Ahmadi’s are lying when they claim that they are being persecuted. The stats prove the opposite. Most Ahmadi’s don’t read and do research, they simply believe whatever it is that their mullahs tell them. In the first 50 years of Ahmadiyya, not a single Ahmadi was murdered for his faith in British-India. There were only 12 Ahmadi’s who were allegedly killed for being Ahmadi in the first 50 years of Ahmadiyya. 4 of these were Ahmadi’s who were doing tabligh in Afghanistan and officially employees of MGA and his sons. In fact, 11 of the 12 were killed in Afghanistan. 1 Ahmadi was killed in Iraq in 1925, however, we have never seen any details. Based on this data, we conclude that only 4 Ahmadi’s were killed for their faith in the first 50 years of Ahmadiyya. We also conclude that there was no persecution at all. Per Ahmadiyya sources 15 additional Ahmadi’s were killed for their faith from 1940 to August of 1947. Of these 15, 11 murders happened in Indonesia, the entire case is totally unknown, we have no idea what this could have been about. There is another single murder from Albania, which also seems dubious. That leaves 3 cases, of those 4, 2 of them happened to Hazrat Haji Meeran Buksh Sahib and his wife, the details of this incident are also totally unknown, we have no way of verifying why he was killed along with his wife in Ambala. The last one was from Swabi, in modern day Pakistan, again, there are no details at all. We can easily conclude that in British India, in the first 60 years of Ahmadiyya, barely a few Ahmadi’s were murdered for their faith, we count 4-5, and those were Ahmadi’s who were conducting tabligh and were killed by Muslims.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________Sep-1947 to Jan 1954

Per Ahmadiyya sources, roughly 57 Ahmadi’s were killed for their faith in this time frame. However, the of these 57, 26 were killed in and around Qadian during the partition, most of these killers weren’t Muslims at all, but Sikh’s and Hindus. The Khalifa fled Qadian for Lahore on 9-11-1947 and left Ahmadi’s to die. When the Khalifa arrived in Lahore, he immediately asked Ahmadi’s in Pakistan to give at least 50% of their money to his Jamaat. This immediately proves that the biggest killers of Ahmadi’s by 1947 were Sikh’s and Hindu’s. Furthermore, these Ahmadi’s were only killed because they looked like Muslims to the Sikh’s and Hindu’s. Roughly 500,000 Muslims died and 500,000 Sikhs and Hindu’s. 14 Ahmadi’s seem to have been killed in India, in Jammu and Kashmir, we are unclear as to how many of these were killed during military service. We have to assume that the 3 deaths in Jammu may have been based on Ahmadi’s looking like Muslims and the other 11 were Ahmadi’s who were serving in the Furqan Force or some other military wing of Pakistan. 6 additional Ahmadi’s seem to have been killed in Indonesia, on the same day, again, there is no data on this at all. That leaves 11. Of the final 11, 6 were killed during the Lahore-riots of 1953, that leaves 5. We conclude that only 16 Ahmadi’s were killed for their faith from Sept-1947 to Jan-1954. From 1889 to 1954 we estimate a total of barely 20 Ahmadi’s who were killed directly as a result of aggressive tabligh work. The Munir inquiry concluded the same, it was the fault of Ahmadi’s and their aggressive tabligh tactics. Newly found, internal British government reports show that up to 200 Ahmadi’s were in fact murdered in and around Qadian in September–Nov of 1947.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________January 1954 to May 29th, 1974

Per Ahmadiyya records, 10 Ahmadi’s were killed for their religion in this 20 year period. This is the most peaceful period in Ahmadiyya history in Pakistan. 3 of these killings were in Afghanistan, and thus sketchy in terms of details. 2 are from Bangladesh, which was East Pakistan in those days. The remaining 5 are from West Pakistan. We were not able to confirm any of these. We have concluded that from 1889 to May 20th, 1974, barely 30-40 Ahmadi’s were killed for their faith.


Jun 29, 1956 Dr. Mohammad Ahmad Khan Sahib Kohat Pakistan
Feb 1956 Dawood Jan Sahib Kabul Afghanistan
1957 Haji Fazal Mohammad Khan Sahib Afghanistan
1957 Son of Haji Fazal Mohammad Khan Sahib Afghanistan
Nov 03, 1963 Usman Ghani Sahib Bangladesh
Nov 03, 1963 Abdur Rahim Sahib Bangladesh
Feb 11, 1966 Rustam Khan Khattak Sahib Mardan, NWFP Pakistan
Dec 21, 1966 Abdul Haq Noor Sahib Krundi, Sindh Pakistan
Oct –, 1967 Master Ghulam Hussain Sahib Thor Nala, Gilgit Pakistan
Jun 13, 1969 Chaudhry Habibullah Sahib Qaboola, Pakpattan Pakistan

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