In 1898, via “Raz-e-Haqiqat (see pages 55-56) and Shahadtul Quran (1893)(the word minkum appears 17 times in this book), MGA and his team of writers quoted a hadith from Abu Hurrairah, however, they didn’t give Abu Hurrairah’s name, since he hated him. Minkum was also quoted in the BA-5 (see page 135). See Malfuzat-1, online english edition (page 262). Also see “Kitab ul Barriya”, (online english edition by the Lahori-Ahmadi’s). See Ayyam us Sulah too.


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Page 45

“””And to say that the word مِنْکُم [minkum—from among you] signifies that the Khulafa’ will be solely from among the Companions because they are the sole addressees of the word minkum, then such thinking would be a blatant mistake. Such words can only be uttered by a person who has never read the Holy Quran with reflection and has failed to understand its manner of expression. If it were true that the only intended addressees were those believers
who were alive and present at the time [of its revelation], then such a view would render the interpretation of the entire Quran upside down.”””

Raz-e-Haqiqat, online english edition, pages 55-56

“”Muhammad Husain firmly believes that when the Messiah descends, the Promised Mahdi will surely be raised from among the Quraish; he will be the Khalifah of the age and the Promised Messiah will serve him along with those who pledge allegiance at his hand. For this reason, in their view the Hadith in Sahih Bukhari, i.e. اِمَامُکُمْ مِنْکُمْ 1 , alludes to the Promised Mahdi due to the words اِمَِامْ [imam] and مِنْکُمْ [minkum]; whereas, in my estimation, the word imam here refers to the Messiah who has been conferred spiritual authority. My view on this stands in stark contrast to that of Muhammad Husain andall his like-minded clerics who reside in the Punjab and throughout India. According to them the word imam in this Hadith alludes to the Awaited Mahdi who will be from the Quraish and who will wage war; and the Promised Messiah will serve him as an adviser and counsellor, but the Khalifah of the time will be the Mahdi.”””

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