MGA’s cousin, Mirza Imam Din was  also was a leader of a small religion in Qadian, it was the poorest rank of beggars, the sweeper community. These were traditionally hindus of the lowest caste, who were stuck doing a job wherein cleaning excrement was daily. Nonetheless, Mirza Imam Din seems to have tried to raise these people out of their plight. Whatever his motivations were or weren’t, its inconclusive what his real intentions were.

The Quote
Dard Tells us:

“””The Riyad-e-Hind, dated February 15th, 1886, Vol 1, No. 16, publishes the fact that Mirza Imam Din became an Arya for a short time. ‘As he could not be bothered with any fetters of religion,’ it continues, ‘he could not follow the Aryas, nor was fixed there any monthly allowance for him and he remained in penury as before, so he has devised a new plan,’ he has become the head of the sweepers of Qadian.”””(Dard, Life of Ahmad, online edition, see page 172, footnote)

My commentary on this quote
This is an unverified quote, most of the time, Ahmadis are in the business of distorting evidence.  Stay tuned…

Lal Beg
Apparently, Lal Beg was the leader of the sweeper community at Qadian, after his death, Mirza Imam Din, who was a Muslim, somehow, became the leader.  The sweepers were mostly Hindu, however, they seem to have had a mixture of Muslim, Hindu and Sikh beliefs.

Churha Mela, aka “sweeper gathering”

A cousin of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and one of his childhood friends, Imam-ud-Din, became a mystic and was venerated by the Sweeper Community of Punjab as the re-incarnation of Lal Beg.  Imam-ud-Din started an annual mela (festival) in Qadian where the Sweeper Community gathered and food was served.  This was known as the Chuhra Mela (Festival of Sweepers).
This was the inspiration behind Jalsa Salana (annual convention) that was put in place by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and he would proclaim about how more people came to his convention compared to those that came to his cousin’s.

So, who was Lal Beg?  He was a semi-mythical saint of the sweeper community (halalkhors)

Nusrat Jehan tells a story about Imam din
pdf page 36 of 296
Narration no. 39

“My mother narrated to me that once I heard Mirza Imam Din (cousin of mgaq) loudly talking to someone saying that people are running their shops and making profits – he was referring to mgaq – we should also start some business. Mother used to say that he started the Chura Peeri “. 

The Punjab census report confuses Imam ud Din with MGA
See page 83, February 1903 edition, see the January 1903 edition for extended notes on the census of 1901.

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