MGA was taking drugs his entire life.  In this case, we have hard evidence which proves that MGA and his team kept wine and opium in the Masjid Mubarak.

The quotes


    • “My Beloved Hakeem Muhammad Hussein Saheb,

        • Assalamo alaikum wa Rehmatullah wa Barakatohu. Presently I am sending Mian Yar Mohammad. Purchase yourself all the things that are to be purcahsed and buy one bottle of TONIC WINE from the Plommer Shop. But I want TONIC WINE, make a note of it. Rest is fine. Wassalam.

(signed) Mirza Ghulam Ahmad.Letters of Imam towards Ghulam, p.5, Majmooa-e-Maktoobat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad towards Hakeem Muhammad Hussain Qureishi Saheb Qadiani, Owner of Rafeeq-us-Sehat Dispensary, Lahore.

    “Thus under such circumstances if Hazrat Maseeh Mowood had used Barandi or Rum himself during sickness or prescribed for his patients, then it was not against the Islamic Law, let alone Tonic Wine, which is a medicine. If he had bought it for some member of his family or friend who had recovered from some long illness and is weak or even if he had asked for himself and had used it, what was wrong in it? He used to suffer such severe attacks of weakness that his hands and feet used to become cold and the pulse, feeble. I have myself examined him in this state. Their used to be no sign of pulse. If under such circumstances according to the instructions of doctors, he had used Tonic Wine, then it was exactly according to Shariah (Islamic Law). He used to spend whole day writing. Used to pray in the night. He was getting old. Thus under such if had drunk Tonic Wine as medicine, then what is the problem in it?”

Statement of Dr. Basharat Ahmad Qadiani Lahori, Paigham-us-Sulh Newspaper, vol.23, No. 15, dated 4th March 1935; vol.23 No.65 dated 11th October 1935; mentioned in Qadiani Mazhab, pp. 168-169, 1995 Edition, by Prof. Mohammad Ilyas Burni.

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