What is ARBA‘IN? A book by MGA and his team of writers

MGA and his team created an idea for a 40-pamphlet series in 1900, eventually, the book only contained 4.  The full name of this book series/pamphlet series was “Arba‘in” (Li Itmamil-Hujjati ‘Alal-Mukhalifin), in english as “The Forty” (Divine Arguments Against All Opponents) (see pages 291-293).  MGA and his team claimed that they would write 40 of these pamphlets.  However, MGA and his team stopped and 4 and argued that 4=40.  8 years later, when BA5 was published posthumously, Ahmadi editors (claiming to be MGA) wrote that 5=50.  Hence, we have tracked this logic to MGA’s ghost writers and proved that MGA never wrote anything, his ghost writers and fanatical Ahmadi’s worked day and night to make sure that MGA was exonerated for his failures.  For example, Mirza Yucub Baig made sure that Lekh Ram died when the man landed on his emergency table desk after being stabbed.  In 1910, he snatched-up the sons of Batalvi and forcibly brought them to Qadian, simply to fulfill a prophecy of MGA, the kids were eventually rescued and freed.  Furthermore, in 1897, MGA sent Abdul Hameed to murder Dr. Clarke, since fanatical Ahmadi’s feared that this particular prophecy would go as unfulfilled.  Noorudin even defended the failure of the Muhammadi Begum prophecy in late 1908, as he tried to explain it away (Review of Religions, Vol. VII, no. 726, June and July, 1908, p. 279 (cited from Qadiani Mazhab). It should also be noted that during the writing of this book, per Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad, MGA was in transition from non-prophet to prophet, in fact, in this book, MGA clearly calls himself a prophet of God for the first time ever.

Some quotes
“””Today, in order to satisfy all seekers of knowledge, I invite all my opponents, non-believers that I propose to publish forty flyers (Footnote-22).  So on the day of Judgment, I can present to God Almighty that I have fulfilled my mandate. So now, with all due respect and humility, I address all Muslim clergy, Christian clergy, Hindu clergy and Pundits and Aryans to whom I send this flyer and inform them that I have been sent to this world in order to uplift morality, and reform beliefs and remove weaknesses of faith. My step is in the footstep of Jesus, peace be upon him, and it is why I am called the Promised Messiah.  And I have been commanded that I spread the word of God and of truth by manifesting heavenly signs and teaching piety. I am against raising the sword for the purpose of spread of religion and to cause bloodshed in the name of religion. I am a Prophet of God and I try to remove all mistakes and weaknesses.”””((Ruhani Khaza’in, volume 17, page 343)) (also see Hidden Treasures).

“””After this flyer I will issue a flyer every fortnight provided I do not face any hurdle till I complete the number forty, or any one of my opponents without exuding any filthy air that is perceptible to anyone, comes in the field, and like me show a sign, but I must remind here that this is not intended to be any Mubahalah (Prayer Duel) with anyone or asking any prophecy in respect of anyone. This competition is about the person at whose hand God almighty reveal hidden affairs, manifest sign and accept the prayers, these should be completely be detached from any interest
personal or otherwise. Refrain from any prophecy that is intended to disturb common peace or against the Government or related to humiliation or death of anyone.””” (Arba‘in, p. 1 footnote, Ruhani Khaza’in, v. 17, p. 343 footnote)(also see Hidden Treasures).

“””””I am called the Promised Messiah. I am commanded to spread the truth in the world only through pure teachings and extraordinary signs. I am against the use of the sword for the sake of religion. I am commissioned to remove, as much as I can, all wrong notions from
among the Muslims and to invite them to the ways of pure morals, forbearance, meekness, fairness and truthfulness. I declare unto all Muslims, Christians, Hindus and Aryas that I have no enemy in the world. I love mankind as does a mother, even more than that. I am an enemy only to such false beliefs which destroy the truth. Sympathy for man is my duty and hatred of falsehood, idol worship, transgression and every kind of wickedness, injustice and evil behaviour is my principle. The real reason for the effulgence of my sympathy is the fact that I have discovered a mine of gold and Jewels and it is a good fortune that I have found in this mine, a priceless diamond full of lustre. The price of that diamond is so great that if I were to distribute it amongst all my brethren of mankind each one of them would become richer than the one who possesses in the world today notwithstanding the greatest quantity of gold and silver.

What is that diamond? The True God. To get to Him is to recognize Him, to have a true faith in Him, to seek Him it would be the height of injustice that after possessing so much wealth I should keep mankind deprived of it, that I should enjoy it while they should starve. It is absolutely impossible for me to do so. My soul is sore vexed when I see their poverty and starvation and my heart sinks when I find them in darkness. I want to fill them with heavenly
wealth, and I wish them to get as many jewels of truth as humanly possible….

It has been made clear to me that among Divine messengers, he, whose teaching is perfect, holy and full of wisdom to the utmost degree, is our Chief, Muhammad Mustafasa.””” (Arba‘in, No. 1, pp. 2-4, Ruhani Khaza’in, v. 17, p. 344-346).

“”””As Allah the Almighty knew that my opponents would wish for my early demise so that they might be able to proclaim that I had died early because I was false in my claims, He revealed to me aforetime:

That is [Arabic] Your age will be eighty years—a few years less or some years more; and you will live long enough to witness your distant progeny.

Thirty-five years or so have passed since this revelation was vouchsafed.”””
[Arba‘in, no. 3, first edition, pp. 29–30, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 17, pp. 418–419 and Appendix Tohfah Golarhviyyah, p. 19, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 17, p. 66](See also, 2009 online edition of Tadhkirah, pages 8-9).

“””””His revelation God has also called me the Baitullah [House of Allah], which indicates that the more my opponents strive to demolish this House, the more treasures of divine knowledge and heavenly Signs will emerge from it. Accordingly, my experience is that with every
persecution a new treasure is disclosed. One of the revelations in this context is:

[Persian] Someone kissed my foot and I told him: ‘I am the Black Stone.’ 

[Arba‘in, no. 4, p. 15 footnote, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 17, pp. 444–445 footnote]

“”””I have been told that of all faiths, Islam is the only true one.  I have been vouchsafed knowledge that of all guidance, only the guidance contained in the Qur’an is perfect and
free from human interpolation. I have been made to understand that of all Prophets the one whose teaching is perfect and is at the highest level of purity and wisdom, and who has set the highest example of human perfection in his life, is our lord and master Muhammad, on whom be the peace and blessings of Allah. God’s pure and holy revelation has informed me that I have been sent by Him as the Promised Messiah and Mahdi and am the arbiter of all internal and external differences.””””” [Arba‘in, no. 1, pp. 3–4,July 23, 1900, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 17, p. 345,
Majmu’ah Ishtiharat, vol. 3, p. 344](See also, 2009 online edition of Tadhkirah, pages 462-463).


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Mahershala Ali loves dancing, doesn’t promote Humanity First, and lets people drink around him

Dear readers, here at this blog, we love Mahershala Ali.  However, we are triggered when Ahmadi’s try to use him for marketing purposes.  Mahershala Ali is not a traditional Ahmadi by any means.  He was not born an Ahmadi and simply converted since he loved his girlfriend (who is an ahmadi female).  He has 2 younger brothers and they are not Ahmadi.  His father was also a soul train dancer.  Pakistani-Ahmadi’s are hard core, they don’t like Mahershala and feel that he is embarrassing Ahmadiyya.  In fact, the Khalifa doesn’t allow Ahmadi’s to go to weddings wherein there might be dancing and has threatened Ahmadi women with ex-communication if they fail to do full Hijab.  Another actor got alcohol all over Mehershala, in fact, he got alcohol in his mouth and etc.  There are 2 videos of relevance, the dancing is in the second one.

The video

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“Ilhamat-e-Mirza: in english as “The Revelations of Mirza” by Sanaullah Amritsari

After Batalvi was ordered by the British government to stop cursing and offending MGA, the Ahl-e-Hadith seem to have asked Maulvi Sanaullah to engage MGA.  MGA issued a death prophecy for Sanaullah, but he survived for approximately 40 years after the death of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. There was a ‘reverse’ death prophecy that the Mirza would die within Amritsari’s lifetime, which happened almost a year after the publication of these dual prophecies.

Sanaullah Amritsari published these books, among others:

  • Aafatullah – an account of the prophecy against him and the attempts to justify it.
  • Ilhamat-e-Mirza – a critical account of the ‘revelations’ of Mirza.
  • Shah-i Inglistan aur Mirza Qadiyan (The King of England and Mirza of Qadian), 1921, 12 pages
  • Ilham‎ (Revelation), 1904, 16 pages
  • Islam aur British Law, yani siasat-i Muhammadiya aur qavanin-i Angrezi ka muqabla (Islam and British Law: Muhammadan politics and Confrontation with English Law), 1924, 48 pages
  • Shamʻ-i Tauheed (Candle of Divine Unity), 1938, 40 pages
  • Masʻalah-yi Hijaz par nazar (A look at the Problem of Hijaz), 1925, 28 pages, Muslim pilgrims and pilgrimages
  • Tarikh-i Mirza (History of Mirza), 1923, 64 pages
  • Muraqqaʻ-i Qadiani (The Qadiani Mosaic), 1917, 64 pages
  • Nikat-i Mirza, 1926, 40 pages
  • ʻAqaʼid-i Mirza (Beliefs of Mirza), 1928, 8 pages
  • Khitab ba Maududi (An Address to Maududi), 1946, 64 pages
  • Hudus-i Ved, 1905, 16 pages
  • Bahas-i Tanasukh (Controversy of Transmigration of Souls), 1909, 46 pages
  • Hadith-i nabavi aur taqleed-i shakhsi, 1924, 32 pages
  • Turk-i Islam bar Tark-i Islam (Turks and Islam), 1903, 236 pages
  • Fiqh aur faqih (Jurisprudence and the Religious Jurist), 1925, 28 pags
  • ʻAjaʼibat Mirza risālah “ʻIlm-i Kalam-i Mirza” ka doosra hissa (The Oddities of the booklet ‘Writings of Mirza as Literature’, part two), 1933, 25 pages
  • Qadiani Half ki Haqeeqat

The book

  1. Title Page
  2. Page 10
  3. Page 11
  4. Page 12
  5. Page 13
  6. Page 14
  7. Page 15
  8. Page 16
  9. Page 17
  10. Page 18
  11. Page 19
  12. Page 20
  13. Page 21
  14. Page 22
  15. Page 23
  16. Page 24
  17. Page 25
  18. Page 26
  19. Page 27
  20. Page 28
  21. Page 29
  22. Page 30
  23. Page 31
  24. Page 32
  25. Page 33
  26. Page 34
  27. Page 35
  28. Page 36
  29. Page 37
  30. Page 38
  31. Page 39
  32. Page 41
  33. Page 42
  34. Page 45
  35. Page 46
  36. Page 47
  37. Page 48
  38. Page 49
  39. Page 50
  40. Page 51
  41. Page 52
  42. Page 53
  43. Page 54
  44. Page 55
  45. Page 56
  46. Page 57
  47. Page 58
  48. Page 59
  49. Page 60
  50. Page 61
  51. Page 62
  52. Page 63
  53. Page 64
  54. Page 65
  55. Page 66
  56. Page 67
  57. Page 68
  58. Page 69
  59. Page 70
  60. Page 71
  61. Page 72
  62. Page 73
  63. Page 74
  64. Page 75
  65. Page 76
  66. Page 77
  67. Page 78
  68. Page 79
  69. Page 80
  70. Page 81
  71. Page 82
  72. Page 83
  73. Page 84
  74. Page 85
  75. Page 86
  76. Page 87
  77. Page 88
  78. Page 89
  79. Page 90
  80. Page 91
  81. Page 92
  82. Page 93
  83. Page 94
  84. Page 95
  85. Page 96
  86. Page 97
  87. Page 98
  88. Page 99
  89. Page 100
  90. Page 101
  91. Page 102
  92. Page 103
  93. Page 104
  94. Page 105
  95. Page 106
  96. Page 107
  97. Page 108
  98. Page 109
  99. Page 110
  100. Page 111
  101. Page 112
  102. Page 113
  103. Page 114
  104. Page 115
  105. Page 116
  106. Page 117
  107. Page 118
  108. Page 119
  109. Page 120
  110. Page 121
  111. Page 122
  112. Page 123
  113. Page 124
  114. Page 125
  115. Page 126
  116. Page 127
  117. Page 128
  118. Page 129
  119. Page 130
  120. Page 131
  121. Page 132
  122. Page 133
  123. Page 134
  124. Page 135
  125. Page 136
  126. Page 137
  127. Page 138
  128. Page 139
  129. Page 140
  130. Page 141
  131. Page 142
  132. Page 143
  133. Page 144
  134. Page 145

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Ahmadiyya founder Mirza Ghulam and his “Caliphs” call Christians “Isai” but cry tears and persecution if they are called “Mirzai” or “Qadiani”

Ahmadi’s cry persecution all the time, they do for asylum visas to the West.  We have covered this topic extensively.  Since the Beginning of the Ahmadiyya Sect, the Ahmadiyya founder Mirza Ghulam and his followers call Christians “Isai” becouse they follow Isa, which was supposedly Jesus’s Name.

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad titled some of his books that way And they use “Isai” whenever they refer to christians. For Example:

“Eik ‘Isa’i Kei Tin Sawal Aur Unkei Jawaba = Three Questions by a Christian and their Answers “

“Siraj-ud-Din ‘Isa’i Kei Char Sawalon Ka Jawab = Four Questions by Mr. Sirājuddīn, a Christian, and their Answers ”

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Kashif activates the A-Team trolls and takes the Bullying of Cynthia D Ritchie to the next Level! No More Love for Cynthia D Ritchie from Ahmadis

Ahmadi’s have been harassing people since 1879, as MGA published the first volume of his Braheen series.  Kashif Chaudhry is the number 1 Ahmadi troll for the past 4-5 years.

The story

Cynthia D Ritchie is popular on social media for portraying Pakistan’s soft image. While many admire the fact that a foreigner—a woman at that too– cycles freely in an otherwise conservative society, there are others who have taken exception to her hard-hitting tweets at ‘pseudo-liberals’ and those who mock her.

Cynthia took to Twitter and slammed Yasir Latif Hamdani, a lawyer who wrote an opinion piece in The Daily Times against her. In his piece, Hamdani referred to Cynthia as a ‘shady operative’ who arrived in Pakistan and declared herself as resident expert on Islam by making a negative statement against Ahmadis.

The piece got Cynthia’s attention (not in a good way) and she took to task Hamdani (understandably) but also Raza Rumi, editor of The Daily Times.

Cynthia D. Ritchie


I am now looking to hire an attorney for a defamation suit against @theRealYLH.

Hamdani, your lies will be your undoing. If you think I’m going to sit by while you & Daily Times et alia, spit venom, you’ve got another thing coming. CC: @StateDept @shehryar_taseer @Razarumi

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There were some who took her threat lightly, prompting her to tweet this.

The controversy grabbed eyeballs on micro-blogging site Twitter with many siding with Cynthia and spawning the hashtag #ISupportCynthia. Cynthia’s name was subsequently removed from the opinion piece but she was still infuriated.



Qayamat ki Nishani: When two master trolls are unable to turn people against @CynthiaDRitchie because she has a lot of goodwill. PS, trend is actually doing much better.

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Engr.Saad Kaleem🇵🇰@ZarbeKaleemi

I strongly condemn the conspiracies on social media against @CynthiaDRitchie
Her contributions for highlighting positive & soft image of Pakistan are immensly appriciable

Cynthia!We are indebted to u,keep doing ur bit for peace&Pakistan
Stay strong & committed

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Waseem Khan@aqu_a_rius

A planned game is started against. @CynthiaDRitchie

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View image on TwitterView image on TwitterView image on TwitterView image on Twitter

Mudasar Ch™🇵🇰@Mudasser_Pk

Cynthia are representing Pak 🇵🇰 positive image to the world.
Who recommended to world to visit Pak.
He is realized after being hospitalized by Pakistanis that there people are peaceful and loveable careable .
Thank You so much more.
God bless@CynthiaDRitchie

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Cynthia D. Ritchie


I expect more from the owners of this paper. They know how to remedy the situation.

Otherwise I am preparing for action, including the writer, Hamdani.

Mawish Moulvi@mawish_m

@CynthiaDRitchie your name has been removed.

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In between the Twitter jibes and ‘You’ve messed with the wrong bi**h shots, Cynthia continued to portray a positive side of Pakistan.

Cynthia D. Ritchie



MOON KHAN 🇵🇰@moonkhanpaki

The Kalash region is an amazing sight-seeing place for the tourists. Visit the place during their festivities and you, like Cynthia, will fall in love with it too. She always supports us as #WeSupportCynthia thank you madam @CynthiaDRitchie @peaceforchange

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She ended up abusing Raza Rumi as well in a tweet (which she has now deleted).

“F**k you Raza Rumi, you t**t,” she wrote in a tweet and all bets were off.

Here’s why she did it though.

Yes, part of the irony is that I’d apologized to Rumi a day or two before, for sharing a picture of him with @theRealYLH & KashifMD (YLH & Kashif both cyber bullies). And then I find out he edits the heinous article about me, written by YLH who is no Pakistani Patriot. Upsetting.

— Cynthia D. Ritchie (@CynthiaDRitchie) January 1, 2019

Cynthia D. Ritchie


2/ me and others for months. I apologized to Raza, because I did not intend to show him (I don’t know him) as a cyberbully. My intent was to show YLH and Kashif are friends; & they both gang up on people to try and push their narratives. Both YLH & Kashif have shown themselves…

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Cynthia D. Ritchie


2/ me and others for months. I apologized to Raza, because I did not intend to show him (I don’t know him) as a cyberbully. My intent was to show YLH and Kashif are friends; & they both gang up on people to try and push their narratives. Both YLH & Kashif have shown themselves…

Cynthia D. Ritchie


3/ to be vile creatures who write libelous materials, attempting to defame character, with lies.

So it hurt me, when I learned @Razarumi edited the write-up from YLH, defaming me. I received the original copy, with my name “shady operative” in it. And it was impression Raza…

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She even gave props to the people who were instrumental in trending #WeSupportCynthia

Cynthia D. Ritchie


Thank you all, including @IK_Force and @foto_masters – it’s a lovely surprise to see trending in Pakistan. Big hugs. And Happy New year!

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The apology

A couple of hours later, Cynthia realized she had made a mistake by abusing Raza Rumi and in a mature way, apologized to him in a tweet.

Cynthia D. Ritchie


Agreed. Thank you. Sometimes my patience runs out. No excuse however, and apologies to @Razarumi for the abuse.

We should each do our best to set the example of civil discourse and respect for differences of opinion.


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Raza Rumi, who had demonstrated maturity by being silent all the time, finally responded to calm the Twitter storm. He appreciated Cynthia’s offer to reconcile over a cup of coffee sometime and in turn, informed Twitterati about his first day of the new year.

Raza Ahmad Rumi


Dear @CynthiaDRitchie: thanks. V gracious. I didn’t respond earlier because when we are angry we tend to say things which we might regret. I appreciate your concerns and have asked colleagues to be more vigilant. Yes, coffee is appreciated. On me.

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Raza Ahmad Rumi


My first day of 2019 was not that joyful. Full of online abuse and hate. But I thank all the friends and well-wishers who defended me & gave me strength. I don’t wish to prolong Twitter duels. Just want a peaceful evening in real time with friends I haven’t seen in years.

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Enters the idiot

Farhan Virk, a social media celebrity (of sorts) in Pakistan known for operating various fake accounts, trolling the PTI’s opponents and harbouring jingoistic opinions, saw fit to involve himself in the dispute. He claimed that Cynthia had no right to abuse Raza Rumi as he had gotten shot for his views against the Taliban.

Not only that, he recorded a ridiculous video in which he urged Pakistanis to dissociate themselves from Cynthia as ‘We (Pakistanis) despite our difference of opinion with each other, should not allow a foreigner to abuse one of us.”

Hain? Why, Virk, why?

Cynthia responds to the troll by telling him to make a sandwich

Cynthia D. Ritchie


Virk beta, my apology to Raza came for using language I normally don’t and shouldn’t use.

You and your ‘buddy’ had nothing to do with it, so please, go make a sandwich. Your blood sugar is low.

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She proceeded to say she didn’t even know who Virk was. Ouch.

Cynthia D. Ritchie


Frankly, I don’t know who Virk is. I didn’t know there was a ‘spat’. I just told him to “make a sandwich”, since he was poking his nose into my affairs (which stemmed from bad editing & YLH slandering me in @Dailytimes).

Just realized I am sounding more Pakistani every day. 😃

Maleeha Hashmey@MaleehaHashmey

Who are you siding with, in Cynthia VS Virk Twitter Spat?

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The troll apologizes

It was then that Farhan Virk came across ‘thousands of documentaries’ that Cynthia had done to highlight and promote the positive side of Pakistan and apologized to her in a tweet. He took his words back and deleted all his tweets against her. Sigh.

Dr Farhan K Virk@FarhanKVirk

I have made quite a research on your work inside Pak @CynthiaDRitchie I have noticed that you have made thousands of documentaries and millions of UK and US citizens have watched them. I am sorry. I will explain my apology in a vlog today 🙏🙏 I never knew you contributed so much

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So, that was all. And Cynthia went back to celebrating the new year.

Cynthia D. Ritchie


Yes, – let’s start this new year right.

No one likes to be falsely/wrongly accused of anything, be it individual or state level, by intent or mistake. Prefer conversation over conflict any day.

Peace to you and yours.

Raza Ahmad Rumi


Thanks @CynthiaDRitchie#HappyNewYear2019 

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Cynthia D. Ritchie


Good morning everyone. And thank you, Ali. We’re all doing our bit to start the new year off right.

Pakistan Zindabad! ❤️🇵🇰

Ali Malik@AliHasnainMalik
Replying to @CynthiaDRitchie

Cynthia, you’re wasting your time on a ateention seeker. Ignore him and he will commit suicide lol. You’re a hero of Pakistan. God bless you and attached friendly reminder for him and everyone

View image on Twitter
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View image on TwitterView image on Twitter

Cynthia D. Ritchie


Picture One: my face when I see fake accounts run by desperate, mentally diseased trolls.

Picture Two: how I feel after receiving so much love from Pakistan. ❤️🇵🇰

Let’s move on and make it a great 2019 & focus on positive stories in the country!

Pakistan Zindabad!

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The only good thing to come out of the Twitter spat—hilarious tweets

Stray observations—why does Cynthia love to tag the State Department in her every tweet? Why did she say ‘You all are fuc***g with the wrong b**ch?

Well, as usual, Twitter doesn’t let such things slide. And it didn’t.

Manal Faheem Khan@ManalFaheemKhan

KFC: Ma’am we are out of diet 7up so we’re sending you regular 7up instead. Okay?

Me: You all are fucking with the wrong bitch.

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Imtiaz Haidery@imhaidery

I am fucking with the wrong bitch 😦

See Imtiaz Haidery’s other Tweets

Maham Ali@Mahamali05

Cynthia walks into a store and asks for Coke. The shopkeeper tells her they don’t have coke – only pepsi.


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The Uber Driver: Madam, please put the exact pin location.

Me: you all are fucking with the wrong bitch.

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Ali Warsi@thealiwarsi

“Yeh aansu ponchh dou Pushpa. I hate tears” ~ Rajesh Khanna

“Paro meri maa mer gaee” ~ Dilip Kumar

“I love you, K-k-k-kiran” ~ Shah Rukh Khan

“You all are fucking with the wrong bitch” ~ Cynthia D Ritchie

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It is 1st day of 2019 & it already give us this powerful line.

“You all are fucking with the wrong bitch” ~ Cynthia D Bitchie

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Naila Inayat


Raza Rumi: Happy New Year everyone
Cynthia: You’re fucking with the wrong bitch

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The saga seems to be over. For now. Toning it down a notch, we’d like to end with the question–did they really mess with the wrong woman, though?

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Ahmadiyya and human trafficking to Germany

Ahmadiyya is playing a game of asylum.  They fake asylum cases and then suck Ahmadi’s dry of their money.  We have a video from Orya Maqbool, wherein he goes through many important documents and explains the asylum game that Ahmadi’s are playing.  This isn’t the first time that Ahmadi’s have been accused as such.  Even Pakistani-Christians have accused Ahmadi’s of faking asylum just to come to the West.  Even Ahmadi’s have confessed about this asylum game.

The video

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The failed marriages of Muhammad Zafrullah Khan (1893-1985)

Zafrullah colluded with the British Colonists before and after WW-2.  In fact, he was the Ahmadi voice in parliament and he sided with the British in many situations.  He hurt Pakistan and made sure that that “British-interest” were of the highest priority, he even represented Palestine and made sure that they lost all cases.  He secretly wrote the Lahore Resolution in 1940, as London was bombed and the British feared that they would soon lost India to Japan.

His children
Ahmadi sources normally shy away from this topic.  Nevertheless, Zafrullah Khan only had one child, a daughter named Amtul Haye.  In 2019, her whereabouts are totally unknown, it is also unknown whether she had any surviving children.  Ahmadiyya sources tell us that he passed away while in Lahore at his daughter and son-in-laws house.

He married his cousin inititally
It has been reported to us that Zafrullah Khan married his cousin (Iqbal Begum) as his first marriage, she died soon thereafter.  He then married her sister (Rashida Begum), she also died a few years after the marriage, we have to assume that all of this happened by 1930.  He then married Badar Begum of the Behar Colony in British-India.  She gave Zafrullah Khan his only child, Amtul Haye.  Badar Begum filed for divorce soon after and lived as a single-parent by roughly 1940.  In 1955/1956, Zafrullah Khan married for the 4th time.  This time he seems to have fell in love with a Lebanese girl (Bushra Rabani, who was living in Syria)(Also See the Alyum magazine from Cairo, 1955), he performed the Nikkah ceremony in the Pakistani embassy in Syria.  Syrians Muslims called this marriage as illegal in the press.  She divorced Zafrullah Khan a few years later.  It is unclear if Zafrullah married again.


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#ahmadiyya #ahmadiyyatrueislam #ahmadiapartheid #Ahmadiyyat #rabwah #qadian #meetthekhalifa #muslimsforpeace #ahmadiyyafactcheckblog #nolifewithoutkhalifa #AhmadiMosqueattack #AhmadiyyaPersecution #Mosqueattack #trueislam #atifmian

MGA’s final remarks in court in the case of Dr. Clarke (1897)

In August of 1897, the case of Dr. Clarke and the British government vs. MGA was in full swing.  Lekh Ram had died just a few months earlier, and it seemed like some fanatical Ahmadi’s had planned the murder.  Nevertheless, a few months later, Abdul Hameed showed up at Dr. Clarke’s location in Amritsar in the guise of wanting to convert to Christianity.  Soon after showing up, he confessed that MGA had sent him to murder Dr. Clarke.  However, after the case started, and trial began, Abdul Hameed seemed to have totally recanted the story and blamed the Christians at Amritsar and Beas for scaring him into such a testimony, i.e. that MGA sent him to commit murder.  In the below, we have extracted Yusuf Khan’s testimony in this case to Abdul Hameed via Ahmadi sources.  We found this testimony in MGA’s book,. “kitab ul Barriya” (1897), in a Lahori-Ahmadi translation, pages 197-198.  After Abdul Hameed recanted, MGA gave this specific testimony.  Furthermore, MGA was never under oath, hence, his testimony can’t be taken seriously.

20th August 1897.  Statement of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani without oath
When the debate of 1893 was finished, at the end I had made a prophecy about Abdullah Atham on his request. This prophecy was not about Dr. Clarke, nor was he included in this prophecy. The word ‘party’ means Atham, as is clear from the context. ‘Party’ and ‘person’
have the same meaning and it includes me also. No attack was made on Atham. Had it been so, he would have himself filed a suit or made a report. But this did not happen. Abdullah Atham died subsequent to the period of fifteen months. At the expiry of fifteen months I heard about Abdullah Atham that he stated to his friends that he was attacked three times. On this also I warned him that I had heard that he accused me, saying that he had been attacked three times. If that is true then he should take an oath or file a suit in a court of law or give its proper proof privately. But I did not receive any reply. Before this he had never stated this, neither in a newspaper nor in any other manner. I had not made any prophecy about a snake. I had seen Abdul Hameed once in the mosque. Someone had mentioned that this man had become a Christian and now had come here. There had been no conversation between myself and him. I do not know who had given him any job for labour etc. I had not given him any job. I did not
make any prophecy about Dr. Clarke, neither pointedly nor indirectly. I had heard that Abdul Hameed was not a boy of good character.  Hence I sent a note in writing from my house that he should be expelled. Then I do not know where he went. I did not give him even a penny when he was going, nor send him to Amritsar. Uprooting of falsehood means that falsehood would go waste. It does not point towards Dr. Clarke. Until a person gives his willingness, no prophecy
is made. I present herewith a letter dated 5th May 1893 signed by Abdullah Atham, in which he demands a miraculous sign or a decisive argument. (Exhibit ‘Y’). In exhibit ‘O’, the meaning of ‘throwing light again’ is that the fulfilment of the prophecy increased belief. Signed: Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Read out. The whole statement is recorded truly and correctly. Accepted correct.  Signature of the Judge.

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Yusuf Khan (an Ex-Ahmadi) testified vs. MGA in the case brought by Dr. Clarke in 1897

In August of 1897, the case of Dr. Clarke and the British government vs. MGA was in full effect.  Lekh Ram had died just a few months earlier, and it seemed like some fanatical Ahmadi’s had planned the murder.  Nevertheless, a few months later, Abdul Hameed showed up at Dr. Clarke’s location in Amritsar in the guise of wanting to convert to Christianity.  Soon after showing up, he confessed that MGA had sent him to murder Dr. Clarke.  However, after the case started, and trial began, Abdul Hameed seemed to have totally recanted the story and blamed the Christians at Amritsar and Beas for scaring him into such a testimony, i.e. that MGA sent him to commit murder.  In the below, we have extracted Yusuf Khan’s testimony in this case to Abdul Hameed via Ahmadi sources.  We found this testimony in MGA’s book,. “kitab ul Barriya” (1897), in a Lahori-Ahmadi translation, pages 197-198.  After Abdul Hameed recanted, Yusuf Khan gave this specific testimony.  Furthermore, Yusuf Khan was a worker in Qadian until MGA lost his debate with Athim.

20th August 1897.  Yusuf Khan witness on solemn affirmation
Son of Akhhund Ahmad Shah Khan, caste Afghan Christian, resident of Gujrat, Tehsil Mardan, age 36 years, stated:  I am a farmer. I was formerly a Muslim and remained a Muslim till the age of 33 years. I had become a follower of Mirza sahib. I was the assistant of Muhammad Saeed who was incharge of the library.  After Muhammad Saeed left, I had taken charge. I had gone to
Jandiala before the debate of 1893, so that the Muslim people select Mirza sahib for the debate. On 5th June 1893, at the end of the debate, Mirza sahib made the prophecy, exhibit ‘A’. He said that the party which was in the wrong would be punished by death and thrown in
hell within a period of fifteen months. Note: The witness read the prophecy and said: “The party which is in the wrong will be defeated, that is, will be destroyed”. I had understood at that time that the prophecy was in respect of Abdullah Atham. But afterwards, Mirza sahib had explained orally that the prophecy was in respect of every man belonging to the opponents. Reaching Qadian eight or nine days later, I enquired. When Dr. Clarke fell ill, Mirza sahib said that he must also be punished, that is, with the death penalty. The witness presented the notification dated 15th October 1894, exhibit ‘W’. Also he presented notification dated 5th September 1894, exhibit ‘H’. At that time Mirza sahib was grossly displeased with Doctor sahib. One day in July 1893 Mirza sahib narrated his dream before many persons as follows: “A snake bit me on the right hand and I went to my father.  My father began incising this wound with a razor and incised it up to the breast”. On the strength of this Mirza sahib prophesied that Atham would be bitten by a snake. People were informed about this in Sialkot and elsewhere by post. I became a Christian a year after the debate. I parted ways with Mirza sahib in March 1894. I have known Maulvi Burhan-ud-Din since 1869. Note: The witness read the prophecy exhibit ‘A’ and interpreted it just as Dr. Clarke had done. (On a question from the lawyer of the defendant) I have not passed any examination in Arabic, Persian or English. Yuraddu il-an-Nasa¯ra¯ means that “we returned him towards the Christians”. Mirza sahib interprets this prophecy to refer to Abdullah Atham, I do not. I was a Christian when the term of the prophecy passed. Muhammad Saeed and myself had lived together at Qadian. After me, Muhammad Saeed left Qadian. He also is a Christian. I do not like Mirza sahib’s teachings.
Yusuf Khan with own pen. Read out. Is correct. Accepted.
Signature of the Judge.

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