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October 2022

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, Noorudin, Ahmadiyya and rafa-yadain

Per Upal (see The Handbook of Islamic Sects and Movements, see page 641), rafa-yadain is a practice that only Wahabi’s aka Ahl-e-Hadith Muslims re-started in British-India, as opposed to the Hanafi’s of India (majority of Muslims). It does have credibility via hadith. It seems that MGA allowed the practice and then later stopped it and stopped his followers as such.

Upal argued that since most scholars regard Hussain to be the founder of Ahl-e-Ḥadīth in India, this is a remarkable statement. Khan is not only claiming to be an Ahl-e-Ḥadīth but he is also claiming that he was an Ahl-e-Ḥadīth even before Hussain (Syed Nazir Hussain) was one. In essence he is claiming to be the real founder of the movement because he argues that he persuaded Hussain to become an Ahl-e-Ḥadīth and adopt the practice of rafa-yadain.

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Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and the marriage of Maulvi Muhammad Ali

This entire entry was taken from the islam_Ahmadiyya reddit forum.

The following material is referenced from Maktubat-e-Ahmadiyya (Letters of Ahmad) Volume 5, Number 3, published on February 18, 1929 compiled by Yaqoob Ali Irfani Sahib and printed in Qadian.

About these letters, Irfani Sahib has said in the preface, and I quote:

“I feel ashamed in having to say that it is sad that until now, there are very few admirers in the jamaat who fully appreciate the value of these invaluable gems”

One of these gems on page 166 is letter number 273 written by the Promised Messiah on October 31st, 1899 addressed to Munshi Rustam Ali Sahib, whereby he is trying to seek Munshi Sahib’s help in finding a match for his companion Maulvi Mohammad Ali Sahib.

I feel that the letter is self-evident in identifying what is critical in seeking a girl for marriage. I will just give some perspective to a couple of items here.

First of all, why the insistence on a female barber? I cannot think of any other reason other than the fact that female barbers having spent their lives providing female grooming services, had a hands-on knowledge of female anatomy, presumably unmatched by a woman in any other capacity. They would be able to provide the information the promised Messiah was looking for, in a much more accurate way than a lay person. I will let you do your own analysis of the situation.

Second, Maulvi Mohammad Ali was not a young man at the time of this Nikah, he had already been divorced a long time ago, so why seek the younger of the daughters of the Superintendent? I can only guess that young girls were most sought after and it is consistent with the pattern exhibited in other marriages of the family.

Third, why is all this information expected to be transmitted back to the promised Messiah and not Maulvi Mohammad Ali in private? Does a third person really have to know and be able to pass judgement on the detailed physical attributes of one’s future wife? Beats me.

Fourth, that laundry list of what to look for in the girl by sending in an ‘expert’ in female anatomy for inspections, is so sickening, I felt like puking. But that is probably just me, it must have increased others in faith.

I want to conclude by saying that perhaps our jamaat should actively encourage our young women to take up the profession of female barbers and provide their services free of charge to the membership, so the success rate of ahmadiyya weddings can improve. I see the aunties are doing a pretty pathetic job of evaluating the most important attributes of prospective brides. I also suggest that our Rishta Nata website should have a spreadsheet to voluntarily fill in all these physical attributes which could then be attested by the local sadr sahiba or the family physician.

In the end, I would love for the aplogists to provide an alternate spin to this letter so that all those of us who are feeble of heart and mind can regain the state of peace which was disturbed by my blasphemy.

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Qadyani Confronts Shaikh Mohammed at Speakers corner

It seems that some Ahmadi’s showed up to speakers corner and began discussing Islam with Shaikh Mohammed at speakers corner. There are two videos.


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Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and satanic influences

In the reference in the below (Page 353 of A’ina-e-Kamalat-e-Islam), MGA says that ever word of a prophet is wahi and he received wahi in every moment but sometimes Satan messes it up and makes him do an ijtihadi mistake which also counts as Wahi, and thus prophets make mistakes in Wahi (MGA). MGA claims that people see false dreams about him are because of their desires, but then you might ask, then why should we believe in dreams as sign? MGA then says that true dreams are pure and have holy qualities in them and glad tidings.

On page 112 (see the scan in the below), MGA is responding to someone’s question about istikhara and his truth. MGA also claims that people get dreams about him being false because of their desires and that prophets even get satanic revelations due to their desires. MGA says that Jesus (as) had the Holy Spirit with him all the time, yet, he still made false prophecies such as the fig tree prophecy, which he didn’t know was fruitless. MGA also alleges that Muhammad (Saw) also errored in similar situations (naudhobillah).

On page 115 (see the scan in the below), MGA says that some people may get false dreams.

At the 1925 Jalsa at Qadian, the 2nd Khalifa gave speeches wherein he claimed that even Satan would be eventually allowed into heaven (see page 37)(See the full quote in the below).

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While in the USA, Mirza Masroor Ahmad never wore a mask, was never vaccinated and didn’t allow Ahmadi’s without a mask near him

Mirza Masroor Ahmad finally returned to the UK yesterday, however, he still refuses to wear a mask, he was never vaccinated and even called Ahmadi’s as ignorant if they didn’t get the vaccine. 

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Why did Ibrahim Noonan approach a female ahmadi on twitter?

It seems that the Ahmadiyya pseudo imam, Ibrahim Noonan sent a DM to young Muslim girl on twitter wherein he gave her his resume. Noonie claims to have been a kickboxing champion and even officially fought for the government/country of Ireland. These are lies, Noonie also claims to have college degrees in theology from before he converted to Ahmadiyya, that is also a lie. Noonan said this in his attempt to began conversations with this woman (who seems to be a fake account). This is called sliding in the DM’s in the urban dictionary.

Noonie also covers up the fact that he never attended Jamia and was “grand-fathered-in” by one murrabi tho taught him over a period of several years, similar to how Rashid Ahmad became an imam in the 1950’s. In the past, He showed up at Speakers corner and made a fool out of himself, the video has since been deleted. In this same year, he admitted to chasing women and being a loser. He publicly beefed with Fiona O’Leary also, see here.

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Ak Shaikh and Amir Haq discuss the new interview of Faiza about the pedophilia of the Mirza family

Ak Shaikh and Amir Haq just did a program on Zaitoon News in terms of Faiza (the daughter of Mirza Tahir Ahmad) and mother of Nida Al-Nasser and the rampant pedophilia in the Mirza family. 

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Mirza Tahir Ahmad was a vicious mullah


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The 1949 Jalsa at Rabwah (the first ever at Rabwah)

Ahmadiyya sources claim that the first ever Jalsa Salana held at Rabwah was held on 15th – 17th April 1949 and was allegedly attended by 16,000 people. It was held out of season.

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The 1950 Jalsa Salana at Rabwah, Pakistan

In 1950, the Ahmadiyya Community at Rabwah held its second annual Jalsa from Rabwah. The Jalsa was held on Dec-27-29, 1950. Mirza Basheer uddin Mahmud (the 2nd Khalifa) gave the inaugural address wherein he spoke about the reasons behind the opposition of Ahmadiyyat, said that the Jamaat was facing severe opposition from all sides, and it seemed as if the whole world had turned against Ahmadiyyat. He urged Ahmadi’s to express mercy and sympathy in return. This seems to have been his strategy in the newly formed Pakistan (see the full quotations in the below).

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