We all know that Ahmadis have lied constantly and consistently about everything since at least 1889.  The May 29th, 1974 train attacks are just another instance.  However, this case is much moire devious, in that Mirza Nasir Ahmad was most likely working with Bhutto as they arranged to have Ahmadiyya declared as a non-muslim minority.  We have testimony from Ak Shaikh, Mushtaq Malik through Abdul Mannan, and other Ahmadis from Jamaat Ahmadiyya Islah Pasand.  That’s 4 eye-witnesses.  Moreover, Zaf Khan lied about the number of Ahmadis at the train station, liberal reports tell us that it was 400-500 Ahmadis at the train station ready to pounce on that day, whereas Zaf Khan claims that the students “just so happened to be there”, which is an obvious lie.

The Quotation
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