In April of 1973, Azad Kashmir, which is an independent country of its own, with Pakistani support, declared Ahmadi’s as non-Muslims and banned their literature. In 2018, this seems to have become official. Ghulam Nabi Gilkar, the first president of Azad Kashmir seems to have either been an Ahmadi, or was sympathetic to Ahmadiyya. The famous Furqan Force was also listed as having battles in Azad Kashmir in 1948.
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Are Ahmadis Muslims Pronouncement of The Head of Ahmadiyya Movement
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The Khalifa claims that the Pakistani press is lying and that Ahmadi’s weren’t declared as non-Muslims. The Khalifa urged Ahmadi’s to never register as Non-Muslims in Azad Kashmir, even though the law had passed as such. The Khalifa even claimed that there were 10 million Ahmadi’s in the whole world, with 4 million in Pakistan, however, as events would prove, this was a total lie. By 1989, the 4th Khalifa was still erroneously claiming 10 million Ahmadi’s. The Khalifa also admits that many Ahmadi’s were helping the People’s Party and Bhutto get elected in 1970-71.
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