In the Barahin-Ahmadiyya (vol.4)(see page 374), MGA quoted 61:9 of the Quran and claimed that this verse was about the second coming of the Messiah, and how the Messiah would prove the supremacy of Islam. MGA also claims that he resembles the Messiah in his first life. MGA then claims that since he resembles the Messiah, he (MGA) was always included in this verse (See the full quote in the below). However, it should be noted that MGA didn’t fully quote 61:9 and missed a few words at the end. Thus, this could also be 48:28 (48:29 in the Qadiani Quran) of the Quran, since the first sentence is exactly the same. 9:33 (9:34 in the Qadiani Quran) of the Quran also has the same first sentence. Thus, MGA was claiming 3 verses for himself and claiming that all 3 of these verses are about the second coming of the Messiah, and how the Messiah would prove the supremacy of Islam. It should also be noted that MGA had quoted 9:33 in the BA-3, 9:32 is on page 157, online english edition.

Almost 20 years later, in in 1901, via “Eik Ghalti Ka Izala”, MGA quoted this entire scenario and explained how he has been a prophet since 1880-ish. Interestingly enough, the same verse is quoted by MGA in Khutbah Ilhamiya.

Even in the 2018, official 5-volume commentary of the Quran, it is explained that 9:32 is about MGA and how MGA will make Islam prevail against Christians.

Other Quranic verses that MGA claimed for himself in 1884


Verses that Ahmadi’s allege mention MGA:


1882-1884 era

In the Barahin-Ahmadiyya (vol.4)(see page 374), MGA quoted 61:9 of the Quran and claimed:

“”prophecy about Hadrat Masih in respect of the secular and governmental affairs and the promise which has been made about the complete supremacy of the faith of Islam. That supremacy would be manifested through the Messiah. And when Hadrat Masih
[Messiah], may peace be upon him, would come for the second time into this world, then the religion of Islam would spread over the entire expanse of the world at his hands. But it has been revealed to my humble self that on account of my meekness, humility, trust in God, sincerity
and the Signs and [heavenly] light, I resemble the Masih in his previous life…………………………..Since my humble self has a complete resemblance with Hadrat Masih, the Benevolent God has from the beginning included this humble one in His prophecy about the Messiah. That is, Hadrat Masih is the overt and physical manifestation of the above-mentioned prophecy, and this humble one is the spiritual and rational application; meaning that, the spiritual supremacy of the religion of Islam which depends upon irrefutable proofs and manifestly valid arguments would be, as is destined by God, brought about by this humble one either in my lifetime or after my death.””.

When MGA officially claimed to be a prophet in 1901, he wrote “Eik Ghalti Ka Izala” (A Correction of an Error)(see page 2) and claimed many Quranic verses for himself, he claimed that Allah called him Rasul (messenger) in 61:9 (See the verse in the below), however, this verse was about Muhammad (saw) and the Rasul (Messenger) mentioned in this verse is clearly Muhammad (saw). However, since MGA was claiming to =Muhammad (saw)(astagfarullah), he was basically claiming to be mentioning in the Quran every single time Muhammad (Saw) was mentioned.

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