We just covered how the Canadian Jamaat is walking back their statements about homeopathic cures from the Khalifa, and in total embarrassment. The German Jamaat is still heavily pushing homeopathy as Corona prevention. They even added a new one specifically stating that it is based on instructions by the caliph. They also added payment information on their official website where the recommended homeophatic “remedies” can be bought.

My best guess why they are trying to distance the caliph from his own words is that Governments around the world are taking coivd19 seriously and have little tolerance for snake oil salesmen pushing BS cures. They have started suing those people for it. The Canadian Jamaat may have felt the heat as well. Now they are trying to pretend that the caliph never said what he clearly said. Lets see how long it will take until the german Jamaat removes this from their website and starts claiming the opposite of what they are claiming now.
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