Reference Alhakam 24 November, 1905. Page2.Tareekh Ahmadiyyat Vol-2, Pages 263-264.

On MGA’s death, he also commented. He also commented about the first ever Jalsa-Salana under the Khilafat of Noorudin in 1908.

After his multiple claims of Maseel e Masih, Mahdi and Masih e Maud, Mirza Ghulam Qadiani had to confront with many contemporary Ulema and learned scholars who held dialogues and debates with him asking him to come to terms.

One of them was Mirza Hairat Dehlvi. Born as Muhammad Umrao Baig,in Dehli in 1868, he completed his education in Arabic College Dehli. He was employed by Munshi Navalkishore at Akhbar Avadh. He wrote commentary on Holy Quraan, which was published from Curzon Press Dehli in 1901. He also translated famous Ahadits books of Bukhari , Mishkat, and Darmi in urdu. He authored books on Seerat Rasul s.a.w, in six volumes, wrote books on biographies of Hazrat Abubakar r.a., Hazrat Ali r.a. Hazrat Aisha r.a and Hazrat Syedah Fatima r.a. beside having published some other books.

Mirza Hairat was the owner of Curzon Press Dehli, where he was publishing famous weekly Curzon Gazettes since 1901. He challenged Mirza Ghulam Qadiani against his fake claims during Ghulam Qadiani,s visit to Dehli in 1891 and in 1905.

Molvi Dost Muhammad Shahid Qadiani in his Tareekh ahmadiat writes “Mirza Hairat Dehelvi published Ishtihar saying that he was the original Masih and has descended from sky. Beware of a Dajjal (Mirza Ghulam Qadiani) who has come to Delhi. Mirza Hairat climbed up to Fatehgarh Minaret with copies of this Ishtihar and dropped them from the height of Minaret.

Dost Muhammad Shahid further states that Mirza Hairat Dehelvi approached Mirza Ghulam Qadiani in a Police Superintendent ,s Uniform and told Mirza Qadiani that he has come to know that you have come here to create law and order situation and that the govt wants you to leave the city immediately. He then asked Mirza ghulam as to how many days is he going to stay here.

This act of Mirza Hairat scared Mirza Qadiani to a great degree and he left the city within next few days.

When Mirza Ghulam Qadiani visited Dehli, in 1905, Mirza Hairat Dehelvi challenged him for a debate. He wrote an article in his weekly Curzon Gazettes against Mirza Ghulam. Mirza Ghulam did not pay attention to him. However, Jamaat Qadianiyyah Dehli published an Ishtihar saying that since Mirza Hairat Dehelvi is only a Journalist, hence Editor Alhakam is ready to debate with him on the topic of life and death of Essa a.s.

Mirza Hairat replied through Ishtihar that he considers such type of debate as useless because if Hazrat Masih a.s. dies 100 times it would not help Mirza to become Masih in his place. But it is debate able to accept the claim of a man like him to be the son of Maryam a.s. That is why Mirza sb should come for debate himself. But if he (Mirza) says he is Maseel e Maseeh, we can accept him so, because if the Ummati of our holy prophet (pbuh) is entitled to becomes maseel e Ambiya Bani Israel (like the prophets of Bani Israel) then Mirza can be maseel e maseeh so we don,t need to contradict this claim. But if the Jamaat Qadianiyyah wants to debate on the question of his claim of being Masih e Moud then he (Mirza) is most welcome to come and have a debate with him.

But Mirza Ghulam Qadiani preferred not to accept the challenge of Mirza Hairat Dehlavi and returned to Qadian hurriedly.

As per Tareekh Ahmadiyat Vol-3, page 441-442, Mirza Hairat Baig published his Challenge Ishtihar on 1st November, 1905, after this Ishtihar Jamaat e Qadianiyaa published reply in their Ishtihar inviting Mirza Hairat to debate with Editor Alhakam. Then Mirza Hairat rejected this debate proposal of Jamaat Qadianiya Dehli by giving detail reasons and asked Mirza to come for debate himself.

This must have taken two to three days. But instead of accepting this challenge, as Dost M Shahid writes Mirza sb left Dehli on 4th November. 1905.
With this explanation, I would be pleased to have more comments from you Sir.

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