Mirza Tahir Ahmad was a vicious mullah. He lied and lied and lied. He setup Ord-XX and was able to move his headquarters to the UK. His bigotry knew no bounds, and he was bold and arrogant about it. In this specific case, I have caught him lying about MGA and his pension squandering situation from 1865. Mirza Tahir Ahmad delivered a speech in March of 1985 wherein he acted as-if he had never heard of the pension story in his entire life. He had never read Seeratul-Mahdi by Mirza Bashir Ahmad nor had any of his elders ever relayed the story to him. He then claims to have had his team find the reference and then gives a totally fraudulent rendition of the events. As the data shows, Mirza Tahir Ahmad totally misquoted this entire story.

1.  MGA didnt go to Sialkot to pickup his daddy’s pension, that is a total lie, it isnt written as such anywhere.

2.  It is not written anywhere in the narration that Mirza Imam ud Din snatched the money.

3.  MGA must have written his father a letter while on the road and then was sent to Sialkot to work.

4.  If Imam-ud-Din did steal the money, why wasnt a case filed against him?  Further, Imam-ud-din and MGA were roughly the same age, they had no beefs in that time frame.

The reference
This objection has two parts. One is that he was employed at a salary of 15 rupees per month, implying that he was a very insignificant person. This also implies that God could not have chosen him to be a Prophet, which thereby repeats the same objection raised by the Pharaoh. The second aspect of this objection is that Prophets do not work for someone else. In addition, the Promised Messiahas is being falsely accused (God forbid) of theft. Supposedly, he had to
leave home as a punishment for this theft. We have researched to determine where anyone
could possibly have found such an incident as a basis for such an allegation. We found in the biography Siratul- Mahdi, vol. 1, p. 43–44, narration no. 49:

“””Once the Promised Messiah went to Sialkot to collect his grandfather’s pension. Mirza Imam-ud-Din, a member of his family, went after him, snatched the money, and ran away. After this, the Promised Messiah did not return to Qadian because he deemed it better to earn some money by finding a job, rather than going back to his family after incurring the loss.”””

The True reference
“””in the name Allah the beneficient and the merciful. Stated to me by walda sahiba (mother of the author) that once , at the young age hazrat masih e moud went to receive pension of his father, when hazrat sahib (Mgaq) received the pension , he was chased and tracked by Mirza imamuddin who instead of bringing hazrat sahib to Qadiyan, lured him and took him from one place to other till the whole amount of pension was spent up. Then Imamuddin left hazrat sahib. Feeling regretted, hazrat sahib went to Sialkot instead of coming back to home. He got a job in the court of Deputy Commissioner Sialkot, on a very meagre amount as his father also desired him to get a job. Hazrat sahib remained there for some time till his mother got ill and he was called home by the grand father. At Amritsar He was received by a messenger from Qadiyan who told him that his mother had died.”””

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The Urdu transliteration
Bayan kia mudge say hazart walida sahib nay kay aik dafa apnee jawani (youth) kay zamana main hazart masih maoud alaih salam tumharay dada kee pension wasool kernai gaye to peachay peachay (behind) mirza imam din bhee chala gaiya. Jab aap nay pension wasool ker lee to wo aap ko phusla (trick) ker aur dhoka day ker bajayi (instead) qadian lanay kay bahir (meaning of the word is outside-but it means outside qadian somewhere else) lay giaya aour idher udher (here there) phirata raha. (according to this narration -this incident was just before sialkot employment which was 1864-1868-MGA is around 25 years old-purpose of this is to ascertain MGA age- he was not a child that imam din could lure him hither thither in India)
Phir jub us nay (imamdin) saraa rupiya ura (spend) ker khatam ker diya to aap ko schore (leave) ker kaheen aour chala gaya. Hazrat masih maoud ees (this) sharam kay maray wapis ghar naheen aiyee. Aour chounkay tumharay dada ka munsha (desire) rehtaa tha kay aap kaheen mulazam ho jayeen -ees liyay aap sialkot shahr (city) main -deputy commissionar kee katchehri main qaleel tunkhua (little wage) per mulazam ho gayay (now that proves that MGA was in his 20s and was not a child) aour kutch arsaa tuk wahan mulazmat per rahay. Phir jab tumharee dadee (MGA mother) beemar hounee to tumharay dada nay admee bhaija – kay mulazmat chour (leave) ker aa (come) jaao. Jiss per hazrat sahib forun rawana ho gayay. Amritsar pohuntch ker qadian aanay kay wastay yakka karayia per liyaa. Iss mouqa per qadian say aik aour adamee bhee aap kay laynay kay liyay amritsar pouhntch giyaa -us admee nay kaha yakka (tanga) juldi chalao kiunkay un (MGA mother) kee halat bohat nazuk thee. Phir thoree dair kay baad kehnay laga -bohat hee halat nazuk thee- jaldi karo kaheen fout (died) nah ho gaee houn. Walida sahiba bayan kertee theen -kay hazart sahib fermatay thay -kay main isee waqat sumahg giaa kay -derasal walida fout ho chukee hain. Kiunkay agar woh zinda hoteen to wo shakhas aisay alfaz na boltaa. Chonanchay qadian pohnchay to pata laga kay waqayee wo fout ho chukeen thee. Walida sahiba bayan kertee hain kay hazrat sahib fermatay thay kay humain (means -“us “ is plural- does that mean that there was at least one more person?) chore (leave) ker phir mirza imam din ihther udher (here and there) phirta raha. Akhir us nay chaiy (tea) kay qaflay per daka (theft) mara aour pakra giaa- magar muqadma main rihaa ho giya. Hazrat sahib farmatay thay kay maaloom hota hai kay Allah taala nay hamaree waja say hee usay kaid (prison) say bachaa liya-werna wo khud kaisa hee adamee tha hamaray mukhalif yahee kehtay -in kay aik chacha zaad bahee jail khana main reh chuka hai. Khaksaar araz kerta hai kay hazrat masih maoud alaih salam kee sialkot kee mulazmat 1864-1868 ka waqia hai.
Is rawait (narration) say yay naheen samajna chahiya kay hazart masih maoud ka sialkot main mulaazam hona is wajah say tha- kay aap say mirza imam din nay dada sahib kee pension kaa rupaya dhoka say ura (taken) liya tha-keyoon kay jaisa kay khud hazart masih maoud alaih salam nay apnee tasaneef main tasreeh (explain) kee hai. Aap kee mulazmat akhtiayar kernay kee waja (reason) siraf yay thee kay aap kay walid sahib mulazmat kay leyay zour daitay rehtay thay -werna aap kee apnee raiy (opinion) mulazmat kay khilaf thee. Isee tarha mulazmat chour (leave) daynay kee bhee asal wajah yahee thee – kay hazrat masih maoud mulazmat ko naapasand fermatay thay-aour apnay walid sahib ko mulazmat turk ker daynay kee ijazat kay leyay likhtay rehtay thay. laykin dada sahib turk a mulazmat kee ijazat naheen daytay thay. Magar jub dadi sahiba bemaar hunyee to dada sahib nay ijazat bhijwaa dee kay mulazmat chore ker aa jao.””

The video-work

Why did Mirza Tahir Ahmad lie?
Most Ahmadis indirectly worship the Mirza family.  They believe everything their Khalifa says, without question.  They are like robots.  They all heard Mirza Tahir Ahmad give his version of events and that was it.  They never questioned him, nor are they allowed to.

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