Safiya Begum was the daughter of Maulvi Abdul Qadir. When she was a child (Roughly 1905), under 10 years old, she was sent to Qadian to spend days and nights with MGA in his private quarters, giving him massages and etc. In fact, many many Ahmadis sent their wives and daughters to Qadian to service MGA. Maulvi Abdul Qadir Ludhianvi was mentioned in the famous list of 313 companions of MGA in 1896 (see Dard).

In 1922-1923, she was a teacher in the Nusrat Jehan girls high-school at Qadian (which was operated by Lajna Ima’illah) and gave an account of her services to Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (See Seeratul Mahdi). There is also the famous story of MGA pouring hot water on her arm as a punishment for warming up MGA’s toilet water too much (See in the below). MGA seems to have been really harsh with her. In this story she is called, Safiya Begum Sahiba Shahjahanpuri, which means she was from Shahjahanpuri, India. We have a companion of MGA named Shaikh Masihullah Shahjahanpuri, we are unsure of the connection. In 1923, in Seeratul Mahdi, Mirza Bashir Ahmad wrote that her husband was Shaikh Ghulam Ahmad (also spelled as Sheikh Ghulam Ahmad).

There are other stories of MGA having women taking baths in-front of him in Darul Zikr. We also know that Barkat Bibi told Mirza Ghulam Ahmad about pain in her vagina. We have presented many quotations in the below which prove that MGA always kept toilet attendants who also worked as masseuses. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad got massages from female doctor’s too.

Interestingly enough, Mahmud Ahmad was accused of the same crimes in 1906, he had some type of affair with the daughter of a male-attendant of MGA. Between 1927 and 1937, several members within the community began to allege that Mahmood Ahmad was involved in acts of sexual impropriety. To exonerate himself of these accusations, Mahmood Ahmad stated:

“”””To advance an objection against me even though that objection be true makes a man enter hell””” (AL-FAZL, 4 NOV. 1927).

In 1935, the Khalifa, Mirza Basheer-ud-Din Mahmud Ahmad described his father as a bon-vivant. He was in court and dealing with a Hindu Judge, Justice Khosla (see page 122), this judge dealt with ahmadiyya fairly and called it fangled and disturbing, he made many other comments about sex drugs and etc. This had happened before, almost all the Hindu judges who saw a case involving MGA, they found him guilty, however, in all of these cases, MGA would win on appeal, either that or a British judge would exonerate MGA (see the story of abdul hameed being sent for murder). Even the Lahori-Ahmadi’s weighed in and condemned the behaviors of the Qadiani Khalifa.  Muhammad Ali commented on the matter here and seemed taken aback by the behaviors of his former colleagues (see page 3).

_____________________________________________________________________________________________Seertul mahdi page 312, vol 5
Safiya Begum daughter of Mawlawi Abdul Qadir sahib Ludhianvi, Hall Muallama Nusrat girls high school Qadian

“”MGA said to Safia Begum, daughter of Maulvi Abdul Qadir to massage his head, and he told her, ‘one day you will feel proud that you have massaged the head of Maseeh Maud””

Safiya Begum Bint Molvi Abdul Qadir Sahib Marhoom Ludhianvi hal muallima Nusrat Jehan Girls Highschool Qadian ne bazariya tehreer mujh se bayan kiya ke “ek dafa Huzoor Aqdas(as) ne neechay branday ke andar jahan ek kamray mein aaj kal bawarchi khana pakata hai palang par letay huway the. Mujhe farmaya sar dabao. Aap dabwate nahi the balke ek taraf anghoothay dusri taraf ungliyon se satwatay the. Mein bohot der tak isi tarah sar dabwati rahi. Mujhe sar dabati ko farmane lagay “kisi din tumhe fakhar hogs ke main masih maud ka sar dabaya tha.” Ye kalmay Hazrat (as) ke mujhe aissy yad hain jaisay ab farmatay hain. Afsos us waqt kuch qadar nah ki. Ab chachta ne se kiya faida ho sakta hai.”


MGA punishing Safiya Begum
Story number 1349, Seeratul Mahdi, Vol. 5 page 214

“Safiya Begum Sahiba Shahjahanpuri wife of Sheikh Ghulam Ahmad nau Muslim wise mujahid wrote by letter from the Lajna Imaillah Qadian that once Huzoor (as) said to me “Safiya! Put the hot water from the lota in the washroom!” I (accidentally) put a little bit hotter water. When Huzoor (as) came out he said to me, “put the backside of your hand forward!” and he started pouring the water and kept laughing. Then he said, “Does the water feel hot?” I said it does. He said, “water as hot as this should not be placed.”


A similar story of MGA pouring hot water on his toilet attendant

Seeratul Mahdi: Volume 1, Page 758, Narration # 847] (Direct Link to the Book)



               “Mother of Aziz Zafar Ahmad narrated that Hadrat Maseeh Maud (Mirza Ghulam Qadiani) usually used warm water in order to clean himself in the toilet and did not use cool water. One day Mirza Ghulam Qadiani was going to toilet for call of nature so he ordered one of the maid to put water in the vessel and take it to the toilet. The maid mistakenly put very hot water in the vessel. When Mirza Ghulam Qadiani came out of the toilet he asked who brought the vessel in the toilet? When Mirza Ghulam Qadiani was informed that a certain maid had kept it, he told the servant to extend her hands. Then he poured all the remaining Hot Water on her hands so that she could realize that such hot water could not be used for cleaning (the feces). He did not say anything else to her (after pouring hot water on her hands).”



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