Mali was a french colony, thus, the Ahmadiyya movement didnt get access to Mali until after they got independence. By 2020, Mali is listed as 90% Muslim, these are Maliki-Muslims, Mali has a long history of Islamic tradition. In fact, the richest African of all time was a Maliki Muslim Caliph named Mansa Musa.

It is unclear when Ahmadiyya got access to Mali, however, it seems like around the time that they got independence in 1960. It seems that after 2006 the Ahmadiyya movement began building mosques and investing. We dont see any Ahmadiyya mosques before 2006. Nor is their a Jamia in the country.

By 2020, we estimate that there are less than 200 Ahmadi’s in all of Mali. We have found jamaats in Sikasso, and an Ahmadiyya Mission House there. They are also in control of 17 radio stations and thus do tabligh via radio. At the #JalsaUK, the 5th Khalifa announced 10,000 converts to Ahmadiyya. By 2022, the Supreme Council of Mali declared Qadiani-Ahmadi’s as Kafirs. 

How many Ahmadiyya missionaries are working in Mali?

1—Zafar Ahmad Butt seems to be the Amir and missionary in-charge in Mali.

2–Taseer Ahmad of #Segou Region of #Mali is one Ahmadiyya mullah.
How many Ahmadiyya mosques in all of Mali? 

1—Mosquee Moubarak in Bamako, Mali.
2—Mosquee Mahmood in Segou, Mali.
3—Mosquee Nasir in Didieni, Mali.
4—Baitul Noor in Koulikoro Mali.
5— Mahdi Mosque in Fana City #Mali.
6—Ali Mosque
in Village Zirilani of Sikasso.


30,000 Qadiani-Ahmadi’s left Ahmadiyya and became Muslims.


The first ever Majlis Khuddam ul Ahmadiyya ijtema is held. The first ever Jalsa Salana was also held. 


The first ever Women’s national Ijtema is held. 


#HumanityFirst#Mali organised a ceremony un Bamakk to give Diplomas to the 56 students who have completed their three years professional education from Humanity First sewing center in #Bamako.

Humanity First also did eye surgeries. 

#HumanityFirst #Mali has just completed work today for the installation of a water hand pump in the village of Djalakoro, 20km from Kignan, region of #Sikasso by the support of #HumanityFirst #France.

#Jalsa #Salana of Koutiala Region of #Mali held on 7 and 8 February 2020.

Jama’at #Islamique #Ahmadiyya #Segou #Mali holding a #book stand in annual #festival of Segou.

#Jama‘at #Islamique #Ahmadiyya #Mali put a foundation brick for Ahmadiyya #Mosque in village Kele of #Koulikoro Region on 29 January 2020.

Mirza Masroor Ahmad fraudulently claimed 10,000 converts to Ahmadiyya from Mali in 2019-2020.

At the #JalsaUK, the 5th Khalifa announced 10,000 converts to Ahmadiyya.

The National Conference of Scholars of the Islamic Supreme Council of the State of Mali decided:

1- Considering the Qadianis Ahmadiyya Community as outside the framework of Islam.
2- Calling the Muslims to stay away from any activity of the Ahmadiyya Qadianis group.
3- Calling all the members of the Islamic Supreme Council to work to protect Islamic society from the penetration of this group.
4- Calling the government to implement the foregoing and preventing this group from using the name of Islam in naming its associations and activities, and not naming their places of worship as mosques.
5- In the event that this Ahmadiyya community violates the foregoing, the National Conference of Scholars requests a total ban of the ahmadia group in the State of Mali.

God is the helper.


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