In 1907, in MGA’s famous book, Haqiqatul Wahy, MGA claimed that Adam (as) was born as a twin. This seems to be the first time that MGA used his argument in his career. We haven’t found any instances before this. This belief is totally unislamic. In the Quran, 2:35-36, proves that Adam (as) was living in Jannah (heaven) with Allah. Allah then created Eve. Allah then sent them both to Earth, through the 7 heavens.

Historically, in 1898, in Kitab ul Barriya, MGA was claiming that he was born with a twin sister, however, this seems to be a lie. It seems that MGA was creating a back story. About 10 years later, MGA was asserting that Adam (as) was created as a twin (see the full quote in the below). Later on, in Malfuzat, MGA and his team of writers seems to have given additional data on Adam (as) not being the first man. Watch my video on this here. MGA also discussed this in Tiryaq ul Qulub (see the scans in the below).
Allah made pairs after he sent Adam (as) and Eve to Earth

Adam (as) and Eve were the two first humans on Earth. Allah them brought animals, fruit, sugar, chocolate, all in pairs. This is what the verses of the Quran mean when taken together. There are about 9 verses in the Quran which refer to Allah creating in pairs. However, this doesn’t contradict the idea that Adam (as) was not born a twin. Tafsir ibn Kathir tells us that Allah created Eva (as) from the rib (bone and blood) of Adam (as). Allah created everything from dust, its all the same ingredients, just look at the table of elements, they prove that Allah can make a human from another human easily.

Verses which prove that humans were made in pairs after Adam (as) was sent to Earth

78:8—–“””And We created you in pairs””

53:45, 51:49, 55:52, 43:12, 42:11, 36:36, 35:11 and 39:6.

1907, pages 253-254, online english edition and page 569

“””Muslims who were gifted with spiritual visions have foretold that the Promised Messiah—who is the last Khalifah and Khatamul-Khulafa’ [Seal of the Khulafa’]—is like Adam in that he would be born at the end of 6th Millennium, just as Adam was born at the end of the sixth day. Moreover, like Adam, he would be born on Friday and would be a twin birth. Just as Adam was born in the manner of a twin—Adam first, and then Eve—similarly, the Promised Messiah would be born twin. So, Allah be praised and thanked that I am the fulfilment of this prophecy of the mystics. I, too, was born a twin at dawn on a Friday with the sole difference that the first to be born was a girl whose name was Jannat—and she went to Jannat [Paradise] after a few days and after her I was born. Sheikh Muhy-ud-Din ibn-e-‘Arabi has recorded this prophecy in his book Fusus, and has also written that he [the Promised Messiah] would be of Chinese descent. In any case, these three prophesies reinforce one another. Because they have been fulfilled, they have acquired the status of certainty that no sensible person can deny.””

Page 569
“””It was, therefore, necessary that the like of Adam who, in other words is referred to as the Promised Messiah, should be born at the end of the sixth millennium which is symbolized by Friday, the day on which Adam was born. So was I brought into being by God. Thus, according to all this, I was born in the sixth millennium. And this is a strange coincidence that I was born on a Friday according to the calendar in use. Also, just as Adams [the progenitors] were born male
and female, so was I born as a twin. A girl was with me who was born first and then I was born after her. These are the facts of my life which provide the seeker after truth with clear evidence. In addition, there are thousands of other Signs some of which have already been recorded by
way of illustration.”””
1895 in Arya Dharam:

Urdu Transliteration—-“”””jasay Hazrat Hawa Hazrat Adam ki pasli sa nikali gae aisay he har yak larkay ki joroo us ki pasli sa nikali gae ho””””

“””Just like Hazrat Hawa was created by rib of Hazrat Adam same as each boy’s wife was created from his rib. (rk vol 10 Aariya Darham page 39)”””



Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 15, pp. 489,Tiryaqul-Qulub

MGA argues about the birth of Adam (as). See Brother Obaidullah’s explanation herein.



Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 15, pp. 489,Tiryaqul-Qulub

MGA argues that Adam (as) was born a twin. See Brother Obaidullah’s explanation herein. 

Additional lies and cover up…

In this video…(Retrieved on 10-18-16)these Ahmadis argued that women were created before men and thus supported MGA’s writings on the topic. They also explained away the Arya Dharam quote as a metaphor. So, they called MGA’s writings on this topic as a metaphor, without addressing the later writings….this is a classic Ahmadi tactic of deflection.

Further, the official Ahmadi-comprehensive english commentary on the Quran tells us that this verse means that mankind was born from 2 souls, man and woman, and thus its supports MGA’s view on this topic. He then goes on to argue that women weren’t really created from the rib of a man, and its only a metaphor.

Other lies about Adam by Ahmadiyya

As we all know…Ahmadis dont believe that Adam (as) was the first human. They believe in many Adams (as)….they also dont believe that Adam (as) physically descended (nuzul) to Earth from Heaven, which is an established islamic belief.

The Lahori-Ahmadi position

Muhammad Ali (see 4:1) cleverly made the argument that this verse infers that mankind started from “pairs” and not from a single person. He didn’t care to comment on “rib” topic. I’ve found many instances wherein Muhammad Ali has steered clear of certain controversial topics.  

The Islamic position on the Adam?

Tafsir Ibn Kathir is an amazing classical book on Tafsir. Ibn Kathir tells us that Allah created a single soul, i.e. Adam (as) and then created Hawa aka Eva from the rib of Adam (as).  


MGA and his team of ghost-writers seem to have denied the islamic concept of creation as early as 1886. The ulema must have been concerned. It was Sir Syed who first challenged this topic and obviously, MGA’s team stole Sir Syed’s argument.
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B.A. Rafiq, “Truth About Ahmadiyya, online version,, Retrieved on 6-7-19).


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