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The Samdani Commission interviewed Mr. Arbab Alam, President of the Student Union–Nishter Medical College, he was an eye witness—Pakistan Times, June 20th, 1974

Check out Mr. Arbab Alam Khan’s interview from 2020 here.
Ahmadis will go at any length to prove that all of their critics and terrorists, criminals and worthy of death. In my many dealings with Ahmadis I have learned that they called the teenage students from the Nishter Medical College as terrorists. Since they have no other way to defend the actions of the Ahmadis of Rabwah, as they brutally assaulted a train full of unarmed teenagers. In the below, I am giving the testimony of the person who was in-charge of the Nishter Medical Students as they toured the Punjab in May of 1974. He was on the train when it stopped in Rabwah on May 22nd, and was on the train when Ahmadis terrorized innocent teenagers on May 29th.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Mr. Arbab Alam was interviewed by the Samdani commission in mid-June of 1974

 “””Mr. Arbab Alam, President of the Nishter Medical College Students Union, Multan, on Wednesday expressed  the view that the Rabwah incident was a part of the Mirzai’s plan to grab power in the country with the help of senior Army officers of their community.  

The witness expressed the view when Mr. Rafique Ahmad Bajwa, counsel for Majlis-i-Amal, Tahufuz-i-Khatm-i-Nabuwwat, Qadiyani Mahasaba Committee and Pakistan Ittehad Party elicited the witness’s impression about the incident during the cross-examination before the Tribunal comprising Mr. Justice K.M.A. Samdani, inquiring into the Rabwah incidents.

Mr. Arbab stated that “my impression is that May 29 incident at Rabwah was the creation of a plan hatched by the Mirzais to create large-scale disturbances in the country and to use those disturbances to bring the Army into power and thus to gain control of the country through the Ahmadi Generals. According to my information 4 or 5 senior most Generals after the Chief of Staff, Pakistan Army were Ahmadis.

Replying to cross examination he further states that the basis of his information was the fact that the incident of May 22 at Rabwah railway station was not serious enough to justify the happenings of May 29. Another reason which obliged him to form this impression, he said, was that one of the students, beaten up in the attack had later told him that while belabouring him, an assailant was that saying that, “it was wrong to consider Mirzais a minority.  He (assailant) declared that they were in majority and would rule the country.”

Cross-examined, the witness stated: “I know that Air Marshal (Retd) Zafar Chaudhry is a Mirzai”.  He agreed to the counsel’s suggestion that the removal of Mr. Zafar Chaudhry from service had also made some contribution to the incident. “In my opinion.” he said. “The Mirzais tried to create disturbances before other high ranking officers of their community could be removed from the Army”.

Replying to a question, he stated that ever since the PPP gained power in the country it had turned against the students belonging to Islami Jamiat-e-Tulaba (IJT) and their support. It is also true, he said, that in this respect, “they had stooped so low that no civilised government would do that”.  He further stated that “Khatam-e-Nubawaat was a part of of the creed of IJT.

Cross-examined by Mr. Ejaz BUssain Batalvi, the witness said that as a medical man he would treat all patients irrespective of their caste, creed or faith.

Replying to another question he said that he had not seen anybody resorting to firing at Rabwah on May 29.

In reply to a question, he stated that a number of distinguished persons including Mian Mohammad Tufail, Mr. Mohammad Sadiq Malhi, a Punjab Minister President of the local Muslim League Multan and an MPA of Sadiqabad had visited him in Multan to inquire about his welfare. Replying to another question, the witness stated that “I do not know if the effects of Ahmadi students were destroyed and set on fire in the college hostel after the incident”. 

Mr. Hussain Bakhsh, Train Examiner, Multan Cantonment stated that the bogie of the Chenab Express in which the students were travelling had been detached from the train at Multan to assess the damage suffered by it. He stated since the police directed the railway staff not to carry out any repairs as it would be required for inspection, no repairs had been carried out so far. He stated that when, “I examined the bogie, there was no luggage. However there were some stones and pieces of broken glass which Mr. Abdul Sattar, SHO, Multan had collected there.

Recording his evidence, Mr. Aftab Mahmood, a Fourth Year student of the NMC stated that one of the assailants had hit him on the head with a bicycle chain during the attack. Earlier, one of the them had hit him with a hockey stick. Later a group of people had beaten him with lathis.  During the attack, he said his trousers were torn and his eye-glasses fell down. After the incident, a police man came to him but by that time, “I was almost unconscious and I do not know what he told the students, I gained senses when I was taken to the Nishter Hospital.”.  Cross-examined by Mr. Ejaz Hussain Batalvi, the witness conceded that he was present in the court room when the evidence of Mr. Arbab Alam was being recorded.

Mr. Khalid Abdullah narrated the incidents of May 22 and May 29.  He stated that a group of persons had dragged him out of the bogie on May 29 and gave him a beating after throwing him on the platform. He also produced his blood-stained shirt before the Tribunal.

Mr. Rafiq Ahmad Bajwa on Wednesday placed on record a concise statement in respect of the viewpoint to be represented before the Tribunal on behalf of the Majlis-a-Amal, Tahafuz-a-Khatam-e-Nubawat, Qadiyani Mahasaba Committee and Pakistan Ittchad Party.

The statement reads as under:

“Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, head of the Ahmadia community as an agent of the British Government made himself available to conspire against the Muslims who had refused to reconcile with the British Government as conquerors of India and it was with this purpose in view that he proclaimed himself to be a Mujadid, Masih-a-Maood, a Nabi and also assumed various other titles. His proclamation to the effect that he was Masih-e-Maood and that there could be a prophet after the Prophet (peace be upon him), was a part of the conspiracy against the Indian Muslims for political resources.  

The Ahmadis have all along been opposed to the creation of Pakistan and after the creation of Pakistan they have always acted as agents to foreign powers and have played an active part in causing damage to Islam, the ideology of Pakistan, the society of Pakistan and the State.”

“The Ahmadis have been looking forward to be a supreme power in Pakistan so that they may achieve their ultimate end with the least difficulty. The incident of May 29 was a result of premeditated conspiracy for the aforementioned ends where by high-ups of the Ahmadiyya community intended to create disturbances and situation of law and order in Pakistan so that the intervention of the Army be justified.  It was their design to have a head of a state of their own choice through the intervention of the Army.  They had also a design that in case they may not be successful in having an effective intervention of the Army, then a rift in the Army be created to justify foreign intervention.

“They designed to make believe the foreign governments and the United Nations that they were not safe in Pakistan and, therefore the foreign governments and the United Nations may intervene.

“A person who believes that there can be a prophet after the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him), violates the injunctions of the Quran to the effect of rendering himself a non-Muslim.  A person who proclaims and propagates in a manner whereby a part of the Holy Quran is impliedly or expressly repealed, renders himself a non-Muslim. 

“The stand taken by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad vis-a-vis being an Ummati and is only a Zilli and ‘Barozi Nabi” is treacherous to mislead the Muslims in general with alterior motives and for his own ends.

“It is necessary that the belief that there can be a prophet after the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) be banned from promulgation of an effective law, violation of which be made penally punishable.  

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Ahmadis lie about the beliefs of Imam Malik in terms of the physical return of Esa (As)

Ahmadis are desperately altering texts, conducting academic dishonesty, presenting false translations, and openly lying and never admitting to facts and never answering the pertinent questions in any topic. Watch my video explanation here (on periscope) and here on youtube. Some Muslim scholars in the past, like Ibn Abbas and a few others were of the opinion that Esa (As) was caused to die by Allah in 3:55 and 5:117 and then physically lifted to heaven (Ghamidi believes this also). #Ahmadis know this, however, they have purposely twisted this data and put it forward as as argument for the idea that Esa (as) died. However, they purposely leave out the fact that #Ahmadis believe that Esa (As) died 90 years after the incident of crucifixtion as described in 4:157–159, 3:55 and 5:117, and thus totally against the belief of Ibn Abbas and Imam Malik. Further, this quotation is from a Shia collection of hadith, and thus another case of Ahmadiyya cherry picking. #ahmadis also use a Shia hadith book as they argue about the eclipses.

Imam Malik believed that Eisa (As) died at age 33 and was physically lifted to heaven, this was the death of sleep. This is what Imam Malik meant.
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Ibn Taymiyya on the physical return of Esa (As)

Ahmadi trolls are taught to lie by their mullahs, and they thus do so.  They run around the internet and other areas totting these false arguments.  I recently came across a half-quote from ahmadiyya troll-sters in terms of Ibn Taymiyya, in this quote, Ahmadi trolls are trying to assert that even Ibn Taymiyya believed that esa (As) died, however, this is a lie by Ahmadis.

The true beliefs of Ibn Taymiyya
Ibn Taymiyya stated that Surah Al ‘Imran: 55 indicates that the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) did not die, but most likely experienced a kind of “sleep death.” He then wrote: This verse is proof that the death of Jesus (pbuh) is not being referred to… The word al-tawaffi [the infinitive form of the word mutawafeeka used] in the verse requires the death of the soul without that of the body, or of both, but with the existence of another piece of evidence explaining the circumstances in this sense. The meaning may be the death of sleep (as in Surat al-An’am:60). The words at the end of the verse, to the effect that: “I shall separate you purified from the unbelievers,” are also along these lines. Had Jesus’ (pbuh) body been separated from his soul, then his body would be in the ground, as with the other prophets. (Imam Ibn Taymiyya, Majmu’ Fatawa (The Collected Fatwas), trans. by Abdurrahman ibn Muhammad ibn Qasim al-Asimi an-Najdi, (Riyadh: 1991), 4:322-23. (emphasis added by the author)


Ibn Taymiyya also says, “Al-tawaffa in the Arabic language means: to exact fully or take in full. It takes three forms; the first: to take in sleep; the second: to take in death; and the third: to take the body and soul all together.” (Al-Jawab Al-Sahih 2/83)

Imam Ibn Taymiyya opined: The verse “He raised him to His Presence” … explains that Jesus (pbuh) was raised in both body and soul. (Imam Ibn Taymiyya, Majmu’ Fatawa, trans. by Abdurrahman ibn Muhammad ibn Qasim al-Asimi an-Najdi, 4:323)

Mir Nasir Nawab wrote poetry vs. MGA, initially (1891), 2 years later, he accepted MGA’s claims

I have written detailed entries on Mir Nasir Nawab, feel free to read those. In this entry, we have found some poetry that Mir Nasir Nawab wrote vs. MGA. Mir Nasir Nawab was MGA’s father-in-law. He rejected MGA’s claims in 1891. He was so harsh towards Mirza that he compiled defamatory poetry against Him and sent it to Molana Muhammad Hussain Batalvi for publication in his magazine Ishaat-us-sunnah. Mir Nasir declared Mgaq as the Muselima Kazzab of the time. However, just a year later, he seems to have accepted MGA’s claims at Qadian. A friend of this blog recently read out this poetry on Aaqa ka Ghulam (youtube page), at the 2:17:24 mark.

See the Urdu poetry of Mir Nasir Nawab against MGAQ. I have attempted a raw translation for my english speaking friends as under:-

“””Listen to my submissions o muslims
There does not exist piety in the world.

Peoples are active in deception today
The world is full of this menace today.

Making Mureed is only for wealth today 
This is the wrath of Allah on world today

Every moment they are in search of riches.
To avail the opportunity of making money.

If a chance of earning comes to hand
All Grievances are removed at once.

All debts would be paid and settled
If money comes from Zakat and sadaqat,

No matter it is the money of orphans and widows
Or the wealth may belongs to prostitutes .

They would not bother to investigate the source
They are in deep sickness of wealth lust.

The advertisements of publishing books
The source they earn money from simple fellows

Receive money in advance for service of islam
money is eaten up without any service of islam

Whoever asks for his money back 
Is the biggest accursed

As if He paid money 
to buy defamation

He is right who ate up money
No harm reaches to his piety.

Badmash became most pious 
Yesterdays Muselima became ahmad

Essa of time became dajjal 
Has Spread his net every where

How to earn money 
All the time making plans

Swallow money as much as possible
Showing the world a new trick for this

They are rich themselves but accept zakat
Don,t have any connection with religion

Acquired knowledge to earn money
Eat wealth in place of food

Write and fill the book with self praise
Verses of Quraan are like their dreams

Break hundreds of promises
But do not stop tall claims. “””

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John Rippon rips the Ahmadiyya belief that Esa (As) =Yuz Asaph and was buried in Kashmir

By 2020, we have figured out exactly how MGA and his team of writers/reciters fabricated this entire story. As we all know, MGA and his team of writers/editors lied about almost everything they did. We have fodn a huge case of academic dishonesty in terms of MGA’s quotations to a persian book, “Ayn-ul-Hayat”. MGA and his team first quoted this book in 1898, in a book called ‘Raz-e-Haqiqat”, which was translated and published into english in 2016, see page 24. However, they were academically dishonest, they purposely didn’t mention that Yuz Asaf had a father and many other things, an Ex-Ahmadi, Shams ud Din, recently got a hold of Ayn ul Hayat and posted his results in a video, make sure you watch Part-2 also, these are in Urdu and watch part 3. We have also found “Ayn ul Hayat” and have posted the PDF’s in the below. This book proves that MGA totally lied. Shams ud Din found the book “Rahul ul Hayat” by Allama Muhammad Bakir, there is an urdu translation called, “Ainul Hayat”. On page 361, it is written that Yuz Asaf had a father in Kashmir. This immediately cancelled Yuz Asaf becoming Esa (As), since Esa (as) historically never had a father. Yuz Asaf was the son of a King and was able to live a life of excess. MGA never mentioned any of this. Yuz Asaf’s dad was a drunkard, and even prayed to idols. It is also important to read about Maulvi Shaikh Abdullah Wakeel’s story about Yuz Asaf.

The data
The shrine is first mentioned in the Waqi’at-i-Kashmir (Story of Kashmir, published 1747), also known as the Tarikh Azami (History by Azam)[13] by the Khwaja Muhammad Azam Didamari, a local Srinagar Sufi writer. Muhammed Azam states that the tomb is of a foreign prophet and prince, Yuzasuf, or in modern local Kashimiri transcription Youza Asouph. The name may derive from the Urdu “Yuzasaf” in the legend of Balauhar and Yuzasaf, Yuzasaf being a name for Gautama Buddha.[14] Yuzasaf occurs as a spelling in the Rasail Ikhwan al-Safa of the Brethren of Purity and other sources.[15] David Marshall Lang (1960) notes that the connection of the Buddhist Yuzasaf with Kashmir in part results from a printing error in the Bombay Arabic edition referencing the legend of the Wisdom of Balahvar which makes its hero prince Yuzasaf die in “Kashmir” (Arabic: كشمير) by confusion with Kushinara (Pali: كوشينر), the traditional place of the original Buddha’s death.[16][17]

Per Beskow in The Blackwell Companion to Jesus ed. Delbert Burkett 2011 “Only later did Ahmad’s disciples invent the compromise that Jesus had been twice in India. Ahmad’s primary source is a legend, known in the West as the tale of Barlaam and Josaphat. It was widely read all through the Middle Ages as an edifying… Yuzasaf as the principal character is named in Urdu, is helped on his way by the wise Bilhawar … Ahmad divided Yuzasaf in two: Yuz Asaf. He declared that Yuz signified Jesus (who is not called by that name in any”

John Rippon in Journal of Ecclesiastical History Volume 18, Issue 02, October 1967, pp 247–248, online “In The Wisdom of Balahvar Professor Lang assembled the evidence for the Buddhist origins of the legends of the Christian saints Barlaam and Josephat. He suggested the importance of Arabic intermediaries, showing that confusion of diacritical markings turned Budhasaf (Bodhisattva, the Buddha-to-be) into Yudasaf, Iodasaph, Yuzasaf and Josaphat. By a curious roundabout journey this error reappears in once Buddhist Kashmir where the modern Ahmadiyya Muslims, well known for their Woking mosque, claim that a tomb of Yus Asaf was the tomb of Jesus who died in Kashmir, after having been taken down live from the cross; though though the Bombay Arabic edition of the book Balahvar makes its hero die in Kashmir, by confusion with Kushinara the traditional place of the Buddha’s death.”

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Nicholas Notovitch confessed to fabricating the story of Jesus in India!!!!!!!!!!!!

One of the most silly arguments that Ahmadis make in terms of the tomb of Esa (As) is that Esa (as) somehow lived 90 additional years after the attempted crucifixtion. Ahmadis use silly arguments that are given to them by their mullahs, and they never double check the content. By 2020, we have figured out exactly how MGA and his team of writers/reciters fabricated this entire story. As we all know, MGA and his team of writers/editors lied about almost everything they did. We have found a huge case of academic dishonesty in terms of MGA’s quotations to a persian book, “Ayn-ul-Hayat”. MGA and his team first quoted this book in 1898, in a book called ‘Raz-e-Haqiqat”, which was translated and published into english in 2016, see page 24.
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David Wood rips Ahmadiyya and Mirza Masroor Ahmad

A little bit of background here.  David Wood converted an Ahmadi to Christianity many many years ago, that Ahmadi was Nabeel Qureshi.  David Wood destroyed Ahmadiyya theories on Jesus back then and today he is doing the same.  In this video, he rips through the false propaganda of Qasim Rashid.  Although I disagree with a few things that David Wood says, I have still posted this.

1.  He says that Muslims dont take Qasim or his Khalifa seriously.

Pappas, Paul Constantine, “Jesus’ tomb in India : the debate on his death and Resurrection” (1991)—he accuses Ahmadiyya of academic dishonesty


Ahmadis never use their own brains. They follow their mullahs indiscriminately, then they cry that we are conducting ad hominem attacks on them. This is the Ahmadiyya psyche.  Nonetheless, I wanted to present this work by a “jain”, and who is otherwise neutral in terms of being a Muslims or Christian. Professor Pappas wrote a book about Ahmadiyya and Ahmadiyya research in terms of Jesus=Yuz Asaf and essentially accused Ahmadiyya leadership of academic dishonesty.
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“Raees e Qadiyan”–some quotes

Read this entry to get some background info on this classic book on Ahmadiyya.  Taken from here: on 10-19-17).

The quotes
—-“Mirza Saheb had announced that any non-Muslim who would write a reply to Braheen Ahmadiyya would be rewarded with Rs. 10,000. Pandit Lekhram wrote a reply by the name of Takzeeb Braheen. However this rebuttal was a shameless collection of slanders and abuse and I believe that since the humans have been born, no anti-God had abused Prophets and other people close to God in such a manner that Pandit Lekhram had penned in his book…. If one looks with fairness then it will be obvious that it was Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Saheb who provoked the said Pandit against Islam and Prophets of Islam and forcing him into writing such slander.” (Raees-e-Qadian p.1332-133 by Rafiq Dilawari).

—-“If writing a rebuttal of Braheen is ill-mannerism, then you are the first criminal, because according to Quran you had committed Kufr, you provoked us, because of which we wrote a reply. Had you not provoked us, then Permeshwar knows, that we had never thought of writings against religion of Islam. Thus if God forbid, divine punishment will descend then first its lightening will fall on your sitting room in Qadian. Then if self defense is a crime, then I too should be blamed.” (Weekly Satdharam Parcharak, Jallundher, dated 16th July 1897, mentioned in Raees-e-Qadian by Rafiq Dilawari p.133).

—-“I saw your letter published by Murtazai Press Lahore. In this letter you have been instructed by God to write that anyone belonging to other religion, despite staying with you for one year, does not observe any heavenly sign and does not become Muslim after satisfying himself, then you will pay Rs. 200 per month as penalty or damages. Therefore to discover the heavenly sign I am prepared to some to you on the condition that at the rate of Rs 200 per month deposit Rs 2400 in Government bank for safe keeping, and give an undertaking that if am not satisfied and do not embrace Islam after one year of your guidance and heavenly sign and miracles, then that Rs. 2400 would be handed over to me, and for a period of one year that amount will remain deposited in the government bank, you will not be entitled to take that money back. I accept to be your student for one year.” (Letter to Mirza Ghulam dated 3rd April 1885, mentioned in Raees-e-Qadian by Rafiq Dilawari p.163). 

—-“In my published letter I have addressed those people who are respected scholars and famous leaders of their community, whose acceptance can affect a large group of people, but you are not a man of such position or status, and if I am mistaken in this opinion of mine and you are actually a leader of your community then very good, I do not want to bother you too much, just do this that all the members of five organizations, Arya Samaj Qadian, Arya Samaj Lahore, Arya Samaj Amritsar, Arya Samaj Ludhiana, Arya Samaj Peshawer, all of them should give an undertaking on oath stating that Pandit Lekhram who is our leader, if he is subdued in this matter and will observe some sign, then all of us will embrace Islam without delay. If you do compile and send me such an undertaking within two weeks, then you will be considered a common man, who is not worth addressing.” (Letter of Mirza Ghulam dated 17th April 1885, mentioned in Raees-e-Qadian by Rafiq Dilawari p.163).

“That proverb fits on you: Teeth of Elephant, for showing different than for eating. And I thought that according to the contents of your letter you will be keep your promise, but I was wrong. Your statement that I should get the undertaking of members of five Arya Samaj (of five cities) proves that proverb correct that ‘a dodger have lots of excuses’. How can the members of five Arya Samaj be forced to embrace Islam by my subduing and accepting Islam? If suppose you become an Arya, your brother, relatives and other Muslims of Qadian will also embrace Arya religion? Never. Mirza Saheb! By meaningless claims lead to nothing but embarrassment. If after full investigations you embrace Arya religion, then it would be a good proof of the truthfulness of Arya religion. Similarly becoming a Muslim of a person like me will a glaring proof of the miracle of Religion of Islam. Since the fallacy of your claims of miracle have already been fully revealed to me through the Arya Samaj of Qadian, therefore I should not have really followed the saying ‘to test a tested person is foolishness’. However I would like to state this much that you are deliberately avoiding and dodging the issue.” (Letter to Mirza Ghulam dated 9th April 1885, mentioned in Raees-e-Qadian by Rafiq Dilawari p.164).

“Rs 200 per month was fixed for people of high status. If I fix Rs 200 for all high and low status, then from where am I going to get this much amount? If you are earning this amount from some other place, then I have no objection. Prove it that you are a man of this status …. It is obligatory on you to come to Qadian to get rid of this evil thought and verify it.” (Letter of Mirza Ghulam dated 16th April 1885, mentioned in Raees-e-Qadian by Rafiq Dilawari p.163).

“Mirza Saheb! The meaning of your first published was something else, letter of 7th April is saying something else and letter of 16th April is revealing something entirely different. God knows, why do you keep backing off from your statements. My last request is that if you are really truthful in your promise, and explorer of Truth, seeker of the guidance and have been appointed for the guidance of mankind, then deposit Rs 2400 at the rate of Rs 200 per month in Government bank and give an undertaking that if am not satisfied and do not embrace Islam after one year of your guidance and heavenly sign and miracles, then that Rs. 2400 would be handed over to me, and for a period of one year that amount will remain deposited in the government bank. If you are really appointed by the God Al-Mighty, then why do you refrain from giving such an undertaking and deposition of amount. When truth should not be scared and you have full faith in your miracles, then it is useless to evade it. If God has informed you and He has made this prophecy, and you, according to your own statement, have tested your prophecies on numerous occasions, then I will surely be incriminated, be subdued and become speechless. God has promised you and now you are evading fulfilling this promise.  Then how can it be accepted that there is no question of it being postponed, when you yourself do not have full faith on it. Claims of completion of altercation and to give advertisement to the effect that when the sun will rise from the west, then you will pay the amount, is casting a dark stain on an intelligent person like you. It is because of such flouting of promises by you that no Arya brother is willing to come to you. I am writing again and again that to test you miraculous power, I want to offer myself as a test and with an honest heart I accept being your student and stay in Qadian for one year. If this time as well you will evade this issue then further correspondence is useless.” (Letter of Mirza Ghulam dated 30th April 1885, mentioned in Raees-e-Qadian by Rafiq Dilawari p.164).

“On the one hand this humble self will deposit Rs 2400, and on the other hand you will also deposit the same amount according to my wish on the shop of a muhajin (muhajin is a shop owner in villages who gives loans on interest), as a penalty of refusing to accept Islam, so that whoever is given victory by God, it would become a souvenir of his victory.” (Letter of Mirza Ghulam dated 17th July 1885, mentioned in Raees-e-Qadian by Rafiq Dilawari p.163).

“The basis of our correspondence is that advertisement that you published from Mutazai Press Lahore and in which you had claimed in clear words that God has ordered you to invite people of other religions to Islam and whosoever stays with you in Qadian for one year and after seeing the heavenly sign and miracle does not embrace Islam, you will pay him damages at the rate of Rs 200 per month, an amount of Rs. 2400 for the whole year. Upon this I had requested you that I am prepared to stay with you for one year. Now you have forwarded a new condition… my dear! Why do you run away from your own publicized promises and why have you forsaken justice? Is this is the way of religious people and rightly guided persons? Now it is only fair that first you publish this advertisement that what you had publicized earlier, you are canceling it. When you had announced your miracle, you should have full belief that you will definitely perform the miracle and its impact would be right on the mark and he who witness it would surely embrace Islam. The literal meaning of miracle is to make everyone powerless. If the opponent does not become powerless and subdued then that cannot be a miracle. This shows that you yourself are in doubt about your miracle that this man (Lekhram) will not be subdued by your miracle. That is why now you are stating a new condition. Nevertheless, according to the principle ‘See the liar unto his home’, I am even prepared to accept this new condition, like you I will also deposit Rs 2400.” (Letter to Mirza Ghulam dated 20th July 1885, mentioned in Raees-e-Qadian by Rafiq Dilawari p.168).

“Since I doubt your steadiness, therefore make clear what kind of heavenly sign are you going to perform…… also fix the date and time of exhibiting your miracle so that it can be advertised.” (Letter to Mirza Ghulam dated 20th July 1885, mentioned in Raees-e-Qadian by Rafiq Dilawari p.168).

“I cannot make any condition on exhibiting miracle and neither can I show demanded miracle. I do not know what will appear. We are just an appointed servant. We do not know that what kind of sign God will exhibit.  We know and understand that sign is that thing which is beyond the power of human being. We claim only that God will definitely manifest such a sign for which humans are powerless, but the CONDITION is that to give an opinion of YES or NO regarding our miracle, such accepted judges be appointed from both sides who do not belong to the religion of both the parties.” (Letter of Mirza Ghulam, mentioned in Raees-e-Qadian by Rafiq Dilawari p.170).

“If you had wanted the opposite party also to deposit money, then you should have mentioned this condition in your first advertisement that like a gambler put your money against my money, so that later the conditions would not have to be changed and canceled. And if you had written clearly then even a person with low intelligence would not have paid attention to such gambling, let alone that I would have taken all the trouble of writing to you. The reason for not trusting your promises is your baseless boasting and baseless claims. ….  Truth is that you have made this boastfulness your source of earning. It was for these reasons that I had requested you to deposit the promised amount in advance. You were not right in thinking that because of your harsh conditions no one would like to remain imprisoned without chains in Qadian for one year among the peasants and ignorant people; and moreover that if no one responds then your claims would be accepted one-sidedly. But when I stood up to prove your claim wrong and because of above-mentioned reasons tried to get the promised compensation in advance, then against your advertisement you invented a new evasive tactic ……

By saying that ‘we are only an appointed servant’ and most of what you have written in the first two lines of your advertisement, it is very obvious that you are claiming prophethood, and by writing the respected name of Hazrat Eisa, you have expressed yourself to be equal to him. It wouldn’t be out of place to draw attention of Respected Muslim Scholars, because it is obvious like a sun on all special and common Muslims that Hazrat (Muhammad) is the Last Messenger. Thus why don’t they issue a religious edict on such a person, because internal enemies bring most destruction and a snake in the sleeve is more likely to be deadly. Your (Mirza’s) statement that I do not what kind of sign will God exhibit is most flimsy. The way you have been appointed for a very important service and a grand task, why have you not been informed about the secrets of your mission? And when you do not know what kind of sign will be exhibited then why did you publicize the claim of heavenly sign without God’s saying so? When the Bismillah of your inspiration is itself wrong, what are you going to achieve later? It is obvious that because of this ignorance, to appoint you to the Grand Status of a Prophet cannot be the working of God, the Knower of All Hidden Things. This is the blessing of some other person (satan). I had also requested you to show the signs that are beyond human power, we didn’t ask anything more. By you have evaded that as well. Now you have forsaken half portion of your claim, from ‘HEAVENLY SIGN’ you have retained only one half, the ‘SIGN’, and this second part that is SIGN, that also you have made it obscured, because you do not know how and what it is going to be. Thus your claim has been become totally false. At long last, you are exposed. After admitting all this, I do not know why do you make this condition that to give an opinion of YES or NO, judges should be appointed. It is true that when a case is being conducted, a doubtful matter is being presented, then you need judges. But since humans do not have knowledge of the hidden, they also shoot in the dark. If your miracle is also of such doubtful nature, then you better show such miracles to shepherds of goats and excuse us. Instead of seeing the miracles of your boasting, we prefer to stay quite.” (Letter to Mirza Ghulam dated 5th August 1885, mentioned in Raees-e-Qadian by Rafiq Dilawari p.171-172).

Mirza Ghulam was dumbfounded by the above, thought it wise to shut up in response. After three months Pandit wrote a post card of reminder. In reply, Mirza also sent a post card and wrote that Qadian is not far away, come and meet me, hopefully at this meeting conditions can be finalized. (Takzeeb Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya by Pandit Lekhram, mentioned in Raees-e-Qadian by Rafiq Dilawari p.171-172).

“During those days when Lekhram was determined to abuse Islam and at every sentence he used to utter abuse, in his excitement he also did this that to argue with me he came to Qadian and stayed for one month. I did not go to his village or district to debate with him, neither did I initiate correspondence with him. He himself came to me in Qadian with his beastly excitement, and all Hindus of this place are witness that he stayed for nearly 25 days in Qadian, and he could not stop himself even for a single day from extremely abusive and harsh language. In the market on the track used by Muslims, he used to hurl abuses at our Holy Prophet SAAW and used words to incite Muslims. Due to fear of disturbance of peace, I had instructed Muslims not to stand in the market at the time of his speeches and no one should try to face him. Therefore, despite the fact that every day he used to be ready to create disturbance in collaboration with some ruffians, but because of my repeated advises Muslims had suppressed their excitement. Several honorable Muslims came to me during those days complaining that this man (Pandit Lekhram) is openly slandering our Holy Prophet SAAW, and I saw that they were very agitated, then I advised them politely that he is a traveler, he has come for debate, be patient. By my repeated checking, they refrained from their agitation. And Lekhram had adopted this attitude that daily he used to come to my house and demand to see some sign or miracle, and extremely ridiculing sneering words used to come out of his mouth. Always he used to come in the morning or in the afternoon, used to slander Islam and Holy Prophet SAAW in various manners, and as the cruel Christian Padres had propagated, he used to say repeatedly that ‘your Prophet (SAAW) had not performed any miracles, neither any of His prophecies were fulfilled; just to glorify your religion Mullahs have filled the books with fake miracles’.” (Faryad-e-Dard by Mirza Ghulam p.A, mentioned in Raees-e-Qadian by Rafiq Dilawari p. 175-176).


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