Humanity First is under the supervision of the Khalifa, Mirza Masroor Ahmad, however, it is discreet and secret. In the USA, the Khalifa’s brother, Mirza Maghfoor Ahmad is in-charge. The Management team is informal, in reality, the Khalifa is running the organization from the UK and has his cronies in each country carrying out his orders. Ahmadi’s always cry of persecution, however, humanity first operates freely in Pakistan. The Mirza family went out of their way and bribed the United Nations via the UK and gained Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. However, this was all done fraudulently, Humanity First is basically a tabligh arm of the Mirza family aka Ahmadiyya INC. These same people his money in Panama and got caught during the leaking of the Panama Papers a few years ago. Nevertheless, the Mirza family is using their non-profit status as a method to spread Ahmadiyya, not to genuinely help people. Even the Catholic church has spread throughout the world using similar methods. They have even admitted to raping little boys, and still aren’t shut down. In fact, half of Africa is Christian, and this happened just in the past 200 years, via Christian missionaries, free schools, hospitals and medicine. Ahmadi’s have a lot to hide however, since MGA prayed for the plague to kill off the majority of the world. Further, Humanity First might have been in-concert with Ahmadi-Maulvies who were spreading lies about the number of Ahmadi conversions in the mid-90’s early 2000’s.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________Pics of the new hand sanitizer

In two countries in South #Asia, our local Humanity First teams have been making their own hand #sanitizer based on guidance from World Health Organization (WHO) and have distributed over 13,000 bottles to the most vulnerable in those communities.

Even without hand sanitizer, the best option is to take care when touching surfaces, avoid touching your face and to wash your hands regularly using soap and water.(this was found on a facebook posting by an African Ahmadi).

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