Ahmadi’s are instructed to be in total defiance of Pakistani laws. In 1984, Ord-XX passed and stated that #Ahmadis would not be allowed to have minarets at their places of worship. However, Mirza Tahir Ahmad never ordered #Ahmadis to tear down all their minarets, he left them standing. Mirza Tahir Ahmad never ordered #Ahmadis to remove the Kalima from their places of worship either. Mirza Tahir Ahmad basically radicalized #Ahmadis in the early 1980’s.

The official Ahmadiyya press secretary of Pakistan reports:
The assistant commissioner of Hasilpur along with Baldia workers attacked the 70 year old Ahmadi place of worship in 161 Murad District Bahawalpur & destroyed parts of the building without notice. However, he doesn’t give the history of this building and how it was acquired. It seems that it was forcefully acquired by the Mirza family in 1949 and then after 1984, the minarets were never torn down.  .

A similar demolition happened at Chakwal  few years ago, in fact, Ahmadi’s even murdered a few Pakistani Muslims in the incident.

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