It seems that the more research that I do into the life of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad…the more details I find which give us a better understanding of the capacities of MGA.  In this specific case, it is reported in many of the early Ahmadi sources, like Seeratul Mahdi.  However, i recently found a book which is said to be written by Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad, its a new addition to the library.  I’ve probably read every single english book on this website, plus the Lahori site.   Nonetheless, this book is entitled “The Ahmadiyya Movement” and was published from Qadian, India in 1976, as an english-book.  I must say, the truth is, Mahmud Ahmad never wrote much, he had his mullahs ready to write down his thoughts, they wrote all the books, newspaper articles, commentaries, and all the speeches, just like Mirza Masroor and the other Khalifas. Mirza Mahmud Ahmad was just like his father, he had a team of writers around him, ready to help.  Mirza Mahmud Ahmad may have been the editor, but he wasn’t writing much.  However, he did give speeches and took over giving the Friday Sermon in Qadian in roughly 1911.

MGA’s stuttering and stammering problem
Mirza Mahmud Ahmad tells us in this book that his father had a “stammering” problem.  Here is the quote, see page 23, Mahmud Ahmad claims that it was a slight stammer, however, it was much more then that as other facts will prove:

“”Again, it had been written that the Mahdi would be born in a village called Kadaa, and he was born in Qadian, which the common people call Kadia or Kadi. It had been written that he would be affected by a slight stammer in his speech, and so he was. Again, it was written that the Messiah would have whitish complexion and straight hair, and he possessed them both. It was
written that his marriage and the offspring through that marriage would be of prophetical bearing; and so it came to pass with him, that he was informed beforehand that…””

Mirza Tahir Ahmad tells us the same in 1985 See—An English translation of the Friday sermon delivered by Hadrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad, Khalifatul Masih IV on March 29, 1985 at the Fadl Mosque, London, see page 4

He quotes a newspaper from the al-fazl of 1938 as such

“””Mirza Sahib was not able to correctly pronounce Arabic words. He was not able to phonetically distinguish Arabic letters with similar sounds; for example, the letter ‘Qaf ’ versus ‘Kaf ’. Occasionally his audience would object, but Mirza Sahib was not able to say anything in his defence. (Qadiyaniyyat—A Grave Threat to Islam, p. 12, referencing an article appearing in al-Fadl, September 14, 1938)”””

Brief Commentary
Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad told us through his official newspaper in 1938 that his father had lot of trouble with pronouncing Arabic, in fact, he was terrible at it. There are many other references which need to be added here which corroborate the story.

Mirza Tahir Ahmad throws Moses (as) under the bus and accuses him of stammering and stuttering
In classic-Ahmadi-style, Mirza Tahir Ahmad accuses Moses (as) of stuttering and stammering just like MGA, however, this is not true…it is not written that Moses (as) stuttered or stammered, it is written that he wasn’t as eloquent as Aaron (as).  He then goes on to quote other commentaries and references wherein it is states that the grandson of Muhammad (saw) stammered and etc.  However, what does this have to do with MGA’s inability to give speeches?  was Husain a prophet or an imam who needed to have the capacity to give speeches and etc?  The real story here is that MGA was a terrible stutterer and he never grew out of it…hence, other people led the salaat on his behalf and other people did all of the speeches and etc and all of the debates (only 4-5) were written debates.  Finally, after accepting that his grandfather did have some sort of speech impediment, he claims that the reference to the al-fazl is a total fabrication and thus he contradicts his entire line of argumentation and his entire argument collapses.

Sometimes Ahmadis quote this hadith
“”He will be slow of speech (a slight stutter) and when he is delayed, he will strike his left thigh with his right hand.” (Al-Isha’ah)”””

What is this book?
The full name of the book is “Al-Ishāáh li Ashrāť as-Sāáh” [The Promulgation: of the Signs of the Hour] by Muhammad al-Barzanji.  He seems to be a huge scholar from Medina.  However, in this case, his work is still in arabic and it doesn’t exist on the internet, hence we have a problem fact checking Ahmadis on this.  Nonetheless, we need to see the book and that exact page, before we comment.  Further, this quotation doesnt even reveal who this person is….is it the Mahdi?  The Messiah?  There is absolutely no indication.  I would suspect another classic case of “Ahmadi-mis-quotation” and “Ahmadi-intentional-tampering” and “mis-representing” of sources.

Al-Barzanji wrote a book on the Miraj
This is an interesting book…i’m sure that he wrote that the Miraj was physical.  Nonetheless, this source remains unchecked.  The Mutazalites had challenged the physicality of the Miraj 1000+ years ago.  It was a dead issue for a looooong time, which proves that Sir Syed and Noorudin and MGA only denied it since they were denying all miracles and they must have thought that 20th century science was the limit of human advancement, they were wrong, Einstein came along and changed that….and since Einstein, we have advanced 10-fold at least.

Some conclusions
MGA’s followers spent their entire lives covering up the life of MGA.  They make these offensive and rude parallels and brainwash each other to believe these silly arguments.  The truth is….all the people who immediately surrounded MGA knew that MGA was a liability.  They knew that MGA was incapable of being an Imam, they only tempted him to make these audacious claims since he had gotten rich overnight when his brother died in 1883.  In the case of MGA’s speech impediment, he had a terrible stuttering and stammering problem, this is the main reason why he never gave a public speech or never gave a friday sermon.  What’s alarming however, is the fact that the inner circle of Ahmadiyya leadership knew the truth….yet they purposely hid it.