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In Ghana, like many other countries, the Ahmadiyya Movement was political. In 1997, Mirza Tahir Ahmad admitted that Ahmadi’s had worked in the election process of the famous dictator Jerry John Rawlings in 1992 and 1996. Mirza Tahir Ahmad also admitted that the fake opposition party of 1992 and 1996 were led by undercover #ahmadi’s. In this era, Mirza Tahir Ahmad lied about the amount of converts in Ghana was extensive.

We estimate that there are about 5000 #ahmadis in all of Ghana by 2020. Most of these people have converted to Ahmadiyya through the Ahmadiyya schools, which also doubles as a  mosque. By 1958, there seems to be only one Ahmadiyya mosque in the entire country (see Foreign Missions). However, the same book lies and claims that there were 100+ mosques controlled by the Ahmadiyya community. However, there were only 1-2 Ahmadi mullahs working the entire country, thus, its a lie. Even today, in 2020, Ahmadiyya sources purposely inflate the amount of mosques which are under ahmadiyya control. We estimate no more than 20 Ahmadiyya mosques in the entire country, and most of the worshippers aren’t even Ahmadi.

In this video, Mirza Tahir Ahmad talks about taking jewelry from women as chanda, so sick!!!

He also admits that intelligence officers from Ghana would seek the advice from the Khalifa.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Mirza Tahir Ahmad lies and claims to have had more than 200,000 converts from Ghana. Mirza Tahir Ahmad claims that many Ghanian’s working in government were Ahmadi. He mentions:

1. The speaker of the assembly
2. opposition party leader
3. Deputy Speaker
4. Defense minister
5. Chairman of the ruling party
6. important commissions
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