-management doctor who has practiced in Santa Ana for decades. “He is highly respected in both the medical community and the Latino community for his work providing needed care to injured workers,” his lawsuit states.

Three years ago, he was one of 15 doctors, pharmacists and business owners indicted on charges of defrauding insurers of more than $100 million for a very strong — even toxic — prescription analgesic cream made from three expensive prescription drugs.

The Orange County District Attorney’s Office also charged the cream’s developer, Kareem Ahmed, and two others with involuntary manslaughter in the death of a small child who ingested the cream.

Prosecutors said Ahmed paid $35 to $72 for each tube of the cream but billed insurance companies $1,200 to $1,900 for them.

He paid about $25 million in kickbacks to medical providers, including $2.3 million to Anguizola, for prescribing the cream to patients, the district attorney said in an August 2014 statement.

Anguizola’s defense attorney, Katherine Corrigan, did not return a call about the case. Ahmed’s attorney, Benjamin Gluck, said he cannot comment on it.

Soon after the lien-stay law took effect, Baker’s department posted a list of nearly all the doctors, chiropractors and others charged with crimes. Less than three weeks later, the department “boasted that it had stayed more than 200,000 liens with a total value of more than $1 billion,” the lawsuit states, citing a Department of Industrial Relations news release.

Anguizola has pleaded not guilty to all charges. Yet “because of the mere fact that charges have been made,” all the lien debt owed him by insurers is frozen. His “financial situation is dire, and he cannot afford a defense attorney.” He estimates his defense costs will be more than $250,000.

He says that is the real point of Labor Code Section 4615.

The lawsuit quotes Baker, speaking at an annual workers’ compensation event in March,’ apparently explaining the provision: “When we had our fraud meetings across various groups, the DA’s were the ones who said we are in the courts trying to convict the doctors. … ‘Can you do something about it?’ … Their defense was getting paid for by the liens. … And we have stayed all those liens.” (Ellipses in complaint.)

That shows the purpose of the law was to interfere with providers’ Sixth Amendment right to attorneys, according to the motion for a preliminary injunction. “The law encourages prosecutors simply to charge medical providers with fraud — regardless of the evidence — knowing that merely to charge is to remove the ability to defend.”

Anguizola et al. say the law also constitutes an unconstitutional illegal taking.

Because the statute of limitations continues to run while their liens are stayed, the providers could lose the right to collect for their work by the time their criminal charges are resolved. Every lien is stayed, whether related to work connected to alleged crimes or to “untainted” work, and providers have no right a hearing on the issue, Anguizola says.

The plaintiffs want enforcement of the law enjoined for violating their constitutional right to counsel, their right to enter contracts, their substantive and procedural due process rights, and the Constitution’s takings and supremacy clauses.

A hearing on their motion for a preliminary injunction is set for June 19 before U.S. District Judge George Wu in Los Angeles.

From 1901 to roughly 1924 Ahmadis believed MGA=Muhammad


Ahmadiyya beliefs are always changing.  In the earlier years, they changed a lot.  After MGA died, they continued to change.  In 1914, they kept changing.  MGA’s sons did Takfir on the entire Muslim world. However, by 1924, they stopped.  Maybe it was their private meeting by the Queen of England in 1924?  Nonetheless, in the below, I have found yet another quotation from the infamous book, “Kalimat ul Fasl” (1916) wherein MGA is described as on equal footing with Muhammad (Saw) (naozobillah).  However, this is what the Qadiani-Ahmadis believed.  There are many other instances from this era which prove my assertion.  

1.  Zaheeruddin Akmal was claiming that MGA was a law-bearing prophet in 1911.
2.  MGA abrogated jihad in 1900 and was thus a law-bearing prophet.
3.  MGA=Muhammad and vice versa
4.  MGA was the person allah spoke about in the famous “Ismuhu-Ahmad” verse of the Quran.

The Quote
“Every messenger was granted accomplishments and perfections according to his capacity and performance in varying degrees, but the Promised Messiah (Mirza Ghulam) was granted prophethood when he had attained all the accomplishments of the Prophethood of Muhammad(SAW) and was qualified to be called a shadow prophet. Thus, this shadow prophethood did not make the steps of the Promised Messiah lag behind, but it pushed them forward to such an extent that it brought him on equal footing with the holy Prophet(SAW). “
( Kalimat-ul-Fasl , P. 113, by Mirza Basheer Ahmad Qadiani)(1916).

Some additional quotes from this era, and from Ahmadis

1.  “His messengers (rusuluhu) is encountered in the Quran or in a declaration of faith, Ghulam Ahmad must be considered one of them.  Belief in him is a part of Islamic faith and is, as such, necessary for the attainment of salvation (madar-i najat)” (“Nabi-ullah Ka Zahoor” aka “Appearance of the Prophet of Allah” (1911) by Muhammad Zahir al-Din, see pages 8, 71 and 99)(From Friedman, page 152, 2003 edition).  

2.  “If the Promised Messiah is rejected or considered in his claim (heaven forbid!) a liar and a cheat—the inevitable result will be the loss of prophethood of Muhammad….as well”  (“Nabi-ullah Ka Zahoor”: aka “Appearance of the Prophet of Allah” (1911) by Muhammad Zahir al-Din, see page 80)(From Friedman, page 152, 2003 edition).

1901, from Khutbah Ilhamia
“One who denies that the mission of the Prophet(SAW) is related to the 6th thousand (13th century) as it was related to 5th thousand (6th century), denies the truth and the text of the Quran and is among the zalemeen (gone astray). The truth is that the spiritual power of the holy Prophet(SAW) at the end of the 6th thousand (13th century in Mirza Ghulam), i.e. these days, is MUCH STRONGER, MORE COMPLETE and STRONGER than in THOSE EARLY YEARS . Nay, it is like the fourteenth (moonlit) night (full moon).”
(Khutbah-e-Ilhamiah, Roohany Khazaen, Vol. 16, P. 271-272; Khutbah-e-Ilhamiah, P. 181)


Shia “Imam Tawhidi” goading Qasim Rashid by pointing out MGA’s writings on Christianity being the “perfect manifestation of Satan”

I found this entire essay on reddit.

See here:

So this tweet happened:

If you follow the thread, you’ll see some comments from Ahmadis chiming in about Mirza Ghulam Ahmad clarifying numerous times he’s not suggesting anyone kill or cause physical harm of any kind, to Christians. Instead, he’s using the word “demolish” to talk about defeating an ideology so convincingly, no serious person takes it seriously. This much I’ll defend MGA’s statement.

However, what’s lost in that thread, is that coming out to say that Christianity is the “perfect manifestation of Satan” is quite over the top.

As is usual with Ahmadiyya Islamic apologetics, there’s a long convoluted reasoning and argumentation process that builds up to that. However, it is also true that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was personally focused and troubled by Christianity gaining a foothold in 19th century India–often pummeling Islam in books, magazines, and other discourse.

Much of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s writings on Christianity seem to come from a place of, “if you can make fun of my religion, I’ll ridicule yours”.

On the one hand, this doesn’t seem very messiah-like. We can disagree with Christianity without having to resort to hyperbole.

On the other hand, Islamic prophecy about the Latter Days “messiah” talks about “breaking the cross” and “killing the swine”. There are all kinds of apocalyptic end times imagery present in the hadith that orthodox Muslims wanted MGA to fulfill before they followed him. For Mirza Ghulam Ahmad to suggest he is a peaceful messiah andstill fulfill this mission/role, he has to come across as “destroying” Christianity intellectually.

Statements like those shown in Imam Tawhidi’s tweet of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s writings don’t help Mirza Ghulam Ahmad come across as reasonable or even rational.

Ahmadis are now working on discrediting the Imam

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