The Muslim Sunrise (formerly The Moslem Sunrise) is a monthly Kufri magazine published by the Ahmadiyya Community in the United States of America. Founded in 1921 by Mufti Muhammad Sadiq at 74 Victor Ave, Highland Park, Michigan, it is the earliest Qadiani-Fake-Muslim publication originating in the United States (it was published from the Karoub House, see Moslem Sunrise of July-1921). It was funded by a Muslim Real Estate Mogul (See the Detroit Free Press), Muhammad Karoub and hosted in Highland Park, Michigan.

The headquarters of the Moslem Sunrise were essentially at Karoub House (owned by Muhammad Karoub), at 72 Victor Ave (see Moslem Sunrise, July-1921 1st edition). A few years later, this mosque was torn down and sold back to city (see the scans in the below). The congregation was upset that a Qadiani-Ahmadi was the imam and spreading false propaganda about Islam. The City of Highland Park also stripped this mosque of its tax exemption and thus forced it to close by 1922-1924.

The second edition of the Moslem Sunrise (Oct-1921) was published from 27 LaBella Ave, Highland Park, Michigan.

The 3rd edition of the Moslem Sunrise (Jan-1922) was published from 27 LaBella Ave, Highland Park, Michigan.

The first volumes of the magazine featured reports of Sadiq‘s lecture tours, public debates, and other activities, and published lists of people who had embraced Qadianism. The Moslem Sunrise ceased to publish from late 1924 to 1930, the 1924 edition reports that the magazine is bankrupt, in 1923-1924, the magazine generated $600 and the cost was $1500 (see page 73)(See Moslem Sunrise of April-1924. This was the final edition for 6 years.

The Sunrise of Qadian was an English newspaper, launched from Qadian in 1926, under the editorship of Maulvi Muhammad Din B.A., former missionary of America. This newspaper published very beneficial articles and published the English summary of speeches and sermons of Imam Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya. It also published the English translation of some of the writings of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. Due to some unprecedented circumstances, this magazine had to be closed. Ahmadi mullah’s continued to edit this newspaper, Sufi Muti-ur-Rahman Bengali edited it for almost 20 years. In 1930, it was Sufi Bengalee who re-started it. In the ROR of Oct-1932 he is listed as a graduate degree holder, (M.A.). Khalil Ahmad Nasir took over in 1948 as the editor and changed the name slightly. 


In the very first edition of the Moslem Sunrise (July-1921), Mufti Muhammad Sadiq alleges to have converted 21 men to Ahmadiyya in the Detention House in Philadelphia when he landed in Feb of 1920. He alleges to have converted an additional 7 men to Ahmadiyya on the ship from London to Philadelphia. He then gives a list of 54 additional new converts to Ahmadiyya from Feb-1920 to July-1921. That brings the total to 82, of which 10 are women, and 5 are unmarried. F.L. Anderson is also mentioned as well as Ella May Garber. 
vol_01_july_1921-oct_1922.tif (

Mufti Muhammad Sadiq alleges that two new converts, Brother Mubarik and Sister Berket (Mr. and Mrs. Alberto) have secured a few converts from Florida. Mr. Alberto is also mentioned in the Al Fazl, 22 December 1921 & 2 January 1922, they allege that through his efforts, 10 men have thus far acquired guidance. Moreover, he is also trying to get the people of that city to contribute and invite me there for lectures and also to cover the expenses of my trip with their donations. As Florida is 2,000 miles from Detroit, two-way train fares will cost about 500 rupees. In this country, there are no partitions in the train. Everyone is provided with the same type of carriage and equal comfort. However, there is a separate carriage for sleeping in which beds, etc., are provided and its fare is a bit higher but not too much.

He also mentions how Shaikh Abdullah Din Muhammad (aka Mr. J.L. Mott) is planning to build an Ahmadiyya mosque in New Orleans and is planning to use $500 of his own money. Another new convert, Brother James Sodick, a young Russian Tartar has secured a residence in Chicago (on Wabash).

Mufti Muhammad Sadiq explains how In July 1921, he visited Toledo, Ohio. A local daily newspaper, The Toledo News Bee reported his visit and interview in its edition of 12 July 1921 under the heading “Plan a Mosque for Toledo”.

Mufti Muhammad Sadiq also mentions Mr. M Yusuf Khan, who would end up getting kicked out of Ahmadiyya and creating his own splinter sect. Mufti Muhammad Sadiq also mentions Rahatullah, she is mentioned n the Moslem Sunrise of Oct-1921, she is alleged to be giving lectures in NY. In New York, she lectured on Islam and gained at least two converts from her own missionary work (See pages 36-38).

Mufti Muhammad Sadiq also mentions how Mr. L. Roman is the secretary of the Chicago chapter of Ahmadi’s and they have regular meetings every Sunday. He also mentions how Muhammad Yacoob (aka Mr. Andrew Jacob) and Ghulam Rasul (aka Mr. Elisa Russell) have been working like missionaries in Chicago, he then gives a list of 33 converts.

Mr Jacob (Muhammad Yaqub), who was the first to convert to Islam in Chicago, is constantly trying to convert others to Islam ever since. Thus far, 15 men and women have joined Islam after being guided through his efforts and their weekly gathering is held every Sunday at the house of Mr Roman, a Bengali Ahmadi Muslim.

The Moslem Sunrise, October 1921

I stood upon the threshold of despair.

Hope had taken flight I knew not where;

When lo! a door was opened wide to me.

I entered – and Islam made me see

The truth behind the clouded veil.

And now upon her waves I sail,

Guided by the Prophet’s sacred hand

Under Heaven’s canopy to that Holy Land.

The word Islam means – The pure unadulterated divine intelligent existence. This intelligence is embedded within the heart of each and all. It is the true spark of life which naught can extinguish. Islam conveys a message to us through the Holy Prophets. If we will open our hearts to their words of wisdom as they drop from on high, they are filled with beauty which will awaken the smoldering spark wherein lies the destiny of mankind. If you will attach yourself to the chain of illumined souls, you will find the beauties of Islam, you will soar beyond the struggles and pains; true life will reveal itself to you wherein you shall see beauty in action in its most refined form – the beauty in wisdom as it guides you on through life’s journey. The beauty in faith which ever holds you aloof from the destroying elements.

O Faith thou art my friend

My cause thou doeth defend.

Islam will bring – Peace, Bliss, and Wisdom to those who seek it in truth.

One writer says:

“Thou canst measure out thousands of measures of wine.

But till thou drink it no joy is thine.”

Rahatullah (Mrs Garber), New York City. August, 1921.

(Transcribed by Al Hakam from the original in The Moslem Sunrise, October 1921)

100 Years Ago… – First Ahmadiyya mission in America, preaching to the famous & fellow missionaries abroad (


100 Years Ago… – First Ahmadiyya mission in America, preaching to the famous & fellow missionaries abroad

The Moslem Sunrise, July 1922

Hazrat Mufti Muhammad Sadiqra (1872-1957)
America Mosque
Ahmadiyya headquarters, Chicago 4448 Wabash Avenue, 1922

Since the last magazine was published, I have delivered many lectures, distributed literature and given interviews on Islam in different cities and towns – i.e., Detroit, Grand Rapids, Benton Harbor, South Bend, Niles, Dowagiac, Chicago, etc. The correspondence during the last quarter was carried on to the extent of about 500 receipts and 2500 dispatches.

Permanent quarters of our [Ahmadiyya] Mission have now been established in Chicago where I have bought a large house – a part of which with necessary alterations has been fixed up into a Mosque and the rest decorated and furnished as the Mission House and the office of The Moslem Sunrise. This building owned by the Ahmadia Movement is situated on Wabash Ave. and 45th Street, Northwest Corner. We appreciate the pains taken by our dear Brother Muhammed Yaqub (Mr Andrew Jacob) – carpenter, in making the Mehrab and the Gumbad (Arch and Dome) of the Mosque.

I am thankful to Brother JB Khan Ahmadi and other brethren in Detroit for offering arrangements for my permanent staying in Detroit, but I think Chicago is a better place for our central office in this country than any other city and therefore I have established a Central Mission here. However, our missionaries will be touring around and visiting Detroit as often as possible.

We have thankfully received letters of appreciation of our work for Islam from His Majesty Amir Feisul’s Ministry of Education, Foreign Minister’s office of His Sublime Porte of Turkey, The Afghan Embassy in London and other Moslem celebrities.

Mr Muhammad Yusuf Khan delivered an interesting lecture on Islam in a Church in Rockford, Michigan.

Missionary epistles

Missionary epistles were written on behalf of the Ahmadia Order in America and some literature [was] sent to:

1. Dr Adolph Lorenz, the distinguished Viennese Surgeon when he was devoting his time to cure the cripples in this country with his special treatment

2. General Smuts on successfully suppressing the Johannesburg rebellion

3. Mr Montague, sympathizing with him on resignation

4. Viscount Peel on accepting the office of Secretary of State for India

5. King Fuad I of Egypt on his inaugurating the New Regime

6. Sarwat Pasha on making the first cabinet of the Egyptian Kingdom

7. “Wacinyanpi” – Leader of Sioux Tribe

8. Professor Robert H Goddard, the Scientist, who intends to make a trip to the Moon aboard a rocket

9. Mr Mellon, Secretary of the Treasury

10. Famous Millionaire John D Rockefeller

11. George F Baker, the second richest man in the United States and

12. Sir Arthur J Balfour on an earldom conferred on him

13. [José] Capablanca, the World’s Chess Champion

14. Attorney Untermeyer, on his stopping grain gambling in the Corn Exchange

15. King Alexander of Jugo-Slavia and Princess Mary with congratulations on their marriage.

In reply to our epistles to Pope Pius XI and the Vatican Secretary mentioned in the previous number of The Moslem Sunrise, the following communication has been received from Rome:


di Sua Santita 

Dal Vaticano, April 21st, 1922. 

No. 2620 

Da citarsi nella pisposta 

“Dear Sir,

“Your letter conveying sympathy on the death of Our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XV, on your own part and on behalf of your respected community was duly received. The kind sentiments therein expressed with regard to the deceased Pontiff have been very consoling to me as His Secretary of State.

“His Holiness, Pope XI, desires me to express to you how profoundly grateful he feels for your good wishes to him in his Pontificate, and he joins in your hope for peace and union among the nations.

“Faithfully yours, (Signed) PC GASPARI”

Mr Thaker D Sharman’s lecture on Prophet Muhammadsa

May Allah reward Mr Thaker D Sharman for his lectures in Detroit on the life and teachings of our Master Prophet[sa] delivered in a favorable and sympathetic light, thus removing some of the misconceptions concerning Islam from the minds of the American public.


I am grateful to the friends who offered sincere prayers for my health on hearing the news of my late sickness. May Allah accept all the prayers of those who offer prayers for Sadiq. Even my soul and spirit after separation from this body will continue helping my lovers with prayers to Allah the Great. Brother Kabiruddin Ahmad writes, “On reading your will in Al Fazl, my eyes streamed out with grief and my wife and son joined with me in that condition.” Brother Akbar Ali writes, “My wife and myself cried in prayers to Allah, till my wife was assured of the acceptance of our prayers for your health.” Many letters expressing such feelings of love and sympathy I have received. Jaza-ho-mal-la-hul Khair.

Interpreter and guide

To the parties who intend to visit India, Burma, Ceylon, Strait Settlements and the countries near there, we recommend Muhammad Ali Khan of Babuzai Street, Shahjehanpur, UP India, as an experienced, reliable Targuman [interpreter]. On getting a cablegram Mr MA Khan will receive the party at Bombay, Colombo, or any other desired seaport.

Ahmadia news from other countries

Brother MH Musa Khan, our missionary in Australia, is regularly publishing and circulating his valuable periodical “The Moslem Sunshine” of which the tenth number is now on our table. It contains an interesting comparison of the Promised Messiah’s statement with what the Christian writers have said of Islamic Sword and Pen. His address is Box No. 305 GPO., Perth, Australia.

Maulvi Fazlur Rahman Hakeem has reached West Africa to assist Professor Nayyar and has been put in charge of the Mission work in Gold Coast with his headquarters at Salt Pond. We wish him success and good luck. Professor Nayyar is busy in organizing and educating the thousands of new converts he has secured in that land.

Our young volunteer, missionary Shaikh Mahmud Ahmad, son of Shaikh Yaqub Ali, the Pioneer Journalist of Ahmadia Movement, having crossed the ocean has pitched his missionary tent in Cairo, Egypt. We do hope that his work will be for the glorification of Allah.

We are glad to hear that an English Weekly named “Al-Bushra” has been started at our headquarters, Quadian, Punjab, India. The rapid growth of Quadian citizenship is a sign of the time to fulfil the prophecy of the Prophet [Ahmadas].

Our strenuous workers in London are gradually gaining learned and respectable increase to our members in that land.

Numerous inquiries

We have received the following letter from “The Information Bureau,” Washington, DC:

“This Bureau is in receipt of numerous inquiries regarding the spread of Islam in America.

“We understand that your magazine – The Moslem Sunrise, has lately been published to meet this situation.” […]

New converts

Since the last report in the No. 3 [issue of The Moslem Sunrise], the following 116 gentlemen and ladies have accepted Islam in the Ahamdia Movement and signed the above agreement. Their American names as well as their Moslem names are given below with the name of the state in which they live:

Mrs Sandy Williams (Sa’ady), Illinois; Mr Cuba Fields (Ahsan), Illinois; Mr Henry Qallaway (Shakir), Illinois; Mr Robert Ellis (Farooq), Illinois; Mr Harvey Fauggens (Akram) Illinois; Mr Clark King (Saeeda), Illinois; Mr Arthur Rucker (Khaer), Illinois; Mr Mary Joseph (Saeeda), Illinois; Mr Henry Douglar (Amjad), Illinois; Miss Lena R Gardener (Jannat), Illinois; Mr Jeff Wallen (Ahmad), Illinois; Mrs Colonial Dugger (Nasirah), Illinois; Mr James Buchanan (Haidar), Illinois; Mr Samuel W Rhyne (Ally), Illinois; Mr Raymond Halliday (Omar), Illinois; Mr P Nathaniel Jonson (Sheikh Ahmad Din), Missouri; Mr JW Busbin (Abdur Rahman), Illinois; Mr Elmore Taylor (Abdul Jaleel), Illinois; Mr John Brooks (Abdur Raheem), Illinois; Mr Harry Brown (Akbar), Illinois; Mr Joseph Carbin Davis (Abdullah), Illinois; Mrs Adder Walter (Fatima), Illinois; Mr Joseph Clarence White (Ahmad), Illinois; Mrs May Zahra (Selma), Michigan; Mrs Mary Chambers (Mariam), Illinois; Mr Alours Booth (Muhammad), Illinois; Miss Alberta Walter (Hamdi), Illinois; Mr Cas Williams (Daood), Missouri; Mr Alfred Lemons (Adam), Missouri; Mrs P Nathaniel Jonson (Fatima), Missouri; Mr Alexander Walker (Shafee), Missouri; Mr SF Ruffin (Laeeq), Missouri; Mrs Ida Redding (Hafsa), Missouri; Mrs James H Emmanuel (Hafeez), Missouri; Mr Will Sims (Jameel Ahmad), Missouri; Mr Argenia Carter (Salika), Missouri; Mr OB Swain (Aziz Ahmad), Missouri; Mr Joe Campbell (Muhammad), Missouri; Mrs Sarah L Stickney (Safeeah), Michigan; Mrs H Carr (Naeema), Michigan; Mr William McSwain (Usman), Illinois; Miss Hatie Huford (Sikkeena), Illinois; Mrs Florence Watts (Zeineb), Illinois; Mr Isom Harrolld (Rasheed), Illinois; Mr John Wesley Avant (Hassan), Missouri; Mr Alex James (Hossian). Missouri; Mr Douglas Gaines (Ahsan), Missouri; Mr Lewis Graham (Ihsan), Missouri; Mr WM Fields (Hakeem), Missouri; Mr JH Humphries (Hakim), Missouri; Mr Chas Williams (Kamil), Missouri; Mr Dennon Draper (Habeeb), Illinois; Mrs Bessie Porter (Barkat), Illinois; Mr Jess McNab (Mobarik), Illinois; Mrs F Robinson (Ahmadia), Illinois; Mr George W Shaw (Haleem), Illinois; Mrs Amanda Teasley (Azeemah), Illinois; Mr James Teasley (Azeez), Illinois; Mr Robert Graham (Badr Deen), Missouri; Mr James Swase (Mahmud Din) Missouri; Mr Will Sims (Sadiq Din), Missouri; Mr D McChanahan (Siddiq Din), Missouri; Mr James H Emmanuel (Kareem Din), Missouri; Mr Carl Aldridge (Raheem Din), Missouri; Mr Roy Brown (Basheer Din), Missouri; Mr Henry Daniels (Muhammad Din), Missouri; Mr Chas Wolf (Karam Din), Missouri; Mr Frank Washington (Fazl Din), Missouri; Mrs Fannie Young (Sughra), Missouri; Mr Ophelia Avant (Noor), Missouri; Mr Eddy New Smith (Kubra), Mo Mr Martha Ors (Faizy), Missouri; Mr James Orumby (Ahmad), Illinois; Mr Adam Jackson (Adam), Illinois; Mr Nicie Jackson (Naeema), Illinois; Mr Mary Smith (Mariam), Illinois; Mr Tom Taylor (Abdulhaq), Illinois; Mr William Proctor (Abdur Rahman), Illinois; Mr Pricella Brooks (Raheema), Illinois; Mrs VC Clark (Ayesha), Illinois; Mr Willis Yocum (Muhammad Yar), Illinois; Mrs Parabee Thomas (Khairat), Illinois; Mrs BG Sullivan (Burkut), Illinois; Mr Henry Kimbram (Hamid), Illinois; Mr Jennie Cole (Muhammad), Illinois; Mr Elijah Smith (Mahmud), Illinois; Mrs Anna Brown (Hameedah), Illinois; Mr Allen Brown (Ahmad), Illinois; Mr Robert Marshall (Hameed), Illinois; Mr Milton Diamond (Ahmad), Missouri; Mr Robert C Jackson (Aboo Bekr), Missouri; Miss Helen M Kent (Khadeeja), Missouri; Mrs Fred Carter (Omar), Missouri; Mr M Brooks (Osman), Missouri; Mr Edward Sheffield (Allie), Missouri; Mr Wiley Alexander (Hassan), Missouri; Mr Lewis Mitchell (Hussain), Missouri; Mr James Black (Zobeir), Missouri; Mr Robert Wisdom (Khalid), Missouri; Mr James Haliberton (Abdullah), Missouri; Mr John Smith (Moosa), Missouri; Mr Frank Brown (Ibrahim), Missouri; Mr Robert D Jones (Salauddin), Missouri; Mr Algie Martin (Siddick), Missouri; Mr RL Graham (Hamid), Missouri; Miss May Francis Graham (Aeysha), Missouri; Mr Chas Wells (Hameed), Missouri; Mr Robert Arthur Robinson (Jalil Ahmad); Mrs Roseta Buford (Fatima), Illinois; Mr John Overton (Habeeb Ahmad); Mr S Casey (Akbar), Missouri; Mr Andrew Dugger (Rahimullah), Illinois; Mr Mathew Rochelle (Azeemullah), Illinois; Mr John Williams (Rahmatullah), Illinois; Mr Eugene Charles (Sameeullah), Illinois; Mr Charles Watts (Kareemullah), Illinois.

[Names of] Moslems [who] joined Ahmadia Movement

Mr Allie Riza Mohammad (Muftizada of Turkey), Detroit, Michigan; Mr Ozair Yahyai (of Albania), Dowagiac, Michigan.

(Transcribed by Al Hakam from the original published in The Moslem Sunrise, July 1922)
100 Years Ago… – “Those who met Dr Sadiq made a friend they will long remember”: Report of tabligh in America (


The Moslem Sunrise, January 1922

Hazrat Mufti Muhammad Sadiqra (1872-1957)

On account of certain financial difficulties, I have not been able to accomplish much during the last quarter. Being invited to Grand Rapids, Mich., I delivered a series of lectures there, the syllabus of which is given below in Press Notice. I also secured 10 new converts to our faith there, whose names are printed in the list. Brother and Sister Alberto, Bro. Russell and Bro. Jacob have been busy in securing new converts and the majority of those enlisted in the last quarter comes through their efforts. Madam Rahatullah sends the names of two new converts from New York. The communications received for the quarter ending October were 700 and those dispatched 3000. Mr Yusuf Khan and Mrs Fatima Ayesha have been helping me in the writing work.

Thanks are due to Mr and Mrs Brown, Mr and Mrs Kelly and other friends in Grand Rapids for their generous hospitality. I am much obliged to Rev Flower, Mr Fellows, Mrs EG Carpenter and Secretary Theosophical Society for inviting me to speak in their churches and halls. Since the last report, I have delivered 15 lectures in different places, given interviews to many and distributed a large number of literature.

A letter of congratulations for his successful career as President of Czechoslovakia was written to Dr Masaryk drawing his attention to the betterment of Moslems in that land. Mr Lloyd George, the British Premier and the Prince of Wales have respectively thanked me for my epistles to them, mentioned in the previous issues of this magazine. Missionary epistles and messages of Islam were sent to many celebrities, including Vice Presidents of Unitarian American Board; American Judge in the League of Nations; General Wood, new general of Philippine Isle; Sultan of Zula; Sheikhul Islam of Azerbaijan, etc.

1800 circular letters with literature were mailed to the Principals and Governors of Universities and selected colleges all over the United States.

New converts to Islam and Ahmadia brotherhood (Since last report)

Mr Houston Green of Chicago (Hassan), Laurene Green of Do. (Hussain), Mrs Addie Evans of Florida (Umama), Mrs Cora Lafren Olsen of Tampa (Hafsa), Mrs Jose M Martnez of New York (Abdul Qadir), Mr M Head of Florida (Abdul Rabb), Mr James Dunn (Abdul Alim), Mr George Powell (Abdul Basitt), Mr George Churchill (Abdul Samee), Jesee Mecheral III (Abdul Razzaq), Mr Govan D August of Chicago (Abdul Hakim), Minnie Krueger of Canada (Fatima Ayesh), Mr Arthur Brooks (Akbar), William L Scott of Chicago (Abdullah) TW Gantt III (Abdur Rahman), John Q Williams of Chicago (Othman), Mr Randolph Bonnell (Ali), Mr Railey Groham of Chicago (Omar), Mr David Stigiby (Farooq), Mrs Emar Salmen (Aesha), Mr Thoma H Cop (Aboo Bekr), Miss Florence Witozap of Grand Rapids (Amina Khateeb), Miss Inis Smith (Abdo) of Grand Rapids (Aneesa), Mr Wilmer J Green (Abdul Mannan), Mrs Lexia J Green (Kareema), Mrs AJA Strangham of Penn. (Saleha), Professor JH Watkins of Tenn. (Abdul Jaleel), Bessie Shepherd (Brown) of Grand Rapids (Saeeda), Louisie Clasussen (Kaled) of Grand Rapids (Mariam), Mr WF Philip of Chicago (Abdul Aziz), Mr EM Philip of Do. (Abdul Ghaffar), Mr WG Edwards of Do. (Abdul Hameed), Mr JW Sarreals of Grand Rapids (Muhammad Yusuf), Mrs L Sarrreals of Do. (Sikeena), Mrs Elsie Saide of Do. (Aisee), Mr William N Main (Nasir), Mrs Mill Main (Nusrat), Miss Anna C Pettit (Berket), Mr Harry Fresh of Tampa (Ameen), Mrs Mamie Virdyke of Do. (Sady), Mrs Claira Shears (Kubra), Mr FR Mondel of Central America, Shaikh Abdul Ghaffar of Tele., Honduras, Mr Jamal Bey of Chicago.

Press Notices 

1. The Egyptian Gazette of Alexandria (28 July 1921) has published a long article headed as “Moslem Missionaries abroad – Making converts in USA”, quoting profusely from The Moslem Sunrise about our work and the writings on Polygamy.

Th e Egyptian Gazette of
The Egyptian Gazette of Alexandria (28 July 1921)

2. Toledo Club Woman, August 1921: “A gentle-souled old Mohammedan missionary paid the faithful in Toledo a visit recently and so wholesome was his philosophy and so broad and farseeing his outlook upon life that he left an indelible impression of deep friendliness upon the city in his brief sojourn and taught all who came in contact with him anew the principle that not all good is encompassed in any one land or religion and that a saint may blossom upon the bosom of a Confucius or a Mahommed, given the right elements mixed in a man.

“For Dr Mufti Muhammad Sadiq, Moslem lecturer and man of letters, with his picturesque green turban and his small, gesticulating hands and piercing eyes, those who sought him out, found to be a man of parts with learning profound, fit associate for saints and sages of this or any other day.

“His own visiting card, with its quaint Arabic characters, bore an inscription voicing his belief in God and man, which read like, not unlike, the Christian’s creed. The Mohammedan family with whom he tarried while in the city although of humble circumstances and with no pretensions to culture, showed a kindly politeness to all visitors who sought out the learned man for conference that would put to shame the breeding of fashionable Collingwood Avenue. Never during his stay did his hostess allow any individual to enter and leave her house, without offering from a tray refreshment in the form of beautiful sweet liquid, specially iced and refreshing indeed in these heated days, since no Mohammedan will allow anyone to pass his threshold without tasting of his hospitality.

“Those who met Dr Sadiq made a friend they will long remember. With all his depth of learning and his almost occult wisdom he possessed to an unusual degree the saving sense of humor, lightening the heaviest of his discourse with its sparkle shafts.”

3. Grand Rapids News, 4 October 1921:

“6 October 1921:

“Islam Missionary Here

“Dr Mufti Muhammad Sadiq of India to Give Lecture Series

“Dr Mufti Muhammad Sadiq of India will deliver a series of lectures in Church of Truth, Shelby street, near division avenue, S., at 7:30pm.

“4 October, Tuesday – ‘The Object of Man’s Life and How to Obtain It.

“7 October, Friday – ‘Moslem System of Prayers, Silence and Meditation.

“11 October, Tuesday – ‘Buddha, the Great Teacher.

“14 October, Friday – ‘Ahmad[as] of India, The Prophet of India.

“Mufti Muhammad Sadiq is the first missionary of Islam to this country, visiting the city. He is staying at 517 Fairview Avenue. He has been delivering lectures in New York, Chicago, Detroit and other cities on Islam and oriental subjects. Dr Sadiq belongs to the reformed Church of Islam, founded by Ahmad[as], who claimed to be the promised Messiah and peaceful Mehdi and has prophesied about war and dethronement of the czar of Russia 10 years before the occurrences. Dr Sadiq edits the quarterly magazine Moslem Sunrise. He is translating El Quran, the Moslem bible, into the English language, the first part of which has already been published.”

4. The American Evangelist, Siloam Springs, Arkansas, for August 1921:

“Mohammedanism in America

“Things must be bad in America. We have long suspected that there would be no harm in trying Christianity as a remedy for our many ills. But since we are slow to do this, our need has been discovered abroad and now we have a fully accredited representative of the Ahmadia Movement in Islam located among us. His name is Dr Mufti Muhammad Sadiq and his address is 27 La Belle Avenue, Highland Park, Michigan. America can now advance under his leadership to a position among the great nations dominated by Mohammad, such as Turkey, Egypt, Russia and Afghanistan.

“And more, there is a special message of greeting from the Ahmad himself. He is the second successor to the Promised Messiah and Mehdi and the present leader of the Ahmadia Movement in Islam. Head of the world-wide Moslem Mission of Peace, Truth and Union with God. This is his message to ‘All the American Moslems and members of the Ahmadia Movement in Islam’:



“‘The Pioneers in the Colonization of American land are always looked back upon with honor and respect. Their work was temporal but now my dear Brothers and Sisters, Allah the Almighty has made you the Pioneers in the spiritual Colonization of the Western world. If you will work with the same love, zeal, sincerity and loyalty, as they did, your honor and respect and name will be still greater than theirs, as you will have moreover the Reward at the Last day and Allah’s pleasure and grandeur and beauty of which no one can estimate here in this world.

“‘Mirza Mahmud Ahmad.’”

Mr H Alberto (Mubarik)

The Moslem Sunrise

We have pleasure of giving on this page the photo of our brother Mr Alberto (Mubarik) of Tampa, Fla. This good brother and his wife, our sister, Berket (Mrs B Alberto), have been zealously trying ever since they joined our faith to bring others to the fold of Ahmad[as], the Reformer of the day. They have secured ten new converts during last three months and are endeavoring to convince many others to the sacred truth. May Allah bless them both and their friends ever and ever.

(Transcribed by Al Hakam from the original in The Moslem Sunrise, January 1922)
The Moslem Sunrise, July 1922

Hazrat Mufti Muhammad Sadiqra (1872-1957)
Hazrat Mufti Muhammad Sadiq Sahib

The agreement signed by the new converts


Islam in Ahmadia Movement

There is but one God, the Creator and Provider for all, the Almighty, the Gracious, the All-Knowing, over and above the need of having a father, mother, son, daughter, wife or any other relatives, the Self-Sufficient, the Great Forgiver whose forgiving bounties cause no deficit to His endless treasures.

One and the same God of all ages, all nations and all countries; Who through His grace and mercy sends the Prophets, Sacred Guides and Holy Reformers.

Such were Zoroaster of Persia, Confucius of China and Buddha of India, Abraham, Moses, David and Jesus Palestine, the Master-Prophet, Muhammad of Arabia, and Ahmad of Qadian, the Messenger of the latter days, peace and blessings of God be with all of them. We must honor and respect all of them, and take them as Holy Messengers of God. But we must not worship any of them. Worship God Alone. We believe in Angels, Holy Spirits, who bring to us His Messages, move us to do good works and help us in our way to the final goal.

As God used to speak to His people in the old days, so does He even now, one of the living examples being in the holy person of “Mahmud[ra],” the blessed successor to the Promised Messiah[as] and the present leader of Islam in the Ahmadia Movement. He is the one, authorized, [and] heavenly-fixed spiritual head of the elect Community to whom is due all allegiance and obedience by the faithful.

Zend Avesta of Persians, Vedas of Hindus, Torah of Moses, Gospel of Jesus, all originally being the Word of God, [but] El-Quran is the latest current revealed Book of Sacred Law for the guidance of one and all. We believe in the life after death and in the judgment of our deeds, good or bad, here and hereafter, and trust in the boundless mercy of God.

Say five daily prayers to worship and seek communion with God, and come into union with Him, keep a month’s fast in the year to exercise and develop the faculties of submission to His will, give charity to the needy and poor, [and] join the holy annual assembly at Mecca to worship God once in your life. Pork is forbidden as it is injurious to health.

We must live a peaceful life, obeying the laws of the government under which we are.

Praise be to God, who is the Lord of Worlds.

I will keep my faith above the world.

Fully agreeing with the above, I hereby join the Islam in Ahmadia Movement.

Please send me further literature and instructions.



To: Dr Mufti Muhammad Sadiq. Ahmadi Missioner. Al-Masjid 4448 Wabash Ave., Chicago, Ill. […]

Efforts for the spread of Islam and American newspapers

Many articles have been published in the American dailies and weeklies about our Islamic work in this country. Below we give extracts out of some of them:

1. Syracuse Sunday Herald of 25 June 1922 devoted a whole page fully describing the Moslem Mission in America giving my photo, photos of the Mosque and Minaret and the facsimile of the Title page of this Magazine, [The Moslem Sunrise]. The article is headed “Trying to make Christian America Muhammadan” and runs as follows:

“The Christian people of America are spending millions of dollars every year in the effort to spread the gospel of Christ all over the earth and convert the people of every nation under the sun to Christianity.

“And while this tremendous outlay is being made to maintain thousands of devoted missionaries in foreign lands, one of the world’s other great religions is making a determined effort to gain a foothold in Christian America.

“The leaders of Mohammedanism not content with the 227,000,000 or more adherents that faith now has in Turkey, India and other countries, are turning their attention to the United States and Canada, with the hope of making both those nations strongholds of Islamism.

“They aim to make their picturesque mosques and the towers from which the muezzins issue their calls to prayer as numerous as our churches, and when that day arrives, they are confident it will not be long before the crescent will overshadow the cross and a great majority of Americans will be following the precepts laid down in the Koran.

“To the millions of American Christians who have so long hooked eagerly forward to the time when the cross shall be supreme in every land and the people of the whole world shall have become followers of Christ the plan to win this continent to the faith of the ‘infidel Turk’ will seem a thing unbelievable. But there is no doubt about its being actually well underway or that it is being pressed with all the fanatical zeal for which the Mohammedans are noted.

“A little more than a year ago there arrived in the United States a Mohammedan missionary who is charged with the duty of spreading his faith throughout the length and breadth of North America. His name is Mufti Muhammad Sadiq and he came from Qadian, Punjab, India, where are the headquarters of what is known as the Ahmadia Movement in Islam. […]

“Christ they regard as a ‘blessed prophet,’ but secondary in importance to their own Mohammed[sa], whom they term the ‘greatest of all prophets.’

“The special concern of the Ahmadia Movement is the spread of Mohammedanism and the conversion to that faith of as many as possible of the followers of Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, and other religions. Its slogan is ‘I will keep my faith above the world.’

“The way the Ahmadia Movement carries on its work bears a strong resemblance to the methods of the missionary organizations of the Christian churches. From the headquarters in India evangelists whose lives are dedicated to spreading the teachings of Mohammed[sa] as laid down in the Koran are sent to every part of the world where Mohammedanism is not yet the dominating religion.

“These evangelists are highly educated men, speaking many languages, trained for the work they are doing. They are called missioners and their duties and responsibilities correspond quite closely to those laid on our own missionary bishops.

“Already besides the missioner in America there are missioners all over India, in England, Burmah, Ceylon, China, Australia, Mesopotamia, Persia, Arabia, Egypt, East and West Africa, Mauritius and a number of other places. More are being sent out just as fast as they can be trained and funds raised to carry on their work.

“Dr Sadiq, as he calls himself, the missioner assigned to the task of winning the United States and Canada to Islamism, is showing himself an aggressive worker and is apparently not hampered by any lack of funds. The progress he claims to have made in the few months he has been here leads some of his admirers to think that the day when America shall be Mohammedan may dawn sooner than they had hoped.

“In addition to several hundred converts whom he reports won from various Christian denominations, he has done a great deal to renew interest in their faith among the thousands of Turks and other Mohammedan people who are living here.

“Since Dr Sadiq’s arrival here one Mohammedan mosque has been built fluently and, in every way, carefully in Highland Park, Mich., a suburb of Detroit. Here the Moslem missioner has made his headquarters until recently when he moved to Chicago. He expects in the near future to see mosques built in Chicago, New York and many other large cities.

“Reports of the progress of Dr Sadiq’s work are made in a magazine called ‘The Moslem Sunrise,’ of which he is the editor and publisher and which appears every three months.

“This is a neatly printed affair of twenty- eight pages, entirely in English, except for an occasional Arabic word. The front cover design is significant of what the zealous Mohammedans hope to accomplish. It shows a map of the United States and Canada, with the two nations bathed in the beneficent rays of the ‘Rising Sun of Mohammedanism.’

“The latest issue of ‘The Moslem Sunrise’ dated April 1922, prints a list of thirty-three American men and women who are said to have recently ‘accepted Islam in Ahmadia Movement.’ After their American names are given the Arabic titles which are assigned to them after they embrace the Moslem faith.

“Dr Sadiq’s magazine prints extracts from the Koran, the sacred book of the Mohammedans and also quotations from the writings of the later prophet, Ahmad[as]. There are numerous articles comparing Mohammedanism with Christianity, and always, of course to the great disparagement of the latter.


“Under the heading ‘If Jesus Christ Comes to America,’ Dr Sadiq tells what he imagines would happen if the Savior applied for admission to the United States under the present immigration laws. The following is the dialogue which he describes as taking place between the immigration officer (IO) and Jesus (J):

IO: What is your name?

J: Jesus.

IO: What is your first name?

J: This is my first name.

IO: What is your second name?

J: I have no second name. This is my only name.

IO: Funny, what is your father’s name?

J: I have no father.

IO: Have no father? Funny, how were you born?

J: Miraculously – without a father. What is funny to you is right with God. Could you tell me how was Adam born without a father and without a mother?

IO: I do not know. Where do you come from?

J: India.

IO: What city?

J: Srinagar, Cashmere.

IO: How much money have you?

J: I have no money with me.

IO: How will you live without money?

J: I never think of tomorrow. Tomorrow will think of itself.

IO: Funny, we think of things in this country a century ahead. What is your nationality?

J: I am a Jew.

IO: Do you believe in the Law of Moses which allows polygamy?

J: Surely, I do – whosoever shall break the least of the commandments of the Law of Moses, he shall be called least in the Kingdom of Heaven.

IO: Why are your hands pierced?

J: I was unjustly nailed to the cross.

IO: What is your profession?

J: I am a preacher of God’s word. I speak nothing but what I am commanded by Him to say.

IO: Have you any papers with you to prove that you are a preacher?

J: I need no papers.

IO: Will you fight for the country if ever necessary?

J: I do not believe in fighting. I believe only in love.

IO: Do you allow drinking wine?

J: I would even perform a miracle to provide wine if necessary for a feast or so.

“Dr Sadiq thinks that after this questioning, the immigration authorities would decide:

“That Jesus cannot be allowed to enter this country because:

1. He comes from a land which is out of the permitted zone.

2. He has no money with him.

3. He is not decently dressed.

4. His hands have holes in the palms.

5. He remains bare-footed, which is a disorderly act.

6. He is against fighting for the country.

7. He believes in making wine when he thinks necessary.

8. He has no credentials to show that he is an authorized preacher.

9. He believes in the Law of Moses which allows polygamy; but he can appeal to the Washington Office against this decision of ours.

“To this, Dr Sadiq thinks Jesus’ reply would be: ‘I would not submit any appeal. It is evil to disallow a man like me and resistance to evil is against my principles. So, I shake the dust off my feet and go back to the charming land of Hindustan.’

“The same issue of ‘The Moslem Sunrise’ contains many expressions of appreciation and promises of support for the magazine and its editor, coming from readers in all parts of the world.

“‘I offer prayers for you five times daily,’ writes one.

“‘The seed of Islam sowed by you in America,’ says another, ‘will some day grow up a big, strong tree. I see an illustrious future before you.’

“‘I pray Allah will give you greater strength,’ writes an Englishwoman, ‘to penetrate those regions where the glad tidings of Islam are yet unknown, and may Allah awake the world to a realization to grasp the true faith now within its reach.’

“The religion which Mufti Muhammed Sadiq and his fellow workers are striving so earnestly to spread in America was founded in the seventh century by a former camel driver. This man, who later took the name of Mohammed[sa], meaning ‘he who will be praised,’ dreamed strange dreams and heard the voice of the Angel Gabriel, whose words were afterward written down in a book called the Koran.

“When he announced himself the long-expected prophet sent by Allah to save the world his neighbors only laughed and called him a lunatic and a bore. Mohammed[sa] fled to Medina, and there he was soon surrounded by an increasing number of followers, who accepted the Islam, or ‘submission to the will of God,’ which he made the highest of virtues.

“It is believed that the chief reason for the astonishing success of the religion founded by Mohammed[sa] lay in the simplicity of the creed he taught. His followers were told to love Allah, the merciful and compassionate ruler of the world. They must honor and obey their parents, be honest with their neighbors, show charity to the poor and the sick. They were commanded to abstain from strong drink and eat frugally.

“Regular church-going was not required, but Mohammed[sa] commanded his followers to turn their faces toward Mecca, the Holy City, five times every day and say a simple prayer.”

2. South Bend News-Times, 8 May 1922:

Muhammadan faith explained

[To] the editor [of] News-Times:

“Dear Sir: I am the First Representative of the Muhammadan Religion in the country and just visiting this town for a few days. There are some wrong ideas prevalent here about our faith which I must correct and I will be much obliged to you if you kindly insert these few lines. I am not going to discuss sectarian dogmas and doctrines, but just a few facts of public interest and suitable to general daily paper.

I. The Muhammadans don’t call themselves as ‘Muhammadans.’ This is the name given to them by Europeans. Their name among themselves is ‘Moslem’ which means, one who has resigned his will to God.

II. The Moslems do not worship Muhammad[sa]. Muhammad[sa] is only a man and messenger of God. We worship God alone. One God like the Jews and the Unitarian Christians believe.

III. Allah is not the name of any image or separate deity. Allah is the Arabic word for God.

IV. We honor and respect Jesus as one of a Prophets and Teachers. We believe in Jesus as the Christ, but not as the only son of God.

V. We believe in the Virgin birth of Jesus.

VI. We believe in the Second Advent of Christ in the person of the Prophet ‘Ahmad’ of India.

VII. We believe that Jesus Christ did not die on the cross, but was taken down while fainting and gradually revived.

VIII. All the Moslems are not Turks as all the Christians are not Russians.

“Dr MM Sadiq, Portage Hotel. 6 May 1922.”

3. Benton Harbor Daily News-Palladium, 1 May 1922:

Prophet of Islam visitor here for lecture

“Benton Harbor got a glimpse of a prophet from Islam today in the person of Dr Mufti Muhammad Sadiq of Highland Park, Mich., and editor of The Moslem Sunrise. Dr Sadiq is the first Moslem missionary to be sent to this country from India by the Mohammedan faith. He is dressed as any American except that he wears the turban of India, green in color, denoting his religious work and also indicating that he comes from the educated class.

“Dr Sadiq delivered a lecture on spiritualism at the IOOF hall Sunday evening.

“In this country, two years spreading the faith of the Prophet[sa], Dr Sadiq declared today he had made 200 converts, ‘more than some of your missionaries have made who came to India,’ he declared.

“Discussing Indian affairs, Dr Sadiq declared today that the educated class of India are in favor of British dominion government for their empire. He is not a follower of Gandhi the great Indian leader, now in prison, whose doctrine of resistance to English rule has gained a large following.

“Educated in Indian schools, later in England, Dr Sadiq speaks excellent English. He was sent here by the Ahmadia Movement of India founded by the Prophet Ahmad[as] of India.”

(It is a mistake that the editor [of Benton Harbor Daily News-Palladium] called me a Prophet in his article. A Prophet, according to the Sacred Law, is only he who has been entitled by God as such. No one must be called a Prophet for being a Teacher, Reformer or a Missioner. – Ed.)

The awakening of the West

4. The learned Dr Frank Crane’s very readable editorial in “The Current Opinion’ for April 1922, headed as “What the Orient Thinks of Us” might be taken up as a sign of the awakening of the West to the realities of facts. We give a few excerpts out of it here and recommend the whole to those who like to read a substantial thinking mind:

“China, and still more Japan, despise the western foreigners because they have received so many humiliating proofs of our immorality and profound hypocrisy.

“For instance, and first of all, the religion of the East appears to them much more rational than ours. But the principal point in regard to religion – and it may be remembered that in religion is where races most profoundly differ – is the fact that, whatever their religion may be, in the East they practise it, while in the West, not only do we not practise our religion but we openly make a boast of not practising it, and ridicule any among us who claims that he does practise it.

“The religion of the Orient may be all wrong, but at least Orientals are honest about it, and its precepts are kept by all classes, from the most exalted Mandarin to the lowest coolie, and are kept quite as much by the courtesan and the thief as by the priest and the college professor.

“They look with amazement upon a civilization such as ours which constantly preaches one set of principles, such as brotherly love, non-resistance, honesty, forbearance, charity and helpfulness, and whose whole business life is organized on principles directly contrary to these, and whose every act of politics is a negation of the creed which is preached in the churches.

“Western civilization has created vast legal monsters without souls, such as trusts, stock companies, and other inhuman combinations of capital.

“Bolshevism is nothing but a manifestation of that malady which spreads throughout all the West; like all socialism, its spirit is purely material, and to the Oriental the cry of the envious poor is as disgusting as the successful rich. The trouble with both of them is that they have made prosperity their god.

“The West kept on lynching the black men and rejecting the yellow men, while it spoke of universal brotherhood and humanity.

“Asia has undoubtedly a civilization whose form is nobler than ours, but it is dead. The dominating religion of the Orient is the cult of the dead. The beauty of the Orient is the beauty of a lifeless statue.

“The West is ugly, it is wicked, it is violent. But it has in it the one thing needful, which is life.”

(Transcribed by Al Hakam from the original published in The Moslem Sunrise’s July 1922 edition)

100 Years Ago… – New converts write to Hazrat Khalifatul Masih II and Hazrat Mufti Muhammad Sadiq’s efforts for Islam (

The Moslem Sunrise, April & July 1923

Hazrat Mufti Muhammad Sadiqra (1872-1957)

Muhammad Yusuf Khan

[Muhammad Yusuf Khan of India is] our young friend in America, who works hard for his living and then evangelizes for Islam in his spare time. […]

In praise of the Master-Prophet Muhammad[sa]

“He never frequented the wine-shop, or looked at the dancing-girls, or talked abroad in the bazaars. He was more modest than a virgin behind the curtain. When he met children, he would stop and pat their cheeks; he followed the bier that passed him in the street; he visited the sick; he was kind to his inferiors; he would accept the invitation of a slave to dinner; he was never the first to withdraw his hand when he shook hands; he was humble, gentle and kind; he waited always on himself, mending his own clothes, milking his own goats; he never struck anyone in his life. When once asked to curse someone, he said, ‘I have not been sent to curse, but to be a mercy to mankind.’ […]

“When we regard him as a ruler and lawgiver, we can only wonder and admire. He established for the first time in history a United Arabia. In the moral life of his countrymen, he effected a remarkable reform. He abolished drunkenness and gambling, vices to which the Arabs have been especially addicted. He abolished the practice of infanticide, and also succeeded in rendering its memory detestable. […] Whatever laws he made respecting women and slaves were made with the view of improving their condition. […] His career is the best example that can be given of the influences of the Individual in human history. That single man created the glory of his nation, and spread his language over half the earth. The words which he preached to jeering crowds twelve hundred years ago are now being studied by scholars or by devotees in London, Paris and Berlin; in Mecca, where he labored; in Medina, where he died; in Constantinople, in Cairo, in Fez, in Timbuctoo, in Jerusalem, in Damascus, in Bassora [now Basra], in Bagdad, in Bokhara, in Cabul, in Calcutta, in Pekin; in the steppes of Central Asia, in the islands of the Indian Archipelago, in lands which are as yet unmarked upon our maps, in the oases of thirsty deserts, in obscure villages situated by unknown streams. It was Mohammad who did all this, for he uttered the book which carried the language, and he prepared the army which carried the book. His disciples and successors were not mad fanatics, but resolute and sagacious men, who made shrewd friendship with the malcontent Christians among the Greeks, and with the persecuted Jews in Spain, and who in a few years created an empire which extended from the Pyrenees to the Hindoo Koosh [now Hindu Kush].” (Winwood Reade, The Martyrdom of Man (1872), pp. 266-69)

Abraham Holasi

[Abraham Holasi is] our dear brother and friend in Pitcairn, Pennsylvania. […]

Islam and Issa, salam

Brief statement of faith by Mohammad Abdul Haqq, Charles Francis Sievwright (Australian Muslim):

“Dear Brethren: On the 26th of March, 1896, in Melbourne, Australia, I was converted to the religious belief known as Islam. Prior to that date, I followed the teachings of Jesus[as], and in doing so. I was professedly what is called “A Christian”. After twenty-seven years a follower of the teachings of Mohammad, the founder of the Faith of “Islam”, I desire to tell you that I find that both Teachers are one and the same in teaching the Truth concerning the way to God by Submission or Resignation, or as I would describe its name, “Soul’s Peace.”

“Issa (Jesus[as]), salam (the peace of) is the meaning of the words I have placed on the headline of this statement. Islam, the other word, I can only define as the Peace of Mohammad which he gave to the world in his message. Both these Messengers have shown me in their Teachings that the peace of the Soul consists in absolute resignation to the will of God or Allah.

“What we all require is true simplicity, a certain calmness of spirit which comes from entire surrender to all that God wills, patience and toleration for all your neighbors’ faults which a sense of God’s presence inspires, a certain candor and childlike docility on acknowledging one’s faults and accepting reproof and counsel; these are the solid graces which are needful for our Sanctification.

“The trouble we feel about so many things comes from our not accepting everything which may happen to us, with sufficient resignation to God. Put all things, then, in Allah’s care and offer them beforehand to Him in your heart as a sacrifice. From the moment when you cease to want things to be according to your own judgment, and accept unconditionally whatever Allah sends, you will be free from all your retrospects and anxieties about your own concerns; you will have nothing to conceal or contrive. Until then you will be troubled, changeable in your views, and tastes, easily displeased with others, and out of harmony with yourself, full of reserve and distrust. Your talents, until they truly become humble and simple, will only torment you; your piety, however sincere, will serve less to sustain and comfort you than to fill you with inward self-reproach. If on the contrary, you give your Soul fully to God, you will be full of peace and joy in this Holiness as was also stated by Issa in the fourteenth chapter of the gospel of John in the twenty-seventh verse, [‘I am leaving you with a gift – peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don’t be troubled or afraid’].” […]

Stories of Turkish atrocities untrue

Buffalo Express, New York, 13 February [1923], AP [Associated Press], states:

“Dr Albert Ross Hill, former president of the University of Missouri, and vice-chairman of the American Red Cross in charge of foreign work, returned today from Athens on the Carmania with the assertion that stories of Turkish atrocities after the burning of Smyrna were without foundation.

“Dr Hill, who set up the original Smyrna relief outfit and forced refugees to bathe almost at the point of the bayonet, said he had found no evidence of Turks having deliberately separated families. One instance of a Greek mother having had her children taken away was disproved, he said, when the children later were found by a relief party and returned to her.”

Cheer up Brother


An excerpt from a letter from BW Lye of Ceylon to Brother Abdullah Din Muhammad (Mr JL Mott) of New Orleans:

“I am indeed delighted to hear that you are standing firm by your religious conviction in spite of adverse circumstances. Never be discouraged in the least for you are never alone, Allah is always with you. Be prepared to make every possible sacrifice for Islam and you will have your reward with Allah in this and the next life. If calamities befall you, be resigned completely to Allah. Immunity from sorrow pertains not to this world but to another. Divine succor is always near at hand to the earnest souls like you.

“I assure you of the very sincere prayers of all of us here for your family and all the other American Muslim Ahmadi brothers and sisters.

“I read with much interest the brief account you have given of your noble family’s history in your letter. Remember, the name of the Motts shall go down in history as the great pioneers of the Islamic propaganda [tabligh] in the New World. Brother, can you foresee the great future of Islam? America is going to be the field where the past might and glory of Islam is to be revived. ‘The sun of Islam shall rise from the west’, aye, from America! Its light-waves shall hound over the plains of Europe and cover the whole world. This is the age and time for this final consummation of Islam’s glory in the world.

“Man, hath a body and a soul. They are the two sides of his nature. Religion is spiritual sustenance for him. As there is but one God, Allah, and one humanity, there is, as there can be but one religion or Divine Law. From the beginning upwards this Religion and Law was being revealed by Allah to the Prophets, only modified to suit the special needs of humanity of the age at every stage of its evolutionary progress. The final perfection of this Law and Religion is Islam. Open the Holy Quran and see if its laws and teachings are not such as are only conducive to the progress, enlightenment and perfection, of mankind. See if they are not the remedy for the countless evils and abominations prevailing in the so-called civilized countries. See if they are not the laws that can and will save Europe and America.

“It is true that Islam has been the religion that is most misrepresented. and, therefore, most misunderstood in the Western countries. This is chiefly due to the bigotry and hatred of the early Christians against Muslims, and the mischievous writings of Christian missionaries and journalists. But Truth triumphs in the end. Glory be to Allah! Muhammad’s[sa] vicegerent, Ahmad[as] of Qadian, has again unfurled the banner of victory of Islam. Come, ye valiant sons and daughters of Islam from the fertile soil of the West, stand by us under this banner. Victory is ours, is yours, is Islam’s.”

A message by Shaikh Khalid Sheldrake

From London (England), Shaikh Khalid Sheldrake writes:

“Allah has indeed blessed you [Mufti Muhammad Sadiq Sahib] abundantly and we are seeing the reward your labors merited. To light the torch of Islam in America is a grand work, and Mufti Muhammad Sadiq is the worthy instrument chosen by Allah. Your Moslem Sunrise is a journal of which you may indeed feel proud. It is full of Divine guidance and brings us so close to you that we can feel that your endeavors are ours.

“As one who dwelt in the light of Islam for twenty years, may I send a message to my American brethren? It is this:

“‘Remember that each Muslim is a sentinel who must be ever watchful over his habits and actions. Islam is judged by men from what we say and do. By example, we can make men first wonder, then enquire as to our motive power and so they come to know of the eternal truths of our Holy Faith. Let us guard ourselves, be true to Islamic principles, and we need not fear others.”

In love and appreciation

This is a sample of the letters recently written by the Moslems in this country to the head of the Ahmadia Mission in India:

“To His Holiness, Khalifatul-Masih II[ra], Qadian, Gurdaspur, Punjab, India.

“From: The Ahmadia Moslem, Americans in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

“Most Reverend Sir:

“Whereas: We, the Moslem members of the Ahmadia Movement of Chicago, Illinois, USA, have stepped from darkness into light from religious ignorance into Religious Truth through the Spiritual and intellectual guidance, personal and individual love of our dear leader and teacher, Mufti Muhammad Sadiq. We, as a community, express our love for Dr Sadiq and beg that he be commanded to remain with us indefinitely, with or without other assistants that you can manage to send to America. Yours obediently, (Signatures)”

Confessed by an old priest

In his “Confessions of an Old Priest”, the Reverend Samuel David McConnell, who has been for fifty years a minister in the church, writes of Jesus[as] as follows:

“[…] As an example, to copy, his manner of life will not serve. It does not furnish the material. He had no experience of the multiform relations in which every human life must be spent. The parent, the citizen, the father, the soldier, the man of business, the craftsman find nothing in the actual conduct of his life either to copy or avoid.” (Confessions of an Old Priest (1922), pp. 33-34)

The reverend gentleman is quite right. Jesus[as] never pretended to teach all mankind. He came for the lost sheep of Israel only as he himself avers. That was his role. His mission was confined to his time and place and the attendant circumstances only. This ministry can only be accepted in that light. As a world-teacher there is only one blessed teacher, Muhammad of Arabia, peace be on him and the blessings of God. His is the most perfect exemplar, and in him we find solution for the minutest details of our life, whatever walk of life we may happen to belong to.


Some remarks on the Christian “Moslem World” by Maulvi Muhammad Din

The Quran mentions some incidents in the lives of the various Prophets, but it does not relate them for the sake of giving information about the past. Its purpose is to teach a lesson. However seemingly “minor” or “unimportant” a detail, if it can teach a lesson, then it has served its purpose. It says: “In their histories, there is a lesson for men of understanding.” These incidents presage that something is coming about, and if the disbelievers cannot profit by the lesson, their end will in no wise differ from those who rejected the previous Prophets and they will suffer in the long run. It draws the attention of the scoffers of the Holy Prophet[sa] of Arabia to a similar fate that is awaiting them by telling them in prophetic words that “It is not a narrative which could be forged, but a verification and fulfilment of what is impending.” To the believers, it holds out the same promise of “guidance and mercy” as was given to the believers of old and fulfilled, in their case. These promises may take long to fulfill and may sometimes try the patience of believers as well as the Prophets, but come they must. The fulfilment of these promises generally comes about at the time “when the Prophets and the believers despair of any more success” among the unbelievers who on account of the long delay in their punishment come to regard those warnings as empty threats and so get hard-hearted. It is at this juncture that the divine aid comes “delivering those with whom he is pleased” and “His punishment is not averted from the guilty people.”

This is the lesson which the holy word of God wanted to drive home into the minds of the people – the opponents of the Holy Prophet Muhammad[sa]. Like the brethren of Joseph[as], “They had resolved upon their affair and they were devising plans”, but their plans were all destined to be wrecked, and one day they were told that they would all have to be down on their knees as did the brethren of Joseph[as]. “He is the true Prophet of God; he stands on the bedrock of certainty; with this certainty of faith, he and his followers call the people to the way of Allah.” He is certain that if they do not believe in him their end would be the same as that of those who preceded them. History was sure to be repeated in his case with certainty and with a wealth of detail as was never witnessed before. It was then all the more necessary for them to hearken to his message and be not foolhardy. It is with this end in view that the third verse of the chapter “Joseph” begins. “We explain to you with the best explanation by our revealing to you this Quran, though before this you were certainly of the unaware ones.” Reverend Boyd Oscar of the American Mission of Beirut laughs at this revelation which, he says, only recounts past events recorded in other books. His Christian mentality does not allow him to see what is written a few lines ahead, for four verses further we find it recorded: “Certainly in Joseph[as] and his brothers, there are signs for the inquirers.” What those signs are is clear from the concluding portion of the chapter, where the Holy Prophet[sa] in the most critical part of his life, when his enemies are thinking of banishing, imprisoning or trapping him to death, is told that he will return victorious and that his own people will bow down before him asking to be forgiven, just as did the brethren of Joseph[as]. Surely there can be no greater revelation than this that a fugitive and forlorn is told that all the details of Joseph’s[as] life will find their fulfilment in him and that on a far grander scale, and then like Joseph[as] when his erstwhile foes will be quite at his mercy, he would pass over all the wrongs done to him. If this is no revelation, we do not know what the Reverend gentleman means by revelation and prophecy. […]

Mosque and Ahmadia Mission House

America Mosque

To whom it may concern:

The Building Lot No. 3 in the subdivision of Lots Four and Five in Block Two in Hoxies Subdivision of the South 263.18, known as 4448 S Wabash Avenue, Chicago, purchased by Dr MM Sadiq and used as The Mosque and the Ahmadia Mission House is the property of the Ahmadia Movement with its central headquarters at Qadian, India, and directed and guided by the Khalifatul Masih II[ra] and now represented in America by Dr Mufti Muhammad Sadiq and Maulvi Muhammad Din.

(Transcribed and edited by Al Hakam from the original in The Moslem Sunrise, April and July 1923)
100 Years Ago… – New converts appreciate Hazrat Mufti Muhammad Sadiq and offer sacrifices for Berlin Mosque (

100 Years Ago… – New converts appreciate Hazrat Mufti Muhammad Sadiq and offer sacrifices for Berlin Mosque

The Moslem Sunrise, October 1923

By Hazrat Maulvi Muhammad Dinra (1881-1983)
Masjid in berlin
Tadib-un-Nisa, April 1923: Artist’s impression of the Berlin Mosque

Islam: Solution for African Americans

My dear [African] Americans!

As-salaam-o-alaikum – Peace be with you and the mercy of Allah.

The Christian profiteers brought you out of your native lands of Africa, and in Christianising you, made you forget the religion and language of your forefathers – which were Islam and Arabic. You have experienced Christianity for so many years, and it has proved to be no good. It is a failure. Christianity cannot bring real brotherhood to man, especially to a fallen and downtrodden nation.

So, now leave it alone. Join Islam, the real faith of universal brotherhood, which at once does away with all distinctions of race, color, and creed. The Holy Quran is the true book of God. You need a religion that teaches manliness, self-reliance, self-respect, and self-effort. Islam does not teach you vicarious sacrifice, nor does it teach you that all human nature is corrupt and thus makes you suffer needlessly. Islam frees you from all sorts of debasing associations and idolatry. Muhammad[sa] does not tell you not to live a full life here in this world. He tells you the world is good; therefore, you must make the most of it. Islam does not say sell all you have; it says get all the good you can out of this life and make it a good start for the life to come, for our future is to be shaped by our present. It is not a bad world we live in. Moreover, you can be good Muslims in America as well as in Asia, Europe, and Africa. Join Islam in the Ahmadia Movement founded by Ahmad[as] of India, the Prophet of the day, and be blessed. For further particulars, address all communications to the undersigned.

Muhammad Din,

Ahmadia Movement,

4448 South Wabash Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Tu Quoque (Logical Fallacy)

Reviewing the book, “Spirit of Islam” by Syed Amir Ali, the “Moslem World” for July 1923 says that the author has made some disparaging remarks on Christianity that ill-fitted a man who had received his education as well as his titles from Christian people.

The reviewer forgets that his own co-religionists owe most of what they have to others, and yet they are not ashamed to launch the vilest abuse against their former teachers. “In writing the best that can be said of Mohammed and Islam, it ought not to have been necessary to take such a hostile attitude against Christianity,” says the reviewer, and it is a nice bit of advice, but it is Christianity that started the ball rolling and the others had to take it up in self-defence. And yet we think a Christian should be the last man to come forward with this olive branch, for was it, not Jesus [according to Gospel] who started this campaign of invective by calling his opponents vipers, or sons of vipers, a wicked generation, an evil generation and so forth? Was it not Jesus who said [in a gospel], “All that ever came before me are thieves and robbers?”

It is Islam that tells us that we should believe, respect, and revere the memory of all the teachers. It is Islam that tells us that we should not say aught in offense even against false deities, lest their adorers, in pique as well as ignorance, revile the one True God. It is Islam that teaches us that our discussions with the People of Book should be in the best of spirits. But there are instances where Islam does not teach us the turning of the left cheek to be slapped without returning the blow. So, therefore, let the reviewer hold his own [horses] and then plead for fair criticism.

Berlin Mosque fund

Mrs Sadiqah Sadiq: $10; Mrs Abdul Hakim (August): $6; Sister Fatima (Mrs Russel): $5; Mrs Abraham Holasi: $10; Sister Saeeda (Mrs Omar): $2; Miss Romeesa Rahman: $2; Mrs Andrew Jacob: $2; Mrs Thomas F Glem (Abdul Karim): $5; Muhammady: $5; Mrs Essac Bairam: $5; Mrs Thelma McGaughey: $1; Mrs Restum of Cleveland: $5; Mrs EM Ensoof of Tela: $5; Mrs Mary McGaughey: $1; Mrs Charley Harrel (Fauzy): $4; Mrs Isom Harrells (Majeed): $5; Mrs GF Crawley (Aldus Samee): $5; Sister Saleema: $5; Mrs Melvin McGaughey: $1; Mrs Montrose McGaughey: $1; Mrs Adam Jackson: $1; Brother Abdur Raheem: $2; Unknown: $1

Appreciation of Dr Sadiq’s work in America

Hazrat Mufti Muhammad Sadiq (ra)
Hazrat Mufti Muhammad Sadiqra

Dr Sadiq is shortly to leave America for home after three years’ work in this country as a Muslim missionary and seven years’ continued absence from home, the first four of which he spent in England. That within these three years’ space, he has been able to secure more than seven hundred new converts to Islam from among the ranks of American Christians speaks for itself, in spite of the fact that he has had to work under circumstances unusual for a pioneer in such a work. However, his work is done, and done well. Glory be to God, who enabled him to accomplish all this within a short space of three years. Indeed, it is God’s work, and it will certainly come about. Below we give a few of the excerpts appreciative of his work:

“I did so hope that the letter sent to His Holiness, Khalifa-tul-Masih II[ra], by Moslem members of the Ahmadia Movement in Chicago, requesting that you be permitted to remain with us indefinitely, would have received more consideration and that you would have been instructed to remain at least for another year; but, no doubt, His Holiness knows best […] and has other and perhaps greater work in sight for you. I will console myself with the belief that we will meet in person one of these days; if not here on earth, then on some other plane of life in the great beyond.” – Mr JL Mott of New Orleans

“To Dr Sadiq belongs […] praise, because he has shown the world that Islam is not a dead but very much alive religion. The Moslem Sunrise enlightens the public about the Turks and Arabs and proves that we have been misinformed about them. The Turks are cultured, and the Arabs are not fanatical; in fact, everybody knows that culture comes from the East. The Ahmadia Movement, which has abolished the irrational doctrine of the Jehad, is bound to bring Islam into all parts of the world hitherto untouched by it. May it be the same comfort to others as it has been to me.” – Achmet Anderson of New York City

“You have done splendid work in America in enlightening us Americans to the lofty principles of Islam and the new interpretation of it through the Ahmadia Movement. You certainly did a splendid service to your cause in establishing a mission and Mosque, and your tireless speaking everywhere in your convincing style added by your intimate knowledge.” – Samuel Robert Shapiro of Chicago, Illinois

“While we are sincerely sorry to learn that you are about to set sail for your native land, let us believe God’s will is being done in thyne guidance. We wish to send our best wishes for a safe journey, a hearty welcome to you from your people upon your safe arrival, and may there be many more useful years of your valuable service from you to other people, be that service rendered in America, India or wherever the Lord wills.

“God be praised for your great work in our beloved America, and may the new successor find his way into the hearts of these Americans as you have done. While we feel that no one else can come over here and become as well beloved as you have, my dear Dr Sadiq, you will be missed by thousands who have become attracted to you and your good work. […] We believe you are the most beloved missionary of God that has ever visited our beloved America. Yes, our system, mode of living and beliefs in general may differ from those of your beloved country, but our hearts are in harmonious accord with you and greater now for your country and people. You have performed wonderful work in bringing the Far East nearer to the Far West. May we all become one nation in one accord and one love for each other and for the One God whom you so faithfully serve. Earnest prayers shall ever be sent up for our dear Dr Sadiq, and India.” – Mr and Mrs Alberto of Tampa, Florida

“It is with deep regret that we learn of your departure from our country. You have worked hard and accomplished much during your short time here. I believe you have had many difficulties to encounter, and you have worked quietly on and your good work will still remain when you are far away. Personally, I appreciate your kind prayers, and I believe they are and have been a great benefit to me and my home. I hope and trust God will give you health and strength to continue spreading your good work and influence for many years to come. May you, and yours always, enjoy the blessings God bestows upon you.” – Mrs Zelma Mai Zaher

“May the success you have enjoyed in America follow you wherever you may go. […] It is my fervent hope that out of the small beginnings may spring things greater and nobler than this country has ever seen. This country is a very fertile soil for the seeds of truth, and may Allah grant that they bring forth a bounteous harvest. […] The great work you have done in this country is deserving of the highest praise, and every true Moslem heart will be quickened to learn of your success, and as in a vision, see the dawn of a Moslem Sunrise illuminating the universe.” – Abraham Holasi of Pitcairn, Pennsylvania

“The new Moslem [Sunrise] number is the best number yet edited. As it is for the benefit of the old and new members of the Moslem faith, and is a book of great interest to read.” – Mrs Helen of Carr

“The last issue of the Moslem Sunrise is very interesting, and I am delighted with it. Please accept my congratulations. Sadiq Sahib, you are an improving Mr Editor.” – Miss G Berry of London

“Dr Sadiq, I could never forget the day that I first saw you and the evening you turned me to that wonderful religion of Islam, for which I am thankful. May the mercy of Allah be with you. I kept the fasting month of Ramazan and offered five daily prayers. [The] Holy Quran is a great help in every way.” – Mrs Taher of Buffalo

“I congratulate you upon the success of your great work and the modest and artistic manner in which you have promoted the Moslem cause. Surely this magazine would be of value to every devotee of any religion in the world, and I am very glad to receive the valuable information that it contains. […] May the peace of God and His Mercy abide with you and your holy cause.” – Mr Henry of Wilcox

Shaikh Muhammad Ibrahim

Brother AES Mondezie, whose Islamic name we have given above [i.e., Shaikh Muhammad Ibrahim], has established himself as a Muslim missionary at Princes Town, Trinidad, British West Indies. He converted to Islam in January 1923, after a careful study of two years, and was initiated into the Ahmadia Movement by Dr MM Sadiq.

He is so full of zeal for the spread of truth that he has taken upon himself the spread and propagation of it come what might, and he is doing it in spite of much opposition. He has already secured some converts to Islam from among the Christians, and now he is trying to bring the fifteen thousand of the scattered Muslims all over the island under some sort of organization. For this purpose, he recently called a representative meeting of the Muslim delegates from all parts of the island and enlisted their sympathy and co-operation for the betterment of their condition.

We wish our new brother and missionary every success in the arduous task that he has taken upon himself. His address is “The Islamic Mission House, High Street, Princes Town, Trinidad, British West Indies.”

Hakim Fazlur Rahman

Salt Pond, West Africa: The brother is working very hard in spite of heavy handicaps. He made a long journey to Accra, the capital of the Gold Coast Colony and spent a few days there preaching individually to English and Arabic-speaking people. There are signs that the seed sown with so much care and self-sacrifice will bear a rich harvest, in the near future.

Our best thanks are due to Messrs. M Dial Dass and Sons for their cordial reception and princely entertainment of our brother, [Hakim Fazlur Rahman Sahib].

(Transcribed and edited by Al Hakam from the original, published in The Moslem Sunrise, October 1923)

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