Dear readers, factually speaking, the Khalifa was accused of preying on young boys in Qadian in 1932, Bashir Ahmad Misri, who was 18 years old at the time. The Khalifa was not only the spiritual head of the community but was also the owner of most of the land in and around the town of Qadian, as a Feudal Lord of the British Government. Nevertheless, we have found a story of similar nature from January of 1933. We have posted it in the below. We must also mention that Bashir Ahmad Misri lived with his father in Qadian until 1937-ish, after Fakhuruddin’s murder.  Bashir Ahmad Misri and his famous father, then seem to have moved out of Qadian and joined the Lahori-Ahmadi’s by 1938. Hafiz Bashir Ahmad Misri was born in Qadian in 1914, he was the Ahmadi who accused Mahmud Ahmad of sex crimes in Qadian in the 1936-37. His father was Sheikh Abdur Rehman Misri, who was a high-ranking Qadiani-Ahmadi-Imam in those days, in fact, he would sometimes serve as in-charge of Qadian when the Khalifa would be out of town. Bashir Ahmad Misri and his friends (Fakhr ud Din Multani was murdered, he died a few days later) were attacked in broad day light in Qadian on Saturday, 08-07-1937, around 4:30 pm at the time of Asr prayers. This led to his family asking for government and Muslim (the Ahrar’s) protection from the Mirza family. They seem to have moved to Lahore in late 1937. His father was hired as an Imam for the Lahori-Ahmadi’s.  However, Bashir Ahmad Misri joined Sunni-Islam in 1940 and moved to East Africa, wherein he seems to have worked as a teacher. In 1961, he was allowed to move to London. A few years later, the Lahori-Ahmadi’s hired him to be an editor. It seems that Bashir Ahmad Misri was planning to make friends with the Lahori-Ahmadi’s and then to turn on them at an opportune time.  Which is exactly what he did.  In 1964, he became the Imam of the Woking Mosque. By July 1968, his plan was in motion, he organized the local Muslim’s and wrestled control of the mosque from the Lahori-Ahmadi’s to the local Muslim scholars. He them left and went on a tour. His father died as a Lahori-Ahmadi in Pakistan in 1979. Bashir Ahmad Misri then responded to Mirza Tahir Ahmad’s global Mubahila challenge in 1989 and wrote about his youth in Qadian. His death year is unknown to us. One more thing, the Khalifa brought a known prostitute from the Cecil Hotel to Qadian in 1934. Thus, the Khalifa was living wild and free in this era. In fact, in 1934, a Hindu judge described Qadian as a place of underground sex dens and opium addictions.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Jan –1933

The Khalifa Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud states in a book called, “The Sermons of Mahmud” (Khutbatay Mahmoud) on 28-Jan-1933, on pages 218-219:

“””””I recall a vision in month of Ramadhan that I was sitting with some people in an open Ground (area) and getting massage and One/Two Non-Ahamdis were also there. One person tried to grab and open his ازار بند (English :DrawString). Mirza Mahmoud thought that it might be by chance that his hand has touched his drawstring and thus placed his Drawstring back at it`s normal position. The same thing was repeated by that same person and again Mirza mahmoud adjusted the drawstring ازار بند. On the third attempt Mirza Mahmoud doubted his intention but did not stop him till He (Mirza) understood his intentions so that when Mirza mahmoud stands up and can be naked and so that people can see him (naked). Mirza Mahmoud scolded him, and said that “god has made him Abdul Qadir and then all of a sudden, some boys without beard came beside and told him to go away. It seems those boys were angels. I (mirza Mahmoud) was told (in vision) that Abdul Qadir means a person whose all things (acts) are done by God and no powerful person, whatever is his power, can attack him.”””””””

Some commentary on this quote
We feel that the Khalifa was telling a half-true story. He was in-fact indulging in homosexual behaviors at Qadian, he would regularly let young men loosen his trousers and fondle him sexually. He was also frequented naked in-front of his inner circle of men.  

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