MGA couldn’t memorize the longer chapters of the quran, which most likely led to his inability of leading salaat. In this reference, it seems that MGA also had a problem with memorizing the Quran. MGA didn’t memorize the quran fully either nor could he quickly pull references, he always kept a hafiz around. The Hafiz was most likely Noorudin, Syed Amrohi or some other younger Ahmadi like Mufti Muhammad Sadiq.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________The ref
Seertul Mahdi part 3, page 540 quotation no.553
Written By His Son M.A.Bashir in Seertul Mahdi part 3, page 540 quotation no.553, (New Edition):

“Dr Meer Muhammad Ismael told me that Hazrat Masih Maoud did not memorise LONGER parts and longer Surahs. There is no doubt that he (Mirza ghulam) had totally encompassed meaning of the Holy Quran- But he had not memorized most of the Quran. In fact, due to the vast/extensive study and pondering over (text of Quran), the situation with him was that, when he wanted to dig out a particular subject, he would ask the Hafiz as to which Ayat contains that subject, or he would read part of an Ayat, or he would give a word (to hafiz) to find out, which of the Ayats contain that word.”

“”Dr Mir Muhammad Ismael nay muj say bayan kiaa, kay hazrat masih maoud ko Quran kay baray baray (big) musalsal (contineous) hisay yaa bari bari (big) surtain yaad naa theen. Bay shuk aap Quran kay jumlaa (in total) mataalab per havee (encompas) thay magar hifaz kay rung main (like hafiz quran who has memorized) quran shareef kaa aksar hissa yaad naa thaa. Haan kasrat (lot of- all the time) a mutaala aour kasrat tadubar (to ponder) say yay halat ho gai thee kay jub koi mazmoon nikaalna hota to khud bataa ker haafiz say pootcha kertay thay kay iss mainay (meaning) kee ayat kon see hay, yaa ayat kaa tukra (piece) puhr (read) daytay thay yaa fermaatay kay jiss ayat main yay lafaz aata hai woh ayat kon see hai.””

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