The plague was ravaging India in 1898. MGA knew this, the reports out of Bombay were widespread in all newspapers, (see Dard, page 589). MGA and his team began plotting….Hani Tahir exposes the entire scenario here

MGA had an english book written in 1898, most likely my Mufti Muhammad Sadiq, since Muhammad Ali hadn’t arrived in Qadian yet, as we know, MGA couldn’t write in English, nor could Amrohi, Abdul Kareem or Noorudin. This is very odd, since all of these people grew up in British India. Nonetheless, MGA has a book written on his behalf entitled, “A Revealed cure for Bubonic Plague” (1898). Full PDF—A revealed Cure for Bubonic Plague

MGA and his team wrote other books in 1898 that addressed the plague, see “Ayyamus-Suluh” (1898), translated as “The Age of Peace”. This book was written in Urdu and remains in Urdu til this day.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________ “A Revealed cure for Bubonic Plague” (1898)
What were the ingredients of Tiryaq e Ilahi?

“OPIUM is used so extensively used in medicines that Hazrat Maseeh Mow’ood (Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani) used to say that in the eyes of some Hakeems (Doctors) Opium is half the medicine. Thus to use Opium alongwith other medicines as a medicament and not as an intoxicant is not in any way objectionable. All of us have knowingly or unknowingly used Opium at one time or another….

Hazrat Maseeh Mow’ood prepared a medicine ‘TIRYAQ-e-ILAHI’ under instructions from God and its one of the main constituent was OPIUM and Huzoor (Mirza Ghulam) gave this medicine, with a little more addition of Opium, to Hazrat Khalifa Awwal (Hakeem Nuruddin, the 1st Successor of Mirza Ghulam) for more than 6 months and off and on used himself as well during the attacks of various illnesses.”

Article of Mian Mahmood Ahmad Saheb, Khalifa Qadian, Akhbar Al-Fazl vol.17 No.6 p.2 Dated 19th July 1929.
The British Govt steps in and bans MGA’s cure for the plague

MGA and his family were above the law in British-India, owing to the help that their family gave to the Brits in the 1857, in fact, the whole family held a certificate to prove this and they got chairs when in court. Nonetheless, by roughly 1904, the British govt. banned MGA’s quack remedy and thus put an end to his medical career (See Farquhar, “Modern Religous Movements in India” (1915).


MGA created a medicine that was designed to fight off the plague. However, it was a quack-medicine and didn’t work. Its main ingredient was opium, in fact, the rest of the medicine was nonsensical mixtures of god knows what. Later on, in 1904, MGA denied using any types of medicine that had opium, read the full essay here.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Why didn’t MGA just admit to it?

Is it allowable to take opium in medicine per Islam? Yes, of course it is…if no other remedy exists, then absolutely, as long as it is legal under the law of your country. In fact, Pork is Haraam, however, if your life is on the line, it can be Hilaal. However, your salaat will be invalid until you sober up. Ahmadis admit that Noorudin was taking lots of medicines that had opium, as a result of that…all of his salaat are invalid…and since he was the imam at Qadian…all of the salaats were invalidated, since the Imam was never in his senses. This is probably why MGA never led salaat, since he was high on opium and most likely died of an overdose. We know that his teachers were opium addicts and that MGA’s eyes looked like a man high on opium.

Can an Imam take medicines that have lots of alcohol and other drugs and lead Salaat?

Imam’s cannot take medicines that make a human high, or out of his senses. An Imam must bow out and explain his condition per the islamic verse. MGA and Noorudin never did this.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________He mixed Lassi with the Opium and made it better

Miyan ‘Abdul-‘Aziz of Lahore (known as Mughal) relates: On one occasion when the Promised Messiahas was in the process of preparing the medicine Tiryaq-e-Ilahi, I was sitting in the pharmacy of Hadrat Khalifatul Masih Ira while Hadrat Maulavi ‘Abdul-Karim was also there. The
Promised Messiahas came with a big staff and said to Maulavi Sahib: It has been revealed to me that this medicine causes heat and dryness. I therefore intend to prescribe that it should be taken with lassi.1251 [Register Riwayat-e-Sahabah, vol. 9, p. 20] (see Tadhkirah, 2009 edition, online,
Bro Imran on the opium use of MGA

_____________________________________________________________________________________________MGA lied about his opium use

MGA lied and lied and kept lying..then his followers, the fanatical Ahmadis went to every extreme to cover up the life of MGA. However, slowly, we are exposing all that we find.


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