As we all know, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was not hard working man, nor did he have that capacity, in fact, he lived a life of leisure, he hated working, couldn’t speak properly, and had a permanently broken right arm. On top of all of this, he had more medical diseases then a struggling person in the USA with HIV and Cancer. When MGA’s brother died, Noorudin approached MGA and then tempted him to make all of his audacious and ridiculous claims. They thus turned a “challa” (aka retard) into a businessman aka Messiah. Years later, in 1898, MGA wrote in one of his books that his GOD caused his father and elder brother to die, and thus removed them as a barrier, MGA was then able to make his silly claims. The story in the below comes from MGA’s trusted companion, Pir Siraj ul Haq Nomani, who was also a toilet attendant of MGA and scribe. He wrote an early biography on MGA in 1915 called Tadhkiratul Mahdi. He also seems to have had a nephew which was a she-male and even has a picture with MGA.

Commentary on this quote

Pir Siraj Ul Haq Naumani, the guy who once slapped a Muslim for calling MGA a nymphomaniac, writes in his book:

Tadhkirat Al Mahdi:

”Whenever a Lord or Chief would come to visit Mirza Ghulam Murtaza (MGA’s dad), he would always implore: 

‘We always get a chance to meet your older son, Mirza Ghulam Qaadir but we have heard that you have another son as well who we have never seen, why don’t you let us meet him.’
Mirza sahib (MGA’s dad) would respond: My other son is younger than Ghulam Qaadir and he like to stay seperate. He is a blushing bride, He is not a boy, he is actually a girl…
When MGA would enter the room with his gaze and head lowered, his father would say to the visitors, ”So have you seen the bride?”

_____________________________________________________________________________________________Additional references for this story
In Seeratul Mahdi at page No. 79-80 Mirza Bashir Ahmad writes

“”””There lived a Sikh Jat in a. Village near Qadian he used to come to father of Mirza Qadiani. He told that whenever some guest come to Mirza Ghulam Murtaza and ask about his younger son, Mirza would tell them that I have a younger son but he is shy like girls and lives in isolation and don,t like to meet with the peoples. Once that Sikh Jat came to us when peoples were eating meal at Gol Room (Round shaped room), he said where is Mirza Ghulam Qadiani? we told him that he is inside and it is not time of his coming out. He did not care any such protocol and knocked at the door and Called him at the loudest of his voice Mirza Sahib come out. His voice reached to Hazrat sahib inside, he came out immediately without a cap on head, in his casual dress. Mirza sahib greeted him with a smile and enquired of his health. After formal conversation, The old man said Mirza ji do u remember the past when Elder Mirza. Sahib (father of MGQ)used to say that THIS ONE OF MY SONS IS A “MASEETER” (A VAGRANT YARDBIRD) NEITHER HE DOES A JOB NOR EARN MONEY. WHENEVER, I VISIT TO HIM HE WOULD CALL U AND WITH A SIGH OF SORROW AND GRIEF HE WOULD TELL ME THAT THIS SON OF MINE HAS DEPRIVED HIM FROM PROGRESSING.”””


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