As we all know, Ahmadi-mullahs keep editing the writings of MGA in an attempt to cover-up his errors and omissions.  In fact, the entire book of announcements that the AMI published is exactly that… attempt at backdating and forward-dating.  Further, the collection of Ruhani Khuzain is an attempt to edit MGA’s writings and etc.

2009 edition Tadkirah vs. 2004 edition Tadhkirah

In the old version of Tadhkirah (2004 edition) there was an ilham on page 346:

God almighty has conveyed it to me that every person to whom my call is conveyed and who does not accept me is not a Muslim and is accountable to God for his defult (Letter addressed to Dr. Abdul Hakeem)(April 1906).

In the new version of the Tadhkirah this revelation does not exist!!! It seems that Masroor is at again, he has purposely re-published a new version of this book so that some controversial revelations might be suppressed.

On a side note, MGA had denied ever making this statement.

In Haqiqatul Wahy(1907) p. 178 he writes:

Dr. Abdul Hakim in his pamphlet MASIH AL-DAJJAL and other writings accuses me of having written that anyone who does not believe in me, even if he has not heard my name or is living in a country beyond the reach of my call, is an unbeliever and shall go to hell. This is a patent fabrication by the Doctor. I have never said so in any book or poster of mine. It is binding on him to produce such writings of mine in which I have said so!

MGA must have forgot what he wrote in that letter to Dr. Hakeem Khan, a year after writing the letter he totally denied it.

Who collected Tadhkirah??

The first edition (of Tadhkirah) was compiled by a committee, headed by Mirza Bashir Ahmad, appointed by Khalifatul Masih II and was published in 1935 (see the preface of the current edition).

The Ahmadiyya editing team is notorious in their attempts to clean out the controversial writings of MGA.  This is how Ahmadis begin to delete data.  However, this data is still available on the Ahmadi website under “Essense of Islam” Vol. 4 (see page 87).  And it is mentioned in the writings of Mahmud Ahmad.  Interestingly enough, this quote was also quoted in 1935, in the Al-Fazl.  Thus, this quote was approved by the sons of MGA for over 70 years.


Who ordered for its removal?  Why?  What is the real reason for removal?