Just like his father (MGA), Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad never wrote anything. Ahmadiyya sources claim that he wrote a huge commentary on the Quran called “Tafseer-e-Kabeer”, sometimes spelled as “Tafsir-i-Kabir”. They also claim that he wrote a shorter Tafsir entitled, “Tafseer-e-Sagheer” also spelled as “Tafsir-i-Saghir”. These Tafseer were most likely written by the paid Mullahs who worked directly for the Khalifa. The Khalifa didn’t have a full commentary written on the Quran, only about half, per the Introduction of the 1988 edition of the 5 volume commentary by Malik Ghulam Farid (died in 1977), Mirza Basheer ud Din’s “Tafsir-e-Kabir” only covered Chapters 1, 2, 10-29 and 78–114, he missed Chapters 3-9 and 30-77, he missed 53 chapters and purposely, since most of the controversial verses about Jesus and prophethood were contained therein, as well as the famous verse of Ismuhu Ahmad and the famous verse of Chapter 62 that #ahmadis quotes as they claim that MGA was the second coming of Muhammad (saw)(nauzobillah).
When was Tafsir i Kabir published?

Ahmadiyya sources tell us that the first volume of Tafsir-e-Kabir was published in 1948, the 6th volume in 1957, when the Khalifa was on his death-bed.

The first volume of Tafsir-e-Kabir, comprising the commentary of Surah al-Baqarah, was published in 1948. In it, the Khalifa states:

“A fresh example of direct teaching of God Almighty is also found in this age and that is the [example of] the founder of the Ahmadiyya Jamaat, who did not acquire education in any regular madrasa. When he started writing books in Arabic by the command of God Almighty, he was once taught 40,000 words of Arabic in one night.” (Tafsir-e-Kabir, Vol. 1, p. 319)


A commentary on Surah al-Muminun, was published in the sixth volume of Tafsir-e-Kabir on December 1957, wherein Hazrat Musleh-e-Maudra wrote:

“The Promised Messiahas has said, ‘I was taught 40,000 origins of Arabic words in one night by Allah the Almighty.’” (Tafsir-e-Kabir, Vol. 6, p. 142)
_____________________________________________________________________________________________When was Malik Ghulam Farid’s commentary of the Quran published?

Per 5 Malik Ghulam Farid’s commentary, The first volume comprising the first nine chapters along with an introduction appeared in 1947. The book was found to be too voluminous to be easily handled and, therefore, for the convenience of the readers, it was split into two parts. Volume 1 part I, containing the introduction & the first two chapters (now Vol. 1), was reprinted in 1964, and volume 1 part II, dealing with the next seven chapters (now Vol. 2) was reprinted in 1965 in Pakistan. Further research shows that the 5-volume commentary was first published in 1963 and then in 1968.

Full commentary 1968 version

In 5 volumes (1963):

“Tafseer-e-Sagheer” also spelled as “Tafsir-i-Saghir”

According to the information given on PDF of tafseer Sagheer on, not in the beginning but at the end, the first edition was printed in Dec 1957. The final volume was published in 1979.

“By the grace of God Almighty, I read books on all fields of knowledge… Sometimes, I will finish 400 page books in one night. And until now, I have read nearly 20,000 books. I had 10,000 books in my library in Qadian alone.” (Anwar-ul-Ulum, Vol. 21 p. 556).

However, he also stated: 

He stated that he doesn’t read the parts where books clarify key confusions and respond to any allegations.


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