These days, you will see Ahmadi-trolls all over the internet lying about how Ahmadiyya leadership supported the creation of Pakistan. However, if we examine the Khutba’s and announcements of the Ahmadi-Khalifa from 1944–1947, we will see quite the opposite. In 1944, the Khalifa told Ahmadi’s that if Pakistan was created, it would disprove a major ilham of MGA. In 1946, the Khalifa, Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad had Ahmadi’s recorded as Non-Muslim during the famous boundary commission meetings. Later in April of 1947, he said the same thing. In November of 1947, the Ahmadiyya Khalifa prophecied that Ahmadi’s would eventually return to Qadian, India, and even the graves of MGA’s wife and other’s should be dug up and transferred, however, this never happened and the Khalifa also died in 1965 and was buried in Rabwah. All of these quotes were brought up in 1954, during the the famous Munir-Kiyani tribunal (which was a farce), the Khalifa immediately rejected Al-Fazl as an Ahmadi newpaper in defense. By 1948, he was given a private city (rabwah), Ahmadi’s were allowed into the Pakistan military at a disproportionate rate, Ahmadi’s were heavily favored, being an Ahmadi from 1947 to 1999 was advantageous in getting government jobs. Bashir Ahmad in his famous book about Ahmadiyya quotes additional sources. It is a fact however, that Ahmadi’s were the most trusted group of people from British-India by the colonist and thus were given many perks.
Reported by Molvi Muhammad Yaqub:

Some one asked about creation of Pakistan from Huzur (Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmoud). Huzur said personally he is not in favour of creation of Pakistan, because He believes that god had sent hazrat Masih e Maud to Hindustan so that whole Hindustan may come under his flag and work for the progress of Ahmadiyya. Hazrat Masih e Maud received an Ilham “ARIYON KA BADSHAH” (king of Aryas) (Tazkirah page 484). Now if we separate Muslims from Aryas (hindu’s), how can this Ilham be fulfilled? So it is necessary that all nationalities of Hindustan should remain united. If India was to divide into pieces then hazrat Masih e Maoud would only be called as the king of Pakistan instead of the king of Arya’s. Muslim, despite their all efforts can not achieve a physical Pakistan as they want. But Allah would give them a Hindustan where they would be in majority. We are working hard for it. At the same time we do not oppose Pakistan in order to put hindu’s under pressure.
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Official Newspaper of Qadiani Jamaat, daily Alfazal dated 8th June, 1944 brought out a speech of Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmoud Ahmad the son of Mirza Ghulam Qadiani and the Khalifa 2 of Jamaat ahmadiyya qadianiyyah, which he delivered on 10th April, 1944 after Maghrib prayer. Here is the translation:-

“Answering to a question, hazrat sb MBM said I am not convinced of the demand for pakistan in principle. I believe that god has sent hazrat Masih e Moud (MGAQ) to India so that whole of the India could come under the flag of Islam to become a base for the progress of ahmadiyyat. There is an ILHAM of Hazrat Masihe Moud (MGAQ) as ARIYUN KA BADSHAH (king of Hindus) (Tazkirah page 404). If Ariyas and Muslims are separated then how will this Ilham of hazrat Masih Moud be materialised. So it is important that ariyas and Muslims to remain united. If all of the communities are to be separated then he (MGAQ) would have been called as the Badshah of Pakistan and not the Badshah of Ariyas.

So whatever efforts muslims put in, they would not get Pakistan. Yet god would give them an India where Muslims would be in majority for which we are doing struggle.”

Scan from Jun 8th, 1944
“Friday Sermon April 14th, 1944.” 1944.

Their second caliph Mirza Bashirudin Ahmad Mahmood in April 1944, in an address
to his followers said:

“with the grace of God, there would be a day when countries of the world
would be under our control”. 

Urging his followers for the aggressive stance, he said:

“Blood of the Muslims who died fighting in Spain is demanding us for revenge. Only true
Muslims will go and raise the Islamic flag there”
Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmood says there is no need to partition India. Alfazl dated 12 April,1947.

Urdu Transliteration
“””Bhar hal hum chatay hain kay akhand hindustan bunay aur sari quamain baham sher-o-shakar ho kar”””

English translation
“””In any case, we want a united India and all states (all parts of the country) to be united”””



The headline of the lead story of Jamaat’s daily Al-Fazal February 15, 1948,

“Democracy in Pakistan would be based on pure Islamic principles” (see Appendix 6). The
lead story of Al-Fazal January 10, 1948, said: “Politics in West Punjab would be based on Sharia”. 
Akhand Hindustan

Zafrullah Khan tells us that his Khalifa supported Akhand Hindustan, which was a stand for an undivided India. The British were pursuing a policy of divide and conquer, this is why they wanted to divide up India. Zafrullah Khan was a pawn that was used by the British to split up India, in fact, he secretly wrote the Lahore-Resolution as early as 1940. It seems that even though the Ahmadi-Khalifa was outwardly against the creation of Pakistan, he had a backup plan if it was in fact created.

The scans

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