MGA only mentioned Opium once in all his and his team’s writings. That reference occurred in 1903, as MGA was addressing a Hindu mela in Qadian (see page 347). MGA was addressing the Hindus of Qadian and totally denied using Opium for any reason, and in fact, he spoke ill of Jesus Christ (the god of the Christians) as well as Esa (as) (a special messenger/prophet in Islam). This type of criticism is shunned in Islam and Muslims are ordered to never belittle the Gods of other religions. Nevertheless, here is the only reference from MGA and his teams writings that specifically address opium use :

    • “I remember an incident and which is that I have Diabetes for several years. I urinate 15-20 times daily and sometimes I urinate 100 times per day. Due to sugar in urine, I also get infection in urine and due to excessive urination I become very weak. Once a friend suggested that Opium is beneficial in Diabetes, therefore there is no harm if I use it as medicine. I answered: ‘It is very nice of you to have sympathise with me but if I form a habit of taking Opium than I am afraid that people will joke that THE FIRST MESSIAH WAS AN ALCOHOLIC AND THE SECOND ONE AN OPIUM ADDICT.'”

Naseem Da’awat, Roohani Khazain vol.19 p.434-435, by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani (this book is not in english).

MGA claims that he wont take Opium for medicinal purposes, he never said Diabetes only, even though it might be OK in islamic thought, and since many Muslims had taken pure-opium for Diabetes treatment, nonetheless, MGA insisted on publically denying the use of such a drug, and simply for the reason that the general public might then poke fun and say that the first Messiah was an alcoholic and the second an opium addict. The irony here is that MGA was also a person that joked and called the first messiah as a drunkard and etc and he stole these writings from Lekh Ram and his polemics vs. Christianity (see page 183). Obviously, when MGA addressed Hindus, he loved to revile the God of Christians.


Ahmadis have written many alibis in terms of this statement, however, they always add a disclaimer which states that its unofficial.Their rebuttals are filled with academic dishonesty, in fact, they refuse to acknowledge the fact that 20 years after the above reference (In Seeratul Mahi, 1923 edition and the Al-Fazl of 1929), the sons of MGA’s seem to have told the world that MGA was in fact taking opium for medicinal purposes as early as 1884, Mirza Bashir Ahmad was the same son who claimed that the Ahmadi-Khilafat wouldnt last til the day of judgement, he also told the world that MGA was irresponsible with his fathers pension money and squandered it with his cousin/brother. Mirza Bashir Ahmad seems like a disgruntled son who spilled the beans on the family business and his brothers Khilafat.

Moreover, Mirza Bashir Ahmad tells us that in 1884, MGA invented a medicine called ZADHAM-E-ISHQ (or the love potion) (see page 1010, 2009 online english edition of Tadhkirah) and attributed it to his God and thus prescribed himself. However, it is interesting to note that Noorudin had already been prescribing the same medicine to his patients before he ever met MGA (see page 50). It seems that Noorudin may have been the person who introduced MGA to opium laced medicine. We all know that many people accused him of being MGA’s chief ghost writer.

Further, in 1898, the plague was rampant in India, MGA and his team seem to have invented a medicine that would prevent plague, it was called Tiryaq-i-ilahi (see page 449). Its main ingredient was Opium.
Here is what Mahmud Ahmad said in 1929:

    Hazrat Maseeh Mow’ood prepared a medicine ‘TIRYAQ-e-ILAHI’ under instructions from God and its one of the main constituent was OPIUM and Huzoor (Mirza Ghulam) gave this medicine, with a little more addition of Opium, to Hazrat Khalifa Awwal (Hakeem Nuruddin, the 1st Successor of Mirza Ghulam) for more than 6 months and off and on, and he used it himself as well during the attacks of various illnesses.”

Article of Mian Mahmood Ahmad Saheb, Khalifa Qadian, Akhbar Al-Fazl vol.17 No.6 p.2 Dated 19th July 1929.


    “During my childhood, he (Mirza Ghulam) gave me OPIUM for sickness. Gave it to me for six months continuously.”

Statement of Mirza Basheeruddin Mahmood, Khalifa Qadian, Minhaj-ul-Talibeen, p.73.


It should be noted that the British Govt stepped in and banned MGA’s cure for the plague, since it was nothing short of a quack remedy that was concocted by Noorudin.

Obviously, MGA was using Opium-laced-medicine since at least 1884 and giving it out to everyone and anyone, even his infant son, however, he lied about it to the masses. This is the issue that Ahmadis seem to misunderstand. They also try to act like MGA simply didnt take it because of its habitual nature, however, in Islam it was OK to take opium as a consequence of Diabetes, however, your salaat would be in question.  Since the Quran bans prayers whilst intoxicated.

Secondly, if MGA was on opium for his entire life, or at least since 1884, are prayers allowed by such a patient? Is this the reason why MGA never led salaat? Is this the reason why MGA never gave a public speech? Was Opium the reason that MGA was tempted to make these audacious claims? MGA never smoked Opium, he simply took it as a mixture with his Lassi (see page 1034, of the 2009 online english edition of Tadhkirah). Is this the reason that no one witnessed MGA taking opium? Since it was so hard to detect in those days? We all know that it was reported by the Al-Fazl that MGA’s teachers were opium addicts. It seems that this is where MGA developed the same habit.

Whatever the motivations of MGA were….it is clear that he was addicted to taking opium as soon as Noorudin showed up onto the Ahmadiyya scene. Is this the prophet that Ahmadis admire so much? Is this the religion that most Ahmadis are totting all over the internet as they attempt to defraud every single government on the planet?
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