Watch my video on this herein. MGA was taking drugs his entire life. In this case, we have hard evidence which proves that MGA and his team kept wine and opium in Masjid Mubarak. Furthermore, MGA would send his trustworthy servant, Yar Muhammad, who would also stroke MGA during prayers. Tonic wine was initially invented in the late nineteenth century at Denver, England by Christian monks. In early several decades (up to the first quarter of the twentieth century) this wine made of red wine had not only very high level of Alcohol (14-16%) and Caffeine but a very high level of Cocaine used as an aphrodisiac. This intoxicant is now banned all over the world. Tonic wine was aand is very strong at addictive wine specially popular among the criminals and hooligans. It is marketed by the name of ‘Buckfast wine’.

Per Mirza Tahir Ahmad, MGA’s wife, (Nusrat Jehan) started taking tonic wine immediately after Mirza Mubarak Ahmad was born in 1899 (this is a lie). This seems to be the famous case of MGA ordering tonic wine from Plommers shop in Lahore. In that same era, Mirza Mubarak Ahmad was also given port wine, since he was sick. MGA also kept Saturnes wine. MGA and Noorudin would take wine and opium as needed, it was not a big deal. they gave it out like candy. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad used poison, opium and wine in his medicines too. This was all very normal for life at Qadian. Opium was another drug in heavy circulation at Qadian, and MGA never admitted to its usage, nor did MGA ever admit to having wine in his house. MGA also took coco wine (which contained cocaine) from Dr. Khalifa Rasheed ud Din. There is another entry from Seeratul Mahdi wherein MGA was giving out alcohol also.

The quote

seertul mahdi quotation no. 966 written by Mirza Bashir son of mirza Qadyani

Ghulam Seithi Nabi sahib says,

“””Mirza qadyani prepared tonic from alcohol and advised to drink it on daily basis for ” depression and superstitions with ingredients. And said that “although alcohol is haram but I have prepared it my self halal ….. ” and said ” as you cannot prepare it so when it is finished you can take it from me by writing it and I shall send it to you”.

The scan

_____________________________________________________________________________________________When MGA asserted that he would never take any drugs, even though its Hilaal

    “I remember an incident and which is that I have Diabetes for several years. I urinate 15-20 times daily and sometimes I urinate 100 times per day. Due to sugar in urine, I also get infection in urine and due to excessive urination I become very weak. Once a friend suggested that Opium is beneficial in Diabetes, therefore there is no harm if I use it as medicine. I answered: ‘It is very nice of you to have sympathise with me but if I form a habit of taking Opium than I am afraid that people will joke that THE FIRST MESSIAH WAS AN ALCOHOLIC AND THE SECOND ONE AN OPIUM ADDICT.’”

Naseem Da’awat, Roohani Khazain vol.19 p.434-435, by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani.

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Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and Plommers wine shop


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