In 2021, even official Ahmadiyya sources claim less than 50 #Ahmadis in all of Russia. There is an Ahmadiyya twitter account for Russia, see here. In 2008, in “Ahmadiyya Muslim Mosques Around the World”, it is stated that there were 3 #ahmadis in Russia who seem to be working as psuedo-Murrabi’s, Mr. Khalid Ahmad and Mr. Ristam Hammad Wali in Moscow and Hafiz Saeed-ur-Rahman working in Kazan Tatarstan. They seem to be totally missing by 2021. In 1984, the owners of the Shezan company pay for the translation of the Ahmadiyya Quran into Russian. Its unclear if this was completed. However, it doesn’t seem to have attracted any Russians. After 2006, the Qadiani-Ahmadi’ seem to have invented a revelation of MGA about Ahmadi’s converting in Russia like grains of sand, this was added in the 2009 english edition of Tadhkirah and came from the Register Riwayat-e-Sahabah, which seems to be a missing book.

The history of Ahmadiyya in Russia started after WW-1. Ahmadiyya missionaries were sent to Russia illegally in 1921-1924 era. However, there seems to be a companion of MGA who claimed that MGA had a revelation that his followers were like grains of sand in Russia (see in the below). This was obviously never fulfilled, and in fact, seems to have been made by after the fact. This was not in the 1976 english edition of Tadhkirah, or we haven’t found it yet. Factually, in 1893, in Hamamatul Bushra, MGA called the Russian Christians as Gog and Magog.

I came across an interesting book just recently, it is: “A call to Islam in the USSR” by A.R. Mughal. This book is essentially an oral narrative by Maulvi Zahoor Hussain of his imprisonment in the USSR. I have read this book thoroughly and am shocked at the behavior of Ahmadiyyat and the involvement of the British in their support. This book essentially proves to the world that Ahmadiyyat always had support from the British government in almost every aspect of its operations. Another Ahmadi Murrabi was also sent, Maulvi Muhammad Amin.
Here are a few quotes from the Al-Fazl of 1923. It proves that Ahmadis did work with the British govt in terms of spying on Russia. Maulvi Abdul Majid was also sent by the Khalifa, not much is known about his life. Maulvi Zahoor Hussain’s grandchildren live in the USA nowdays, his grandson is a major worker of Ahmadiyya INC. @Harris_Zafar. The Khalifa, Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad mentioned this incident in 1945 via a speech that was turned into a book, “The Economic System of Islam”, see page 75), Maulvi Zahoor Hussain was in the audience. We should also remember that MGA called Russia and the British as Gog and Magog.

Ahmadiyya places of worship or mission houses

There is only one Qadiani-Ahmadi mission house, its in St. Petersburg, most likely at a rented house (See Ahmadiyya Muslim Mosques Around the World, pg. 151). 

MGA’s comments on Russia?
Via Tadhkirah, [Register Riwayat-e-Sahabah, vol. 10, p. 114, Riwayat Sheikh ‘Abdul-Karim,

Book-binder, Karachi]

“”The Promised Messiah said:

I see my Jama‘at [Community] in the area of Russia like the grains of sand in numbers.””
Quote and scan
Hamamatul bushra Page 42

“Gog and Magog are the Russian and the british christians.”

In 2008, in “Ahmadiyya Muslim Mosques Around the World”

Ahmadiyya sources claim that Leo Tolstoy wrote to Qadian and engaged letters with Mufti MUhammad Sadiq, however, this seems dubious. The original source is Zikr-e-Habib (1926).


Zikre Habib pp 399-401 published Qadian, First Edition, December 1936

‘To Mufti Muhammad Sadiq Sahib,

Dear friend! Your letter along with Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s picture and a sample of the magazine Review of Religions has been received. To engage in the proof of the death of Christ or in the investigation of his tomb, is a futile effort because an intelligent man can never believe that Jesus is still alive…. We need reasoned religious teaching and if Mr Mirza presents a new
reasonable proposition then I am ready to benefit from it. In the specimen number, I approved very much two articles, ‘How to get rid of the Bondage of Sin’ and ‘The Life to Come’, especially the second. The idea is very profound and very true. I am most thankful to you for sending me this and am also grateful for your letter.

Yours Sincerely, Tolstoy, from Russia. 5th June 1903.’

Maulvi Muhammad Amin was sent to Russia by the Khalifa.

See “Ahmadyya, British-Jewish connections” by Bashir Ahmad
Mahmud Ahmad sent Maulvi Muhammad Amin to Iran and Central Asia in 1921 (see Ahmadiyya British-Jewish connections, page 87). Also see, Fateh Muhammad Sayal, “Jamaat Ahmadiyya Ki Islami Hidmat”, 1927, Lahore, Page 30. By 1923, Maulvi Muhammad Amin has been arrested a few times for spying on behalf of the British Govt., (see page 87).  Also See Al-Fazl, Qadian, 14 Aug 1923 and Al-Fazl, Qadian, 28 Sep, 1923.  

Maulvi Muhammad Amin relates:
Al-Fazl, 28 Sep, 1923

“Although I had gone to Russia for the propagation of Ahmadiyyat yet I served the interest of the British Government also side by side my preaching because the interests of the Ahmadiyya sect and those of the British government are closely interlinked with each other and whenever I preached my beliefs I must have to serve the British government.  The centre of our Ahmadiyya sect is in India, therefore, during my preaching I had to describe the religious freedom and blessings of the British rule in India”  

———————————————————————————————————————————————————-        Al-Fazl of 14 Aug 1923

“”””Since Muhammad Amin Khan has no passport, as soon as he reached the first Railway Station at Qabza he was held up on the charge of spying for the British. All that he possessed including clothes, books, etc., were seized. He remained there for one month after which he was imprisoned at Ishqaband Jail. From there he was removed to Tashkent via Samarkand under the guard of Muslim Russian Police where he was jailed. During his two month imprisonment, his statements were repeatedly recorded to prove him a British spy. When his statements could not serve their purpose they resorted to threats and tried to allure him. His photographs were taken so that he could easily be recognized  and arrested again. At last he was taken to the Afghan border at Goshgi where he was deported to Herat (Afghanistan).

Since this mujahid had determined to propagate truth in that territory, he preferred death to his return. He, anyhow, again managed to escape from the Russian police and reached Bokhara. There he freely lived for 2 months but was, at last arrested on the charge of spying for the British.  He was subjected to torture and a heart-rendering treatment was meted out to him during his imprisonment.  Subsequently, under the guard of the Russian Muslim Police he was deported towards Iran.

Even after these events his thirst did not quench.  He got an opportunity to escape at Kakan Railway Station from the Police custody and fled to Bokhara.  All the way he travelled on foot.  After one week he was arrested in Bokhara and was taken to Samarkand via Kakan.  He managed to escape from police custody this time too and reached Bokhara. “”””
25 October 1926:

Maulana Zahoor Hussain returned to Qadian after two years of imprisonment in Russia. This devout missionary traveled to the Soviet lands to spread the message of the Jamaat, but was apprehended upon his arrival on the false suspicions of espionage. He patiently faced barbaric torture and other hardships during his captivity.


In 1928, the Ahmadiyya Khalifa opened his Jamia-Ahamdiyya. He built this with the idea of training murrabis/mullahs and sending them out into the world as a means to further his portfolio of global income. But before the opening, the Khalifa would approve Ahmadi’s per his own whims, and thus, most Ahmadiyya maulvi’s in this era never got a proper education as Imams. Thus, Maulvi Zahoor Hussain was a young Indian-Ahmadi(see page 112) was made an imam and sent out. Jalal-ud-din Shams, was sent to Syria and then later Kababir as he somehow converted an entire village to Ahmadiyyat. When the school began, Mirza Sharif Ahmad also attended this initial class of murrabis/mullahs (Mughal). He makes a rare appearance in the history of Ahmadiyyat. I am not sure whether he graduated or not, however, it is clear that he was never posted as a murrabbi anywhere. The one thing that Mirza Sharif Ahmad was good at was taking pictures and other activities that somehow kept him connected to Ahmadiyya. Furthermore, Mahmud Ahmad was planning to send murrabis to every country that the British occupied and even had his eyes on other countries.

Mahmud Ahmad had planned to send a murrabi secretly into the USSR. He had sent a surveyer intially to check out the possibility of illegal entry, the surveyer had reported back that it was possible to sneak into the USSR. When the day finally came for Mahmud Ahmad to select a person…he didnt choose his younger brother, instead he chose Maulvi Zahoor Hussain who followed the orders of his “peer”. He thus began his journey as he travelled from Qadian to Afghanistan and then to Iran in 1924. He seemed to buy assistance all along the way. He consistently found people who housed him and guided him as he attempted to sneak across the Iran/USSR border. When the day finally came for him to sneak into the USSR, he followed his route as his guide had explained and prayed to his God for support in this illegal endeavor. From his own account, Maulvi Zahoor Hussain was apprehended very shortly after entering the USSR. He was immediately arrested for not having a visa. He was immediately detained and began to be questioned as to why he was in the USSR. The USSR quickly confiscated all of his personal belongings and found some rather shocking documents that led to the conclusion that Maulvi Zahoor Hussain was spying on behalf of the British government through the mask of Ahmadiyyat.

The Soviets questioned him intensely. The British were not on good terms with the USSR and they were thus questioning Maulvi Zahoor Hussain in terms of the relationship between Ahmadiyya and the British. Further, the Russians had confiscated some secret instructions from Mahmud Ahmad to this maulvi, the instructions were as such:

“When you reach Bukhara ans start converting people to Ahmadiyyat, do not disclose the names of the new converts to anyone. So much so that even the Ahmadi converts were to be kept in the dark about each other’s identity. However, when you shift from one town to the next, then select one of the most efficient and truthful Ahmadis from the whole lot and apprise him of the names and other details of all the Ahmadis in the area. You should tell the chosen person to continue meeting all the Ahmadis in he town strictly on an individual basis. This instruction should be adhered to both in word and spirit at all times” (page 63).

After reading this and other papers from the bags of Maulvi Zahoor Hussain, the Russians had concluded that this Ahmadi was in fact a spy and had thus scheduled him for execution. This also led to beatings and intense questioning. The Soviets kept trying to get this Ahmadi-Mullah to confess that he was in-fact spying for the British…however, this Maulvi had been trained very well at Qadian and kept his mouth shut, he stuck with his alibi which was to state that he was simply a cleric of the Ahmadiyya who was instructed to trespass the USSR and gain converts to Ahmadiyya. However, the Soviets weren’t buying it! They knew of the Ahmadiyya and its close relationship with the British Government. They were even able to get books of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and thus questioned this Maulvi based on those books, it seems that “Jihad and the British govt” was also included in these collections.

Further, during the course of his stay in various jails in the USSR, this Maulvi reports that he had converted a few people to Ahmadism. He states that his strategy of tabligh was to hide the prophethood of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and to focus on the spirit and support of Islam that Ahmadiyya was selling as if Islam was a product. Through his process of masking Ahmadiyat, he was able to secure a few converts. It so happened that these Muslims who had unknowingly converted to Ahmadiyyat were still in the habit of praying salat behind Sunni Imams. The Ahmadi-Maulvi quickly scolded them and explained to them that Muslims were spiritually dead, and thus praying behind Sunni Imams was useless. He also explained the Ahmadiyya principle that Sunnis and Shi’ites were now Kafirs since they rejected Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. These newly converted Ahmadis must have been shocked in terms of the isolation aspect of the “A”.

Meanwhile, back in the interrogation rooms, Maulvi Zahoor Hussain kept getting transferred to different jails and questioned about his religion and the British govt., all the while he kept frequent contact with Qadian. Eventually he was transferred to some prison in Moscow and I’m sure that Mahmud Ahmad was informed of this final transfer. It should also be noted that almost 1 1/2 years had elapsed and Maulvi Zahoor Hussain hadnt been executed or let free by the Soviets. However, the rumors in the jails began to circulate that the execution of Maulvi Zahoor Hussain was very close. Maulvi Zahoor Hussain had kept in touch with Mahmud Ahmad in Qadian and Mahmud Ahmad had been actively trying to get his agent released and thus avoid execution. It so happened that Mahmud Ahmad used his positive connections with the British Government and arranged for Maulvi Zahoor Hussain to be released through diplomatic discussions between a certain ambassador of the British and the USSR, who just so happened to be in Moscow. In the introductory pages of this book, Mirza Bashir Ahmad wrote a heart-felt letter explaining how the British came to the rescue of Ahmadiyyat and were able to get their murrabi released and thus avoid execution.

After a 2-year prison stay, Maulvi Zahoor Hussain was going to be released by the USSR and thus avoid execution for espionage. The Ahmadiyya Movement thanked the British government and Maulvi Zahoor Hussain was coming home. Maulvi Zahoor Hussain was released from prison in 1926 and traveled south from Moscow until he reached Baghdad. As part of the deal between the USSR and the British, Maulvi Zahoor Hussain would meet a high ranking British official in Baghdad and then catch a ship to Karachi. Maulvi Zahoor Hussain reached Qadian and was celebrated as hero.

The owners of the Shezan company pay for the translation of the Ahmadiyya Quran into Russian. Its unclear if this was completed.

The famous booklet “Ahmadiyya Muslim Mosques Around the World” is published. In it, Qadiani-Ahmadi’s claim that Leo Tolstoy wrote to Qadian and exchanged letters with Mufti Muhammad Sadiq. Psuedo-Murrabi’s, Mr. Khalid Ahmad and Mr. Ristam Hammad Wali in Moscow and Hafiz Saeed-ur-Rahman working in Kazan Tatarstan.
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