Maulvi Hafiz Ghulam Muhammad, B.A. was a long time pupil of Maulvi Noorudin (See the ROR of Feb-1915). Ahmadiyya sources allege that he is Hafiz of the Quran and a scholar of Arabic and Hebrew (just like Mufti Muhammad Sadiq). He doesn’t seem to exist anywhere in Ahmadiyya literature until the ROR mentioned his departure towards Mauritius and via Ceylon in the ROR of Feb-1915. He was the pioneer Ahmadiyya missionary to Mauritius.

As soon as he arrived, he began stirring controversy, he began praying in the Soonee Mosque (Masjid Rose Hill) separately and thus caused a huge disturbance. He did this per the order of the 2nd Khalifa, who told Ahmadi’s to never pray behind Muslim imams. By 1921, there was a court case and it was decided against the Ahmadi’s of Mauritius. 99% of Muslims in Mauritius were from India and Hanafi-type of Muslims and were shocked by all of this.

However, the Ahmadiyya Movement seems to have been compensated with land and free construction, thus, the famous Ahmadiyya temple, Dar-us-Salam Mosque, which would serve as the missionary quarters and headquarters of the Qadiani-Ahmadi’s in Rose Hill, Mauritius. After 1926, Maulvi Hafiz Ghulam Muhammad, B.A. totally disappeared from the history of Ahmadiyya, his children are unknown also.


The ROR of Jan-1915 reports how Maulvi Hafiz Ghulam Muhammad, B.A. is about to be sent to Mauritius via Ceylon, also to Madagascar and other East African islands.

Sufi Ghulam Muhammad is sent as a missionary to Mauritius, however, he stops in Sri Lanka and works on creating an Ahmadiyya center there. Per the english-ROR of February, a new Ahmadiyya missionary, Maulvi Hafiz Ghulam Muhammad, B.A. was also sent to Ceylon, aka Sri Lanka. February 1915, page 80. He left Qadian on February 20th, 1915, he was educated at the famous Aligarh Muslim College, many Ahmadi mullahs were educated there. This was before the Jamia was created at Qadian. He was also set to travel to Mauritius. The English-ROR of September tells us that Maulvi Hafiz Ghulam Muhammad, B.A. has been in Mauritius about 2 months, which means he arrived in July of 1915.

The ROR of June-1915 reports how Maulvi Hafiz Ghulam Muhammad, B.A. stopped in Ceylon while he was en-route to Mauritius. The Ceylon Independent newspaper gave this report also. This lecture was simultaneously translated into Tamil. They announced that 30 people had converted to the Qadiani branch of Ahmadiyya. On May-27-1915, he began travelling to Mauritius.

The ROR of Sep-1915 reports that Maulvi Hafiz Ghulam Muhammad, B.A. has been in Mauritius for 2 months now, Mr. Noorooyah is the secretary of the Ahmadiyya Association Rose-Hill. They report that there are 200 Muslims living around Rosehill of which about half have converted to Ahmadiyya. Ahmadi’s are alleging that they defeated Muslims already.

The ROR of January-1916 tells the world how grateful the Ahmadiyya Movement is with the British Government, since they allowed their missionary Maulvi Hafiz Ghulam Muhammad, B.A. has been given permission from the Governor of Mauritius to give lectures at the Cinema Hall, Rosehill, Mauritius.

The ROR of February-1916 reports that the British Government is helping Ahmadi’s immensely with free land and etc, in fact, Maulvi Hafiz Ghulam Muhammad, B.A. has been given permission from the Governor of Mauritius to give lectures at the Cinema Hall, Rosehill, Mauritius. The ROR of February-1916 has a long write up on the 2 year anniversary of the Anjuman Tarraqi Islam. They also announced expenditures at 2646-14-0 rupees. They also announced that there were 15 Qadiani-Ahmadi missionaries working in the world, 12 in India, 2 in England and 1 in Mauritius. They also allege that 40 people joined Ahmadiyya. 

The ROR of March-April-1916 reports that Maulvi Hafiz Ghulam Muhammad, B.A. is doing good work. Mr. Noorooyah is the secretary of the Ahmadiyya Association Rose-Hill and reports how Muslims have been very hostile to Ahmadi’s. Mr. Noorooyah explains how both Ahmadi’s and non-Ahmadi-Muslims are using the same mosque, however, they pray separately. 

The ROR of June-1916 presents a report from the Ahmadiyya Anjuman at Slave Island, Colombo, Sri Lanka. In this report it was alleged that the Ahmadiyya Communities monthly meeting was referred to in the Ceylon Independent (newspaper). Mr. T.K. Lye presided the meeting, letters from Qadian (and London) were read out by Mr. C.H. Mantara, he also announced the conversion of Professor Abdul Latif of Chittagong College, Dr. Syed Usmani and Panipat and the imam of the Rosehill Mosque in Mauritius. It also reports that the Ahmadi’s of Mauritius have raised 200 rupees for the free circulation of the Qadiani-Ahmadi’s Part-1 of an english commentary of the Quran. It also reports that Hafiz Maulvi Ghulam Muhammad (B.A.) is doing good work and gave many lectures, copies of those lectures were sent to Qadian. They also announced the conversion of Mr. Hassan Ali (a headmaster of a government school) to Ahmadiyya. 

The ROR of July-1916 has a report from the Ahmadiyya secretary in Mauritius. He reports that the new governor (Henry Hesketh Bell) has arrived in British-Mauritius and the Ahmadiyya Movement immediately sent a delegation of 5 Ahmadi’s to meet him and his team. This letter was published in the ROR and other local newspaper in Mauritius. In this letter, the Ahmadi’s of Mauritius tell the new governor how MGA forced Ahmadi’s to be grateful to the King/Queen of England. And thus, Ahmadi’s are living this in reality, the letter goes on to declare King George the 5th as the temporal Khalifa of the Ahmadi’s and Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad as their religious Khalifa. A man named Mr. Noorooyah reported about some alleged converts from Christianity. The Ahmadiyya community was sad at the death of Herbert Kitchener, 1st Earl Kitchener. Maulvi Ghulam Muhammad (B.A.) gives condolences and prays for the success of the British government, the 2nd Khalifa said the same.

The ROR of Sep-1916 reports that their “missionary” is working hard, he visited Port Louis and looked at houses for a possible “Ahmadiyya Lecture Hall”. 

The ROR of Oct-1916 reports that the “Revue de Islamic” has published its first edition, M.N. Noorooya is the editor and honorary secretary of the Rose Hill Ahmadiyya Anjuman in Mauritius The Ahmadi’s there are looking to buy a temple in Port Louis (the capital). 

The ROR of Nov-1916 has an essay by Hafiz Maulvi Ghulam Muhammad (B.A.) entitled, “Allah, the living, the Omniscient, the Omnipotent”. He quoted the bible, and mentioned how Jesus is allegedly buried in Khan Yar, Srinagar, Kashmir. It is also mentioned how the mission in Mauritius is moving along satisfactorily. 

The ROR of Dec-1916 reports that Mr. Fateh Muhammad and Mr. A Rahman have been in Sri Lanka and the few Ahmadi’s of Mauritius have offered to pay their fare for them to come to Mauritius. We are unsure who these people are. They also report that there is a French ahmadiyya magazine with circulation entitled, “Revue de Islamic”.


The ROR of Jan-1917 alleges that a man named Mr. Saddar Ali has given the Rose- Hill-Ahmadiyya-i-Anjuman a piece of half an acre of land. They also claim that the imam of the Rose Hill mosque has died. 

The ROR of June-1917 reports that Hafiz Maulvi Ghulam Muhammad (B.A.)(and family) are waiting for Maulvi Obeidullah to arrive and will then leave for Mauritius. There are 4 young students of Mauritius origin already at Qadian and studying. 

The ROR of Aug-1917 reports that Hafiz Maulvi Ghulam Muhammad (B.A.)(and family) and Maulvi Obeidullah (graduate of the Ahmadiyya Theology College at Qadian) are stuck at some Indian sea port, enroute to Mauritius. They also report that there is a French ahmadiyya magazine with circulation entitled, “Revue de Islamic”. They also plan to publish 1000 fliers which will argue that MGA predicted the fall of the Tsar of Russia. 

The ROR of Oct-Nov-1917 reports that on November 10th, 1917, Maulvi Ubaidullah and Maulvi Ghulam Muhammad left India for Mauritius to help the Ahmadi’s there. They also report that Muslims are opposing Ahmadi’s heavily.


The Jan-1918 edition of the ROR reports that the Ahmadiyya missionary, Maulvi Ubaidullah has arrived and will be working in St. Pierre, whereas, the other Ahmadi missionary Maulvi Hafiz Ghulam Muhammad, B.A is working out of Port Louis. The finances of the Mauritius jamaat are also posted.

The Feb-1918 edition of the ROR reports Maulvi Ubaidullah is working out of St. Pierre and Maulvi Hafiz Ghulam Muhammad, B.A is working out of Rose Hill.

The Aug-Sep-1918 edition of the ROR reports that Muslims are opposing Ahmadi’s in Mauritius.

The ROR of Nov-Dec-1918 reports that Rosehill Mosque case is still in the courts (Port Louis High Court), they also complain of persecution. The 2nd Khalifa seems to have immediately fabricated a dream that he had before Maulvi Ghulam Muhammad left for Mauritius wherein it is asserted that there will be persecution. It is also reports that 2 of their young students who were at Qadian studying have died of Influenza (the spanish flu). They also report that there is a French ahmadiyya magazine with circulation entitled, “Revue de Islamic”.


The ROR of Aug-Sep reports that the Ahmadiyya Movement has already spent 2500 rupees on the court case of the Rose Hill Mosque. It also reports that 3 men from Mauritius are in Qadian getting training. The ROR of Oct-Nov-1919 reports that the Ahmadiyya Movement is in court in terms of the Rose Hill Mosque. Ahmadi’s had a case in the Supreme court wherein they were trying to steal it away from the local sunni muslim community. This article was written by Hafiz Ghulam Muhammad. It is also explains how there are some students from Mauritius studying in Qadian.


Mauritius – Nov. 1920, Supreme Court case No. 32452’. This ground-breaking event occurred half a century BEFORE Pakistan (it is understood that Pakistan came into being in 1947) declared qadianis and their offshoots as non-Muslims, on the 7th September 1974. It is interesting to to note that it took Pakistan 27 years since its inception, to come to the this conclusion! This Supreme Court loss for the Qadianis, to all extents and purposes, effectively recognised that qadianis are NOT Muslims. Nb. Since 1915, during the First World War, qadiani agitators had taken over the main masjid in Rose Hill; with the support of prominent apostates to Qadianism. Due to strict wartime regulations, Muslims were unable to take back this Masjid, until the end of WW1.


Ahmadiyyat in Mauritius

Maulana Sufi Ghulam Muhammad Sahib BA, Muslim missionary, Rose Hill, writes:

“On 25 September [1920], I went to Phoenix with Maulvi Obaidullah Sahib and gave lectures. First Maulvi Obaidullah Sahib delivered a speech on How to recognise true religion. Then, I made a speech and proved that the Promised Messiahas drew the attention of the people [towards God’s message] and some of them considered him a liar but did not confront him out of fear and thought that he would die after some time and everything would remain in their hands. However, some people mulled over and accepted him after recognising the arguments of his truth. [I explained that] after Ahmadas, many people had learned the arguments of truth and started to carry out tabligh to others. They have not only reached [and conveyed his message] in India but also in Nigeria, Sierra Leone, England, America and Australia. By the grace of God, [my speech] had a positive influence on the audience. A non-Ahmadi promised that he would offer Jumuah prayers with Ahmadis in Rose Hill [mosque]. Subsequently, he fulfilled his promise and hopefully, he will announce his conversion to Ahmadiyyat in a few days, insha-Allah!

“By the grace of God, the proceedings of the mosque’s case have come to an end and the only thing remaining is the issuing of the verdict. Consequently, we have planned to hold public lectures at the cinema hall on the first weekend of every month. All praise be to Allah that we have started as planned. On the afternoon of 3 October 1920, the lecture began and there was a large audience as well. The subject of the speech was that Islam is the only religion which is alive. Its living proof is the Promised Messiahas and his true successors. The religion of Hindus is not alive because God does not communicate with the followers of the Vedas. Moreover, the religion of the believers of Gospels is no longer alive because no other Christian receives any revelation after the disciples of Jesusas, nor does the Holy Spirit descend upon them. I told the audience that the Islam of non-Ahmadis was also dead and the only living proof of the truth of Islam is the Promised Messiahas. By the grace of God, [my words] had a profound effect [on the participants].

“Hindu dignitaries were also present in the gathering and they included a barrister-at-law and an attorney-at-law. Maulvi Obaidullah Sahib writes that a lot of people gathered on the death of an Ahmadi brother’s son and tabligh was done among them. A sermon was also delivered on the women’s side.

“A conversation took place with a Christian at Phoenix Station. As he could not understand Urdu, it was the first time that a religious issue was discussed in Mauritian language in a public gathering.

“Obaidullah Sahib writes:

‘On Sunday, 11 September [1920], I went to convey the message of Islam in Montagne Blanche and carried out tabligh over there. A meeting was held at Rose Hill to discuss various matters, including the registration of the Ahmadiyya Society, which went very well …’”

The ROR of August-1921 reports that there are 500 Ahmadi’s in the country (a lie).

100 Years Ago… – Ahmadiyyat in Mauritius: Correspondent of Al Fazl talks to an Ahmadi from Mauritius

100 Years Ago… – Ahmadiyyat in Mauritius: Correspondent of Al Fazl talks to an Ahmadi from Mauritius

Last Updated on 12th November 2021

On 24 July [1921], Elahi Bakhsh Sahib Bhunno Ahmadi, a respected landlord from Mauritius, arrived in Dar-ul-Aman [Qadian]. The next day, a correspondent of Al Fazl met him and enquired about some details, which are listed below:

A long time ago, the family of Elahi Bakhsh Sahib Bhunno [family name] left India and settled in Mauritius. They own a large plot of land there. He alone owns 500 bighas [one bigha roughly equals to 1/5th of an acre] of land in which sugarcane is cultivated. His son, Ghulam Hussain Sahib Bhunno, who has been living in India for four years, passed the entrance exam in Qadian and this year passed the FSc exam from Islamia College, Lahore. Now, he is going abroad for medical studies.

Elahi Bakhsh Sahib is around 45 years old and signs of wisdom and piety are visible on his face. He is of good height and can express his thoughts in the Urdu language.

The Al Fazl correspondent asked him how he came to Qadian. In response, he said:

“I left home with the intention of performing Hajj of the ‘Baitullah’[House of Allah – the Holy Ka‘bah], but I reached Bombay [now Mumbai] when the last ship to Jeddah had left. Therefore, with much regret, I had to postpone my plan of Hajj this year.

“Then, I thought it appropriate to come to the land of Qadian as coming here was also a good deed. Anyway, after Hajj, my intention was to visit Qadian.”

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Question: How many Ahmadis are there in Mauritius?

Answer: I cannot tell the exact figure, but there are about 500 or more women, men, children and the elderly.

Question: How much chanda does that Jamaat contribute?

Answer: I cannot estimate the exact amount of chanda because I have never calculated it. However, I can say this much, that all the expenses there are borne by the Jamaat [members] themselves. Thousands of rupees were spent by the Mauritius Jamaat in the court case of the mosque.

Question: Is there any particular predicament in the tabligh of Ahmadiyyat over there. Pray tell if there is any?

Answer: There is no predicament as far as the government is concerned. Due to some insurrection on the part of the common mullahs, the people had grown in opposition. Owing to this, they used to avoid meeting Ahmadis, but now this hatred and opposition is waning. Due to the illness of Sufi (Ghulam Muhammad) Sahib, tabligh has slowed down a bit.

Question: What kind of suffering do Ahmadis have to endure from their opponents?

Answer: In the early days [of the Jamaat], the opponents also used to beat Ahmadis, but for some time now, they have lost their vigour. Ahmadis are firmly established in two places: Rose Hill and Saint Pierre. Although their numbers are smaller than those of their opponents, still they are sufficient, and since most of the Ahmadis are generally prosperous with the grace of God, they are beyond the reach of their opponents and in fact, have an influence on them.

Question: How have Ahmadis treated their opponents from the beginning up till now in comparison to this mistreatment by their opponents?

Answer: Ahmadis have always treated non-Ahmadis in the best possible way. A notable example is the days of influenza, when people were dying in large numbers. At that time, Ahmadis did their best to help non-Ahmadis there in providing for their treatment, medicine, shrouds and burials.

Question: How is the Jamaat there in terms of sincerity and love for Ahmadiyyat?

Answer: The Mauritius Jamaat, by the grace of God, is exceptional in their sincerity with their faith and Ahmadiyyat. When they were attacked by their opponents, they endured it with great patience and perseverance. Then, in the court case of the mosque, the Ahmadis there presented money in abundance. All this was because they have full faith in Ahmadiyyat. Otherwise, it was not possible for a person to sacrifice themselves for such a belief without having absolute faith in it. They are so firm and steadfast in their faith, by the grace of God, that they are not at all ready to deviate from their belief and they will not care to sacrifice their lives for this.

Question: When did the last person join the Jamaat while you were there [in Mauritius]?

Answer: I know about [converts of] Saint Pierre. It has probably been two or three months, i.e. since the decision on the mosque case, when four people have joined the Ahmadiyya Jamaat.

Question: (After presenting Ahl-e-Hadith newspaper of 3 June 1921) You may not have heard the name of this newspaper. It is the newspaper of Maulvi Sanaullah Amritsari, the archenemy of the Jamaat. A letter has been published in it on behalf of a person named Muhammad Hussain who is probably a buyer of the Ahl-e-Hadith newspaper, by an anonymous person who says that he is a well-wisher of Islam. I would like to hear your response on it, particularly about certain information that has been presented in it. This person states:

Mirzais [Ahmadis] missionaries have been coming here [to Mauritius] for the last six years and around 40 or 50 people have converted to Qadianism [Ahmadiyyat].” Is this figure of Ahmadis correct?

Answer: I have already told you that there are at least 500 Ahmadis there. This person who says the total number of Ahmadis is 40 or 50 is absolutely wrong. By the grace of God, the number of Ahmadis in our own family alone amounts to this figure.

(Elahi Bakhsh Sahib has two male siblings as well and they both have many more children, all of whom are Ahmadis.)

Question: The correspondent of Ahl-e-Hadith has written that the Ahmadis, like their master, had declared their success in the mosque case as a sign of their truthfulness. What do you say about this? Is he true in his claim? Did the Ahmadis declare their success in the mosque trial as the standard for the truthfulness of the Promised Messiahas?

Answer: This is completely wrong. The Ahmadis have never laid down any condition to their opponents in this regard.

Question: Thirdly, the correspondent of Ahl-e-Hadith has written, “Now they [Ahmadis] are strictly forbidden to enter any mosque. [These people] cannot deliver sermons or preach. The whole Mirzai ummah is dead and an absolute silence has overtaken them.” What is the reality behind this?

Answer: You can never silence a liar. This is also totally erroneous because the government has recognised the right of Ahmadis to offer prayers in every mosque and there is no restriction for them. However, it was not allowed to offer congregational prayers in other mosques just to curb the mischief of non-Ahmadis. By the blessings of God, our tabligh continues in every place.

Question: The last thing Ahl-e-Hadith’s correspondent wrote is, “Around 12 Mirzais [Ahmadis] repented from false beliefs after the imam’s sermon.” Is this true?

Answer: (Upon hearing this, Elahi Bakhsh Sahib got impassioned and said in a slightly louder voice than usual): Is it possible that around 12 Ahmadis felt inspired by such an imam to leave Ahmadiyyat who carried out the nikah of a married woman, while she was still married to another man?

If the correspondent, with whom we are not acquainted, is truthful, he should produce the names and addresses of those 12 persons who, inspired by the sermon of the imam, have repented from Ahmadiyyat at his hands. Due to the said actions of the imam, such misfortune has struck him that many people, having the same belief and faith like his, do not offer prayers behind him, let alone an Ahmadi getting influenced by his sermon and renounce his faith at his hands.

(Translated by Al Hakam from the original in the 1 August 1921 issue of Al Fazl)


The ROR of Oct-Nov tell us about the work of the Ahmadiyya Movement in Mauritius. Also in the ROR of March-April-May 1922. M.H. Ghulam Mohammad is mentioned as well as Maulvi Obaidullah. 

Maulvi Obaidullah dies and become the first ever Ahmadi missionary to die tragically. The details of his death are unknown. The ROR of Jan-Feb-March-1923 tells us that Hafiz Sufi Ghulam Hussain is working in the country with Maulvi Obaidullah.

In the May-1926 edition of the ROR, a photo of is given of Hafiz Ghulam Hussain.


He has an essay in the ROR of Jan-1933 entitled, “Jesus Did Not Die on The Cross”. 
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