In this specific instance of MGA taking opium, MGA and his team developed Tiryaq-e-Ilahi 1898). This was the super-opium medicine that MGA and his team developed and sold as a cure for bubonic plague, and they did this in typical overconfident-villager-style. A few years later, the British govt. was forced to ban this medicine altogether. MGA even wrote his silly book, “Noah’s Ark in this era, MGA and team were really selling religion, in the name of “freedom-of-religion”, and with a team of writers, speakers and rogues.  Further, Ahmadiyya leadership seems to have ordered an “edit” in this case, in the below, I will show how the 2004 Tadhkirah differs from the 2009 Tadhkirah. They seem to have added Maulvi Abdul Karim’s name. One more thing, this was recorded from the register of Register Riwayat-e-Sahabah, vol. 9, p. 20, how could this have been wrong? And what error was noticed in 2009? In reality, there was no error…its a forced edit-job by Masroor and his goons.

The quote from the 2004 english edition of Tadhkirah
See page–918

Translation: Mian Abdul Aziz of Lahore relates: On one occasion when the Promised Messiah was compounding the medicine Taryaq Ilahi, he said to Hazrat Maulvi Nur-ud-Din: It has been revealed to me that this medicine produces heat and dryness. I therefore intend to prescribe that it should be taken with sour milk. (Register of Ravayat Sahaba, Vol IX, p. 20).

The quote from the 2009 english edition of Tadhkirah
See page—1034

“”Miyan ‘Abdul-‘Aziz of Lahore (known as Mughal) relates: On one occasion when the Promised Messiahas was in the process of preparing the medicine Tiryaq-e-Ilahi, I was sitting in the pharmacy of Hadrat Khalifatul Masih Ira while Hadrat Maulavi ‘Abdul-Karim was also there. The Promised Messiahas came with a big staff and said to Maulavi Sahib: It has been revealed to me that this medicine causes heat and dryness. I therefore intend to prescribe that it should be taken with lassi.”” (Register Riwayat-e-Sahabah, vol. 9, p. 20).
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Nooruddin treated Mirza Ghulam Ahmad for impotency and many others, with opium!!!!


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