In Part-2 of Izala Auham (and BA5), MGA and his team of writers argued that the Messiah would appear in the 14th century per the Quran and hadith. However, the defenders of Ahmadiyya (ahmadi answers) seem to have totally avoided this quote in their response. The reality is that they mis-quote Nawab Siddiq Hasan Khan and thus, their line of argument is totally fabricated from all angles. It needs deeper research however. Siddiq Hasan Khan and his son, Nuru Hasan, wrote the two books, respectively — Hujajul Kirama and Iqtiraab saa’ah. The quotes are taken out of context, and the authors themselves take the mention of 100, 200, 300 out of context and gratuitously add 1000 to them. It is well known that Dajjal and advent of Esa (as) was expected in early days (first 3 centuries) and then the interest died off until Suyuti, and then these two authors. These latter day authors added 1000 to the original Ahadith. Nurul Hasan ends his book saying that even if Mahdi does not appear, it does not change fundamental beliefs of Muslims, and that God decides when to raise him, and it may be that people become dejected and then God decides to raise him. This quote is also referenced in another article on Al-Islam web site. So, there is no Hadith or Quran verse that denotes a date and Nurul Hasan specifically says that no date was specified. In Izala Auham, MGA quoted 23:18 (23:19 in the Ahmadi Quran), the second half of it. “””and surely it is We Who determine its taking away””, MGA claimed that this verse equals 1274. In some type of weird mathematical method. Ahmadi scholars have connected 23:18 (23:19 in the Ahmadi Quran) to the return of Muhammad in the 14th century as the messiah. He goes on to quote 61:9, and claims that this verse related to himself, the Messiah, son of Mary, of the time.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________We quote it from Izala Auham

Ruhani khazain volume 3 page 464

“The Messiah, son of Mary, his arrival, in the last era, has a prophecy in the Quran-e-Shareef. From the Quran-e-Shareef, the Messiah will emerge after 1400 years (it is proven). Many scholar’s have given the same impression and believed it.” 


“Maseeh ibn Maryam kee akhree zamana mai anay kee Quran-ay Shareef mai paishgoi mujood hai. Quran-ay Shareef mai jo Maseeh ke nikal ne kee 1400 baras taak mudat tahrai hai. Bhot say auliya be apne mokar shafat kee ruh say is mudaat ko mantay hai.”
The Quote from Ahmadi answers
Izala-e-Auham, Part 2, Ruhani Khazain, Volume 3, Pages 468-469, taken from on 7-9-2020,

“This humble one came in an era which is the era in which the Promised Messiah should have appeared, because the Hadith Al Ayatu Ba’dal Mi’atain which means that grand signs would take place in the 13th century, clearly and categorically substantiates that the appearance or birth of the Promised Messiah take place in the 13th century. The fact is that smaller signs had begun to manifest themselves even from the blessed time of the Holy Prophetsaw. Hence, undoubtedly, al-ayat refers to grand signs, which could not have in any way manifested themselves within 200 years. As such, the scholars have come to an agreement that Ba’dal Mi’atain refers to the 13th century and Al-Ayat refers to grand signs which are the advent of the promised Messiah, Dajjal, Gog and Magog, etc. And every individual can understand that in this age, which is the era of the advent of the promised Messiah, no one has made the claim that I am the Promised Messiah, except this humble one. As a matter of fact, in this period of 1300 years there has never been a claim from any Muslim that I am the Promised Messiah”
Maulavi Nawab Siddique Hasan Khan Sahib also wrote in Hujaj-ul-Kiramah that he believed on the basis of strong evidence the the Promised Mahdi would appear at the turn of the fourteenth century. This is also quoted by MGA in Tohfah Golarviyyah, Ruhani Khazain, Volume 17, Pages 128-133)
_____________________________________________________________________________________________The quote from Ba5
See pages 482-483 of the online english edition

“””And while all this is happening, a trumpet will be blown from Heaven; i.e. God—through sending the Promised Messiah—will manifest Himself for the propagation of Islam. Then an inclination
towards Islam will develop in the pure-hearted people of every country throughout the world, and God will gather the blessed people of the entire earth into Islam to the extent He wills. Then will be the end. So, all the above have come to pass. Similarly, it was written in ahadith that the Promised Messiah would appear at the head of the century and that he would be the Mujaddid [Reformer] of the fourteenth [Hijri] century. So these Signs, too, have been fulfilled in this age.

It was also written that, by virtue of his birth, he would have a share of two centuries. And that he would be bestowed two names. And his birth would have a share of two lineages. And the fourth dual quality is that in his birth, too, he would be born as a twin. So all these Signs have become manifest. My sharing the two centuries—i.e. my being Dhul- Qarnain—is so established that there is no calendar of any nation of which my life has not spanned its two centuries.”””
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