MGA never wrote anything. He was helped his entire life, he even had toilet attendants, many servants and other people to massage him all day. Moreover, he broke his right hand in his youth, and thus was never able to have full function of his right hand. In fact, MGA’s right hand was so weak, he couldn’t lift a simple cup of tea with it, he was thus forced to drink and eat with his left hand, which is unislamic and nasty. A few names of the scribes are Mirza Khuda Bakhsh and Abdul Karim. Another one bear the name of scribe as Pir Sirajul Haq, these names are given in Maktubat.

Friday Khutbah of Mirza Masroor Ahmad, 1-15-16
“””In olden days, it took a long time to compile books and many edits had to be done and the resources available were very limited. Hazrat Musleh Maud (ra) mentions how things were in those days. How the Promised Messiah (as) desired high quality. He talks about how he bore with patience the demands of the scribes. Talking about Mir Mahdi Hassan Sahib when he was not an Ahmadi. He says that Mir Sahib was incharge of the printing in the time of the Promised Messiah (as). When a book of the Promised MEssiah (as) was published he would read it with great care.

Promised Messiah (as) would reject a book even if smallest error was found in it and he would have a new one written. Then he would review the new one and if it too contained errors he would also reject it. And he would not permit a book to be published till he was certain that there was no error in it.

The Promised Messiah (as) would inquire why it took so long to publish and they would say Huzur there are still many errors in the proofs. The Promised Messiah (as) also wanted a clean and good thing produced and so he would never worry that the workers are just sitting around doing nothing waiting and consuming wages doing nothing. It was also his practice that if there was a small shortcoming in the book he would tear it and ask that it be rewritten. And the scribe would re write and till the quality was good he would not give the book for publication.

Initially the transcribers were not Ahmadi but eventually became Ahmadis and the good thing about them was that they recognized and correctly estimated the status of the Promised Messiah (as) and he recognized their worth. Despite not being Ahmadi whenever the Promised Messiah had their need they would be called to Qadian. In those days the wages were low, 25 rupees a month and an allowance for food.

The scribe had the habit that when the work was near an end he would come to the Promised Messiah (as) and say Huzur, I have come to submit my salaams and request leave to go home. The Promised Messiah (as) would ask, what is the hurry? The work of printing the books is ongoing still. We have need of scribes. The scribe would say Huzur I definitely need to go. The promised Messiah (as) would say there is still material that needs to be written down. The scribe would say Huzur here I have to make my own food and this takes up all my day, so I do not know whether I should make my food or do the writing. The Promised Messiah (as) would say to him to stay and provided him food from the Langar [the Promised Messiah’s public kitchen]. Thus he would get his 35 Rupees in wages and the food.

A few days later he would again come to the Promised Messiah and say that he has to go home and upon being asked why he would say that the food of the Langar is lacking and a man cannot do any work eating this food. So the Promised Messiah (as) would ask what should he do. He would say you should please give some money separately for this. The Promised Messiah (as) would raise wages by ten Rupees and say ok you will now receive 45 Rupees.

Then he would return ten days later saying I have come to submit my salaams and seek permission to go home. I spend all day cooking food how can I work. The Promised Messiah (as) would again ask so what should I do? And he would be told to arrange something at the Langarkhana. The Promised Messiah (as) would say ok you will keep receiving 45 rupees and will also start getting food from the Langarkhana. He would return to start work again.

Then he would return a few days later saying I have come to submit my salaams and seek permission to go home. Huzur would ask what is the matter and would say I cannot eat the food of the Langar you should increase my wages by ten more rupees and so the wages were increased to 55 rupees.

Similarly he employed other ways to get more money from Huzur but Huzur loved his writing and would tolerate all these but get him to do the writing. What this does show is how much care and worry the Promised Messiah (as) had for his books. He wanted that the teachings of Islam should be presented in the best manner possible.

We should strive to read the books of the Promised Messiah (as) especially. Our religious knowledge would increase thereby and a zeal would well up within us for conveying the message to others and our knowledge would also become blessed and we will become capable of bringing the world under the flag of Islam Ahmadiyyat.”””

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