We have found an article in the ROR of May-1927 which acknowledges the death of Smyth-Piggot. However, they don’t mention any of MGA’s failed prophecies in this regard. The next mention of Piggot by Ahmadiyya literature seems to be 57 years later in the ROR of 1984. Read MGA’s initial writings to Piggot herein. Download all the scans herein. In 2009, Shahid Kamal and Akber Chaudhary found MGA’s warning of 1902 in british libraries and began to publicize MGA’s failed death prophecy with Piggot. Tahir Hussain’s essay on the was published on March 27th, 2010. A few weeks later, Tahir Ijaz wrote about Piggot in the Ahmadiyya Gazette of March-April 2010, which seems to have been published in May of 2010. Ak Shaikh and Akber Chaudhary published their video in 2013. This caused Ahmadi’s to edit their books on Piggot. The Ahmadiyya Movement even went out of their way and manipulated Dr. Schweiso and Nick Barret and tried to get them to say that Piggot repented. Factually, even in 1907, Ahmadiyya sources were claiming that Piggot would die in MGA’s lifetime.

2010, Ahmadiyya Gazette essay by Tahir Ijaz

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In 1907, Ahmadiyya newspapers were still asserting that Piggot would die before MGA


Review Of Religions – May 1927 Edition

The Review of Religions of 1984 was asserting MGA’s prediction on Piggot, i.e. that Piggot would die in MGA’s lifetime

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s initial writings to Piggot in 1902

Piggot vs. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad–the scan work, live from the Discussion Forum on Ahmadiyya on FB

Piggot was mentioned in the Review of Religions of Jan 1912

Ahmadis editing their books on Piggot


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